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British peace activist Thomas Hurndall sits on the floor of a home in Rafah, minutes before he left to participate in a protest at which he suffered a gunshot wound to the head, in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, April 11, 2003. Hurndall, age 21, from Manchester, England, had been standing between Israeli troops and Palestinian children when Israeli soldiers opened fire, according to a fellow activist from the International Solidarity Movement who witnessed the scene. He was declared brain dead after arrival at a Gaza hospital. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra) (Bild 1)

ISM Report of the shooting of the British ISM activist   * Photo of Tom   * Photo of Tom   * Photo of Tom - a bit graphic

Israeli army sniper leaves British peace activist brain-dead These activists are like civlilans on patrol - their mission is to protect the lives and property of the innocent civilians in Palestine. They are not armed, and do not engage in violence. The Palestinians have no army. More and more though, the ISMers' wild card - that Israeli troops would be less likely to fire on them - is becoming less effective. The soldiers have stepped up their attacks on the activists in recent weeks. Long ago, there should have been international monitors in place in the territories, as was sought by members of the UN a few times. We vetoed those resolutions - and again, we were the only veto. Another report with some more details

British man was not killed - corrected report  

An American was seriously injured in this same incident The British man died.  

4-11 - Israeli Fire Critically Wounds British Activist   Story at the Guardian UK.I was seconds ago reading about this memorial for Rachel Corrie here. When will we do something about this situation? Clearly, the attacks are escalating on both Internationals and Palestinians.

2004 News

3-27 - Memorial Held For Brit Shot In Gaza The 22-year-old Manchester Metropolitan University student died in hospital in London on January 13 after nine months in a coma. An Israeli soldier has been charged with his manslaughter.

3-27 - Service in memory of shot Briton Student photographer Tom Hurndall from north London was shot in the head while helping Palestinian children.

3-8 - Guidance ministry to pay tribute to British photojournalist

3-7 - Activist's parents to meet Qurei


2-12 - Israeli Soldier's Charges Are Upgraded

2-12 - Israel soldier charged over death

2-4 - Second Gaza death to be investigated by Met

2-1 - “We Want a Mximum Penalty and nothing else” Peter Hain, leader of the Commons, replied: “This was an absolutely appalling incident and a stain on the record of the Israeli Defence Force. I do join with you in paying tribute to Tom Hurndall and also the dignity of his family.”

1-22 - Tom Hurndall An aspiring photojournalist and committed peace activist

1-18 - British police mum on Israeli stance on shooting of pacifist

1-17 - Soldier 'tried to cover up killing of British activist' The IDF soldier is a Bedouin Arab - may be the reason he was arrested at all. Most other incidents involving non-Arab IDF soldiers don't get that far.

1-16 - British probe into Gaza killing

1-14 - British peace activist shot by Israeli soldier dies

1-14 - Israeli soldier faces manslaughter charge over Briton's death

1-14 - Peace activist shot by Israelis dies

1-14 - Activist Dies Nine Months After Israeli Shooting

1-13 - Tom Hurndall has died May he rest in peace.

1-10 - The Israeli army shot my son, and the toll continues to rise

Israel's contempt for Tom


7-16 - Tom inspired us all Very sad. Again, in both this incident and in the one immediately following this link, we can see the discrepancies with the Israeli version of events ( and with the USS Liberty incident, and the Rachel Corrie incident, and more.)

6-17 - Parents of activist shot in Gaza seek prosecution Jack Straw said yesterday that he may push for the prosecution of an Israeli soldier who shot a British peace activist in the head in Gaza in April.

Shot in the head for helping a child

5-6 - Straw under fire for ignoring Israeli attacks on UK nationals

5-6 - UK envoys held at gunpoint by Israelis A nice warm welcome from the folks who shot their son and left him brain dead.

5-5 - Israelis fire on parents of injured British peace activist

4-26 - Activist's Parents Search for Answers

Tom Hurndall died

4-13 - Israeli army 'targeted' peace activist Parents demand investigation. Story 2.

4-11 - Palestinians in unprecedented arms handover - 'However, in a bizarre twist, military sources claimed they had no knowledge of such a shooting, despite admitting troops "offered medical assistance and airlifted him to a hospital in Beersheba." ' - about the British ISM activist. Detailed ISM report of the event.