September '06 Archive

09-30-06 - Israeli strikes target Gaza Strip An Israeli air strike has killed a Palestinian militant and wounded at least three other people, medical officials in the Gaza Strip say.

09-30-06 - Five Palestinians wounded by grenade at Gaza demo Five people have been wounded when a Hamas sympathiser tossed a hand grenade into a demonstration in the Gaza Strip of police protesting non-payment of salaries.

09-30-06 - Palestinian source: US thwarting PA unity The source said the Americans made it clear to Abbas that the correct move from their standpoint would be to dissolve the parliament and establish an interim Palestinian government followed by general elections.

09-30-06 - Kassam Rocket Slams into Sderot Home Hospital officials report that an 11-year-old boy and a 76-year-old male sustained light shrapnel injuries.

09-30-06 - India to build heart centre in Gaza India will build a cardiac surgery centre in the strife-torn northern Gaza Strip as part of the USD 15 million humanitarian aid promised to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit to New Delhi last year in May, a Palestinian official said.

09-30-06 - Palestinian ambassador thanks Jordan for endowment to Palestinian children Palestinian Ambassador to Amman Atallah Kheiri Saturday extended thanks and appreciation to Jordan 's King Abdullah II for the country's new donation to Palestinian children.

09-30-06 - Army threatens to close water well in Tamon village near Tubass Soldiers raided the well area, then told workers that the army is planning to close this well. People in the village said they have the needed documents to do operate this well as the money was donated by the EU and the total cost adds up to 1 million NIS

09-30-06 - Security, police officers demonstrate in Gaza for full payment A few hours after receiving loans and advanced payments, hundreds of Palestinian security members took to the streets again on Saturday morning to ask for full payment of their delayed salaries, witnesses said.

09-30-06 - Independent Lawmaker warns of large-scale Israeli operation in Gaza

09-30-06 - Settlers attack, wound a Palestinian resident in Hebron One resident, identified as Hisham Al Azza, 45, was injured in his face after being hit with a stone hurled by the settlers at his house. Abu Haikal added that the settlers, for the third time in less than two weeks, sabotaged water pipes providing several Palestinian houses with drinking water while Israeli troops intensively deployed in the area did not attempt to stop them.

09-30-06 - Last Israeli troops leave Lebanon

09-30-06 - Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine - Critics are Too Generous to Israel The occupation is four decades old and still going strong in both the West Bank and Gaza. In that time Israel has followed a consistent policy of subjugating the Palestinian population, imprisoning it inside ever-shrinking ghettos, sealing it off from contact with the outside world, and destroying its chances of ever developing an independent economy.

09-30-06 - MK Tibi to Jews: Ask Arabs for forgiveness "Anyone who is tolerant toward calls to kill Arabs during wartime and forceful transfer should look deep inside himself. I do not expect an apology from Eitam or Lieberman, but I do expect self-examination on the part of the Jewish society in Israel that preaches to the entire world but imprisons people in the West Bank ? in its own backyard

09-30-06 - Report: Diskin holds secret talks with Arab intelligence heads The newspaper reports that the participants in the secret meeting included Diskin, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, a senior Jordanian official, head of Jordan's General Intelligence Department Mohammed al-Dahabi, Head of Egyptian intelligence General Omar Suleiman as well as senior officials from two Persian Gulf states that do not maintain diplomatic ties with Israel.

09-30-06 - US boosts Israel aid by half a billion The Bush administration initially requests a USD 268 million increase to military aid to Israel, but the congress double that amount citing the importance of US-Israeli military cooperation I was just think yesterday, we really need to give more aid to Israel. It's imperative that the American people secure Israel. The American taxpayers have tons of money to give away for these matters...

09-30-06 - Israel minister demands swift killing of Hezbollah chief A government spokesman in Beirut said the French commander of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), General Alain Pellegrini, had told Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora that Israel would withdraw the last of its troops on Sunday. But the Israeli military refused to confirm a definitive timing for the pullout "for security reasons".

09-30-06 - U.S. congressmen accuse UN agency of sponsoring terrorists Representatives Steve Rothman (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) lambasted the United Nations Relief Works Agency for allegedly appropriating money to employ members of Hamas and for distributing funds to Palestinian refugees with connections to terrorist groups....."Are U.S. tax dollars funding terrorists through UNRWA?" We know that the money is funding state-sponsored terrorism via the Israeli government, but that's not ever going to be addressed by a Congress that's beholden to that nation.

09-30-06 - In Washington: Why I'm optimistic Reports from Washington, Europe and Jerusalem indicate that President Bush is beginning to view the seemingly endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an obstacle to his primary Middle East goal right now - preventing Iran from going nuclear. The Europeans have made clear that they will resist US demands for sanctions unless America starts showing leadership on the Israeli-Palestinian front. And, according to administration officials, Washington is getting the message.

09-30-06 - Jordan and Egypt to discuss new Mideast peace talks

09-30-06 - Palestinian youth organization calls for international support for upcoming olive harvest

09-30-06 - Unidentified gunmen break into the Hebron home of Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi Al Tamimi confirmed that a large amount of money and valuables were stolen during the attack.

09-30-06 - Roadblock Removed in Al-Jab?a, Demonstrators Attacked

09-30-06 - Egypt busts Sinai arms ring Of those arrested on Saturday, five were Palestinians and four were members of the Egyptian police, the security sources said. They said authorities were still searching for six more suspects in north Sinai

09-30-06 - U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem expresses concern about Israeli refusals to issue visas U.S. Consul General Jake Walles and chief staff members of the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem and U.S. Embassy in Israel met with representatives of the Campaign for the Right of Entry/Re-Entry to discuss Israel's recent policy of denying entry into Israel of American citizens and other foreign nationals wishing to access the occupied Palestinian territory.

09-30-06 - US blocks further sanctions against PA Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice intervened personally, calling Senate majority whip Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and urging him to reconsider an initiative to include the Palestinian sanctions in an omnibus bill

09-30-06 - Middle-school principal yanks play dubbed too mature for students The play tells about Rachel, an American activist who traveled to Gaza as part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization set up to support Palestinian nonviolent resistance to Israel's military occupation.

09-30-06 - Israelis Ponder Harsh Stance with Neighbours Do you agree or disagree with the assertion that the citizens of Israel should make a basic change in their relationship towards Arabs and Palestinians, and relate to them with considerably more hardness and not seek simple ways to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict? Agree 62%

09-30-06 - Settler who threw stones at Palestinian vehicle sentenced to 6 months The second sentence in as many days of Israeli crimes against Palestinians. Are Israeli courts turning a new leaf, or is it a PR move?...

09-30-06 - Analysis: Only an antimissile system can save our tanks Despite the clear threat, the IDF was at a loss for how to stop them

09-30-06 - Erekat blames Hamas for delaying formation of coalition gov't

09-30-06 - Legislating Violations of the Constitution Such a bill could have only one motive: to protect unconstitutional government actions advancing religion. The religious right, which has been trying for years to use government to advance their religious views, wants to reduce the likelihood that their efforts will be declared unconstitutional. I've a related article by reknowned British journalist Robert Fisk - and a caution on the language in the first paragraph.

09-30-06 - Bringing home baby: Spurred by Bible and demographics, Israel leads in IVF "If you are in Israel surrounded by Arabs whose mean family number is four or five children, and you still want Israel to have a majority of Jews, then there's no other way" but to fund fertility, said Dr. Alex Simon, director of IVF at Jerusalem's Hadassah hospitals.

09-30-06 - Why I'm Banned in the USA Between 1998 and 2002, I had contributed small sums of money to a French charity supporting humanitarian work in the Palestinian territories. Support Palestinians? That's reason enough to get banned from the US these days.

09-30-06 - A Letter from 18 Writers including three Nobel Prize recipients against the Lebanon and Palestinian War

09-30-06 - Ohio professor wants Israel to apology for his detention

09-29-06 - Two Palestinian teenagers killed in Gaza They had been walking close to the entrance to the town of Beit Hanun when they were struck with a missile fired from an Israeli drone, witnesses said.

09-29-06 - Jewish group snatches girl in W.Bank raid The members of Yad L'achim, an organization that describes its aim as rescuing "Jewish souls," snatched the girl during a night-time raid on a house in Tulkarm, in the north of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv said

09-29-06 - On six year anniversary of initifada, prospects look bleak for Palestinians

09-29-06 - Israel Will Not Return Money Seized in Raids on Money Changing Shops Last Week The Israeli court ruled Friday that Israeli authorities could keep the six million NIS (1,388,888.90USD) they seized from money changing stores in the West Bank cities of Nablus, Ramallah, Jenin and Tulkarem on September 20th, 2006.State-sanctioned bank robbery, another way for the state of Israel to keep Palestinians impoverished.

09-29-06 - Hamas rally draws tens of thousands Tens of thousands of supporters of Islamic militant group Hamas held a peaceful rally in Gaza on Friday to denounce the state of Israel and declare that they would never recognize its right to exist.

09-29-06 - Troops shot and injured a resident in Hebron, took one resident prisoner in Al Fawwar

09-29-06 - UN: Israel used precision bomb to hit UN officers While there was speculation Israel may have been targeting Hizbollah positions near the Khiam post, Holl Lute said there was no Hizbollah firing coming from near the outpost. An Irish army officer in south Lebanon warned Israeli forces six times that its strikes threatened the lives of the four observers, Ireland's Foreign Ministry said.

09-29-06 - Israel seals Palestinian territories for Yom Kippur "The total closure on the Palestinian territories will come into effect on Friday after the Muslim prayers and will last until Monday evening at the end of Yom Kippur," a defence ministry spokeswoman said.

09-29-06 - Israel destroys home of Hamas militant

09-29-06 - Marwahin, 15 July 2006: The anatomy of a massacre The Israelis had been firing at all vehicles on the roads of southern Lebanon for three days - they hit dozens of civilian cars as well as ambulances and never once explained their actions except to claim that they were shooting at "terrorists".

09-29-06 - GOP Slanders Dems With 'Anti-Israel' Ads President Bush, former House speaker Newt Gingrich and many other Republicans have certainly been reliable friends of Israel. But they have been no better friends than the great majority of Democratic leaders - including former president Bill Clinton, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi - all of whom are unwavering supporters of the Jewish state. The real issue here is the fact that both parties put the interests of Israel over the interests of the American people.

09-29-06 - Building Nowhereland As described by Israel's Defense Ministry, the fence is purely a security measure intended to protect Israelis from Palestinian terrorists. Instead of running along the Green Line, the Israel-West Bank border, the route has been drawn to place major "settlement blocs" on the Israeli side -- supposedly only to defend them as well. Stealing your neighbor's land to build settlements and walls will not get you peace. 'Piece' maybe, but not peace.

09-29-06 - Democrats hit back after ads claim GOP is for Israel supporters "There is a longstanding tradition of bipartisan support by both Democrats and Republicans for Israel, which we cherish and for which we are grateful," said David Siegel, the embassy spokesman. "The special relationship between Israel and the United States is deep and profound, based on shared values which transcend party lines in both countries." Which is why there is a need for AIPAC, among other powerful pro-Israel lobbies?....

09-29-06 - Abramoff, Rove discussed Israel One confirmed contact, however, was when Abramoff secured hard-to-get tickets for Rove to a college basketball game. At the game, Abramoff, who is Jewish, discussed Israel with Rove, according to an e-mail account by Abramoff.

09-29-06 - Palestinian act fails in Congress Democrats in Congress and Jewish community leaders told JTA that pro-Israel lobbyists launched a lobbying effort Monday to pass the act, which would prohibit direct funding to the Palestinian Authority until it renounces terrorism.

09-29-06 - Jewish state presses bid to dictate UNIFIL's rules of engagement Occupiers want peacekeepers to disarm hizbullah fighters

09-29-06 - Rattling the Cage: The big con about Iran It means being prepared for a much bigger war than the US has been fighting in Iraq for the last 3-1/2 years, and counting. America won't do it. No way on earth. With the US so hopelessly out of its depth in Iraq, the American people will as soon let Bush start a war in Iran as they'd let him bring back the draft, which would be necessary to fight such a war. So forget it. America might be up for a quick little in-and-out operation, something like it did in Granada or Panama, but that's not a military option with the likes of Iran. And what is Israel going to do?

09-29-06 - 'Israel Lobby' Caused War in Iraq, September 11 Attacks, Professor Says Later, in response to a question from the audience, Mr. Mearsheimer claimed that the "animus to the United States" of Qaeda terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed "stemmed from U.S. foreign policy toward Israel." In fact, Us Policy on Israel Key Motive for Effort, according to the findings of the 911 Commission. Americans are not to know this though.

09-29-06 - One killed in Israeli car blast Police said it appeared to be the work of criminals rather than terrorists, adding that the bomb had been placed to target the driver rather than inflict wider casualties.

09-29-06 - U.N.-Israel encounter highlights discord Alexander Ivanko, spokesman for the U.N. peacekeeping force, said French peacekeepers "observed an Israeli violation of the Blue Line" ? the U.N.-demarcated line between Lebanon and Israel......Tobacco farmer Moussa Obeid had similar concerns. "It is not clear yet what these U.N. troops will do to protect us from the Israelis," he said, pointing to the Israeli position. "This is occupation. Look how close they are to us."

09-29-06 - Theater Listings 'MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE' Previews start on Thursday. Opens on Oct. 15. Finally, the solo play based on the writings of the young pro-Palestinian American activist opens in New York. Megan Dodds stars (1:30). Minetta Lane Theater, 18 Minetta Lane, Greenwich Village

09-29-06 - Complaint: East Jerusalem traffic blocked on Yom Kippur In a letter written to the Jerusalem Police commander, the Ir Amim organization complained that street closures within East Jerusalem during Yom Kippur cause unnecessary hardships for the Arab residents of the city.

09-29-06 - Hamas makes the best of things Qalqiliya, is in a much tougher position than Beita. It used to flourish as a way station on the once-invisible border between the West Bank and Israel but has fallen into a dead zone with the construction of Israel's "separation barrier". The wall or fence surrounds it entirely, leaving only one permanently open road in and out, and carving the town off from 83% of its municipal territory-mostly farmland, to which its owners have only restricted access.

09-29-06 - Military Intelligence: Syrian Front Now Cause for Concern Each week, members of the Israeli Defense Ministry flip a coin to determine which nation is the biggest threat and thus will be the next target of US condemnation: "Iran, Syria. Iran, Syria. Syria it is!"

09-29-06 - Israel Sends in the Clowns - Debating the Lobby in Manhattan Indyk and Ross showed up in fighting trim, and Slaughter threw them a slow soft one in her first question: Was the Mearsheimer-Walt paper anti-Semitic? Well, more or less, yes, was the predictable answer from Israel's defense bench. This proves one of the points of the study in the first place.

09-29-06 - Prisoners in Negev Prison Suffer Food Poisoning; Treatment Needed

09-29-06 - Children face perils of bomblets in Lebanon

09-29-06 - U.N. says Israel blocked investigators A U.N. official said Israel never sufficiently explained why it kept bombing the base. "We do not have a satisfactory answer as to why those attempts failed," said the official, who spoke anonymously because the report was confidential. "The Israelis are fully aware of our position on this incident

09-29-06 - German navy will help Lebanese army: Merkel

09-29-06 - Beaten for Walking Children to School The injuries of two aid workers are nothing compared to the Palestinians' plight


09-29-06 - The suspected murderers of a senior intelligence chief in Gaza may be handed over Friday

09-29-06 - Irish embassy rejects call by academics for a boycott of Israel institutions Last week the Irish Times published a letter in which 61 academics, including Prof. James Bowen, chair of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, called for a moratorium on European Union grants and contracts to Israeli academic institutions "until Israel abides by UN resolutions and ends the occupation of Palestinian territories."

09-29-06 - IPI Concerned by Lack of Investigation into Attack on Journalist in Bethlehem in Mid-August.

09-29-06 - Lebanon's children: the true victims of the civilized world's disregard during Israel's attacks

09-29-06 - Israeli Forces Invade Bethlehem and Neighboring Villages and Take One Prisoner For the fourth time in two weeks, five groups of military patrols invaded Bethlehem and the surrounding areas Thursday night, according to Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses.

09-29-06 - Israel backs off plan to kill Nasrallah Israel has quietly backed off its plan to assassinate Hezbollah's leader because of the international condemnation that his killing would create, the Israeli daily Maariv reported Friday. To get around that, they'll Hariri-ize him.

09-29-06 - Lisbon says EU will continue to back Palestinian Authority

09-29-06 - Olive Harvest Campaign 2006 Gets Underway! On Tuesday 26th September 2006, the elderly farmer, his wife, five of his daughters and nieces, and four international observers picked olives from trees adjacent to the Apartheid settler bypass road. These trees had not been picked by their rightful Palestinian owners for more than 10 years due to colonist theft and constant threats

09-29-06 - USAID: American Food Aid to Palestinian People Expands "With this $24.6 million grant, the US government has now funded 35 percent of the World Food Program's (WFP) two-year appeal for the Palestinian people," USAID said in a press release.

09-29-06 - Palestinians demand help with tuition fees

09-29-06 - Swiss team tours country to assess needs Switzerland has pledged an additional $4.5 million to assist the Palestinian people living in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip

09-29-06 - Army invades village of Bil'in, disrupting peaceful anti-Wall march Each Friday for the last two years, Bil'in residents have gathered with Israelis and internationals to protest the illegal construction of the Apartheid Wall, which is robbing the villagers of their land and livelihood.

09-29-06 - Feature: Surveillance tightened around east J'lem

09-29-06 - Syria threat over Golan puts Israel on war alert Israeli reports have revealed that the threat level had been raised after intelligence assessments that Damascus is "seriously examining" military action. Riighht. With US forces across the border in Iraq, Syria isn't going to commit national suicide by striking Israel. Chicken Little's at it again.

09-29-06 - Army invades Nablus and its refugee camp

09-29-06 - The Great Debate at Cooper Union Last Night Rashid Khalidi was the emotional life of the debate. He spoke of the lobby in more sweeping terms than Mearsheimer; he conveyed in a way no one else was able the ways in which the pro-Palestinian view is suppressed in the American scene

09-29-06 - Bush issues Yom Kippur greetings In holiday greetings, President Bush said Jewish observance of Yom Kippur makes the world a more peaceful place.

09-29-06 - Sadat's widow says Israeli-Palestinian peace would curb terror Madame Jehan Sadat says the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is the core of the war on terror. She says the U-S should convince Israel to pull out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and get the two sides together to make peace.

09-29-06 - Ramadan Giving Opportunities Through GlobalGiving Launched in 2002 by two former World Bank executives, GlobalGiving is a new way to give, offering a transparent way for people to support causes overseas and in the U.S.

09-29-06 - Out of the Mouths of Aides With Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice traveling to the region next week, Mr. Bush should give her an explicit mandate to press Israel, and not just the Palestinians, for real compromises

09-28-06 - Middle East summit 'within days'

09-28-06 - Palestinian policemen protest in Gaza, demand wages

09-28-06 - OPT: Palestinian agricultural losses top US $1 billion "The closure coincided with the export season of strawberries, flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. So I had to sell them in the local markets before the produce rots," he said. "Even when the crossings are open, the Israelis enforce complex search procedures that lead to the expiry of import and export goods, especially dairy products, fruits, and vegetables."

09-28-06 - Resident dies of wounds sustained during internal clashes last week one resident died of wounds sustained on September 22 during clashes between members of the Executive Committee and fighters of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh.

09-28-06 - Israeli cluster bomb kills 1 child, wounds 3 near Marjayoun The four children were playing in a field in the region of Marjayoun when a bomblet exploded, killing one and wounding the others, the source told AFP

09-28-06 - Hamas ministers may step down to secure power deal

09-28-06 - Gaza: assistance for displaced Bedouin families Most of the families are from Shoka, in the south-eastern part of the Gaza Strip, the scene of repeated military incursions and extensive damage since the end of June.

09-28-06 - Palestinian civil servants get 340-dollar advance The head of the office of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said the advances had been transferred by the Palestinian Authority presidency thanks to aid money from Arab and Muslim countries.

09-28-06 - UN, Israeli tanks in brief face-off in south Lebanon Standing some 50 meters from each other, the tanks were locked in a 20-minute face-off, the first between the Israeli army and the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which has been boosted to oversee the current truce. The French tanks then withdrew from the area, as observers of the UN Truce Supervision Organisation deployed in the area. Israeli soldiers confiscated the identity cards of photographers at the scene, claiming they may give pictures of the Israeli military to militants of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. Is it only a matter of time before Israeli forces fire on UN forces (again)?

09-28-06 - Beirut may file UN complaint over Israel's failure to withdraw And for the last two days, Israeli forces have been erecting checkpoints in a village in southern Lebanon to search vehicles and check passengers' identities according to Lebanese sources. "The Israeli troops are erecting checkpoints, stopping people as well as Lebanese and foreign journalists," said the Lebanese senior military official. "This is not acceptable, these are part of provocations and pressures by the Israelis to negotiate security measures and rules of engagement," he said.

09-28-06 - Why Hamas Resists Recognizing Israel Many intelligence professionals eschew torture because they know that it tends to yield the answers that the suspect thinks his interrogators want to hear - not necessarily the truth. In some respects, there may be a similar effect in trying to throttle the Palestinians into submission.

09-28-06 - Lugar says vote on nomination unlikely before Senate recess Chafee wants the administration to restrain Israel from expanding settlements in Palestinian areas on the West Bank. Bolton, as U.S. ambassador, has taken a strong and visible role in across-the-board support for Israel.

09-28-06 - Festival tribute to Palestinians

09-28-06 - House approves Iran sanctions The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which led lobbying for the act, praised its passage. A lot of Israel-friendly goings on on Capitol Hill today. See my post from the 09-26 news batch about Israel's newest wishlist. Mission accomplished (for now)!

09-28-06 - House passes homeland security cooperation The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which lobbied for the bill, said its passage would allow the United States "to leverage the anti-terrorism expertise of our leading allies in the global war against terror. It provides a framework for expanded homeland security collaboration and creates increased opportunities for the United States and Israel to work together to address the common terrorist threat."

09-28-06 - U.S. to press UNIFIL on 'robust' mandate U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed unhappiness with reports that the expanded U.N. force in Lebanon is reluctant to set up roadblocks and check vehicles to keep Hezbollah, the terrorist group that launched this summer?s war with Israel, from rearming.

09-28-06 - House approves funds for missile interceptor Such appropriations, considered defense investments, are separate from the $2.8 billion Israel gets annually in U.S. assistance

09-28-06 - Israeli PM leaves it understood he met Saudis

09-28-06 - New IDF film unit to combat bad press

09-28-06 - Israelis boost Britain Almost two in three Israelis consider British Prime Minister Tony Blair a "true friend of Israel," the poll found.

09-28-06 - 2000: 'Provocative' mosque visit sparks riots

09-28-06 - Rice to visit Israelis, Palestinians with little sign of breakthrough

09-28-06 - Lebanese border village eagerly awaits Israeli pullout Three weeks ago, the young woman came home, with her three daughters, her disabled husband and her parents-in-law to find their house bombarded and vandalized, and her tobacco fields nearly all dried to the roots

09-28-06 - Israel explains trepidation over Lebanon On Thursday, an Israeli armored vehicle and two jeeps crossed the border and tried to penetrate into Lebanese territory when U.N. French peacekeepers blocked their path, said an Associated Press photographer who witnessed the incident. The Israelis retreated after a brief standoff, but the incident highlights the lingering tensions along the border. Ahh. So that's why the Israeli army confiscated the identity cards of those photographers, per an earlier article.

09-28-06 - U.N. shifts from aid work to rebuilding in Lebanon The United Nations declared an end on Thursday to the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon caused by the Israeli-Hizbollah war and said it planned to shift its resources to rebuilding the war-shattered area.

09-28-06 - Olmert won't free Palestinians ahead of soldier's release

09-28-06 - Five-star hotels offer window on West Bank's woes

09-28-06 - Syria defies U.S. threat, still backs Hamas, Hizbollah "If the U.S. administration is serious about combating terrorism then it should play a constructive role in pushing forward the peace process on the basis of U.N. resolutions 242 and 338," The UN resolutions, passed decades ago, emphasize the inadmissibility of acquiring territory through war, call on Israel to withdraw from Arab land it has occupied since 1967 and call for negotiations to reach a "just and durable peace" in the Middle East

09-28-06 - Israel does not expect another imminent fight with Hezbollah: Olmert For the price of ceasing its vicious onslaught against the Lebanese people as a whole, Israel is betting on the UN to do their work (neutralizing Hezbollah) for them.

09-28-06 - Israel's citrus industry blossoms again Israel has razed hundreds of groves in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians grow most of their citrus fruit, in raids against militants who the army said used the vegetation for cover. Palestinians and human rights groups have condemned the uprootings. Such Israeli incursions have prevented farmers from reaching their groves, leaving the fruit to rot. The farmers have been largely unable to export fruit because of Israel's frequent closures of its border with Gaza.

09-28-06 - Israel rights group publishes death toll Israeli forces have killed 3,733 Palestinians, including 767 minors, in the West Bank and Gaza while Palestinians have killed 1,011 Israelis during six years of conflict, a leading Israeli human rights group said Thursday.

09-28-06 - Border police nab 823 illegal Palestinian workers

09-28-06 - PLO liaison says key to peace is in fixing Palestinians' plight

09-28-06 - U.N. rights boss Arbour to go to Israel, territories

09-28-06 - Palestinian terr.: Depression increasing due to conflict and poverty

09-28-06 - Peres supports West Bank construction Peres spoke against restrictions imposed on settlers in the region, saying they should not be prevented from building their homes, reported Thursday.

09-28-06 - Israeli birthright insensitive to Palestinians in exile my grandmother?s brothers and sisters, born and raised in the Palestinian village Berwe who had cultivated its soil with their own hands, are prohibited by the Israeli state from returning to their land

09-28-06 - House suspends Israeli contract tainted by Abramoff The U.S. Congress suspended a contract with an Israeli wireless firm because of its ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. House finally got one right.

09-28-06 - Grandpa & the Jews This article is quite transparent in its attempt to use the Holocaust, among other things, to persuade readers to back Israel.

09-28-06 - Church coalition presses Bush on peace It called on Bush to press Israel to end West Bank settlement and resume tax payments to the Palestinian Authority, suspended after the Hamas terrorist group took power.

09-28-06 - Australian journalist's new book takes heat for posing "My Israel Question"

09-28-06 - The return of Palestinian refugees is an existential necessity for Israeli Jews

09-28-06 - NatWest loses first round in court case over charity linked to Hamas NatWest has lost the first battle in a court case brought by families of victims of suicide bombings in Israel seeking damages in the US courts after allegations that the British bank knowingly provided services to a charity linked to Hamas.

09-27-06 - Gaza Strip to remain without full electrical power for a year Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem has accused the Israel Defense Forces of war crimes for bombing the plant, which has left many areas of the Gaza Strip without full electricitical power the last three months.

09-27-06 - Israel to release Palestinian deputy PM Mr Shaer, a graduate of Manchester university, is considered a pragmatist within Hamas. He supports moderating the group's position on Israel and the use of force to conform more closely to world opinion.

09-27-06 - Israeli Air Force shells a house in Rafah In a pre-dawn shelling on Thursday, Israeli forces air struck a Palestinian house in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, shortly after troops phoned the inhabitants and ordered them to leave. Two missiles were fired at the house and flattened it.

09-27-06 - Act of Vengeance: Israel's Bombing of the Gaza Power Plant and its Effects

09-27-06 - Lebanon accuses Israel of stealing border river waters Mohammad Ghamlush, the engineer heading the Wazzani river pumping systems, told AFP the Israeli army sabotaged the water pumps on the river last week and installed a pipe to pump hundreds of cubic meters to Israel....In a region where water is scarce, the issue may have dramatic consequences. and the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has opened an investigation.

09-27-06 - Caritas report from Gaza - three months without electricity Cutting off electricity affects every sector in Gaza. It is a problem that touches every Gazan. Water is not clean because filters and water pumps are not working. Hospitals do not have secure power sources and this affects medical treatment. This issue touches all aspects of life

09-27-06 - UN agency pleads for end to Gaza, West Bank blockades Meanwhile, the response from Washington - *crickets chirping*

09-27-06 - Jewish settler jailed for life for killing Palestinians An Israeli court has sentenced a Jewish settler to four life sentences for killing four Palestinians in the West Bank last year as Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, a judicial source said.

09-27-06 - Israeli settlers in southern West Bank bulldoze Palestinian land Today settlers bulldozed major tracts of Palestinian land to the north for settlement expansion under heavy guard of Israeli soldiers.

09-27-06 - Palestinian militants attack Israeli army patrols in Nablus The group said in a leaflet sent to reporters that its militants opened fire at an Israeli army patrol near al-Ein refugee camp in the outskirts of the town of Nablus but it didn't elaborate whether the raid caused any casualties.

09-27-06 - Unilateral withdrawal is Israel's best option Strange argument made there.

09-27-06 - Hezbollah construction wing leaves gov?t in the dust

09-27-06 - IDF: Troops can shoot Lebanese stone-throwers if lives threatened Cabinet ministers at Wednesday's weekly meeting were outraged over a protest Friday in which several dozen yellow-clad Hezbollah supporters on the Lebanese side of the border threw stones at soldiers on the Israeli side of the border. Some of the ministers criticized the army for not responding to the violent protest.

09-27-06 - Israeli Arabs claim bias in postwar aid when the building contractor and his lawyer realized that businessmen in neighboring Jewish towns near Lebanon were eligible for about 60 percent more government compensation, they decided to file a petition with Israel's Supreme Court charging anti-Arab bias. The court will hear the case of Fassuta and three other Arab border villages next month.

09-27-06 - Seeing the forest for the trees Palestinians had been faced with the exact same general stalemate that characterizes the situation today long before the January 2006 elections. The only difference between then and now is that people could eat better then and fewer of them had been killed.

09-27-06 - Straw: U.K. should push U.S. to help achieve Israeli-Palestinian deal

09-27-06 - Hi-tech firm boycotts Israel over 'war crimes'

09-27-06 - Iran seen borrowing nuclear strategy from Israel In developing its nuclear program Iran is using strategies that allowed its enemy Israel to assemble the Middle East's only atomic arsenal without admitting it had one, according to a leading expert on the Israeli program.

09-27-06 - Israeli ministers call for tougher action in Gaza

09-27-06 - Children's Bodies Found Months After Attack

09-27-06 - Siniora: IDF presence in Lebanon 'mother of all ills'

09-27-06 - Modern art comes to the West Bank "Because restriction of movement makes it impossible for Palestinians to view international art we wanted to bring it to them,"

09-27-06 - UK company supplying arms to Israel blockaded

09-27-06 - Israel's visa changes force people out of West Bank and Gaza SAM BAHOUR: I can give you two very prime examples. One is the largest investment company in Palestine, their CEO was denied entry twice in July. This is probably a $1 billion company that has thousands of people working for them. Another example is the CEO of the Proctor & Gamble and Philip Morris distributor here. He was also denied entry twice last month.

09-27-06 - Israeli says Egypt turning blind eye at Gaza border

09-27-06 - Conflicted Gazans send mixed messages "The problem is the Palestinians are confused," says Abdel Majed Sweilem, a political science professor at Al Quds University. "On the one hand, they want compromise and a political solution. On the other hand, they haven't seen any results from 10 years of negotiations."

09-27-06 - Palestinians Want Talks, Two-State Solution

09-27-06 - Army invades Khan Younis, south Gaza and takes prisoner 20 residents

09-27-06 - WASHINGTON OUT OF TOUCH WITH ANGER OF ARAB WORLD, SYRIAN MINISTER TELLS UN He asserted that the people of the region are angered by the denial of their sovereign national rights. Summing up the collective sentiment, he said: "We want an end to the Israeli occupation of our lands in Palestine, Lebanon and the Golan. We want to recover all our usurped rights. We want the flow of American weapons to Israel, which are sowing death and destruction, to stop. We refuse hegemony over our resources and interference in our affairs."

09-27-06 - Musharraf: Recognizing Israel now would be suicidal

09-27-06 - Calls rise for ban on cluster bombs "The Israeli Defense Forces have some explaining to do about the military necessity of firing so many cluster munitions into populated areas with the cease-fire in sight," said Mark Hiznay, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch.

09-27-06 - Anti-boycott language in Oman agreement President Bush signed a free trade agreement with Oman that includes language barring boycotts of Israel.

09-27-06 - House resolution calls for Lebanon force The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a resolution urging Lebanon to allow international troops along its border with Syria Why is this a matter for American legislators?

09-27-06 - Spain proposes peace conference Spain proposed reprising its 1991 conference for Israeli-Arab peace.

09-27-06 - Peres: Assad Sr. missed chance on Golan Vice premier says if Bashar Assad's father, former Syrian president Hafez Assad, came to Camp David, ?I can promise you the Golan Heights would have been in Syrian hands for years now?

09-27-06 - Secret meeting between Israeli-Omani FMs

09-27-06 - Israel Navy eyeing new US warship The Israel Navy inched a step closer to receiving a next-generation coastguard vessel over the weekend when Lockheed Martin launched the USS Freedom, which is slated to join the US Navy, at the Marinette Marine Shipyard in Wisconsin.

09-27-06 - I Wonder Why That Is ?

09-27-06 - See, There Is No Israel Lobby

09-27-06 - Analysis: Clinton eyes roots of terrorism He pledged to dedicate his remaining days in office to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the wider issue of the Occupied Territories, "because peace in the Middle East is a defeat for terrorism."

09-27-06 - Kids get Sandler gifts Foreign Ministry staff on Wednesday handed out some of the 400 Playstation consoles and games donated by Sandler at northern border towns that came under Hezbollah rocket attack during Israel?s recent Lebanon war.

09-27-06 - Ex-Comverse CEO Kobi Alexander arrested in Namibia after international manhunt The United States will seek his extradition to face multiple criminal charges stemming from an alleged stock options backdating and slush fund scheme, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York said in a statement. Comverse - the company involved in the Israeli spy ring in the US (video link).

09-27-06 - Israelis Split on Negotiations with Palestinians

09-27-06 - Court delays hearings because of Yom Kippur The Supreme Court will postpone its "First Monday in October" hearings because of Yom Kippur.

09-27-06 - Saudis Plan Border Fence With Iraq The pro-Israeli crowd is all up in arms over the Saudi fence proposal. The point they continue to have trouble with is this: there's nothing wrong with building a fence provided you build it on your own land. Israel built its fence or wall such that it confiscates large swaths of Palestinian land. This is a violation of international law. Our government is poised to build a fence along the border with Mexico. Do you think that we will steal large swaths of Mexican land in the process? Doubtful. That's the difference between America and Israel (one of many).

09-27-06 - Researcher: Temple treasure is in West Bank

09-27-06 - Christians: We'll fight for Israel Millions of Evangelical Christians around the world support and constantly pray for the State of Israel , representatives at a meeting of the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus said Wednesday.

09-26-06 - Israeli air strike kills Gaza teen: medics An Israeli warplane bombed and destroyed a home in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing a teenage girl in a neighboring building and wounding 10 other people, Palestinian medics said....10 other people were wounded by the blast, most of them women and children who suffered broken bones, bruises and shrapnel wounds.

09-26-06 - U.N. envoy says Gaza a prison for Palestinians The South African lawyer, who has been a special U.N. investigator since 2001, repeated earlier accusations that Israel is breaking international humanitarian law with security measures which amount to "collective punishment."

09-26-06 - UN says Gaza crisis 'intolerable' "Israel violates international law as expounded by the Security Council and the International Court of Justice and goes unpunished," he said. "But the Palestinian people are punished for having democratically elected a regime unacceptable to Israel, the US and the EU. If any nation should be sanctioned, it should be Israel. And again.

09-26-06 - Palestine food distribution campaign Your immediate donation will make this humanitarian project possible.

09-26-06 - Unexploded bomblets hinder S. Lebanon recovery: U.N. Up to a million unexploded cluster bomblets from Israel's war with Hizbollah are now the biggest threat to civilians in south Lebanon, where they litter streets, homes and orchards, U.N. agencies said on Tuesday....Clarke said Israel had also yet to provide detailed information on the amounts of cluster bombs fired or the coordinates of the strikes, which would help munitions clearance teams identify the main areas on which to focus their efforts. Again, this is likely due to the fact that the maps would show mainly civilian areas.

09-26-06 - Golan heights an 'integral part" of Israel: PM Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has called the occupied Golan Heights an integral part of Israel and said he would never hand it back to Syria. The Golan Heights - one of the territories unlawfully seized and 'settled' by Israel.

09-26-06 - Israel's lethal bomblets keep 200,000 Lebanese away from homes

09-26-06 - Child injured by Israeli military in a Jenin refugee camp

09-26-06 - Three Palestinians injured as Israeli Forces Attack Muslim Worshippers Outside Al-Khader Mosque

09-26-06 - PM: Bush won't allow nuclear Iran ** Olmert's assessment is at odds with those inside the intelligence community who argue that the US president is too over-extended in Iraq and Afghanistan, and too politically weak at home, to take military action against Teheran.

09-26-06 - Israeli warplane strikes on southern Gaza house Israel has been destroyed Palestinian houses and constructions in the Gaza Strip and the Israelis claimed that Palestinian militants are using these houses to store weapons used in attacking Israel. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza estimated that more than 45 houses had been destroyed over the past three months in the Gaza Strip

09-26-06 - School Grants For Palestinian Refugee Children A United Nations relief agency has distributed 100 shekels (about $25) apiece to Palestinian refugee children to cover the costs of school bags, uniforms and shoes in the Gaza Strip, infusing noticeable economic activity into a region that has reached an unprecedented level of unemployment following the suspension of much foreign aid.

09-26-06 - Relentless raids leave Gaza reeling "We sit here - between the earth and the sky - and we survive just on what the Red Cross brings us," Subhiya Mouamr said. "They destroyed everything."

09-26-06 - Saudis deny secret Israel contact Israeli media said Saudi and Israeli had discussed the Saudi peace initiative and Iran's nuclear programme. That's all Saudi royalty needs is to admit they met with the Israeli government. Not going to happen.

09-26-06 - IDF withdrawal from stalled until UNIFIL role spelled out In the IDF the view is that after the withdrawal is completed, if Israeli soldiers along the border fence feel threatened and the peacekeeping forces do not deal with the situation, the soldiers will be entitled to defend themselves. However, the UN view of the role of UNIFIL is that of a police force, which will only fire if it is fired upon, in an act of self-defense.

09-26-06 - From March, 2003 : Israel/Palestinian Territories In the Line of Fire Shyouki and his colleagues had just finished covering a march by Jewish settlers who had been forced to return home by Israeli soldiers. The cameramen were standing around, making plans to leave, when soldiers arrived and started shooting at them. Shyouki was hit by rubber bullets. In graphic footage, we see Shyouki lying on the ground, bleeding, as he is shot a second time. Finally, his colleagues drag him to safety and rush him to the hospital.

09-26-06 - Olmert says Israel will not accept a nuclear Iran "Israel can't accept the possibility of Iranians having nuclear weapons and we will act together with the international forces, starting with the Americans, in order to prevent it," Olmert told The Jerusalem Post daily in an interview. "starting with the Americans, in order to prevent it," We've got our hands full already, thanks to the neocons/AIPACers.

09-26-06 - In pictures Gaza's fishermen struggling to make a living at sea

09-26-06 - Beckett defends Lebanon policy "She skidded over troubled waters. She implied that we did all we could to obtain a ceasefire over Lebanon. This was not true,"

09-26-06 - Hebron Update: 9-15 September 2006 When Gibb telephoned late in the evening, the two had just gotten home, after three hours at the police station. They told Gibb that a settler woman had attacked and kicked the international, and then filed a complaint that the international had scratched her. Apparently the settler has done this before, so the police did not take it seriously.

09-26-06 - Israel to allow electricity import from Jordan to Jericho If the project materializes, this would be the first time that a Palestinian Authority town receives its power supply from a foreign country.

09-26-06 - Israeli to address Congress Some of the issues expected to be raised are Iran's support for Hezbollah, the militia's status and influence in Lebanon following the 34-day war with Israel, its widely viewed Al-Manar television station and its activities in Africa, Asia, South America and the United States. Congress will receive Israel's newest wish list.

09-26-06 - Court rejects Bedouin villages' request for clean water connection Even so, Judge Ron Shapira stated in his decision that behind the appeal lies a larger issue of the regularization of "Bedouin settlements," and added that a public interest exists "not to encourage additional illegal settlement." This is not the case with those OTHER illegal settlements - those populated with Israeli Jews in the West Bank and Jerusalem. We never hear of any lawsuits on their behalf that seek access to water. Why is that?

09-26-06 - Lebanon: We need missiles against IAF aircraft Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr says his country's army will respond if Israel violates ceasefire after IDF's withdrawal. Murr meets with his Belgian counterpart, asks to equip Lebanese army with antiaircraft missiles in order to hit Israeli aircraft Even before the July 12th abduction of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, Israel was routinely and provocatively violating Lebanese air space (as well as Syria's on occasion).

09-26-06 - From Sept. 2005: Israel: Iran may be 6 months from bomb know-how ** Iran may be as little as six months away from completing the know-how to build a nuclear bomb, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Monday.

09-26-06 - Consult America before Iran war ** Early this year, Israel was warning that if Iran was not stopped by March 2006, it would be too late. Iran by then would have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to build nuclear weapons. The neoconservatives, too, have been demanding "Action this day!" and were stunned by Bush's statement at the United Nations that America does not oppose Iran's acquisition of peaceful nuclear power. Check this news batch for a similar flashback to last year.

09-26-06 - UNRWA and Ministry of Health signs hospitalization agreement An agreement was concluded this morning at the Ministry of Health in Amman between the Ministry and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), whereby the ministry administers the Agency's hospitalization reimbursement scheme.

09-26-06 - Hamas-led gov't not to recognize Israel, nor meet int'l demands: FM Zahar argued that the nine previous Palestinian governments had abided by the international demands but failed to serve people or satisfy their minimum political and economical demands.

09-26-06 - Monetary Authority to sue Israeli forces for bank robberies

09-26-06 - The fourth day of Ramadan arrives with Promises of payments for Palestinian employees Palestinian Minister of Planning, Samir Abu Aisha, stated on Tuesday that Palestinian civil servants, earning NIS 1800 a month or less , are to receive one month's salary in the few coming days.

09-26-06 - Female Soldier Wounded In Palestinian Rocket Attack

09-26-06 - Israel's West Bank Wall forces thousands of Palestinians out of their homes - report "Given Israel's unwillingness to reverse the disastrous effects of building the wall, the international community must finally act, and it should recognise the problem of internal displacement in the Palestinian territories. This would be an important step towards providing better assistance and protection to the displaced", said Karine Mac Allister of BADIL, one of the authors of the report.

09-26-06 - Israeli extremists make life harder for Palestinian moderates The Israeli premier and others still believe the myth that they can pound the Palestinians into submission through the use of strong-arm tactics. But this strategy, which has been practiced

09-26-06 - IDF: Sorties will continue over Lebanon

09-26-06 - Washington out of touch with anger of Arab world, Syrian minister tells UN

09-26-06 - Russia Selling Iran Missiles to Protect Bushehr Nuclear Reactor ? Source Russian diplomatic and industry sources said Moscow has been negotiating to sell Iran a range of anti-aircraft systems to protect Bushehr from Israeli or U.S. air strikes.

09-26-06 - Egypt Demands Hamas Free Israeli Soldier

09-26-06 - Groups use High Holidays to elicit support for Israel See related article from this news batch regarding Israeli bonds.

09-26-06 - Israel will soon welcome from India descendants of a ?lost? Jewish tribe To date, many of the some 1,000 members of the community ? who arrived in the country as tourists and later converted to Judaism and became citizens ? live in West Bank settlements Yes, the darker-skinned new recruits get sent to the front lines as cannon fodder. And Israel gets to boost its numbers for that pesky little 'demographic' issue to boot.

09-26-06 - Illinois buys $10 million in Israel Bonds The Illinois state treasurer, Judy Baar Topinka, announced Monday that it would be part of the state?s $25 million in foreign investment for 2006. More money for Israel.

09-26-06 - Hizbullah moving rockets to Palestinian camps Hizbullah has been transporting rockets and heavy weaponry to Palestinian camps in south Lebanon just a few miles from the Israeli border, according to Lebanese officials. Another article by World Net Daily's Aaron Klein. The 'facts' therein should be taken with a grain of salt.

09-26-06 - Israel Intended to Assassinate Nasrallah After Ceasefire

09-26-06 - Participants call for just solution to Mideast conflicts

09-26-06 - Concert for Palestine Appeal to Bono I wonder what Bono's response was given that this plea is two years old. What exactly is Bono's stance on Palestine? He is awfully silent on this issue. The Irish are well aware of the plight of the Palestinians.

09-26-06 - Oslo envoy causes flap According to local media reports, Norwegian authorities recently foiled a plot by Islamist terrorists to attack the Israeli Embassy and behead Shomrat.

09-26-06 - Israeli flag removed from mural in England An Israeli flag was removed from a community-designed mural in the English city of Cambridge after repeated graffiti attacks.

09-26-06 - Professor sues York U for $10M Accused university of pro-Israel bias in flyer, says university tried to muzzle him

09-26-06 - 12 Israeli firms exporting to Saudi Arabia

09-26-06 - Fatter fish break West Bank barriers

09-25-06 - West Bank stone throwers shot The youths, all aged about 15, were hit by bullets in the village of Al-Khader. The sources said one was seriously wounded, while the other two were reported to have light injuries.

09-25-06 - OPT: YMCA continues its services despite extremely critical situation in Gaza

09-25-06 - Hamas MPs refused release on bail The decision reverses an earlier ruling ordering the release of the legislators on bail until they faced trial.

09-25-06 - Abbas postpones meeting with Haneya

09-25-06 - Israel detains 800 Palestinians after soldier kidnapped in Gaza The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture said the agricultural losses caused by the Israeli military operation were estimated at 26 million U.S. dollars

09-25-06 - Abbas not authorized to dismiss parliament: Hamas

09-25-06 - Unpaid for months, civil servants pile up bank debt of more than three times their monthly wage

09-25-06 - Jihad claims responsibility for launching rockets at Israel The military wing of the Islamic Jihad (Holy War) claimed responsibility on Monday for firing two rockets at the southern Israeli city of Sderot in the wee hours of the day.

09-25-06 - EU starts paying allowances to Palestinian Employees The European commission has started social allowance payments to the Palestinian people, an EU source said on Monday. In a statement on Monday the commission said 40,000 of the neediest Palestinian families would be receiving EU funds.

09-25-06 - Army shoots at three Palestinian workers near Bethlehem and takes one of them prisoner Israeli soldiers stationed around the illegal settlement of Har-Homa, which separates the West Bank city of Bethlehem from Jerusalem, opened fire at three Palestinian workers on Monday afternoon and took one of them prisoner after chasing the three for some time.

09-25-06 - Israel lifts closure on West Bank, Gaza after Jewish New Year holiday

09-25-06 - Israeli Government dismisses direct hit on press vehicle because only Palestinian reporters injured The Israeli missile strike on the Reuters vehicle has deterred reporters from entering the Gaza Strip to cover the conflict, which many reporters who have reported from Gaza say will give the world a one-sided view of the conflict by not showing the Palestinian side. Some have even gone so far as to say that is Israel's objective in its ongoing attacks on journalists.

09-25-06 - Address Palestinian issue to fix Iraq: Musharraf Nahh. That'd be too easy.

09-25-06 - Israel Police admitted into Interpol Israel?s representative, Major-General Yohanan Danino, head of the Israel Police's investigations and intelligence, surveyed Israel?s police operations at the assembly, saying that 70 percent of Israel's international operations occur in Europe, and not in Asia.

09-25-06 - Israeli PM met top Saudi figure Saudi Arabia and Israel have a common interest: the containment of Iran which is a threat to both nations.

09-25-06 - Bush seeks private US aid for Lebanon Why private?

09-25-06 - Israel shrugs off Syrian overtures An official from the Israeli prime minister's office reiterated Israel's existing position, saying that 'conditions have not yet ripened' for negotiations with Syria, the Ha'aretz Daily reported. He meant to say : "We have yet to get the US to slap Syria around a little bit. THEN the conditions would be ripe!"

09-25-06 - Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons against Iran "Israeli policy is likely to change, in order to demonstrate that the country has continued strategic superiority,"..."There must be a deterrent policy that will leave no room for misunderstandings," he added. "Thus, for example, we would make it clear that the identification of any missile launched from Iran in a westerly direction means, as far as we are concerned, the launch of an Iranian nuclear missile at us." In other words, if Ahmadinejad sneezes, there's a good chance he'll get a nuke up his arse?

09-25-06 - Hamas and Hizbullah would ruin Arab peace plan, says Peres It was the first warning from Israel that the Arab attempts to restart peace talks to establish a Palestinian state would fail.

09-25-06 - Remarks by President Bush After Meeting With Business Leaders on Lebanon Private Sector Initiative And our dream is one day for there to be a Palestinian democracy living side by side in peace with Israel. There already is a Palestinian democracy, genius. The Palestinians have been holding elections for at least a decade when they democratically elected Yasir Arafat. A woman ran against him in that election and got 10 percent of the vote!

09-25-06 - LEBANON: Children play to tackle war trauma

09-25-06 - U.N. troops wary of attack in Lebanon And just who is most likely to attack UN troops in Lebanon, mm?

09-25-06 - McGreevey's Israeli 'lover' denounces book The truly strange part is how and why McGreevey's Israeli lover found himself the director of Homeland Security for New Jersey.

09-25-06 - U.S. Double standards: Israeli-Americans rewarded, Palestinian-Americans punished

09-25-06 - Israel pullout from Lebanon on track for this week: UN Israeli troops are still occupying 10 areas of south Lebanon from which the last soldiers are due to withdraw by the end of this week -- seven days later than first planned -- a senior UN official said.

09-25-06 - Analysis: Hint of a UK Mideast policy "Where does the man who, barring earthquakes, will be the prime minister of Britain a year from now, stand on Israel? How much will be missing of our staunch ally Tony?" To begin with, there are a number of reasons to be optimistic about Brown's Zionism. His father, John, was a minister of the Church of Scotland, known for being very pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, who often visited Israel. Brown said in his speech that his parents were "my inspiration. The reason I am in politics. And all I believe and all I try to do come from the values I learned from them."

09-25-06 - Israel rejects prisoner swap offer

09-25-06 - Irish lecturers call on EU to boycott Israeli universities Irish academics have called on the European Union in an open letter to impose a moratorium financial support to Israeli academic institutions until Israel ends the occupation in the Palestinian territories.

09-25-06 - Poll: Europeans view extremism as cause of Middle East tension A new poll has found that public opinion in the major European countries is prepared to view the conflict between extremists and moderates as the cause of tension and wars in the Middle East, instead of seeing Israel's policy as the cause of problems in the region.

09-25-06 - A voice in the desert? Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams travelled to the Middle East a few weeks ago in the role of peace-maker - UTV's Fearghal McKinney, who followed him there with the Insight current affairs team, asks: was anybody listening?

09-25-06 - Bil'in Announces Plans to Build Hotel on Israeli Occupied Village Land

09-25-06 - Howard: I've always admired Israel's fortitude Australian Prime Minister John Howard has been longstanding friend of Jewish community and supporter of State of Israel. On eve of Rosh Hashana, he grants AJN exclusive interview

09-25-06 - Israeli intellectuals petition for contacts with Syria, Hamas Dozens of Israeli university lecturers, writers and reserve officers have signed a petition calling on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to open contacts with Syria and the Palestinians, including Hamas.

09-25-06 - Israeli Soldiers Occupy and Harass in Hebron

09-25-06 - Presbyterians talked to Ahmadinejad Earlier this year, the U.S. Presbyterian Church replaced a 2004 call for divestment from Israel with a policy of peaceful investment in Israel, the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The Israeli lobby has clearly worked on the Presbytarians.

09-25-06 - Israel PM questioned over Jerusalem property deal State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has been looking into how the premier -- a former mayor of Jerusalem -- could have benefited from a massive discount price on a luxury apartment he and his wife Aliza bought in the city.

09-25-06 - Israeli-Palestinian conflict heart of Mideast turmoil by a Brit who knows the real history of the region (unlike most Americans thanks to our media).

09-24-06 - As month-long Muslim holiday begins, many Palestinians unable to purchase Ramadan foods, lanterns Umm Saber, 58, a widow living with her son's family, said she was hungry most of the time. "I don't know what I'll be breaking my fast on," she said, "but I will eat something. Even if it's just a spoonful of yogurt. God always finds a way."

09-24-06 - Abbas resumes coalition talks with Hamas The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, will travel to Gaza this week to tell Hamas that it must recognise Israel or leave government and face new elections.

09-24-06 - Ramadan begins in Gaza

09-24-06 - Poll shows Palestinian employees face deep crisis The poll showed 73 percent of 165,000 government employees could no longer make ends meet. Some 40 percent of government workers said they would look for jobs outside government while 22 percent wanted to emigrate.

09-24-06 - Israeli forces injure six Palestinians in northern West Bank invasions Sunday

09-24-06 - Palestinian militants threat to target any government that recognizes Israel Four minor Palestinian militant groups threatened on Sunday to target any upcoming Palestinian government that recognizes Israel.

09-24-06 - Palestinian official condemns Israel's settlements expansion in W. Bank

09-24-06 - After the war, Hizbullah reevaluates the deployment of up to 15,000 foreign troops and another 15,000 Lebanese soldiers into south Lebanon, as well as tightened restrictions at Lebanon's sea and land entry points, suggests that Hizbullah will be unable to revive its well-entrenched military presence along the border with Israel, casting into doubt a future role for its vaunted military wing.....One example, apparently under serious consideration by Hizbullah, is how to retaliate against Israel's violations of Lebanese airspace. UNIFIL has recorded more than three dozen violations by Israeli aircraft since the cease-fire came into effect. "We have reported them to the UN Security Council. What more can we do? Shoot them down?" says UNIFIL spokesman Alex Ivanko.

09-24-06 - Md. State Police Stop Suspicious Vehicle; No Charges Maryland State Police say they released a 24-year-old Israeli man without charges Friday night after questioning him about photographing the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore.

09-24-06 - Thousands hear call to disband Hezbollah Mr Geagea, who served 11 years in prison for crimes he committed as a leader of the LF militia in Lebanon's civil war, has called for Hezbollah to disarm.

09-24-06 - Analysts Say US Image Slipped in Lebanon After Israel-Hezbollah War Jawad Boulos is a Christian member of the Lebanese parliament. He says, before the conflict, many Lebanese looked up to the United States as the defender of freedom and the protector of human rights. But, he says, Washington?s decision to deliver an existing order of sophisticated bombs to Israel during the war tarnished that image. America's foreign policy can best be summed up by the following two words: "Israel first!"

09-24-06 - Israel is accused of racism over its war-loss payouts "We were in the line of fire but we don't receive the same compensation as our Jewish neighbours,"

09-24-06 - Egypt slams West for blocking resolution on Israeli nuclear arms In a news release on Saturday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit slammed what he described as double standards and discriminatory policies on the part of Western countries.

09-24-06 - Failure of resolving Palestinian issue aggravates anger among Arabs: Egypt's FM Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said Sunday that failure to resolve the Palestinian issue was fuelling the feelings of anger and frustration in the Arab region, the official MENA news agency reported.

09-24-06 - Hamas MP says prisoners' document not recognize Israel

09-24-06 - Starting with the individual Afterwards we decided to go to court and sue the Israeli army for damages. On Sept. 21, 2006, a three-judge Israeli court headed by Aharon Farkahash rejected our appeal despite the damning evidence on tape and lack of claim by the Israeli army that nothing wrong had been done before or during the Israeli army?s incursion.

09-24-06 - War Turns the Tide For Israeli Settlers During a memorial service this month for a soldier killed in Lebanon, Eitam, a former general who commanded a brigade in Gaza, told the gathering that "we will have to expel a large majority of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria," using Israeli terminology for the West Bank.

09-24-06 - Lebanon's Nasrallah emerges as idol post war

09-24-06 - War saddles Palestinians with even more burdens "Whatever affects the Lebanese affects the Palestinians, given that they are residing in this country," she adds. "But the Palestinians also lack coping mechanisms. Any emergency affects them even more than other groups, as the Palestinians in Lebanon are vulnerable by definition."

09-24-06 - TIPH Sponsors Old City of Hebron during Ramadan Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) said Saturday said is sponsoring the old city of Hebron during the Holy month of Ramadan.

09-24-06 - Malta to provide Palestine with financial support Malta is joining other member states of the European Union (EU) in responding to an appeal for urgent funds by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to EU Member States.

09-24-06 - Palestinian prime minister sees hope of unity deal

09-24-06 - US diplomacy struggles through a tough week at the UN A final statement from the Quartet significantly softened the language regarding conditions an Abbas-Hamas government would have to meet to gain international acceptance. While Rice had insisted the government formally commit itself to the conditions -- recognition of Israel's right to exist, rejection of violence and acceptance of past peace agreements -- the statement said only that the new government would have to "reflect" the three principles.

09-24-06 - U.S. to blame for attack on its embassy - Syria's Assad "This seems to have been the background of the attack, a reaction to America's policy in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan," Assad was quoted by Der Spiegel weekly as saying.

09-24-06 - Lebanese army beefs up border posts ahead of Israel pullout

09-24-06 - Assad says US foreign policy breeds terrorism

09-24-06 - Palestinians want Marwan Barghouti released as part of deal to release captured Israeli soldier

09-23-06 - Palestinians 'back to square one' The Israeli, American and European Union's economic sanctions on the current Hamas-controlled government have had a crushing impact. They are squeezing the life out of what was always a very weak Palestinian economy.

09-23-06 - Washington sees "ferment" against Hamas government "Quite clearly there's a high degree of disatisfaction with the fact that Hamas has failed to live up to what it said it would do -- that is govern effectively in favor of the Palestinian people," said State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack. This was the intended outcome. "Israel's policy was summed up by Dov Weisglass, an adviser to Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, earlier this year. 'The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger,' he said. The hunger pangs are supposed to encourage the Palestinians to force Hamas to change its attitude towards Israel or force Hamas out of government."

09-23-06 - Gaza's border with Egypt opens for second day The Rafah border terminal between Egypt and Gaza, the Palestinian territory's only gateway to the world that bypasses Israel, opened for a second consecutive day.

09-23-06 - Palestinian officials protest over not being paid More than 1,000 Palestinian officials demonstrated peacefully outside the office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas to demand payment of salary arrears.

09-23-06 - Palestinian farmers fear advance of West Bank wall "When Israel closes the roads, I sometimes carry the meat on my back to try to get to customers," says Mr Sous, who is 50. "Israel has already confiscated about 15 dunums (four acres) of my land and they built the checkpoint on some of it."....Mr Sous?s pig farm is also near the Cremisan winery, run by monks of the Silesian order. In June, Israeli bulldozers began tearing down olive trees there as they began to mark out the next phase of the wall. Israel has also published tenders to build new settler homes across the West Bank.

09-23-06 - Syria key to stability in Mideast: Peretz "Every war creates opportunities for a broadened political process ... We must establish talks with Lebanon and prepare the conditions for a dialogue with Syria," Peretz said. Peretz easing concerns about a conflict with Syria?

09-23-06 - Police Say Man Took Photos Of Baltimore Tunnel According to the news release, the man was visiting the country legally and troopers were told that he was taking pictures of the tunnel because he was not used to seeing facilities like it in Israel

09-23-06 - Popular Committee Member Targetted in Bil'in

09-23-06 - Palestinian and International Activists Remove Roadblock

09-23-06 - Detainee facing death as health condition sharply deteriorates In an urgent letter sent by the detainees to the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), the detainees in Be'er Sheva Israeli prison appealed human rights organizations to save the life of detainee Abdul-Raouf Mustafa Abu Atsha, 39, from Silwad.

09-23-06 - Bush Presses Israel in Apparent Bid to Maintain Anti-Iranian Front Uzi Arad, who advised former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is still close to the head of the rightwing opposition Likud party, told the Forward that if Israelis agree - as they should - that all efforts ought to be devoted to stopping Iran's nuclear quest, then "it would be wise to adopt a slightly more flexible policy toward the Palestinian issue." He added that "there is much that could be done" to engage with the Palestinians, short of making significant concessions. Same thing happened in the run-up to the Iraq war.

09-23-06 - Tarqumia "Terminal" - A Checkpoint by Any Other Name

09-23-06 - Bush names delegation to help Lebanon reconstruction

09-23-06 - Lebanese troops deploy on border

09-23-06 - A global crisis of understanding Gove also rewrites history when he alleges it was the "appeasement" of the Palestinians represented by the Oslo peace process that encouraged Al-Qaeda to launch the 9/11 attacks. In fact it was the violent repression that followed Israel's unilateral ending of peace talks that formed the backdrop to the attacks.....Throughout Gove's book, neocon myths are reheated and served up, despite being long discredited, most recently by the 2005 CIA report just released by the Senate Committee on Intelligence. Anyone that tells you that we were attacked on 911 for 'our freedom', is either grossly misinformed or a liar.

09-23-06 - They're back - Divestment group gets question on the ballot The first question asks voters to call on Provost to support the state of Massachusetts issuing a statement in support of the right of return for Palestinian refugees. The second question asks voters if they support Massachusetts divesting from Israeli bonds and military companies tied to Israel?s occupation.

09-23-06 - Assailants fire at church in Rafidia, P.A police deploys to defend churches The recent attack took place on Friday at night when unknown gunmen fired at the church located at Tunis Junction in Rafidia. P.A police exchanged fired with the assailants, no arrests or injuries were reported.

09-23-06 - CPI-M happy with Palestinian fund collection

09-23-06 - Methodist preacher takes part in sponsored Bible-read The Methodist local preacher was taking part in a sponsored Bible-read to raise money for a medical charity helping Palestinians.

09-23-06 - From the New "Anti-Semitism" to Nuclear Holocaust How Israel is Engineering the "Clash of Civilizations"

09-23-06 - Video: Buchanan on Ali G It is funny.

09-23-06 - Video: Buchanan and Mclaughlin laugh as Bush declares victory

09-23-06 - Video: Buchanan on Israel

09-23-06 - Lebanon's divided Christians feel rudderless

09-23-06 - Abandoned pets to go to U.S. sanctuaries Some 300 homeless dogs and cats, many left behind by owners who fled Lebanon during the Hezbollah- Israel war, will be heading to new sanctuaries in the United States for adoption, an animal rights activist said Friday.

09-23-06 - Arab MK: Pope contributing to culture war

09-22-06 - Gunbattle breaks out at Rafah crossing after it opens A gunbattle broke out at the Gaza-Egypt Rafah crossing on Friday, hours after it opened for the first time in about a month, Israel Radio reported.

09-22-06 - Gunmen attack Palestinian news agency in Gaza Witnesses said unidentified gunmen smashed a computer and destroyed other equipment at the official WAFA news agency office in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis.

09-22-06 - World Bank clears $13M to fight bird flu The World Bank has approved a $13 million grant to help combat the threat of the deadly bird flu in the West Bank and Gaza, the development institution announced Friday. The money will be used to help minimize any threats of the bird flu posed to people from the area's domestic poultry industry, it said.

09-22-06 - Israeli air force shells a house in Rafah

09-22-06 - Hamas rejects Abbas unity pledge Palestinian militant group Hamas has said it will not join a planned national unity government if recognising Israel is a condition.

09-22-06 - Nablus: Soldiers injured by explosive device

09-22-06 - Lebanon war underscores inequality of Arab Israelis Prime Minister Ehud Olmert toured the Israeli north, which had been badly hit by the Hezbollah rockets, and promised that in the reconstruction ahead, Arab villages and townships would get the same treatment as the Jewish ones.

09-22-06 - Zelikow's Candor Angers Pro-Israel Activists, Again In a keynote speech before the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy conference on Friday, Philip Zelikow argued that a renewed effort for peace may be needed in order to maintain support for the hardline U.S. position against Iran among our European allies and "moderate" Arab governments Now why would pro-Israelis be so angered at peace, mewonders?...

09-22-06 - Nasrallah says no army can disarm Hizbollah Hizbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday rejected international calls to disarm his Lebanese guerrillas and told a huge "victory" rally they still had more than 20,000 rockets after a month of war with Israel.

09-22-06 - The Doomsday Code End Timers parade through the streets of Jerusalem and take large amounts of cash to illegal West Bank settlements to encourage the residents to entrench themselves more deeply on this Palestinian land. In Jerusalem itself, Jews are being bankrolled by Christian fundamentalists to reside in Arab houses. The End Timers think that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke ('was removed from the scene') because he wanted to give back some of the Palestinian land.

09-22-06 - Tehran says gives spiritual support to Hizbollah Iran's president said on Thursday his country gave cultural and spiritual support to Lebanon but sidestepped questions about whether Tehran would obey a U.N. arms embargo imposed on Hizbollah guerrillas.

09-22-06 - Al-Qaeda in Palestine threatens truck bombings Notice this report was penned by Aaron Klein who is the same writer from World Net Daily - a magazine run by a Zionist Christian - and whose reports are factually dubious, in my opinion. For, Mr. Klein always seems to talk to 'Palestinians' who never disappoint in giving him exactly what he wants to hear - Hasbara.

09-22-06 - US stands firm on aid conditions despite Hamas vow The United States has reiterated conditions for a resumption of aid to the Palestinians, after Hamas warned any unity government with President Mahmoud Abbas would not recognise Israel.

09-22-06 - House resolution calls for border force The resolution urges Lebanon?s government "to request without delay a robust international force deployment on the Lebanese border with Syria, so as to prevent the re-supply of weapons to Hezbollah." Why is this a matter for the US Congress?

09-22-06 - Israel: Foreign reporters' vehicles may be used terrorists This is Israel's response to its August bombing of the Reuter's vehicle. It's reminiscent of the stretcher incident where Israel claimed that the workers were loading a missile into the ambulance only to later back down when they couldn't refute the overwhelming evidence that it was a stretcher.

09-22-06 - Palestinian Give Low Numbers to Hamas

09-22-06 - Ecuador to Israel: We can?t pay off debt "We are not the uncle from America, and this was made perfectly clear to the Ecuadorian finance minister," a member of the Israeli delegation to the conference said. Say what?

09-22-06 - 'One-sided' Middle East policy attacked by Labour Arab group "Unfortunately, Mr Blair has failed to treat both sides equally. Instead he has bowed to pressure put on him by Israel backed by George Bush," it says. The group, most of whom are Labour members, includes Jews, Christians and Muslims.

09-22-06 - New book reveals FBI did not suspect Pollard ties to Israel The publication of the book, with reviews and testimonies from U.S. Navy veterans and other security experts, is indicative of the bitterness still felt over how Israel betrayed the United States and the "colossal" damage Pollard caused to U.S. national security.....Former president George Bush told Olive in 2005 that Pollard "belongs just where he is, in jail. You do know there are a lot of people trying to get him out. That really burns me out." ......According to Olive's calculations, when Pollard is released, he will receive $3.6 million in compensation from Israel Read that last bit again. And then read this. And this.

09-22-06 - Livni: "Two-state solution does not mean withdrawing to the borders of 1967"

09-22-06 - West bars Arab bid at IAEA to rap Israel atom "threat" "The (Western) blocking manoeuvre is astonishing when innocent blood has not yet dried in Lebanon,"

09-22-06 - Israeli gangster keeping fit in US jail "I feel like injustice has been done to me as I shouldn't have been extradited to the United States. I should have been tried it should have taken place in Israel. They hurt me by handing me over to a foreign country."

09-22-06 - Lutheran Bishop of Jerusalem Visits Damaged Churches in Nablus

09-22-06 - Israelis' main fear is a nuclear Iran: poll ** Israel's fears become our fears.

09-22-06 - Israel quits two more Lebanese border points: UN

09-22-06 - Secret contacts between Israel, Saudi Arabia

09-22-06 - Saudi minister urges Palestinian unity over Israel "If there is not a united Palestinian position regarding what they wish, a precious chance will be wasted."

09-22-06 - Gazans rush to cross border during brief opening Hundreds of Palestinians jostled to get through the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt on Friday as it reopened briefly for the first time in weeks under an agreement with the Israelis.

09-22-06 - Israel ready to release prisoners for soldier: PM

09-22-06 - In surprise move, feds drop count in Hamas terrorism count The decision to drop one count of the indictment came at a hearing after Deutsch asked St. Eve to press federal prosecutors to turn over background material on a prospective government witness, Jack Mustafa. Deutsch asked for information about how much the FBI had paid Mustafa and whether he had an arrest record. He also asked if the prospective witness had met with agents of the Mossad _ Israel's intelligence agency. Wait a minute here. How much (more) American taxpayer money will be spent on what would appear to be the witchunts of Palestinians in this country who are brought up on charges, only to later see them dismissed due to lack of evidence? And how much are American officials relying on 'evidence' provided by the Israeli government or their lackeys, mm? Is that why the cases are falling apart? We quickly learn the difference between the America's legal system and that of Israel. See some of it described here too (look for the bit about the Fourth amendment, or lack thereof).

09-22-06 - Illegal Barriers in Hebron Region Destoryed

09-22-06 - Israel's Elbit wins US security contract A consortium led by Boeing, the second-largest US defense contractor, and including Israel's Elbit Systems has won the first piece of a $2 billion government contract to develop and provide new technological means to secure the US borders and curb illegal immigration, officials said Thursday. You have got to be #!@$ing kidding me.

09-22-06 - France backs softer conditions on Palestinians

09-22-06 - Weekly peaceful anti-wall protest in Bil'in attacked by Israeli military The protest was attacked without provocation, and was unable to reach the olive groves belonging to the villagers, despite the fact that an Israeli High Court ruling last August determined that the weekly protests in Bil'in were allowed to take place on village land.

09-22-06 - Tampa Bay-area Muslims donate money to help repair West Bank, Gaza churches A group of Tampa Bay-area Muslims donated $5,000 to help repair churches on the West Bank and Gaza Strip damaged after a speech made by Pope Benedict XVI.

09-22-06 - War with Hezbollah has left Jewish, Arab Israelis more divided than ever Although they are full citizens of Israel, Arab-Israelis face subtle and concrete discrimination in housing, jobs and society. Arab-Israeli towns within range of Hezbollah rockets were never equipped with the bomb shelters and well-run early warning systems that were commonplace in other communities.

09-22-06 - Palestinians protest against pope In the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian police guarding a Roman Catholic church exchanged fire with would-be assailants and eventually chased them away, residents said

09-22-06 - Between Bishara and Salah The second organization that is actively nurturing the idea of destroying Israel as a Jewish-Zionist state is the Balad Party, led by MK Azmi Bishara. Bishara, as we know, speaks about turning Israel into a state of all its citizens (all the Arab MKs share this opinion) - in other words, a country that within a few decades will be controlled by a Palestinian majority America is a state for all of its citizens built on the concept of one man, one vote. Israel is not a democracy and is nothing like America. It is built on an apartheid system to keep the Arab 'demographic problem' at bay. To suggest a system that is like America's, is to suggest 'the destruction of Israel' only for the fact that there would no longer be a Jewish majority.

09-22-06 - Palestinian rap to beat of conflict "The world knows little about Gaza. We wanted to use this unusual musical style to get the message out -- about the people, the (Israeli) occupation and the community," Fara told Reuters during a recording session in a Gaza City studio.

09-22-06 - Hamas PM accepts state on 1967 borders in exchange for truce

09-22-06 - Eitam sends New Year greeting ? Tibi unimpressed Some were not so pleased to receive the greeting from the MK that just last week called to expel Arabs from the West Bank and from the Knesset

09-21-06 - Three Teenagers Killed In Northern Gaza Strip Palestinian security officials said the three, aged 14, 15 and 16, were shepherds herding their sheep and goats near Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza City....a 43-year-old Palestinian woman was killed earlier Thursday during an Israeli army incursion in the southern Gaza town of Rafah. Witnesses said the woman was killed in her home when shots were fired at the house.

09-21-06 - Israel army raids southern Gaza, killing one woman, wounding at least four others Later, artillery hit a home in the Rafah area of Gaza, wounding four family members, one of them seriously. The three others were in moderate condition.

09-21-06 - Beit Hanoun girl dies of wounds sustained last month Abu Odah was injured when Israeli army opened fire at her and her family killing her father and brother Ismai'l, her younger sister received three bullet wounds in the attack while Hannan was wounded by eight live rounds and was moved to a hospital in Israeli for treatment were she died, her brother Ayman reported

09-21-06 - Abbas vow on Israel recognition Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has said that any new Palestinian government would recognise Israel.

09-21-06 - Israel Believes Assault On Gaza Will Be Necessary Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Dan Halutz was backed by members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tuesday in his assessment that a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip will be necessary in the short term. Palestinians will be made an example of for the fact that Israel did not win in Lebanon. FYI, Halutz also did this.

09-21-06 - The suspension of aid has led to a serious deterioration in access to health care for Palestinians The international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is concerned about the deteriorating access to medical treatment for the population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in particular in the Hebron district in the West Bank.

09-21-06 - Israeli government issues tender for the construction of more settler homes

09-21-06 - Lebanon's president castigates UN Mr Lahoud said Israeli fighter jets and bombs had targeted mostly civilians, "killing and maiming thousands and destroying all that made Lebanon a viable state".

09-21-06 - Israel says it will open the Rafah Crossing for two days At least 10.000 Palestinian civilians are waiting on the Egyptian side of the border crossing which have been closed since July 25 after resistance fighters captured an Israeli soldiers in Gaza. Wow, in't that nice of them?

09-21-06 - Refugees protest disparity in UN aid distribution The Palestinian Popular Committees held a sit-in on Wednesday inside the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's main office in Sidon, accusing the body of distributing rotten food to Lebanon's Palestinian refugees

09-21-06 - Arab states urge IAEA to slam Israel for atomic arsenal Arab states on Wednesday relaunched a campaign to have the United Nations nuclear watchdog condemn Israel's reputed atomic arsenal.

09-21-06 - Assad warns of war The Lebanese newspaper A-Safir on Thursday quoted Bashar Assad as telling a visiting delegation from Beirut that Israel could attack Syria as part of an effort to shore up domestic self-confidence after the war on Hezbollah.

09-21-06 - Closure for Rosh Hashanah Israel's defense minister ordered the West Bank sealed off over Rosh Hashanah.

09-21-06 - New settlement homes planned Israel plans to build 164 new homes in three West Bank settlements

09-21-06 - Bush: Clock ticking on Iran "...I'm not going to discuss with you our intelligence on this subject, but time?s of the essence, in my judgment."

09-21-06 - Look at this old couple THESE are the people of the bible.

09-21-06 - Saudi, Russian see consensus for peace

09-21-06 - Iranian leader 'not anti-Semite'

09-21-06 - It can only get worse Donors have been forced to watch impotently as their investments in Palestinian infrastructure and institutions have been destroyed or eroded. Israel has seen a lucrative (and captive) market become pauperised by security arrangements.

09-21-06 - Olmert ratings plunge as right surges ahead The polls showed a clear shift to the right. Mr Olmert's biggest potential challenger appears to be the former prime minister and senior Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who scored a 58% approval rating in the survey.

09-21-06 - Germany: Israel ready for Shebaa Farms talks

09-21-06 - Wild thoughts about the Palestinian issue Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni believes that there is no similarity between the West Bank and Lebanon, and that sending an international force to impose order, like that authorized by Security Council Resolution 1701 in Lebanon, is not feasible in the Palestinian Authority. Yet there are people in the U.S. who are looking ever more closely at this possibility.

09-21-06 - Ahmadinejad: 'Zionists Are Not Jews' When asked by a reporter from an Irish publication if Iran wants to "wipe" Israel off the map, he replied, "Zionists are not Jews. They are not Muslims. They are not Christians. They are a power hungry, power group."

09-21-06 - Israel troubled that war in Lebanon drove its enemies closer "The connection is all the global jihad," says an Israeli political official who works closely with Israel's intelligence branch and therefore could not be named Really? Then why haven't Hamas or Hezbollah attacked anyone outside of their respective territories? Thus does the PR ministry attempt to conflate its enemy list with that of the United States. And the Christian Science Monitor gives them ample coverage these days.

09-21-06 - Despite Hague ruling, Israeli government destroys more Palestinian lives and confiscates more land

09-21-06 - Lebanon threatens UN appeal over Israel pullout delay Israel's delayed pullout looked set to cast a shadow over Hezbollah preparations to celebrate a "divine victory" with a massive rally in the Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut Friday It's probably of no coicidence. Watch for any Israeli bombings of this rally.

09-21-06 - Lebanon begins to clean ravaged coast Israel insists the circumstances of the spill are unclear and it has not accepted responsibility. "It's not clear that Israel was directly responsible for the oil slick. We certainly did not intentionally attack the oil containers," said Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev Wow.

09-21-06 - U.S. Army defends Raytheon contract amid storm Army officials opted in April to forego a rival Israeli system to boost combat vehicle protection from rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles, even though it is closer to being ready for use.....NBC, in its report, quoted unnamed Pentagon sources as saying the Army "cooked the books" to justify its choice of Raytheon's "Quick Kill" technology. Well well well. Are some neocons in the Pentagon boohooing over lost Israel deal? The neocons may have had an economic interest in the Israeli company, which is not uncommon when it comes to neocons, Israel and the arms business.

09-21-06 - UN Security Council holds ministerial meeting on Middle East The UN Security Council, acting at the request of Arab countries, is set to hold a rare ministerial meeting here to discuss how to revive the stalled Middle East peace process.

09-21-06 - Hezbollah gears up for massive 'victory' rally

09-21-06 - Abbas urges UN action to implement plan for Palestinian state

09-21-06 - Why Israel will never Truly let go of Gaza Whatever the fate of the captive soldier Gilad Shalit, the Israeli army?s war in Gaza is not about him. As senior security analyst Alex Fishman reported, the army was preparing for an attack months earlier and was constantly pushing for it, with the goal of destroying the Hamas infrastructure and its Government Just like in Lebanon. Read on.

09-21-06 - Rice says she will go to Middle East soon Rice said she would try to "accelerate progress" on the U.S.-led "road map" for Middle East peace and for implementation of an agreement she helped broker last November allowing for the free access of people and goods into Gaza. These newfound moves toward Middle East peace are in my opinion similar to the ones just before the Iraq war that were conducted as a means to ensure European support for said war.

09-21-06 - IDF?s complicity with settlers must end The army?s bond with the settlers leads to a policy of non-action as far as maintaining the law and the security of Palestinians, who are subject to constant violent harassment by their illegal neighbors.

09-21-06 - Pro-Israel Rally Virtually Ignored at U.N.

09-21-06 - Palestinian FM calls for release of prisoners for captive soldier

09-21-06 - FEATURE - Israel opens ancient site near Jerusalem shrine "They (the Israelis) are weakening the foundations of the mosque and they are doing much damage to the buildings above the tunnels,"

09-21-06 - Lahoud questions UN's credibility on enforcing 1701 "Israel still refuses to submit to the UN the maps indicating the location of thousands of mines it left behind on Lebanese territory, while the fate of the Lebanese detainees in Israel remains unknown,"

09-21-06 - German warships head for Lebanon for Lebanon peacekeeping mission. What'd you think they were for?

09-21-06 - Controverisal Israeli security approach takes flight in U.S It is spreading because of its results -- and because it seems to have won over TSA Director Kip Hawley and his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who have recently begun using the same kind of language that Ron uses to describe the aviation security approach that the United States should have. "People have responded very well to bringing in Israeli methods," Ron said. The Israelization of the United States continues. And oddly, our unconditional support for Israel is why it is necessary in the first place. We've been made a party to Israel's war with the Arabs, whether we like it or not.

09-21-06 - Barely hidden joy in Jerusalem over Swedish election He said that the new government was likely to bring Sweden's Middle East policy from the far left into the center in the EU, and that he believed the new government's public declarations about Israel and the Middle East would be far less critical.

09-21-06 - Demonstrators: Refuse being soldiers of occupation "we arrived here to the Kirya, the symbol of Israeli occupation in the center of Tel Aviv to protest the occupation of the Palestinian People. To be drafted into the army will not improve the security of the Israeli citizens but will only contribute to the cycle of violence between the two peoples."

09-21-06 - Parents of activist Rachel Corrie speak in Ashland Gary Acheatel of Ashland, co-founder of Advocates for Israel, took out newspaper ads here saying that eight Israelis named Rachel have been killed by radical Palestinian terrorists...In an interview, Acheatel said the Corrie presentation is a staged propaganda event that speaks of the tragic killing of Rachel Corrie as murder, when in fact it was an accident. Wow.

09-21-06 - Mubarak says Egypt will develop nuclear energy

09-21-06 - Viewing Middle East Affairs From Woodbury Home Base "For example, in recent months, the demands that the U.S. government is making on Hamas (are unfair). First of all, they have to recognize Israel, but there's no demand that Israel recognize the Palestinians and their right to a state. We demand that Hamas renounce violence, but we do not demand that Israel renounce violence, and Israel is 100 times more violent than Hamas,"

09-21-06 - Gladwin man fights home demolition in Occupied Territories O'Rourke participated in a peaceful resistance movement with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), a group which uses non-violent, direct action to resist the destruction of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories

09-21-06 - Pro-Palestinian mural nixed at California college Of particular concern, says Rabbi Doug Kahn, executive director of the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council, was the mural?s depiction of the Palestinian cartoon figure Handala. I guess in the end, censorship at the behest of pro-Israeli groups is mightier than the sword, eh?

09-20-06 - Palestinian killed by Israeli shells in northern Gaza Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Wednesday that one resident was killed, another was injured, after the Israeli army fired a tank shell at a group of residents who were present close to the border line in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

09-20-06 - Soldiers indicted for beating Palestinian Two soldiers from Haruv Battalion charged for severely assaulting Palestinian adolescent for no reason, threatening to kill him ?if he talks?

09-20-06 - Two states solution to refugee problem: Israel Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has urged the world to convince the Palestinians the answer to their refugee problem lies in a Palestinian state and not inside Israel's borders Article 11 of UN resolution 194 which was never implemented by Israel: Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible;

09-20-06 - Israelis use bulldozers to wreck crops in South Israeli bulldozers started to level the soil and cut down olive trees in Yarin in the Tyre region on Monday, spoiling several cultivated fields and preventing farmers from inspecting their lands. "Israeli bulldozers have spoiled my land, cutting down the fruit trees I've planted," said farmer Shaker Afleh on Tuesday, as he and his daughter watched the bulldozers on his land from a kilometer away. I have to use a proxy server in order to get to that site (Daily Star, Lebanon). I'm not sure how well you will be able to connect to it.

09-20-06 - US resolve prolongs Gazan despair "Today we go to the employment offices like beggars," he said. "We go to the welfare associations like beggars. Even our own sense of self-worth has been lost." The Nazis would be proud. Really, what more is there to say?

09-20-06 - Israelis seize Palestinian funds Palestinian sources have said that millions of dollars, documents and files were "stolen" in the raids. This is at least the second time that Israel has robbed Palestinian banks. And these people are already some of the poorest in the world (thanks to the Israeli occupation).

09-20-06 - Israeli court tells army to explain shooting of U.S. activist Avery said he and a colleague were wearing bright red doctor vests and were standing still with their hands over their heads when soldiers in approaching military vehicles opened fire with no warning shots. An internal army inquiry said his allegations were baseless. Over three years later...

09-20-06 - Palestinians in 'dire need' of US help: Abbas

09-20-06 - Rockets fired at Israel, Israeli army storms northern Gaza Palestinian militants fired on Wednesday three homemade rockets from Gaza at Israel, where an Israeli army ground force incurred into northern and eastern Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources said.

09-20-06 - Israeli forces raid Palestinian stronghold in Gaza Two Palestinians wounded in the fighting were not immediate identified as troops would not allow medics near.

09-20-06 - Fateh: Assaults aimed at destroying capabilities of those providing loans during siege "An iron chain is being used to strangle the remaining outlets of financial help for the Palestinian citizens who have shown their resolve by standing firm on this earth."

09-20-06 - Arab MK suspended for calling Peretz ?murderer?

09-20-06 - Congressman Nye and Jack Abramoff: Justice versus lobbies Abramoff used the organization for his pet projects. These included over $4 million to a Jewish school allied with the Zionist movement, $248,742 for Abramoff?s house in Silver Spring, Maryland and hundreds of thousands for sniper training of extremist and illegal Israeli colonial settlers living on Palestinian land. Ironically, Native Americans were defrauded into funding oppression and colonization of other native people. Abramoff also used his influence with Congressman Bob Ney to get a government contract worth $3 million for an obscure Israeli security company

09-20-06 - Bush's backing imperils Israel The main product of the war in Lebanon has been hatred, as noted by Israel?s most prominent gadfly, Uri Avnery. The death and destruction wrought by Israel against civilian targets broadcast for 33 successive days by al-Jazeera and other television networks have reinforced hatred of Israel among Arabs and Muslims, which may take generations to undo Bush being blamed for doing what Israel is telling him to do..

09-20-06 - Israel calls Iran its greatest threat ** Israel = Israel's greatest threat. In nearly sixty years, it has not learned how to get along with its neighbors Hint - stop stealing their land and killing their children (with American cluster bombs).

09-20-06 - Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon and Gaza?

09-20-06 - Lebanese voices after the war Another woman has two teenage brothers with severe facial injuries. They were trying to rescue objects from their house when a cluster bomb exploded in their faces.

09-20-06 - Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces' Iran and Syria, which have long accused the Kurds of allowing the Israelis to operate on Iraqi territory, will demand an explanation from the government in Baghdad.

09-20-06 - Sudan blames Israel and Jews for many of its woes "The main purpose is the security of Israel. Any state in the region should be weakened, dismembered in order to protect the Israelis, to guarantee the Israeli security,"

09-20-06 - Quartet backs Palestinian efforts

09-20-06 - EU Parliamentarians Establish an "Israel Lobby" 300 European Union parliamentarians and supporters took part this week in a gala celebrating the establishment of a European "Israel Lobby", the first of its kind.

09-20-06 - Militant group threatens Gaza Christians over pope's remarks Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Abu Hilal said security forces in Gaza had been ordered to protect Christian sites in light of the latest uproar. He said he did not see Tuesday's statement as evidence of a serious threat.

09-20-06 - TOMORROW: Brian Avery Shooting Investigation Appeal The preliminary investigation conducted by the Israeli military concluded that no Israeli military personnel were responsible for the shooting, stating that its forces were not in the area at the time They're lying. Brian Avery, an American, had his face blown off by an IDF tank.

09-20-06 - What's Wrong With American Foreign Policy? Finally, if the president is so eager to champion "Lebanese sovereignty over Lebanese soil," then why did he give the green light to Israeli aggression ? and even rush military aid to the aggressors? If Lebanon becomes, once again, a model of democracy and pluralism in the region, it will be no thanks to this president and his foreign policy. To answer the title of the article - it's crafted in Tel Aviv.

09-20-06 - Envoy upset at Ahmadinejad's U.N. visit Israel's U.N. envoy criticized the United States for allowing Iran's president to attend the U.N. General Assembly summit. Oh dear.

09-20-06 - IDF tackling Iran's WMD threat Part of the reason for the shift in the HFC's focus was due to the defense establishment's realization that following the war in Lebanon - during which close to 4,000 missiles were fired at the North - Israel was facing a major threat from ballistic missiles. Iran has developed the Shihab-3 missile that can reportedly carry a 500 kg.-650 kg. warhead and has a range of between 1,550 to 1,620 km.

09-20-06 - Expert: Tactical nukes needed to blast Iranian defenses ** "American experts have said they are not sure that conventional weapons would be able to infiltrate these sites," he said. "Based on information from public sources, any attack should use tactical nuclear weapons."

09-20-06 - Kurdish soldiers trained by Israelis ** One constraint facing the Israelis, should they ever want to hit Iran, is distance. Most Israeli jets are short range and they have few in-flight tankers. Some studies have suggested that Israel could make refuelling stops at a modern airfield in Kurdistan. This is nothing new. It has been reported years ago by the Guardian and Israel's Ynet News. And again.

09-20-06 - Israel delays Lebanon pullout

09-20-06 - Damien Hirst's £50 masterpiece How has a small Palestinian gallery managed to attract the art world's biggest names? Saeed Taji Farouky on an inspiring coup

09-20-06 - Palestinian airlines to use Egyptian airport: official Palestinian Minister of Transportation announced on Wednesday that Egypt has agreed to let Palestinian airlines use an Egyptian airport instead of the disused Gaza International Airport.

09-20-06 - U.S. seen easing on Palestinians

09-20-06 - Hamas PM rejects quartet conditions for aid

09-20-06 - The Israeli-Kurdish Alliance ? On Video Seymour Hersh did the initial reporting on this development, and now the BBC has the pictures ? a stunning video showing Israeli ?ex?-military personnel training Kurdish pershmerga and setting up a base in Kurdistan. The idea is to establish an outpost from which Israeli planes can strike at Iran?s alleged nuclear facilities, and also create a presence on the ground that can strike, at will, across the Kurdish-Iranian border.

09-20-06 - In Gaza, chaos becomes the reigning force

09-20-06 - Gasoline and licensing overhauls ease public?s burden at expense of the government The Palestinian Ministry of Transport issued a draft to the Council of Ministers for a new system that uses a less expensive form of gas as auto fuel.

09-20-06 - Hamas fails to meet needs of people: Fatah lawmaker

09-20-06 - UK baroness accused of anti-Semitic comments Speaking on Tuesday at a meeting of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, a pro-Palestinian fringe organization, Baroness Jenny Tonge said, "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they have probably got a certain grip on our party."

09-20-06 - Palestinians Oppose Abduction of Foreigners 86 per cent of respondents are opposed to the practice.

09-20-06 - Americans sympathise with Israel: Scholar The average Joe on the street in the US will continue to sympathise with Israel as the Jewish state is perceived as a nation of Holocaust survivors and their descendants. They need to see this "Holocaust Survivors Living in Poverty" and this

09-20-06 - Bush administration appeals OK of citizenship to Palestinian man The Justice Department filed its notice of appeal on Sept. 14 without giving a reason for the action.

09-20-06 - Displaced Jews urged to register According to the organization, the number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries far surpasses the number of Palestinians who became refugees in 1948. The victimhood of the Palestinian refugees must always be overshadowed and outdone.

09-20-06 - 'Quartet' presses Israel on revenue In addition to calling for the release of the more than $500 million in revenue, which Israel stopped turning over to the Palestinians after Hamas took over the Palestinian Authority That money belongs to the Palestinians. And Israel just helped themselves to more of the Palestinians' money today.

09-20-06 - Britons lead clearance of Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon "We appreciate their humanitarian gesture," he said. "We know the British government supported Israel but these men, we thank them." Contrary to what was reported in this article, Israel did not provide detailed maps of where it fired those bombs.

09-20-06 - Thousands protest U.N., Iran Other speakers included the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

09-20-06 - Bush wasting his time with address to Mideast population: analysts

09-20-06 - Fashion makes comeback in post-war Lebanon "Like the Phoenix, Beirut shall never die."

09-20-06 - The First Palestinian Circus School: The Dream of Shadi Zmorrod

09-20-06 - Acclaimed UMD professor Melanson dies Dr. Melanson, with a matter-of-fact style of writing, has been one of the chief skeptics of the official story that 24-year-old Palestinian Sirhan B. Sirhan was the lone assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy on June 5, 1968. He built his case on evidence obtained through dogged pursuit of once-sealed documents from the Los Angeles Police Department and the city's District Attorney's Office.

09-20-06 - Siegman on the U.S.-Israel Alliance, Published in England, Of Course

09-20-06 - Dispelling Brutality Col. Dan Smith is a military affairs analyst for Foreign Policy In Focus, a retired U.S. Army colonel, and a senior fellow on military affairs at the Friends Committee on National Legislation

09-20-06 - NDP resolution slams Israel The resolutions at the centre of the controversy focus on Lebanon and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The Lebanon resolution called Israel?s response to Hezbollah?s kidnapping of two of its soldiers and the killing of others ?drastically disproportionate.?

09-20-06 - CUPE sponsors parade float urging Israel boycott The 30,000 union members and activists who marched in the annual Toronto Labour Day Parade were treated to music, costumes, jugglers ? and a CUPE Ontario float dedicated to the union?s resolution calling for a boycott against Israel.

09-20-06 - Pacifica woman opens her home and heart to Palestinian foreign exchange student from Gaza

09-20-06 - Book review: Palestine, by Joe Sacco

09-20-06 - Author Finkelstein to talk about Palestine-Israel conflict at UVM Peace Vermont, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, and the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series will present a lecture by Norman Finkelstein on Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. at the Benedict Auditorium, 235 Marsh Life Sciences, at the University of Vermont

09-20-06 - CAIR Asks Muslims to Help Repair Damaged Churches The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on Muslims in America and worldwide to donate to help repair Palestinian churches damaged following recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI perceived as critical of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

09-20-06 - Lofty talk on Middle East Aspiring democrats in the Middle East are also aware that the Bush administration, unhappy with the election of a Hamas government in Gaza and the West Bank, has been undermining that government with an economic blockade. And throughout the Muslim world, indelible images of humiliated detainees at Abu Ghraib have become emblematic of US hypocrisy, suggesting that American principles such as the rule of law and the presumption of innocence are not for export

09-20-06 - Henry Siegman must be one of the good guys The pro-Israeli propaganda committees have lambasted him. That automatically earns him points.

09-19-06 - Two killed in the West Bank one of them a pregnant woman Two West Bank residents were killed by the Israeli army on Tuesday morning, one of them a pregnant woman who was delayed at an army checkpoint.

09-19-06 - Saudi donation to assist destitute Gaza families Many impoverished families are now living on only one meal a day, made up largely of bread and cheap vegetables

09-19-06 - Israel cluster bomb use in Lebanon "outrageous": UN While Israel has provided general information about where it believes unexploded ordnance might be, Clark said tactical maps given to the United Nations by Israeli forces withdrawing from the south were "absolutely useless" in clearance efforts. "We have asked through many channels for the headquarters of these units to provide detailed strike data," he told a briefing at the United Nations in Geneva. "It has not yet been received."

09-19-06 - US may ban sale of cluster bombs to Israel Nick Guest, a former British Army bomb disposal officer working for MAG, says the most common bomblets - the M42 and the M77 - are of American manufacture. Some of the bombs are round like a metallic orange and others are like a can of fruit juice. They are small enough to be difficult to detect and may go on killing children and farmers for years. Washington has a very clear picture of Israel's track record when it comes to violations of international and humanitarian law - it compiles a report each year documenting (some) of those violations. Reagan in the 80s banned the sale of cluster bombs to Israel because it was using them against Lebanese civilians back then. This would appear to be a PR move on the part of the US. For, if it were really concerned about Arab civilians, it certainly would not have prolonged the ceasefire, or shipped off jet fuel and cluster bombs to Israel when it knew that they were bombing (fleeing) civilians. Over a thousand Lebanese civilians were killed in the offensive. A million cluster bombs were fired off by Israel into Lebanese civilian areas just three days before the ceasefire (when it was established that there would be a forthcoming ceasefire).

09-19-06 - 06-09-18 Susiya elder beaten by Israeli settlers - Tuwani Khalil Nawaja, in his 70s, was not far from the tent, when a group of seven settlers with their faces covered attacked him with sticks and pipes. An Israeli soldier was escorting the settlers and did nothing to stop the attack. Villagers called the Israeli police, but could not get a response. They then called Ezra Nawi of Ta'ayush (Israeli peace group), who was able to get through to the police on their behalf and ask for an investigation.

09-19-06 - Palestinian hospitals crippled by worker strike

09-19-06 - Israel may release funds if PA accepts demands Israel is withholding millions upon millions of dollars in customs duties that it collects on behalf of the Palestinians, and has been for months - which is why the latter are now starving.

09-19-06 - Palestinian official calls for opening Gaza-Egypt border crossing In a statement delivered to the press, the minister Bassem Naiem said that Rafah crossing point on Gaza-Egypt border has to be open to allow women, children and patients into Gaza and out of it.

09-19-06 - More Land Confiscation in Bethlehem and Hebron districts

09-19-06 - Gunmen attack Palestinian news agency in Gaza Gunmen stormed an office of a Palestinian news service under the control of President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday, beating up one reporter and vandalising equipment, witnesses and the news agency said.

09-19-06 - Israel pressed on cluster targets The UN has urged Israel to say exactly where it fired cluster bombs during its recent bombardment of south Lebanon. Israel won't provide the details because they deliberately fired those bombs into civilian areas, I'm guessing.

09-19-06 - Israel's stock rises in US, Europe despite war Israel's support in the US is near its highest level since Greenberg began systematically charting the numbers in April 2003, while in Europe more and more people see Israel as a moderate force in what is increasingly being perceived as a battle between moderates and extremists in the Middle East. "Thanks, Pope Benedict and the Danish publisher of the Mohammed cartoons :)"

09-19-06 - U.N. peacekeepers check security arrangements on Lebanese-Syrian border

09-19-06 - Israel Drawing Up Battle Plans For Next Lebanon War The defense establishment believes the next round of fighting could come within the next year, especially after the U.N. decided to keep French Gen. Alain Pellegrini on to lead an expanded U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

09-19-06 - Pope's comments on Islam hit 'civilization clash' fault line "Arabs and Muslims feel oppressed by the West. Afghanistan and Iraq are features, but most important is Palestine ... and all of this built-up anger then sometimes explodes,''

09-19-06 - Iranian president takes on U.S., Israel at U.N. "It does not matter if people are murdered in Palestine," he said of the conflicts in which Israel has been engaged in Gaza and the West Bank. "That apparently does not violate human rights."

09-19-06 - Leaders focus on Middle East peace at UN The first day of the debate by world leaders has been marked by renewed calls to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. ....Mr Annan, making his final speech to a General Assembly after 10 years as UN secretary-general, has singled out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as one of the most important security challenges facing the world.

09-19-06 - Not a lot of motivation to help the Palestinians The olive trees are the livelihood of many Palestinians. Before the advent of Zionism, Palestinians were of an agrarian way of life. Some still are. Israeli extremists seek to destroy that too.

09-19-06 - EU cancels Lebanon tour after entry refused to Israeli MK

09-19-06 - China ups Lebanon force to 1,000

09-19-06 - U.S. security coordinator: No security without Gaza commerce Without the restoration of commercial activity in the Gaza Strip, there will be no security in the area, U.S. Security Coordinator Lieutenant General Keith Dayton told a group of Israeli and Palestinian businessmen last week.

09-19-06 - 06-09-12 to 06-09-16 At-Tuwani Update Walking down the hillside, Chandler and Gulledge saw that a group of Israeli soldiers had stopped two Palestinian men. Chandler and Gulledge witnessed one Israeli soldier kick one man in the knee and force him to the ground by the head and shoulders. The soldier who kicked him became upset by the observers when they arrived, and demanded that they stop filming

09-19-06 - Israeli Arab population grows Israel's Arab sector is growing at a faster pace than its Jewish counterpart, government figures show. Oh dear.

09-19-06 - ICRC appeals for funds to cover shortfall in operations Those countries and regions that urgently need international help include Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, and etc..

09-19-06 - Appeal to petition Israeli government to respect the right to education Defending the rights of Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza to education calls us to act now, at the beginning of the school year, and appeal to those in power to end the oppression and the violence of the militaristic policies and protect one of the basic human rights -- the right to education.

09-19-06 - Balad member, former MK Miari: 'Syria is not an enemy country' While in Syria, Miari traveled to Palestinian refugee camps where he met some fifty members of his extended family who left Israel during the War of Independence in 1948.

09-19-06 - Bedouin Family Suffers From Israeli Settler Violence Two months ago the settlers set fire to, and burnt down a tent and shelter. A family were inside at the time. In the same area, last year, the Palestinians planted 1000 olive trees. As soon as they left, the same day, the settlers tore them up.

09-19-06 - Gaza's tiny Christian community fears it will disappear "I was afraid. First they attacked the church, and then there was that protest against the pope," she said. "Some of the protesters tried to come down this street, and we were terrified they'd attack the houses. But our Muslim neighbors stopped the protesters."

09-19-06 - Bush defends Mid-East line at UN Mr Annan's opening speech to the assembly was his last as secretary general. His second five-year term in office ends at the end of the year. On the Israel-Palestinian conflict, he said: "As long as the Palestinians live under occupation, exposed to daily frustration and humiliation, and as long as Israelis are blown up in buses and in dance halls, so long will passions everywhere be inflamed."

09-19-06 - Israel outraged by Non-Aligned Mov't "This is clearly unacceptable, and totally out of line with the good bilateral relations we have with some of the NAM countries,"

09-19-06 - Bush tasks Rice with new Middle East effort US President George W. Bush said he had directed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to lead a new diplomatic effort with US Arab allies to reform Palestinian security services.

09-19-06 - Hamas blamed for involving in murdering senior intelligence officer: report

09-19-06 - World Bank to Grant US $46.6 Million for Essential Services in GS, WB The ESSP will finance urgent supplies and running costs in hospitals, primary health care centers, schools, social shelters and rehabilitation centers managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs

09-19-06 - Children of terror victims sue for Hamas' assets Palestinians have been barred by Israeli law from seeking like compensatory litigation (from the Israeli government).

09-19-06 - As U.N. General Assembly opens, Palestinians are on leaders' minds The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is attempting to fill that vacuum, using the General Assembly to urge Quartet members - particularly the European Union - to closely examine the conditions for any Palestinian unity government.

09-19-06 - U.N. Council to meet on Arab peace plan "We still don't see the real utility of the meeting," U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said. "We have not agreed completely with the idea."

09-19-06 - Wrong address for pressure Some Israelis are angered over the fact that the US may have the audacity to pressure Israel into a peace agreement. Oh how the horror of it all!

09-19-06 - Israel confirms: Letter received from Shalit

09-19-06 - Peretz: Israel's hand extended to Lebanon, Syria

09-19-06 - FEATURE-Gaza youth have little to celebrate at Ramadan Naser al-Rizi was 16 with hopes of becoming a physical education teacher when the Palestinian uprising began in 2000. Joining a crowd throwing rocks at Israeli troops guarding a Jewish settlement, he was shot in the back and lost the use of his legs.

09-19-06 - Islamic Jihad launches two homemade rockets into southern Israel The group defended its attacks in the leaflet by saying that " it's our right to resist the occupier that occupies our lands and kill our people everyday" and vowed to continue such attacks against Israel.

09-19-06 - Israeli army detains senior Islamic Jihad militant near Jenin

09-19-06 - Israeli occupation must end in order to achieve Mideast peace, Jordan?s King tells UN He called for immediate efforts to help with reconstruction in Lebanon, but stressed at the same time that solving the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict requires the restoration of internationally recognized Palestinian rights.

09-19-06 - Israeli troops to leave Lebanon by the weekend

09-19-06 - Hamas supporters urge Abbas not to make concessions to U.S. Thousands of Hamas supporters on Tuesday urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to make any concessions to U.S. President George W. Bush at an upcoming meeting between the two leaders in New York.

09-19-06 - Kidnap of soldiers in July was Hezbollah's fifth attempt Two months before the July 12 raid in which Hezbollah abducted the two soldiers and killed three others, Israel had learned of another plan by the group to carry out an attack against an IDF patrol at the same location

09-19-06 - Clinton sees new Mideast peace plan in two months

09-19-06 - Peace wheels roll into MSU Kelly and other presenters on the Wheels of Justice Tour seek to address environmental degradation, foreign policy and humanitarian issues in Iraq, Palestine and Israel, said Kelly, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

09-19-06 - L.A. Panel Reaffirms Muslim's Award The furious fight over what has normally been a quiet award selection process was sparked when some Jewish groups charged that Hathout, a 70-year-old retired cardiologist, was a closet extremist who denounced Israel as an apartheid state and was soft on terrorism. Their opposition prompted the commission to reopen its July decision selecting Hathout.

09-19-06 - The Smart Way To Support Israel It is time for those of us who consider ourselves pro-Israel to tell our representatives that we expect them to do something more difficult than rubber stamping every rah-rah Israel resolution that finds its way to their desk. A new hoop for our Congressheep to jump through to prove their loyalty to a foreign nation.

09-19-06 - Hollywood terrorism film casts Mideast in new light

09-19-06 - UPJ Marches In Protest Of President Bush War Policy Protesters touched on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and even 9/11, but the war in Iraq was the main issue on people's minds.

09-19-06 - Republicans target candidate over Muslim ties Ellison is himself a Muslim who has repudiated his earlier ties to the Nation of Islam and has received the endorsement of some Minnesota Jewish leaders

09-19-06 - Honoring 'Unbreakable Covenant' Between Christians & Jews, United Church of Christ Leader Acknowledges 'Vulnerable, Volatile' Relations Even as he condemned all terrorist bombings and kidnappings, Thomas said Israel's occupation and militarization of Palestinian lands have led to "growing frustration and despair" among Palestinians, leading to desperate, violent responses. Thomas also said Israel's "devastating" military recourse, increasing restrictions on Palestinian life, and the construction of the separation barrier have "led to an intensifying of rhetoric and to the sharpening of advocacy positions that leaves Jewish- Christian relationships in a very vulnerable, even volatile place, far from achieving the hopes of 20 years ago."

09-18-06 - Gaza: The children killed in a war the world doesn't want to know about

09-18-06 - U.N. human rights team to start Lebanon probe The Council, composed of 47 states, voted in August for a high-level commission to investigate what it called "systematic targeting and killing" of Lebanese civilians by Israel.

09-18-06 - Palestinian woman dies at the Rafah Crossing The woman, Aghfra Mohammad Al Arja, died as a result of the bad condition the stranded residents at the crossing face after Israeli decided to close it.

09-18-06 - Protests cancel Hamas PM's speech Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya has postponed a speech to parliament after people protesting over unpaid wages mobbed his vehicle in Gaza City. Israel is loving this. They orchestrated the poverty of the Palestinians in order to turn them against the Hamas government.

09-18-06 - Appeal to save Lebanese heritage The UN's cultural organisation says the worst damage was in the northern port of Byblos, where a thick layer of oil coated ancient and medieval remains. The damage was caused by the Israeli bombing of a coastal power station. Israel never volunteers to nor has it ever been forced to pay for the reconstruction of what it has destroyed in Palestine and Lebanon.

09-18-06 - Cancer patients in the Gaza Strip unable to reach Israeli hospitals for treatment A 50% decline has been seen in cancer patients allowed to pass for chemotherapy and other treatments unavailable in the Gaza Strip due to closures.

09-18-06 - Israeli warplane hit southern Gaza house No injuries had been reported, but the two-floor house was severely damaged.

09-18-06 - World Bank fund to help run Palestinian ministries The Bank said the grant money will be used to cover ministry running costs and to purchase supplies for hospitals, schools and shelters.

09-18-06 - 'No justice' for Palestinian crime victims The attack happened outside the village of Salem in the West Bank, which is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli police. Despite the severity of the attack, the police were reluctant to investigate and questioned Mr Shteia when he awoke in hospital only because of pressure from Israeli human rights groups.

09-18-06 - As General Assembly convenes, Jews are preparing for Ahmadinejad The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, United Jewish Communities and the UJA-Federation of New York will hold a "Stand with Israel" national solidarity rally outside the U.N. building at noon Wednesday, the first day of the General Assembly.

09-18-06 - Human rights group presses council In a release Monday, Human Rights Watch said the recently formed council has passed three resolutions against Israel, but has ignored the actions of Hezbollah and armed Palestinian groups. HRW is slowly falling under the influence of Israel as someone has pointed out in an earlier article.

09-18-06 - Report: U.S. warns Abbas on P.A. deal Yediot Achronot reported Monday that a senior U.S. official recently told the P.A. president that if he entered a planned unity government with the Islamic terrorist group in its current format, he would be shunned by Washington.

09-18-06 - Prisoner swap seen Hosni Mubarak said Monday that an Egyptian-mediated draft deal was in place for the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier seized by Gaza Strip gunmen in a deadly June 25 raid.

09-18-06 - MI knew about Hezbollah kidnap plans Military Intelligence had clear information about an impending kidnap attempt by Hezbollah shortly before the Lebanese group carried out its cross-border raid on July 12, according to an internal inquiry conducted by the Israel Defense Forces.. Scroll down for that headline.

09-18-06 - Israeli visa rules trap Palestinians The less Arabs in Palestine, the better (for Israel).

09-18-06 - Hebron. Farhan Alqam, Mayor of Beit Ommar, freed

09-18-06 - U.N. commander: Won't disarm Hezbollah ** "The disarmament of Hezbollah is not the business of UNIFIL. This is a strictly Lebanese affair, which should be resolved at a national level,"

09-18-06 - Israel charges three suspected Hezbollah members Three suspected Hezbollah fighters who were captured during the Lebanon war were charged in Israel with "murder" and belonging to a "terrorist organisation".

09-18-06 - Palestinians suspect Israeli agents behind fire-bombing of Churches "Christians here are not a separate sect. They are our flesh and blood. They are our brothers. An attack on their churches is an attack on Islam and the Palestinian people." Ay. The trouble with "masked gunmen". They're masked. How easily do IDF's undercover hit squads roam about that territory?

09-18-06 - USAID Provides Scholarships to Over 2000 Palestinian Students Launched in 2002, the $15 million program has provided training and education opportunities to hundreds of Palestinian students in local and U.S universities and colleges to prepare the next generation of leaders and managers.

09-18-06 - Palestinian unity government talks continuing: PM Haniya denied reports that emerged Sunday that Abbas had frozen the negotiations pending his return from New York, where he is due to address the UN General Assembly.

09-18-06 - France warns against Hezbollah arms in Lebanon

09-18-06 - U.S., Israel reach out to Mahmoud Abbas Rice's morning session with Livni was their third meeting in a week. Bush saw the Israeli diplomat in Washington last week

09-18-06 - $3,000 raised for Lebanon relief

09-18-06 - Army confiscates four tractors in the Jordan valley The Israeli forces confiscated four tractors used by local Palestinian farmers in the northern area of the Jordan valley in the West Bank on Monday.

09-18-06 - Jewish rabbi calls for extermination of all Palestinian males Extremist rabbi Yousef Falay, who dwells at the Yitzhar settlement on illegally seized Palestinian land in the northern part of the West Bank, wrote an article in a Zionist magazine under the title "Ways of War", in which he called for the killing of all Palestinian males refusing to flee their country, describing his idea as the practical way to ensure the non-existence of the Palestinian race.

09-18-06 - Most Israelis support Palestinian Unity Government Poll after poll shows that most Israelis and Palestinians want peace. So, who or what is preventing them from achieving it?

09-18-06 - Hamas members demonstrate in Gaza in support for Haneya

09-18-06 - Educated Palestinians toil as labourers in Israel

09-18-06 - More Palestinians Desire Peace with Israel More residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip believe the Palestinian Authority should reach a truce with Israel, according to a poll by Near East Consulting. 64 per cent of respondents support a peace agreement, up 13 points since August. And this despite all of those children Israel killed for the past few months.

09-18-06 - Church services run smoothly in Bethlehem despite Pope?s speech

09-18-06 - Prominent Israeli and Palestinian women leaders to hold unprecedented meeting at UN with women Heads of State to initiate new Middle East peace negotiations

09-18-06 - Palestinian Islamic Justice criticizes Pope's speech; says attacks on churches counter to Islam Chief Islamic Justice for Palestine, Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi, said Monday that attacks on churches in Palestine and anywhere in the Islamic world contravene the teachings of Islam, and that people should not allow themselves to be provoked by the inflammatory speech made by Pope Benedict XVI last week.

09-18-06 - Israel defence minister orders W. Bank demolitions All of the settlements that Israel has built on occupied territory are illegal under international law (article 49, Fourth Geneva Convention).

09-18-06 - Petition presses Calif. universities on Israel The petition was launched after anti-Semitic incidents at universities in California and a growing sentiment that there is anti-Israel and anti-Zionist rhetoric in some classes. Anti-Semitism is one thing, but criticism of Zionism and Israel is another. Attempting to lump them all together as one, or to exaggerate the former in order to dissuade people from doing the latter is more likely what is going on here.

09-18-06 - In Washington: Politically, peace pays There is a growing awareness in the US that the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could very well blow back on us here, in terrible ways that do not need describing. Reducing the terrorist threat is the number-one concern of most Americans, and they understand that defusing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would help do just that.

09-18-06 - Jewish leaders press concerns as potential U.N. heads reach out Community leaders were loath to endorse a particular candidate, but Tharoor at least made a favorable impression. "We should take him seriously as a candidate," said Shai Franklin, director of international organizations at the World Jewish Congress. "He was instrumental in putting the Holocaust on the U.N. agenda...Lows include Annan's failure to directly confront Iran's leaders on their Holocaust denial and what is perceived as his eagerness to rush to blame Israel for civilian casualties in its recent war with Hezbollah in Lebanon. "We wanted to make him understand how the community felt, how important the U.N. was in dealing with Israel issues, and some of the disappointment we felt in the past in how the United Nations could have dealt with those issues," ...The ADL has virtually cut off Annan because of his statements during the war with Hezbollah. Why would an event that happened sixty years ago NEED to be so high on the UN`s agenda in order to placate these groups - unless it is being used to serve as some kind of political tool.

09-18-06 - Israel - can't keep its grubby little hands off other people's lands

09-17-06 - Israel says 'a few months' to avoid nuclear Iran ** Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Sunday that the world may have as little as "a few months" to avoid a nuclear Iran and called for sanctions. "The crucial moment is not the day of the bomb. The crucial moment is the day in which Iran will master the enrichment, the knowledge of enrichment," she said on CNN's "Late Edition." Israel - Chicken Little. Drumming the American sheeple into a frenzy.

09-17-06 - Head of fence planning to resign due to rights group complaint A member of the human rights organization Yesh Din had filed a complaint with the police in Yiftach, in central Israel, accusing Tirza of submitting a false statement to the High Court of Justice. As a result, the complaint states, the court rendered a mistaken ruling and hundreds of farmers lost access to their lands and livelihood as a result.

09-17-06 - Hamas PM denounces ongoing attacks on West Bank churches "Any Palestinian citizen should stop attacking Christian churches in the Palestinian territories. The Christian brothers are a part of the Palestinian people, and I heard the highest Christian authority in Palestine denouncing the statements against Islam and against Muslims."....Palestinian lawmaker and former Gaza security chief Mohammad Dahlan condemned the attacks on churches and urged the Hamas government to do more to protect Palestinian Christians.....In Bethelehem, traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ, Palestinian police said they had beefed up security around the city's churches.

09-17-06 - LEBANON: War exacerbates Palestine refugee conditions Many Palestinians, especially in southern Lebanon, work in agriculture. This sector has suffered severe losses as a result of Israeli bombing, a blockade on the country and the presence of thousands of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) ? bombs and bomblets dropped or fired which have failed to detonate.

09-17-06 - Israel announces construction of new 'Jews-only' road and land confiscation in Bethlehem area Israeli authorities announced Sunday a new plan to isolate over 7000 dunums of Palestinian land in the Bethlehem and Hebron areas in preparation for the continuation of the Wall and the construction of a 'Jews-only' road which will carve through the south of West Bank.

09-17-06 - Fishermen suffer naval restrictions Saqer said that the "unfair restrictions" placed on Palestinian fishermen cost the fishing sector millions of dollars in fishing equipment destroyed by Israeli naval forces in addition to millions more in lost income from fish sales.

09-17-06 - One month on, Israeli cluster bombs still maiming Lebanese "Most are peasants who want to water the crops that they still have, or to harvest bananas and citrus fruit" despite the risk of losing their lives, Shebab says.

09-17-06 - Israeli soldiers and settlers take over house in Qalqilia, turn it into a military post Israeli settlers from Qadomim colony in the northwestern West Bank, backed by Israeli soldiers, seized a house in the West Bank city of Qalqilia on Sunday.

09-17-06 - Deadly harvest: The Lebanese fields sown with cluster bombs The casualty figures will rise sharply in the next month as villagers begin the harvest, picking olives from trees whose leaves and branches hide bombs that explode at the smallest movement. Lebanon's farmers are caught in a deadly dilemma: to risk the harvest, or to leave the produce on which they depend to rot in the fields....M. Gras, who personally defuses 160 to 180 bomblets a day, says this is the first time he seen cluster bombs used against heavily populated villages.

09-17-06 - Palestinian officials allege torture

09-17-06 - Police apologize for using derogatory term for Arabs

09-17-06 - Soldiers attack a vehicle that belongs to the Red Crescent Society Local sources in Tubas reported that soldiers surrounded the building of the Society, broke the front window of the vehicle while it was parked in front of the building.

09-17-06 - Israel plans Lebanon war inquiry

09-17-06 - At-Tuwani Update: 1-15 September 2006 two settler men came down the hill toward them from the outpost on Hill 833 (near the Ma'on settlement). The settlers threatened the two peace workers, saying, "If you don't leave, your head will be on the stone." Chandler recorded the incident on videotape, and left without further incident. The shepherd also left the area safely....Chandler later went to the Kiryat Arba Israeli police station to report the threat. The police investigator refused to take his statement, saying the evidence was not sufficient for a conviction. However, Chandler gave the officer a copy of the tape. Not surprisingly, the IDF routinely abets the settlers' crimes.

09-17-06 - Ultimately, the U.S. will attack ** "I tend to accept the assessment of Israeli intelligence rather than that of the CIA, that Iran will have nuclear weapons within one to three years." ....Tanter believes that Israel can help legitimize Mujahideen-e-Khalq: "I'm not asking the Mossad to join them and cooperate with them. They should not be involved, and Israel should stay out of the picture. Mujahideen-e-Khalq do not wish such a tie with Israel. But Israel has influence in the United States. It has supporters and a lobby and it can ask them to have MEK removed from the State Department's list of terror organizations.

09-17-06 - Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel Syrian information minister warns that foot-dragging in implementation of UN resolutions regarding Golan Heights may trigger violence in region. 'It's been years and we've achieved nothing. The Syrian people will not wait much longer,' he says I don't know if I buy that. The last thing Syria wants to do is provoke a confrontation with US-Israel.

09-17-06 - Bush to UN: An agenda for freedom Bush does plan to lay out his vision for the world, including an elaboration of his "freedom agenda" and the role of democracy in building global security, when he addresses the 192-country assembly Tuesday. Democracy? Ahahaha. The Palestinians democratically elected Hamas, and the US at the behest of Israel, then saw to it that the world cut off aid to them - such that they are now starving. Now that's some democracy!

09-17-06 - Political error or calculated move? No Muslim (or Jew) could forget that the Byzantines had taken part in the Crusades 200 years earlier. The very term "holy war" was coined by Pope Urban II, who sent his Christian soldiers off to massacre Muslims and Jews simply for refusing to convert to Christianity.

09-17-06 - Lebanon slams Merkel over comments on UN mission "This decision was made in view both of our particular responsibility for Israel's right to exist, and for a solid solution for peace in the region," Merkel said.

09-17-06 - Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar criticizes pope's remarks In the letter, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar wrote to Sheikh Yusef Kardawi, "our way is to honor every religion and every nation according to their paths, as it is written in the book of prophets: 'because every nation will go in the name of its lord.'"

09-17-06 - Four Palestinians, including two security officers, taken prisoner from Qalqilia and Hebron

09-17-06 - The olive harvest test The ruling involved a petition by the representatives of five West Bank villages that were subjected to a series of violent acts by settlers. The bullying neighbors uprooted their olive trees, ran off their flocks and occasionally attacked villagers. The upcoming olive harvest will be the first test of Defense Minister Amir Peretz in protecting these farmers and their livelihood.

09-17-06 - Farmers: Too few permits into Gaza Strip issued Israeli farmers who ship goods into the Gaza Strip have complained that too few produce trucks are being authorized to pass through Karni Crossing.

09-17-06 - Kuwaiti firm wins Palestinian mobile licence

09-17-06 - A shift in U.S. policy toward Israel? ** However, Zelikow did say something of some significance. He was in fact establishing a link between dealing with Iran and progressing with the Palestinians. He was also saying that it was in Israel's best interest: It is threatened by Iran in a fundamental way, and working toward a solution there is worth the price it might be asked to pay in other areas. It's exactly what happened just prior to attack on Iraq. It's happening again for the exact same reason (war on Iran): to enlist international support for the next war.

09-17-06 - Human rights organization condemns local killing The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights issued a report Sunday regarding Friday?s killing of five members of the Palestinian security in Gaza City. PNN reprints the PCHR statement below.

09-17-06 - Casualty Of War American Prospect: Palestinian Economy Needs Help

09-17-06 - Palestinian-style Oktoberfest goes down smooth By Adam Pines Throughout the two-day event, local musicians played traditional instruments, clowns entertained the young children, and women sold their homemade crafts.

09-17-06 - Explosive device damages Israeli armored vehicle south of Jenin

09-17-06 - Mother of six arrested by Israeli forces in Hebron on Sunday

09-17-06 - Ahmadinejad: Zionists different from Jews "Our position toward the Palestinian question is clear: We say that a nation has been displaced from its own land. Palestinian people are killed in their own lands, by those who are not original inhabitants, and they have come from far areas of the world and have occupied those homes. Our suggestion is that the 5 million Palestinian refugees come back to their homes, and then the entire people on those lands hold a referendum and choose their own system of government. This is a democratic and popular way. Do you have any other suggestions?," he told Time.

09-17-06 - Arar report expected to be censored: newspaper The Globe and Mail on Saturday quoted federal sources as saying certain references will be deleted out of concern they could identify informants or hurt diplomatic relations with countries that provided Ottawa with intelligence reports in confidence. Say, I wonder which nation that would be?

09-17-06 - Militants launch rockets from Gaza at Israel, wounding Israeli The armed wing of the Islamic Jihad (Holy War) claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that it was a message to the Israeli army, which "continues its massacres against the Palestinian people."

09-17-06 - Abbas halts coalition talks with Hamas

09-17-06 - Abbas' envoy hopes Palestinian unity gov't formed soon

09-17-06 - Israel out of most of S. Lebanon

09-17-06 - TV ad works on Israel at U.N. The American Jewish Committee is behind a TV ad campaign aimed at improving Israel's status in the United Nations. The campaign is being aired on CNN in New York and other major U.S. cities as the U.N. General Assembly meets in its annual session this month.

09-17-06 - Bombs shatter Lebanon's Roman legacy

09-17-06 - Arab MK: We'll return to Syria if needed ?We still believe it is our right to maintain contact with the Arab world,? he said. Furthermore, the international covenant on minority rights specifies the legal right of a minority to maintain contact with members of the same minority in other countries.?

09-17-06 - Rice: Lebanon, Israel Could Be Partners in Fighting Terror This after Israel fired a million cluster bombs (some US-supplied) into civilian areas of Lebanon in the last three days of the war. Laughter can be heard coming out of Siniora's office after Rice's statement.

09-17-06 - A Real Test for the Palestinians If progress is to be made, Israel will need to turn over tax revenues and stop expanding settlements. And if a cease-fire can be put in place, Washington should push for a quick resumption of peace talks.

09-17-06 - ISM Responds to Internet Photos, Reaffirms Commitment to Non-violence This article is part of a long standing campaign to slander ISM and destroy non-violent Palestinian resistance by spreading false information. See previous statements on the ISM site.

09-17-06 - Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be slander? Pro-Israelis have been trying for years to exonerate Israel for the Mohammed al-Dura shooting. It's only a matter of time before what that 'small conservative Israeli news website' puts forth as truth is taken as fact by their cohorts in the American media.

09-17-06 - Weighing Israel's way of war Avi Azrieli, a former Israeli military officer, notes "Israel is the most dangerous place in the world for Jews today" -- an ironic outcome for a Zionist movement that sought to establish in Israel a safe haven from murderous anti-Semitism

09-16-06 - No motive in Palestinian killings

09-16-06 - Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran ** President George W Bush is coming under enormous pressure from Israel - and from Israel's neoconservative friends inside and outside the US administration - to harden still further his stance toward Iran....Another cause of anxiety for Israel's right wing - the settler movement, the nationalist-religious parties, the Likud and the right-dominated Kadima - is that Israel is coming under increasing international pressure to negotiate with the Palestinians, with a view to the creation of a Palestinian state. Influential voices are calling for an international conference - a sort of Madrid II - to re-launch the peace process. The above excerpt is of particular concern. I would be wary of any attacks that might be blamed on Iran to set up a pretext to attack Iran. Whenever there is pressure on Israel to negotiate, there are suddenly terror attacks. This is based on the timing of bombings in the past three years, which seem to occur just before peace conferences between Israel and the Palestinians.

09-16-06 - Jordan sends relief aid to Palestinians The Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) on Saturday sent a 15-truck convoy carrying 221 tons of relief aid to the Palestinians facing Israeli embargo and aggression, local media reported.

09-16-06 - A 'tourist' in the land he's trying to build Bahour is leading a campaign to save himself and an estimated 12,000 other foreign-born Palestinians from a new Israeli policy designed to sweep them out of the territories.

09-16-06 - Israeli forces storm Hebron emergency room Israeli forces stormed Princess Alia Hospital?s Emergency Room this morning. Israeli soldiers conducted invasive searches throughout the Hebron hospital and riffled through patient files.

09-16-06 - Palestinians open fire inside Nablus church Palestinian gunmen opened fire inside an empty Catholic church in the West Bank town of Nablus after the building's entrance door was burnt down.

09-16-06 - Jewish heavy-hitters swing at Iran The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs announced Tuesday that it had enlisted Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel and internationally renowned lawyers Irwin Cotler and Alan Dershowitz to its campaign to expel Iran from the United Nations.

09-16-06 - No News Is Slow News Slow news: The Israeli attack on Lebanon was part of a sequence of carefully planned military operations, of which the next is Iran. US forces are ready to destroy 10,000 targets. The US and Israel contemplate the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran, even though Iran's nuclear weapons programme is non-existent.

09-16-06 - Neocons Amid Lebanon?s Rubble: A Challenge to Krauthammer's Israel-as-Strategic-Asset Argument

09-16-06 - Palestinian leader to meet Bush Wednesday

09-16-06 - African Americans appeal for equal compensation for war damages The villages of African American al-Aramsha, Fesuta, Miyaliah and Gush suffered serious damages during the recent conflict with Hezbollah but were denied special privileges given to their neighboring white communities. Again, play on words there. You get the point. So, tell me about Israeli democracy?

09-16-06 - From 1999: Report: Pollard stole 10-volume intelligence 'Bible' As it relates to comments by Eitan in yesterday's news.

09-16-06 - Non-violent Resistance in Bil'in Works Joined by international and Israeli activists, the marchers were confronted on the edge of the village with baton and shield wielding Occupation forces who turned these weapons against the peaceful protesters

09-16-06 - Jerusalem's Jewish population declining due to 'exodus' Labor and Kadima officials have in recent years advocated changing Jerusalem's jurisdiction in order to deal with the "demographic problem." In Israel, Arabs =/= Jews. There is no equality.

09-16-06 - Hamas says letter from Gilad Shalit handed to Egypt

09-16-06 - Does the Israel Lobby Have Too Much Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy? A prominent panel of leading academics, politicians, and intellectuals will debate the extent of the pro-Israel lobby's influence on United States foreign policy -- in an effort to foster a rational and open discussion on our national strategic interests. The event, hosted by the London Review of Books, will be held at Cooper Union's Great Hall, located at 7 East 7th Street, New York. The debate will take place at 7PM, Thursday, September 28th, and tickets may be purchased at or 212.279.4200.

09-16-06 - Irish academics call on EU to stop funding Israeli academic institutions In a letter published in the Irish Times today (text below), 61 Irish academics from a wide variety of disciplines called for a moratorium on EU support of Israeli academic institutions until Israel abides by UN resolutions and ends the occupation of Palestinian territories.

09-16-06 - U.S. diplomats begin viewing Lebanon war as success In her meetings in Washington, Livni discussed the prisoners' release and an arms embargo to prevent Hezbollah from rearming itself. She also spoke about the open Syrian-Lebanon border, and the Americans said this problem, which they also consider crucial, could also be solved. The U.S. House Committee of International Relations said at the beginning of the week that it would not permit transferring support funds to rehabilitate Lebanon as long as the border problem remained unsolved. And all of Israel's demands of Uncle Sam are met once again.

09-16-06 - Nighttime round-up of Hebron men.

09-16-06 - Hezbollah sends UN peacekeepers veiled warning Hezbollah said it would have no problem with UN peacekeepers as long as they stick to defending Lebanon against Israel, two days after the French general who leads the troops hinted they would disarm the Shiite group if the Lebanese army does not.

09-16-06 - Israel's report on strike is "far-fetched" -Finnish officer "Surely the original map had the UN positions marked. If not, their attitude towards UN observers is rather disrespectful and negligent."

09-16-06 - Lebanon Must Disarm Hezbollah, Israeli Foreign Minister Warns To which the Lebanese might reply.

09-16-06 - EU considers deployment of troops on Lebanon-Syria border

09-16-06 - Pope voices regret over Muslim anger Relations between Palestinian Muslims and the small Palestinian Christian minority are generally peaceful, so the attacks on four of Nablus' 10 churches, and on the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City sparked concern that tensions would widen. ...Ayman Daraghmeh, a legislator from the ruling Islamic militant Hamas group, denounced the attacks.

09-16-06 - New government not to recognize deals with Israel: Haneya "There are no deals with the Israeli occupation," Haneya told reporters in front of his office in Gaza City.

09-16-06 - Hamas denies prisoner swap to start Sunday

09-16-06 - Christian presence in Holy Land small and getting smaller Since 1948, when Christians were estimated at 20 percent of all Palestinians in the region, their numbers have dropped to roughly 2 percent, according to the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, a group based in Bethesda, Md. Say, I wonder what happened in 1948?...

09-16-06 - Ex-Palestinian PM may see Hamas chief in Syria "I bring a message," he added ahead of a meeting with Faisal Meqdad, Syria's deputy foreign minister.

09-16-06 - Pro-Israeli editors seek to influence Al-Jazeera International English Satellite TV

09-16-06 - Boycotting a Magazine?s Boycott Issue the issue features considerable commentary from scholars who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and who support efforts to boycott Israeli universities - a stance opposed by the association.

09-16-06 - Honey Trap why did then Governor Jim McGreevey hire an Israeli citizen to the position of Homeland Security Advisor for the state of New Jersey?

09-15-06 - Five Palestinian intelligence officers shot dead in Gaza Five Palestinian intelligence officers have been gunned down by unknown attackers in Gaza City near the home of Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya, medical and security sources said.

09-15-06 - From 2002: Sabra and Shatila 20 years on On 16 September 1982, under the watchful eye of their Israeli allies who had encircled the area, Lebanese Christian militiamen entered Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps bent on revenge for the assassination of their leader Bashir Gemayel.

09-15-06 - Israel blames map error for UN deaths in bombing A UN internal inquiry, which is expected to be hard-hitting, is due to be published within a week. Thus the reason for the 'tragic error' bit by Israel. They figure it worked on at least one other occasion, why not now?

09-15-06 - Nonviolent resistance continues as Israel confiscates another 100 dunams of Bethlehem Israeli army Commander of the Central Region, Yair Naveh, adopted a new resolution Friday providing for the confiscation of 100 additional dunams of Palestinian land.

09-15-06 - What You Can Do For Gaza A British newspaper, The Independent is trying to launch a campaign to bring the world?s attention to what is happening in Gaza ? they need strong letters of support and encouragement for this.

09-15-06 - Four explosions near Gaza church Four devices blew up near the oldest church in Gaza City, causing damage to a nearby building, a church worker has said, three days after the pope made comments deemed insulting to Islam.

09-15-06 - Woman, child injured in Rafah shelling, troops invade Beit Hanoun an F16 fighter-jet shelled a house close to the border fence in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. One woman and one child were injured in the attack.

09-15-06 - Israel's Use of American Cluster Bombs the soldiers said, Israeli forces in Lebanon fired the rockets at ranges of less than 15 kilometers, "even though the manufacturer's guidelines state that firing at this range considerably increases the number of duds."

09-15-06 - All sides have 'largely complied' with cessation of hostilities in Lebanon: Annan

09-15-06 - Lebanese president seeks NAM resolution against Israel Lahoud said that his country could not be defeated "despite Israel's military might and U.S. backing" because "the people of Lebanon were determined to stand up, all united against the aggression."

09-15-06 - Israeli minister regrets Pollard Rafi Eitan, who was the U.S. naval analyst's handler in the mid-1980s, told the Jerusalem Post that Israel should have tried through legal means to obtain the information that Pollard passed along. Pollard is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina jail for espionage. "It is likely that Israel could have gotten the same information without him," Really. Israel no longer needs to steal classified information anymore via its spies. Our government has become so corrupted by them, stealing is no longer necessary.

09-15-06 - Committee blocks Lebanon funds Staff for a senior U.S. Congressman blocked reconstruction funds for Lebanon, citing its porous border with Syria. The funds were blocked in a letter this week from staff for Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.),

09-15-06 - US moves to scuttle Arab plan for international peace conference In discussions among Israeli and US officials over the past few days, it was agreed that the US will use its diplomatic power to sideline the Arab League initiative, which intends to use the Security Council as the main vehicle for convening an international peace conference to deal with the conflict. The comments by Livni in the last paragraphs are laughable. Israel never implemented the Road Map - it continued to build settlements on occupied land which was in contravention of said peace plan.

09-15-06 - EU sees Palestinian 'opportunity' EU foreign ministers are meeting to discuss the aid embargo imposed after Hamas won parliamentary elections. Washington has been insisting the aid freeze should remain in place. ....Mr McCormack said "the Palestinian people... need to understand why they are in the situation in which they find themselves now. The Palestinians are starving, and this was all part of the Israel-US strategy to punish them into ousting the Hamas government that was elected in January (and they were elected in the first place due to the corruption of the Fatah party).

09-15-06 - Troops attack peaceful anti-wall protesters in Bil'in Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly peaceful protest against the Annexation Wall in Bil'in village, near Ramallah, in the northern part of the West Bank, and injured nine protesters after hitting them with batons and firing rubber-coated bullets at them.

09-15-06 - The Right to Return, a Basic Right Still Denied

09-15-06 - University teacher taken prisoner from Bethlehem Ghassan Hermas, a lecturer at Al Qudes Open Uuniversity was taken prisoner by Israeli troops from his house located in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Thursday.

09-15-06 - The Israel Veolia "Connexxion" Veolia's partnership in an Israeli project for a tramline, to be constructed on occupied Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem has drawn the attention of advocacy groups around the world who have responded to the call by Palestinian civil society for campaigns of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

09-15-06 - Amicus: Israel is an apartheid state Trade unions in Britain must unite to defeat the injustices being committed against Palestinians, Amicus has demanded.

09-15-06 - Israelis disguised as international aid workers attempt assassination in Syria the Israelis were disguised as international aid workers assisting Lebanese refugees

09-15-06 - UN Lebanon deaths 'tragic error' An official Israeli inquiry found the post was wrongly targeted because of flawed military maps of the area during the conflict with Hezbollah. What a crock of BS. The 'mistaken identity' excuse was used with regard to the attack on the USS Liberty as well. UN called Israel 10 times with coordinates, but it bombed it

09-15-06 - Israeli MP Says Sanctions May Defeat Iran ** Ephraim Sneh said Iran imports 40% of its gasoline and that cutting off the flow "may help the Iranian people to overthrow the regime." The same tactic Israel used against the Palestinians and the Lebanese: starve them, cut them off, force them to oust regimes that displease Israel.

09-15-06 - Smugglers attack Lebanese army near Syrian border Gunmen fired on a Lebanese army post near the border with Syria, the first such incident since troops deployed last month to control the frontier, the official National News Agency reported on Friday.

09-15-06 - Rival Palestinian leaders trade demands amid deadly shooting

09-15-06 - Israeli official hopeful on arms embargo Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, heading home after talks with the Bush administration, said Friday she expects the Lebanese government to prevent the re-arming of Hezbollah. Bush has been given his orders.

09-15-06 - Palestinian PM condemns Pope remarks

09-15-06 - EU approves renewal of Palestinian aid mechanism

09-15-06 - Iranian president claims US is the nuclear threat "The Security Council with the presence of the superpowers, the United States and Britain, has never promoted security in the world," he said. He said that for decades the Council had failed to protect the rights of the Palestinian people, and had done nothing for 30 days to end the recent Israeli "aggression" on Lebanon.

09-15-06 - Syrian officials interrogated about copycat terror group The officials' arrests followed an announcement this past weekend by Israeli Defense Forces chief of intelligence Amos Yadlin that Israel believes Syria is in the initial stages of developing the concept for a copycat Hezbollah group, which he said would launch attacks aimed at pressuring the Jewish state into vacating the Golan Heights. The pretext for the Israeli attack on Syria being set?

09-15-06 - USAID Repairs Damaged Palestinian Water Networks in 3 Villages

09-15-06 - Forced labor for Palestinian children in Israeli prison

09-15-06 - Qassam rockets continues to land in Israel

09-15-06 - King in the Holy Land Martin Luther King Junior?s son is as dedicated to peace and justice as his father. The younger King walked the streets of Bethlehem this week in the company of Holy Land Trust Director, Sami Awad

09-15-06 - "We don't want more Palestinians here!"

09-15-06 - Growing dissent in Israeli ranks Ever since the conflict with Hezbollah ended there has been growing discontent about the Israeli military's performance.

09-15-06 - But are they good for Israel? That's really all that matters in the American political scene.

09-15-06 - Palestine Center Conference in October

09-15-06 - Blair stands up for Israel

09-15-06 - Official equates Israel, Iran, Sudan Individuals should be protected from crimes carried out by states, Mokhiber said, "whether being committed by the government of Sudan or the government of Iran or the government of Israel or the government of the United States."

09-15-06 - 31% of Canadians blame Israel for 9/11

09-15-06 - Let's not go down that road

09-15-06 - Occupied Land Must Be Returned To Palestinians The argument flagrantly proffered by Mr. Bronshtein that Palestinian territories were ?no man?s land? prior to the arrival of Zionist colonialists could not be further from the truth. My grandfather was a farmer, and before him his father and forefathers, and I take serious objection to your claim that Israeli setters built their illegal settlements on wasteland The lies that Zionists tell to justify the wholesale theft and depopulation of Palestine.

09-14-06 - Israeli troops kill Palestinian farmer

09-14-06 - Palestinian Killed Near Sufa Crossing as Israeli Forces Arrest Seven in the West Bank Eyewitnesses and medical sources said that Eyad Abu Moor, 23, was standing in front of his house, which is located near the Sufa commercial crossing, north of Rafah, when Israeli soldiers shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

09-14-06 - 2006 to be worst year for Palestinian economy: World Bank

09-14-06 - Bush: US committed to Israel's security ** After talks with Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington last week, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu said the Bush administration is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And these Israelis have made sure of that. And Bush being so committed to Israel's security virtually ensures the insecurity of THIS nation.

09-14-06 - Gaza's poor struggling to survive in the face of an economic blockade Though she wasn't expecting visitors, Itidal al-Nazli, 35, was happy to display the sparse contents of her refrigerator. Despite the daily and lengthy interruptions to electricity supply since the Israelis bombed Gaza's only power station in early July, it's where she still stores the more perishable food for her family of 10 children. Yesterday morning, after the family had breakfasted on two large potatoes and an aubergine donated by a kindly neighbour, it contained six rather shrivelled peppers, a bag of coffee, three olives in a bowl, a bag of charcoal, and three bags containing crusts of bread. Quite frankly, this collective punishment and resulting abject starvation visited on these people by Israel and consequently the US is something that the Nazis would be proud of. Disgusting.

09-14-06 - Israeli military court suspends release of Hamas officials

09-14-06 - Cut Off, Gazan Economy Nears Collapse

09-14-06 - Israel army contests Hamas ruling Earlier, Israeli troops killed one Palestinian during a raid in Gaza. Medical sources said the man was a local resident who was shot in the head and chest at the entrance to his house. He bled to death because the military prevented an ambulance from entering the area, the medical sources said. The BBC sees no reason to headline this death.

09-14-06 - No Lebanon-Israel contact possible: Siniora "The last war proved that Israel cannot be trusted," Siniora said Thursday

09-14-06 - Clearing up cluster bombs in Lebanon It is emerging that 25% to 30% of cluster bombs failed to detonate on impact, a far higher dud rate than expected. You find them on staircases and in gardens and hanging in the peach trees. Ronald Reagan had good reason to ban the sale of cluster bombs to Israel back in the 80s - because Israel was using them against Lebanese civilians back then too.

09-14-06 - Rice demands Israel recognition from Washington, where she held talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Ms Rice said the unity government should first accept the principles outlined by the so-called Quartet, the grouping including the US, Russia, the EU and the UN. And this as Israel is beginning to build more illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, a violation of the Road Map which was put forth by that same Quartet.

09-14-06 - Israeli Arabs against Mubarak: Learn from Israel Some 100 Israeli Arabs held a rally Wednesday outside the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv in protest of what they perceive as the country's failed handling of the traffic accident in Sinai which left 12 Israelis dead.

09-14-06 - Egyptian activists turn against Israel "One of the costs of pressing for democracy in the Middle East is the fact that most democratically based Arab parties ... will be hostile to Israel," said Walker, now with the Middle East Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

09-14-06 - Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism

09-14-06 - Ethnic Cleansing and the "Moral Instinct" the Israeli analogue of the Nuremberg laws and its construction of a state built on racial discrimination is acceptable to the enlightened West. The ?chosen people? replace the ?master race.? That is not only acceptable, but Israel is held up as a model democracy and ?light unto the world? (Anthony Lewis). By implication, Israel?s creation of a body of humans who are second class citizens by law (or of a still lesser class in the occupied territories) is also acceptable. This is a unique system of ?privileged racism.?

09-14-06 - Saudi says Arab peace plan only solution Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that its 2002 Middle East peace plan remained the only framework to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, as the United Nations prepares to discuss the issue.

09-14-06 - One month on, uneasy truce holds in battle-scarred border villages According to Alexander Ivanko, spokesman for the UN interim force in Lebanon (Unifil), there have been more than 100 recorded ceasefire violations by Israeli forces in the last month. These have been mostly over-flights and incursions by tanks, troops and bulldozers. Mr Ivanko said that 24 Lebanese civilians - including four men from Aita al-Shaab - had been detained at gunpoint by Israeli troops. All were later released.

09-14-06 - Corrupt? Misguided? West Bank militants face heat "They don't respect the goal, which is fighting the occupation. They've been corrupted. Instead of just fighting Israel, they are involved in disputes and crime, or they just like to show off their weapons."

09-14-06 - After initial doubts on resolution, consensus emerging on Lebanon Israel's friends in Congress are backing away from earlier threats to withhold assistance from Lebanon until it provides assurances that the borders with Syria are secure and that Hezbollah is disarmed. Some legislators already are pressing hard for assistance....Israel has joined the Bush administration in calling for the immediate disbursement of assistance to Lebanon to counter the influence of Hezbollah

09-14-06 - Gaza views on unity government

09-14-06 - Mamoun Abushahla Israel doesn't accept a Palestinian state, it doesn't want to withdraw from most of the areas occupied in 1967. Israel denies Palestinians the right to their own contact with the rest of the world, by controlling ports and airports.

09-14-06 - Mona Yousef Hamas should not recognise Israel. I strongly believe this. Israel doesn't recognise us as Palestinians or as humans. Let Israel recognise us first.

09-14-06 - Majeda al-Saqqa The situation now is just so bad: socially, educationally, economically. Israel has been destroying Palestinian society

09-14-06 - Lebanon says it will confiscate weapons Lebanon's prime minister vowed Thursday that his army will confiscate any weapons it encounters in southern Lebanon, while the Islamic militant group Hezbollah accused Israel of "flagrant violations" of the month-old cease-fire. Israel denied it was violating the truce.

09-14-06 - Source: Significant progress in talks for Shalit's release He estimated that a number of teen prisoners, male and female, will be released in the near future, and that additional Palestinian prisoners will be freed after Shalit's release.

09-14-06 - US urges caution in lifting sanctions on Palestinians

09-14-06 - INTERVIEW-Cutting out perks, Hamas tightens the purse strings

09-14-06 - Palestine football given $1m boost FIFA president Sepp Blatter said it was "a magnificent gesture to help the development of Palestinian football."

09-14-06 - INTERVIEW - No such thing as a moderate Muslim - ex-Malaysian PM "What is happening today has got nothing to do with religion. It has got to do with territorial disputes, mainly the dispute over Palestinian land,"

09-14-06 - Europe seen easing, not ending Palestinian embargo

09-14-06 - US slammed for "biased position" to Palestinian coalition government deal

09-14-06 - U.S., Israel eye-to-eye on Mideast peace If there ever was any doubt that the Bush administration and the Israeli government are of one mind on Mideast peacemaking and Iran's nuclear programs, it is fading during talks Israel's foreign minister is holding here. Wow, what a coincidence! Next, someone will discover bat feces in a cave. Will wonders never cease?!

09-14-06 - Making Israel take responsibility Israel uses anti-Semitism to excuse its expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, its discrimination against the Palestinians who managed to remain inside the Green Line, and its territorial expansionism after 1967.

09-14-06 - Palestinians Turning Away from Hamas The Israel-US plan of starvation really works!

09-14-06 - Coalition government aims at enforcing calmness: Abbas

09-14-06 - Israeli army detains at least seven Hamas leaders in W. Bank Israeli troops arrested seven prominent members of the ruling Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in West Bank city of Bethlehem in an arrest campaign before dawn Thursday, Palestinian security sources said.

09-14-06 - Rice, Livni keeping lines open to Abbas Israel and the United States agreed that they would maintain contact with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

09-14-06 - Sneh warns of more war ** Efraim Sneh, a Knesset member from the Labor Party and former deputy defense minister, told a select Israel Policy Forum crowd Thursday in New York that Israel is the West's first line of defense in an ideological war emanating from Tehran The Israelis are flooding into America to lobby for the war on Iran, seems.

09-14-06 - Hezbollah lawmaker says group targeted civilians only in reprisal Hezbollah acknowledged targeting civilians in rocket attacks on Israel, but said it fired in response to Israeli attacks - rejecting an Amnesty International report Thursday that accused the guerrillas of "serious violations of international humanitarian law, amounting to war crimes."

09-14-06 - Bush surprises Livni at White House During her visit to Washington, the foreign minister is expected to meet Thursday with US Vice President Richard Cheney, with senior Congress members, including Senator John McCain, the leading Republican presidential candidate, with whom Livni will hold a joint press conference.

09-14-06 - Fathi Tobail We are the ones who are oppressed, who need recognition, not Israel. It's for the occupier to recognise the oppressed, not for the oppressed to recognise the occupier.

09-14-06 - Seeds of Peace to Host 'Action Summit' From September 16-20, 2006, Seeds of Peace program graduates will convene to develop concrete strategies to strengthen channels of communication and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis and to increase the impact of these initiatives in their communities.

09-14-06 - Your views When the League of Nations approved the British mandate for the administration of Palestine in 1922, all of Israel was Palestinian land. An integral purpose of the British mandate was to create a Jewish national home out of Palestine. The Palestinians were not asked and did not give their approval.

09-14-06 - Top court refuses to hear appeal by York U president

09-14-06 - Campus split hits the wall Three weeks ago, as previously reported in Vuvuzela, Wits PSC had booked the wall and painted on it, ?Never Again: To any form apartheid. Israel or South Africa.? Days later, it was found papered with SAUJS posters. After the posters were removed, an obscenity was scrawled on the mural which accused the PSC of being anti-semitic.

09-14-06 - Forewarned: Prior Knowledge of 9/11? by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro It's interesting to note what Mr. Shapiro does NOT want you to know - a few folks who ALSO may have had advanced knowledge of the attacks on September 11th, and who not only were happy about this attack, but who also took photographs of themselves smiling with the burning WTC in the background. That incident, also reported by ABC's 20/20, somehow escapes Shapiro's attention.

09-13-06 - Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli fire in Bethlehem A 13-year-old Palestinian boy was killed during an Israeli arrest operation in the town of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, local security sources have said.

09-13-06 - At-Tuwani: Water Truck to Palestinian Village of Suseya Disabled by Metal Spikes Suseya has frequently been the site of incidents of harassment by residents of a nearby Israeli settlement. The At-Tuwani man speculated that this was the latest attempt by settlers to force the few remaining Palestinian villagers in Suseya from their homes. "Water is very important to the people," he said. "If they have water, they can remain in their homes. If not, they will have to leave."

09-13-06 - Mourners in Bethlehem hold funeral for child killed yesterday The city of Bethlehem was closed Wednesday afternoon, with a general strike declared by all shops and businesses to mourn the death of 13-year old Mohammad Ali Showria,shot in the chest yesterday during an Israeli invasion of Bethlehem.

09-13-06 - Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Don?t Fire on Gaza Medics Israeli security forces launched attacks that harmed Palestinian medical emergency personnel and damaged ambulances on at least six different occasions in the Gaza Strip between May 30 and July 20, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to ensure that its troops scrupulously respect the protected status of medical emergency personnel and facilities at all times as it conducts military operations in the Gaza Strip.

09-13-06 - Following B'Tselem's intervention, Military Police to investigate Eight recent cases of soldiers abusing Palestinians Testimonies given to B'Tselem in recent weeks portray a grave picture of violence against Palestinians by soldiers in the northern West Bank, particularly in the area between Nablus and Tulkarm

09-13-06 - U.S. must act to end Palestinian health crisis For two months this summer, I traveled around the West Bank, interviewing Palestinian doctors and patients, learning firsthand how the drastic reduction in aid has affected medicine. Simply put: These cuts have devastated health care in the Palestinian territories.

09-13-06 - Donor pledges to Gaza not good enough Although several governments have recently pledged $ 500 million to help the Palestinian people, the response is late, incomplete and likely to be ineffective unless the aid is accompanied by political measures to alleviate a situation in which Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, have become prisoners in their own land.

09-13-06 - Palestinians ready new unity government The Palestinian Cabinet resigned Wednesday to clear the way for a new unity government, and President Mahmoud Abbas said he plans to send a delegation to the U.N. to try to revive a Mideast peace plan.

09-13-06 - Army invade Tqoa' village and destroy a warehouse and farming shad Israeli army invaded the village of Tqoa', east of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, on Tuesday morning, and demolished a warehouse and a barn.

09-13-06 - Israeli aircraft fires at building in Gaza City

09-13-06 - Farmer Picks Grapes While Harassed by Armed Israeli Colonist Militia Since the family is largely unable to access this land, it is left unguarded for long periods of time. The settlers take advantage of this by picking the grapes for themselves or destroying the trees. In the past, they have used tractors to mow down trees, radically decreasing the harvest and the family?s income

09-13-06 - Blair hit by Lebanon backlash as minister admits ceasefire 'mistake' A Foreign Office minister has conceded that Tony Blair's refusal to call for a ceasefire during 34 days of slaughter in Lebanon may have been a mistake.

09-13-06 - Terrorist's release weighed Israel indicated a willingness to consider releasing a jailed Lebanese terrorist as part of efforts to retrieve two soldiers held hostage by Hezbollah.

09-13-06 - ADL rejects MK Eitam?s call to oust Arab legislators ?Calls by public figures to ban minorities and expel them from their homes are abhorrent. These are irresponsible statements advocating collective measures that the ADL totally rejects. Then why does the ADL sit silently while Israel collectively punishes those OTHER Arabs in the Palestinian Territories (and Lebanon), mm?

09-13-06 - Assad to Arab MKs: Syria ready for peace, but Israel unwilling

09-13-06 - Hezbollah calls on Lebanon government to resign

09-13-06 - UN report on Lebanon urges Hezbollah disarming, comprehensive Mideast peace

09-13-06 - War crimes 'need to be redefined' UK Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells has said the definition of what a war crime is may need to be reviewed after Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

09-13-06 - Israel not enthusiastic about unity govt. Israel has said the Palestinian national unity government is insufficient, and the country will not resume contact with the PA under its auspices.

09-13-06 - West Bank: a government in jail

09-13-06 - Israel general quits over Lebanon He had faced criticism in the Israeli media and among defence analysts that he was too cautious.

09-13-06 - Israel could be out of Lebanon soon

09-13-06 - Court convicts Israeli couple in attack on Nazareth church Why weren't they charged with terrorism? If they were Arab, and the scene was a synagogue, you had better believe that that's what the charge would have been.

09-13-06 - Bush meets Israeli FM over Middle East issues U.S. President George W. Bush met here with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday, pledging support for the security of Israel, the White House said....Bush also "discussed the threats posed by the Iran and Syrian regimes,"

09-13-06 - Shalit: Son?s kidnap causing thousands to suffer In a conversation with Arab reporters at the Ambassador Hotel in east Jerusalem, Shalit said the kidnapping affair was causing ?hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians to suffer due to the military pressure, blockades and destruction the State of Israel was carrying out, on top of hundreds of wounded and dead.?

09-13-06 - Abbas promises to pay salaries by end of Sept.

09-13-06 - Bibi: Iran president more dangerous than Hitler **

09-13-06 - Hezbollah Ahead of Lebanese Govt in Reconstruction

09-13-06 - Fatah to get four portfolios, Hamas seven in new cabinet: report

09-13-06 - Palestinian PM doubts the point of talks with Israel "Before talking about negotiations we should ask ourselves: do the Israelis recognise the rights of the Palestinians? Will the refugees return? Will the prisoners be released? Will Israeli occupation and aggression end?" he added.

09-13-06 - Episcopal senators Hagel, Chafee recognized for leadership in Middle East peace Hagel and Chafee, who both serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have been independent voices and are raising significant points about the search for Middle East peace and the need for greater leadership by the United States

09-13-06 - U.S., Israel say Palestinian coalition must recognize Israel, renounce terrorism The United States and Israel said here Wednesday that the proposed Palestinian unity government will not draw international acceptance unless the coalition renounces terrorism and accepts Israel's right to exist.

09-13-06 - Lebanese fishermen return to the sea The fishermen say they are glad to be back fishing, but still face risks. "The nets are filled with bombs and missile parts,"

09-13-06 - Israelis asked to take down barbed wire U.N. peacekeepers asked Israel's army on Wednesday to pull down a new barbed-wire barrier that Lebanon said encroached on its territory, but Israel denied it was on Lebanese soil - a test of the month-old cease-fire.....Blue-helmeted U.N. peacekeepers inspected the disputed barrier - two coils of barbed wire that were unfurled some 15 yards inside Lebanon, just across from the Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona.

09-13-06 - US Calls on Recognition of Israel as a Prerequisite to Aid Bow down to Israel or starve!

09-13-06 - Why the Israel Lobby Wants to Marginalize Chuck Hagel Note that on the Haaretz panel that is trying to sideline Hagel, one of the "experts" is Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. who lives in Jerusalem

09-13-06 - Palestinian children in Israeli prison

09-13-06 - Volunteers battle to save 'white' Beirut beach from oil slick

09-13-06 - Nonaligned want terrorism redefined Converging on Fidel Castro's communist Cuba for a summit this week, members of the Nonaligned Movement complain of a double standard: powerful nations like the United States and Israel decide for the world who the terrorists are, but face no punishment for their own acts of aggression.

09-13-06 - Jordanian King calls on Arab to unite on Palestinian issue

09-13-06 - Germany backs Lebanon naval force

09-13-06 - Olmert should have more of an insight than most into terrorism For Jabotinsky, Zionism was a psychological as well as political project. In an essay entitled Against Excessive Apology, he told the Jews to stop cringing and tell the goyim "to go to hell", which Olmert may be said to have taken to heart. Great article.

09-13-06 - Release Palestinian legislators now

09-13-06 - U.S. slammed for "biased position" to Palestinian coalition government deal

09-13-06 - Two female detainees attempt to escape Israeli prison

09-13-06 - Israel keeps woman 'collaborator' behind bars The committee refused to release Tali Fahima, who has already served two thirds of her sentence, on grounds she had been "insolent" towards prison wardens, a source in the judiciary said.

09-13-06 - Palestinian says another 9/11 is coming Since when do Palestinians talk with World Net Daily, a notoriously pro-Israeli outfit whose owner, Joe Farah, is a rabid Christian Zionist? Isn't it strange too that these "Palestinians" seem to always give that mag exactly what they want to hear (something that furthers the pro-Israeli POV)?

09-13-06 - Bishop backs youth 'peace corps' for international conflict zones In the occupied Palestinian territories they monitor and report violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, and support acts of non-violent resistance alongside local Christian and Muslim Palestinians and Israeli peace activists

09-13-06 - USA : Adam Neiman partners with Bethlehem plant to make yoga wear Jewish-American, Adam Neiman, founder of the Sweatshop-free Apparel manufacturer Bienestar International, has recently set up a joint venture with a unionized Bethlehem factory to create a new line of yoga wear with international distribution. BEcause of the Israeli blockades of the Palestinian Territories, I wonder if their economy would be better off if many Palestinians could do business on the internet, as in online-based jobs (such as in the IT field) that do not require a tangible product that necessitates movement through Israeli crossings. The Israeli middleman could be eliminated altogether.

09-13-06 - The 10 stories the nation's mainstream news media ignored, neglected or missed last year World Bank funds Israel-Palestine wall

09-13-06 - Israeli MKs cause diplomatic incident with China

09-13-06 - Parties slam U.S., Israel economic deals The majority of Jordanian political parties are opposed to economic treaties and deals signed by the desert kingdom with the United States and Israel.

09-13-06 - Jews score in primary races In Rhode Island, Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a Republican and Israel's toughest critic in the Senate, had national party backing in his successful bid to fend off a pro-Israel rival. Aren't they all pro-Israel in the end? This could be a new reality show: politicians trying to outdo themselves when it comes to their support for Israel.

09-13-06 - TeleTech Government Solutions Launches Additional U.S. Department of State Web Site "By leveraging advanced technology and the ease of the Internet, TeleTech's VisaPoint(TM) provides citizens like those in Israel, Jerusalem, and the Palestinian Territories with a direct and flexible means to access the information they require,"

09-12-06 - Israel soldier dies in Gaza clash The clash took place near the Kissufim crossing with Israel in central Gaza during an Israeli military incursion.

09-12-06 - Hamas releases ordered by court An Israeli military court has ordered the release of a number of detained Hamas officials and MPs.

09-12-06 - Israeli retreat 'making progress' The UN chief said Israel and Hezbollah had mostly complied with a UN resolution to end the conflict. But he said that the 34-day fighting had plunged the Middle East into instability once more

09-12-06 - Palestinian economy to shrink to level not seen for a generation: UN "Projections point to unprecedented unemployment, poverty and social tensions."

09-12-06 - IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely forbidden by international law. According to their claims, the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the final 10 days of the war. ...Because of their high level of failure to detonate, it is believed that there are around 500,000 unexploded munitions on the ground in Lebanon. To date 12 Lebanese civilians have been killed by these mines since the end of the war.

09-12-06 - Putin to send Russian engineering-sapper battalion to Lebanon "We will not be involved in peacekeeping operations, but will reconstruct the infrastructure in areas outside the United Nations peacekeeping operation zone,"

09-12-06 - Palestinians hit out as Israel tightens visa controls In a recent series of articles on the new measures, the Israeli daily newspaper Ha'aretz called them a "silent expulsion".

09-12-06 - Nasrallah demands militant freed Hezbollah's leader has said two Israeli soldiers held by his group will only be released if a Lebanese militant held by Israel for 27 years is also freed.

09-12-06 - Hebron Update: 2 - 8 September 2006 The local representative of B'tselem, the Israeli human rights organization, advised that it was the fifth case he had heard of recently where the police demanded payment for someone's release. He advised that the money should not be paid; in all the other cases, the police had then released the person anyway A new IDF racket.

09-12-06 - Peres to Blair: Two West Bank settlements could be evacuated Peres did not mention the names of the two communities to Blair, but has said in private conversations that the residents of the communities of Dotan and Hermesh want to leave.

09-12-06 - Arab MK joins Hamas defense team

09-12-06 - Army opens fire at school students in Dar Salah village east of Bethlehem

09-12-06 - The Coming Collapse of Zionism by former CIA analyst KATHLEEN CHRISTISON approximately 250,000 people, by UN estimate, are unable to return to their homes because either the homes have been leveled or unexploded cluster bomblets and other ordnance have not yet been cleared by demining teams. Israel has created more animosity for itself in that region. Surrounded by seething people who have watched their neighbors being bombed to smithereens, children being missiled - Israel's actions are a recipe for disaster. What rises from these ashes may be the worst yet.

09-12-06 - What motivated the 9/11 Hijackers? The Hidden Truth The mastermind of the attacks on 9/11 - Khaled Sheikh Mohammed - was motivated by his strong disagreement for America's support of Israel. That was a finding of the 9/11 Commission in July of 2004. This page features a small video clip at hosted by Information Clearinghouse that features footage of some of the 9/11 Commission's hearings on C-Span and an important question by a concerned US citizen.

09-12-06 - The ABC miniseries "The Path to 9-11" lies to serve Israel's agenda ABC lied about what bin Laden's fatwa said. Bin Laden's fatwa is publically available, see for yourself. Here is the fatwa from 1996: And it is also laid out in this CNN interview in PDF format from 1997. Asking why we are attacked and despised does not legitmize or excuse terrorism. But the media and the Bush administration routinely put forth an outright lie - that we were attacked because we are 'infidels' or because of our freedom; total BS. If you discover the real reasons why, and then question how our tax dollars are being spent by Israel, then you are entering dangerous territory to a special interest group that is better served by your ignorance.

09-11-06 - OPT: Gaza shelves bare Because of the embargo and closures of crossings, Gaza's 1.4 million inhabitants are experiencing severe shortages of food.

09-11-06 - Palestinian unity cabinet agreed Whether the international community lifts the aid embargo on the Palestinian Authority is likely to depend on the details of the Hamas-Fatah deal.

09-11-06 - Israeli troops kill West Bank Palestinian -medics Witnesses said the troops opened fire on a car headed from the village of Roumane towards Jenin, a northern West Bank city, killing Roumane's council head.

09-11-06 - Child killed by army shells in Rafah, his brother is clinically dead

09-11-06 - Settler guilty of W Bank murders Asher Weisgan shot dead four employees at the Shilo settlement - two of them as he was driving them home after work. ....After his arrest, Weisgan said he had no regrets about shooting the Palestinians, two of whom he had got to know well over a number of years.

09-11-06 - High Court: Separation fence route won't change There's nothing wrong with building a wall - provided you do not build it such that it confiscates your NEIGHBOR'S LAND. This is exactly what Israel has done (in violation of international law).

09-11-06 - Saudi Arabia to build Palestinian homes in Hebron The 100 housing units will mainly serve poor women, including widows and divorcees, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying. The programme will also train the women for jobs, he said.

09-11-06 - New Revised Route Annexes 500 Dunum of Palestinian Lands In Jerusalem

09-11-06 - Israeli police fail to probe settler violence: report "Israel is abusing its obligation to defend the Palestinian civilian population in the occupied Palestinian territories against the criminality of Israeli civilians." "Failures abound in all stages of law enforcement in cases of settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank," Yesh Din (Hebrew for "there is law") said in its 148-page report.

09-11-06 - Egypt-Gaza power link opened in bid to cut out Israel A new link connecting the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah to the Egyptian power grid opened as the Palestinians strive to end their dependence on Israel.

09-11-06 - China blasts "erroneous" US response to 9/11 attacks "First, they refer to the growing gap between the rich and poor countries. The rich countries become richer, the poor countries become poorer, and people in the poor countries lose hope," he told AFP."Second, it refers to the US Middle East policy. It is biased in favor of Israel and makes the people in the Arab countries lose their hope and triggers their anger."

09-11-06 - Al Qaeda threatens attacks in Gulf, Israel

09-11-06 - Leftist MKs blast Eitam's statements on Arabs, urge AG to investigate "We will have to expel the great majority of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria," Eitam urged, referring to the whole of the West Bank.

09-11-06 - Iran seen clearly as a threat - but powers can?t agree on solution The suggestion of military action to stop Iran from going nuclear ? something Bush administration officials have hinted at since the beginning of this year - earns approval from Israel, which considers a nuclear Iran a mortal threat. .....Netanyahu said the difference was that prewar intelligence on Iraq was never more than an educated guess, while the intelligence on Iran is a sure thing. 'Ok ok, before, we were wrong. But this time, we really have the goods. Attack!'

09-11-06 - Hezbollah rejects UNIFIL forces' role outside south Lebanon Lebanese Hezbollah (Party of God) has expressed its rejection to attempts to revise UN Security Council Resolution 1701 with a view to "expanding the role" of the UN Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the Voice of Lebanon radio reported Saturday.

09-11-06 - Raw sewage taints sacred Jordan River "If there's irreversible damage done ... Israel's going to have another PR battle on its hands," said David Parsons, a spokesman for the evangelical Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, which has joined forces with Friends of the Earth Middle East, a green group. Evidently, the image of Israel means more than the river itself and those who rely on it.

09-11-06 - Open door The readers' editor on ... charges of an anti-Israel hoax in south Lebanon

09-11-06 - An Arab Peace Plan There needs to be some sort of Palestinian integral geographic state, today and not tomorrow. If we don't achieve that, the trend is maybe Israel doesn't want peace, maybe the Americans don't want peace. That's what we moderates are having to fight. We are running out of arguments. If we don't see tangible results on the ground by 2007, then I don't think there will ever be a Palestinian state.

09-11-06 - Angry Beirut protests greet Blair Thousands of demonstrators accused him of complicity in the deaths of 1,100 Lebanese civilians from Israeli bombing in the recent conflict with Hezbollah.

09-11-06 - ANALYSIS-Palestinian unity government may widen US-EU rift Rabbani said the big question was whether the Europeans would come under U.S. pressure to hold the line.

09-11-06 - Lebanon to seek Israel compensation over oil slick Lebanese Environment Minister Yacoub Sarraf said his government would seek damages under a statute of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Israel does not now nor has it ever abided by international law.

09-11-06 - China plans to send peacekeepers to Lebanon Around 200 Chinese engineers already work for the United Nations in Lebanon clearing mines and unexploded ordnance.

09-11-06 - Old divide dogs Lebanese search for consensus "When I see Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank suffering every day, the victims of racism and destruction, I consider that to be an attack on all humanity," said the 30-year-old bachelor, who supports the Shi'ite Muslim movement Hizbollah.

09-11-06 - U.S. holds firm on Palestinian violence Any Palestinian government must renounce violence and accept Israel's right to exist to join now-dormant Mideast peacemaking efforts and qualify for a resumption of full Western aid, the Bush administration said Monday.

09-11-06 - Israel:"No quick fixes" to peace with Palestinians Israel wants to stick to the road map, which calls first for confidence building steps by both sides Then why has it just issued new tenders for more settlements on the West Bank? Hypocrisy.

09-11-06 - Israeli Settlers Harrass Palestinians, Soldiers Detain Human Rights Worker

09-11-06 - Blair tells Haaretz: Folly to ignore Iran's threats to Israel

09-11-06 - Clinton: Israel, Palestinians cannot divorce He added that although most Palestinians strive for peace, their suffering serves the interest of extremist groups.

09-11-06 - Family buries restaurant owner Mohammed, 60, a Palestinian-American living in Munster, Ind., was killed Saturday morning while preparing lentil soup at Aladdin Pita, his Middle Eastern restaurant in Merrillville.

09-11-06 - Arbitration fails between Jewish, Muslim groups on J'lem museum Arbitration between Jewish and Arab groups over the building of a museum promoting religious tolerance on the site of an old Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem has failed, officials said Monday. The Los-Angeles based Simon Wiesenthal Center will petition Israel's Supreme Court to begin construction of the Museum of Tolerance on the site in Jerusalem's center after the seven-month arbitration failed, said the dean of the center, Rabbi Marvin Hier.

09-11-06 - Blair pledges British help in rebuilding Lebanon

09-11-06 - Israelis discuss strategic cooperation Monday?s one-day conference, organized by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

09-11-06 - Sweden supports the re-construction of the power station in Gaza

09-11-06 - Canadian parties? resolutions blasted Two Middle East resolutions adopted by Canada's New Democratic Party are "irresponsibly one-sided and dangerously misinformed," the Canada-Israel Committee charged in a written statement.

09-11-06 - Jewish groups to rally for Israel U.S. Jewish groups are trying to enlist thousands of Jews and non-Jews to greet members of the U.N. General Assembly with a message of solidarity with Israel.

09-11-06 - Blair seeks statesman's role in Mideast

09-10-06 - Israeli tank fire kills Palestinian boy-witnesses

09-10-06 - Israeli settler in West Bank hits third grader An Israeli settler area ran over the third grader from Nabi Elias Village, four kilometers east of Qalqilia.

09-10-06 - Palestinian Neighbors Should Open Borders to Those Seeking Refuge Human Rights Watch said countries in the region, such as Jordan and Syria, should immediately open their borders to Iraqi Palestinians at risk.

09-10-06 - Children receive bread and soup Photo 2

09-10-06 - UN increases Gaza aid as poverty rises A survey by Ramallah-based Near East Consulting shows the percentage of poor in the West Bank and Gaza has risen to 65 per cent in August from 50 per cent in March, when Hamas took control.

09-10-06 - OPT: Powerless in Gaza "The destruction of Gaza's electricity power station is profoundly inconsistent with the health and safety of all civilians living in Gaza, especially the young, sick, infirm and elderly, as well as their right to the highest attainable standard of health, enshrined in the International Bill of Rights and other international human rights instruments," said Paul Hunt, the UN Human Rights Council's Special Rapporteur on the right to the highest attainable standard of health.

09-10-06 - Egyptian Red Crescent provides urgent aid for Palestinians The Egyptian Red Crescent Society has sent a new batch of urgent aid to the Palestinian people who are facing a grave financial crisis, the official MENA news agency reported on Sunday.

09-10-06 - Abbas 'ready for Olmert meeting'

09-10-06 - 70-year-old man critically wounded by cluster bomb in south Lebanon Hussein Ali Ahmed Ali was tending to his small field outside his house in the village of Yuhmor when he accidentally stepped on the bomb.

09-10-06 - Iraq: Palestinians Under Attack, But Unable to Flee The 42-page report, ?Nowhere to Flee: The Perilous Situation of Palestinians in Iraq,? documents the drastic deterioration in the security of the estimated 34,000 Palestinian refugees in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad in April 2003

09-10-06 - $2mn medical aid sent to Palestinians The second batch of Qatar?s medical aid for Palestinians, totalling $2mn, was despatched yesterday. The aid is being delivered in co-ordination with the Jordanian Charitable Authority.

09-10-06 - Hezbollah says still strong after war Hezbollah still has as much as 90 percent of its fighting strength from before its war with Israel, its deputy leader said.

09-10-06 - UN 'facilitator' seeks Israeli soldiers' release The United Nations has started work to try to secure the release of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah in July, a senior UN official says.

09-10-06 - 'Pro-Israel' Blair not welcome in Beirut, Shia cleric warns The Palestinian West Bank is being chopped up by Israeli checkpoints and barriers. A high wall seals off Jerusalem from the West Bank. There are 550 permanent roadblocks and 125 makeshift roadblocks. The 'two state solution' as advocated by Mr Blair can no longer be implemented.

09-10-06 - MK Bishara warns Syria of Israeli attack Arab MK arrives in Damascus with his party members, sends alarming message that 'Israel may launch onslaught in bid to restore deterrence' I predicted as much as well.

09-10-06 - More earthquakes expected in the eastern West Bank?s Jordan Valley

09-10-06 - Israel 'fires at' Lebanese boats The Lebanese Army also reports that an Israeli reconnaissance plane flew over Lebanese territory on Saturday night.

09-10-06 - "It's much worse": Anti-Apartheid Activist Farid Esack Speaks on Palestine and South Africa Leading South African Muslim Theologian and anti-apartheid activist Farid Esack addressed these questions in a timely engaging and moving lecture at Oak Park Public Library in Illinois on September 6, 2006

09-10-06 - Ramallah citizens give their views on Mr Blair's visit

09-10-06 - FBI keeps its eyes fixed on Hezbollah The anniversary of the Sept. 11 hijackings has Americans thinking about al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. But the pressure on al-Qaidas top leadership and increasing U.S. confrontation with Iran has many counterterrorism experts looking at the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah as an equal, if not greater, threat. If we had heeded Washington's prophetic words and steered clear of foreign entanglements, I doubt that there would have been a 911 in the first place, much less any purported Hezbollah threat.

09-10-06 - Arab lawmakers under scrutiny Three Israeli Arab lawmakers could face charges for making an unauthorized trip to Syria.

09-10-06 - Khatami calls Hizbollah symbol of resistance

09-10-06 - Blair says possible to deal with Palestinian coalition government

09-10-06 - Abbas to attend meetings on forming coalition in Gaza Strip

09-10-06 - Palestinian president arrives in Gaza Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Gaza Sunday to try again to convince Hamas rivals to adopt an internationally acceptable political program.

09-10-06 - Hemmelstein: "From Bil'in to Birmingham" An Italian, an Israeli and two Palestinian activists were beaten so badly they had to be taken to hospital. One American suffered a concussion and another sustained hand injuries, in addition to taking a rubber bullet in her back and another one in her hip. Besides being clubbed, a Palestinian coordinator was shot with three rubber bullets in the back and one in the leg.

09-10-06 - Israeli settlers break into mosque and perform religious ceremonies under guard of Israeli soldiers

09-10-06 - Lebanon braces for protests ahead of Blair visit Blair was a "key accomplice in the Israeli-American offensive against Lebanon and he should at least be called to account and not warmly welcomed,"

09-10-06 - Greenbelt report: appeal for justice in the Holy Land

09-10-06 - Patti Smith rails against Israel and US She condemned an Israeli air strike on the Lebanese village of Qana in July as "an atrocity" for which America was partly to blame. At least 56 people were killed, including 32 children.

09-10-06 - Despite Beating, Former CBU Student This summer, Kordsmeier made his fourth trip to the Israeli-occupied area of the West Bank

09-10-06 - Ireland criticized as anti-Israel he says, because of Ireland's troubled history under British occupation, "the Irish cannot shake off the belief that Israel is a colonial oppressor." D'nile is evidently not just a river in Egypt.

09-09-06 - Four Palestinians killed, fifteen injured in Qabatia

09-09-06 - Poisonous clouds of pollution spread after Israel air strike He expects the greatest "catastrophe" from the toxic cloud that was blown by the prevailing wind over Beirut and one-third of the country. Tests have shown, he says, that it contains high levels of poisonous lead and mercury, and highly dangerous PCBs.

09-09-06 - Army invades a town in southern Gaza, uproots trees and exchanges fire with resistance fighters

09-09-06 - Unknown gunmen attack YMCA office in Qalqilia Unknown gunmen attacked and set fire to the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) office in the West Bank city of Qalqilia, on Saturday morning.

09-09-06 - Israeli force wounds three Palestinians in southeastern Gaza Strip

09-09-06 - UN TO CONVENE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE The two-day Conference will focus on the current situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and related civil society action, according to a press release issued in connection with the event.

09-09-06 - Photos from Palestine

09-09-06 - Thousands demand independent Israeli probe on Lebanon war The Israeli Government has ridden a tide of discontent over the 34-day war that failed to achieve its main objectives, left 162 Israelis dead and saw the north bombarded by more than 4,000 Hezbollah rocket attacks. NOT because of all of the cluster bombs Israel dropped, or due to the disproportionate amount of civilians Israel killed, or because of the fleeing refugees Israel killed - that's not why they are calling for a probe, folks.

09-09-06 - Beirut's anger over lasting damage Lebanon is already simmering with anger about the Israeli bombardment. To lose the sea is an added blow.

09-09-06 - Progress seen in forming UN tribunal into Hariri murder The United Nations' legal chief has said that progress had been made on setting up an international court to try suspects in the 2005 murder of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri.

09-09-06 - Russia welcomes Arab initiative for int'l peace conference on Mideast

09-09-06 - Palestinian horse riders taking part in a horsemanship on Nourashams track northern the West Bank city of Tulkarem

09-09-06 - Football result: Iraq 2 - Palestine 2 in Asian Cup qualifier

09-09-06 - Israel building electric fence along Egypt border While continuing construction on the massive concrete Wall and series of electric fences and trenches in the West Bank and Gaza, Israel is now announcing the construction of another massive electric fence project: along the 400 km (248 mile) border with its ally, Egypt.

09-09-06 - Syria denies agreeing to border guards Syria denied reports Saturday that President Bashar Assad has agreed to the deployment of European guards on its border with Lebanon.

09-09-06 - Olmert ready for talks with Abbas His remarks came after a meeting with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is seeking to revive the peace process. Mr Blair said the stability of the Middle East was essential to the rest of the world, including the UK.

09-09-06 - Blair to meet Abbas in Ramallah on Sunday

09-09-06 - Gaza businesses urge end to border crossing attacks Palestinian businessmen appealed for armed groups to halt attacks near crossing points into the Gaza Strip in order to allow Israel to reopen them and boost economic activity.

09-09-06 - Justice demands lawyers be allowed to visit Palestinians in Israeli jails ?The ambiguity and lack of clarity in the language allows the prison authority to interpret it randomly, according to whim. This leads to prejudice to the authority of law."

09-09-06 - Failth Perspectives: Remember families in Arab-Israeli war Grace Kuttab El-Yateem, born and raised in Jerusalem and now a U.S. citizen, is no longer allowed to return to her birthplace, not even with a valid passport of the United States, Israel's best international friend.

09-09-06 - The Law of Opposites Rep. Ron Paul Fictitious charges and imaginary dangers are used to frighten the American people into accepting an attack on Iran. First it may only be sanctions, but later it will be bombs and possible ground troops if the neocons have their way. Many of the chicken-hawk neoconservative advisors to the administration are highly critical of our current policy because it's not aggressive enough. They want more troops in Iraq, they want to attack Syria and Iran, and escalate the conflict in Lebanon......I find it amazing that we in this country seem determined to completely separate religious expression and the state, even to the detriment of the 1st Amendment. Yet we can say little about how Christian and Jewish religious beliefs greatly influences our policies in the Middle East.

09-09-06 - Beit Furik Demonstrate Against Closures A couple of students tried to explain to the soldiers that it is impossible for them to seriously pursue their studies when they are constantly having to fit their schedule around the random regulations of the checkpoint.

09-09-06 - EU observation body says it pressing hard to reopen Rafah border crossing

09-09-06 - Call For an Immediate end to Israel's Discriminatory Visa-freeze Policy

09-09-06 - Blair stands by Israel

09-09-06 - Prisoner swap talks reached dead end, say Hamas sources The Palestinian daily Al Ayam Newspaper reported that talks have been halted and no communication is taking place between the mediators and the fighters holding Shalit captive.

09-09-06 - Playing away from home Palestine have a similar problem with home games. A minor complication is that the Israeli army won?t let the Palestinian players in and out of their own country. They play their matches in neighbouring Jordan.

09-09-06 - Arab Israeli MPs defy Israel with Syrian meetings

09-09-06 - Even the Garbage is Occupied

09-09-06 - Israeli acts of kindness

09-09-06 - Lecturer's book trip to West Bank He plans to visit Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah to speak to children caught up in the crisis.

09-09-06 - Documentary follows Palestinian youth

09-08-06 - Palestinians forced to scavenge for food on rubbish dumps "Women in Gaza tell me they are eating only one meal a day, bread with tomatoes or cheap vegetables," said Kirstie Campbell of the UN's World Food Programme, which is feeding 235,000 people. She added that in June, since when the crisis has worsened, some 70 per cent of people in Gaza could not meet their family's food needs. "People are raiding garbage dumps," she said This is a direct consequence of America's policy - at the behest of Israel.

09-08-06 - Israel ends blockade of Lebanon A spokeswoman said Israel had turned over control of monitoring the coastline to the UN. The air blockade on the country was lifted on Thursday.

09-08-06 - UN leader picks up task closed to U.S. The trip was the kind of Middle Eastern shuttle diplomacy that American secretaries of state have been accustomed to make but cannot so easily now because of the plunge in American credibility due to its policy in Iraq and because at least two places Mr. Annan visited, Iran and Syria, are no- go zones for Washington.

09-08-06 - New Yorkers to study about Israel The New York City Council's education committee approved a curriculum on Israel initiated by the public relations department of the Israeli Consulate in New York. This is totally outrageous - the Israeli government dictating to American schools what to learn, and the NYC council going along with it.

09-08-06 - Israel creating grim reality in Holy Land I returned from there July 2. Let me tell you what I have seen and experienced on this Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I went on this trip to experience the situation of Christians living in that region. I went as a person who has been very pro-Israel all of his life. I came back with a very different perspective because of what I saw and experienced....To build this wall, Israel has had to demolish the homes of thousands of Palestinians. Not terrorists. Not solely Muslims. Indeed, much of the land was stolen from the Christians, who have lived in this land since the days of Jesus.

09-08-06 - UNDP: Israeli-imposed Losses in Gaza Strip Estimated at $46 Million The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reported that the estimated total cost of the damages in the Gaza Strip assessed for the period between June 28 and August 27, 2006, since the start of Israeli 'Operation Summer Rains' in Gaza, is around $46 million.

09-08-06 - Syria promises battalion to police border -Annan

09-08-06 - Israel continues banning Gazans from studying in West Bank

09-08-06 - How hi-tech Hezbollah called the shots "Israeli EW (electronic warfare) systems were unable to jam the systems at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, they proved unable to jam Hezbollah's command and control links from Lebanon to Iranian facilities in Syria, they blocked the Barak ship anti-missile systems, and they hacked into Israeli operations communications in the field," Israel jammed the frequencies of the USS Liberty so that it could not send an SOS, as Israel attacked it by air and by sea for 45 minutes.

09-08-06 - Lebanon PM in political battle of wills with Hezbollah

09-08-06 - Poll Finds Waning Faith in Intervention The survey of more than 1,500 randomly selected adults also found that nearly half (46 percent) of the respondents consider U.S. support for Israel a "major reason" for the rise in anti-U.S. sentiment around the world, a significant increase since Pew last posed the question 10 months ago

09-08-06 - Support of Israel hurts U.S. As Jan Egeland, U.N. humanitarian chief, stated after returning from a visit to Lebanon, "There is something fundamentally wrong when there are more dead children than armed men."

09-08-06 - Livni to Washington Tzippi Livni is arriving Wednesday for meetings with the U.S. secretary of state and other top administration officials to discuss how to deal with Iran now that it has refused to end its enrichment of uranium and how to maintain the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire in Lebanon. The second trip to the US in a week by an Israeli official to discuss Iran.

09-08-06 - Paper reprints Holocaust cartoons Several of the cartoons contrast the plight of the Palestinians with that of the victims of the Holocaust.

09-08-06 - Chafee scuttles Bolton vote A Republican U.S. senator cited Israel's planned settlement expansion in delaying confirmation of John Bolton as U.N. ambassador.

09-08-06 - Israeli tanks shell Al Fokharia area in Gaza

09-08-06 - Israeli forces invade Khaza, ransack homes, destroy electricity and water infrastructure De'a Qadaih, a resident of the area, said that Israeli troops searched and ransacked his family's house for the second time since yesterday. He said they also attacked and hit his family members while searching the house; he added that troops came yesterday to his house and searched it, and took his father away without giving a reason.

09-08-06 - How Human Rights Watch lost its way in Lebanon

09-08-06 - Soldiers severely abuse young Palestinian and take a picture of themselves on his cell phone

09-08-06 - West Bank pullout plans over: Israel's Peres Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres has reiterated that his government had abandoned plans to withdraw from most of the occupied West Bank. In fact, there will be MORE illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank very shortly.

09-08-06 - Russian FM slams Israel arrest of Palestinian ministers, MPs Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has slammed Israel's arrest of Palestinian ministers and MPs from the governing Hamas, after talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

09-08-06 - Interview with Faisal Sawalha over the unrecognized Arab villages in Israel immediately after 1948 approximately 90 per cent of the Arabs in the Negev were forced out of the country. The government brought all the Arab residents who remained in the Negev and put them in a triangle between Dimona, Beer Shiva and Arad and they lived under military government from 1948 up to 1966, which means that they were not allowed to leave this area. As a result of this concentration, the Arabs lost their land outside this area since they could not use it

09-08-06 - Blair 'not welcome' in West Bank Correspondents say the UK's stance during Israel's bombardment of Lebanon - refusing to criticise Israel's military tactics or to back calls for an immediate ceasefire - caused anger across the Arab world.

09-08-06 - Factbox - Facts about Palestinian schools

09-08-06 - A policy of punishment Despite the historic responsibility of successive British governments for what has befallen our people, from the Balfour declaration to the catastrophe of dispossession, Palestinians had hoped that the new generation of British politicians might break with the past and stand for truth and justice in the Middle East.

09-08-06 - Rethinking Jewish American deterrence Much as Israel's decreasing centrality to American Jewish life requires that our institutions adjust to this new reality, American Jewry's public affairs organizations should also take the United States' diminished international stature into consideration as they set strategic goals and policy agendas And there it is folks: the real reason for the recent establishment of the Israeli lobby in Europe. What these delusional folks fail to grasp is that the reason that America is isolated in the first place is because of our unconditional support for Israel, and because of the policies of the neoconservatives in this Bush administration. The gall of these folks is astounding.

09-08-06 - In pictures: Clearing weapons from south Lebanon

09-08-06 - Meshal: Freeing Shalit will cost Israel; Egpyt says exchange deal not imminent

09-08-06 - Iran's Khatami says suicide bombers hurt Islam "I believe the Holocaust is the crime of Nazism. But it is possible that the Holocaust, which is an absolute fact, a historical fact, would be misused. The Holocaust should not be, in any way, an excuse for the suppression of Palestinian rights," he said.

09-08-06 - UN approves counter-terrorism plan Israeli and Arab diplomats feuded bitterly on the U.N. General Assembly floor on Friday after the United Nations approved a largely symbolic global plan to combat terrorism three days before the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

09-08-06 - Millions spent on 'virtual fences' The government is considering creating an unprecedented security system for the Jewish community of Hebron, including never-before-used hi-tech laser radars, as part of a new NIS 400 million allocation for security systems at settlements, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

09-08-06 - Bush: U.S. defends democracies, Israel The United States stands by Israel because it is a democracy, President Bush said. BS. The US stands behind Israel because its lobby here sees to that. And Israel is no more a democracy than fire is water.

09-08-06 - Police raid office of Galilee group said used as Hamas front Security officials said the group was involved in transferring Hamas funds to Palestinian prisoners convicted of security offenses.

09-08-06 - Israel tests ceasefire with Lebanon arrests Israeli troops in southern Lebanon detained four men yesterday for questioning in what appeared to be the first arrests since a ceasefire ended the war with Hizbullah.

09-08-06 - Strike sends Palestinian youths to Islamic schools

09-08-06 - Bolting Bolton? Chafee signaled that he was not ready to vote for Bolton. He said he had questions about "what's happening in the Middle East with the expansion of settlements in the West Bank." At a hearing in July, Chafee had questioned Bolton's assertion that the root cause of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict was terrorism.

09-08-06 - Nonviolent resistance against Wall in Al Khader continues despite routine aggression Dozens of foreign supporters joined Palestinians and together protested Israeli isolation of 90 percent of Al Khader land. The Wall is now being built inside the town on confiscated land, adding to the siege already imposed by a major roadblock and the settler Road 60 that runs north-south on the west side of town.

09-08-06 - Abbas meets German FM They discussed regional developments and the situation in the Gaza Strip in light of the daily Israeli invasions and colonizing activities.

09-08-06 - Hamas-led govt will not resign, says PM

09-08-06 - Nine U.S. leaders tour Israel Nine non-Jewish community leaders from across the United States will tour Israel?s north to examine the impact of the Israel-Hezbollah war. Why aren't they also touring the total devastation in Lebanon (that we helped Israel to commit, by sending them jet fuel and cluster bombs)?

09-08-06 - Israeli military stops cycling peace activists from entering Jenin Twenty-three peace activists cycling from London to Jerusalem to get wheels turning in the Middle East peace process will make a second attempt to enter Jenin in the West Bank today, having been denied entry by Israeli officials for the past two days.

09-08-06 - Palestinian residents, Israeli and International peace activists protest the Wall in Bil'in

09-08-06 - Mich. teen details Web romance, fallout from Middle East trip

09-08-06 - Bil?in: Solidarity With Unpaid Workers Demo

09-08-06 - Blair's peacemaking hopes fade

09-08-06 - Israeli Diplomat Released On Bond

09-08-06 - Lunar Eclipse passes Palestine Last night's Palestinian sky took on particular importance. At exactly 9:05 pm and three seconds the moon entered the Earth?s shadow. Most of the Arab world witnessed the same phenomenon.

09-07-06 - IDF kills 3 civilians, 1 al-Aqsa operative in Qabatiya

09-07-06 - Palestinian killed in in-fighting in Nablus

09-07-06 - West Bank fragmented by occupation Palestinian society, under attack from every direction, is finally crumbling in the West Bank. New roads linking Israeli settlements do not even have signs. And the settlements continue to grow. Israel announced 690 homes are to be built in two Jewish settlements on the West Bank where 2.4 million Palestinians and 240,000 settlers live.

09-07-06 - Get-tough visa policy may mean West Bank Palestinian exodus ISRAELI officials have confirmed a tightening of visa policies in the West Bank that could force thousands of Palestinians to leave the occupied area.....The shift comes as Israel steps up its expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, this week issuing 700 tenders for new Israeli housing there. It's called ethnic cleansing, folks, and it is not a new Israeli policy.

09-07-06 - 'Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now' Many people are being killed by Israeli incursions that occur every day by land and air. A total of 262 people have been killed and 1,200 wounded, of whom 60 had arms or legs amputated, since 25 June,

09-07-06 - UN official backs international monitors for Gaza With crossing points closed so much of the time, the difficulty of moving goods and people in and out of Gaza is at the heart of the crisis, and an international presence could help

09-07-06 - U.S. says Israel should not expand settlements The United States appears to have little leverage over Israel to stop the construction of more homes in Jewish settlements and, in recent years, largely appears to have acquiesced in their expansion Gently rebuked? Try cutting off the aid and see if that works.

09-07-06 - OPT: Refugees displaced by military offensive Sitting in a classroom holding her baby, Fatema, a 26-year-old Palestinian Bedouin said, "I ran from home with my husband and seven children. We were so scared by the sound of the shelling. We left home barefoot. We fled because we don't want our children to get killed."

09-07-06 - Netanyahu points to 'cracks' in Iran leadership ** Netanyahu, who met with US Vice President Dick Cheney and a group of senators, said that the Iranian nuclear program could be stopped if the United States led a determined campaign....He refused to give details about his meeting with Cheney, but said that the people he spoke with in Washington understood the danger. That's because Cheney's office brims with neoconservatives.

09-07-06 - Man, 63, injured in Jerusalem stabbing The stabber embedded a knife in Shimon's shoulder from behind and escaped. Shimon told security forces called to the scene that he felt the blow and turned around in time to see an Arab-looking man running away.

09-07-06 - Israel keeps blockade of Lebanon ports The blockade of Lebanon has hampered reconstruction and cost the country some $50 million a day. At one point the blockade caused severe fuel shortages in Lebanon, leading to long lines at gas stations and forcing the electric company to ration power

09-07-06 - Italian FM urges Israel to end blockade of Gaza

09-07-06 - Syria and Palestine to boost agricultural cooperation

09-07-06 - US Senate committee delays vote on Bolton nomination to U.N. post Chafee sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice later in the day saying he had questions about U.S. policy in the Middle East, including worries that the U.S. has not done enough to prevent Israel from expanding its settlements in the Palestinian West Bank

09-07-06 - Gerry Adams: Law limiting family reunification is a 'terrible thing'

09-07-06 - Update on Lymor Goldstein the Israeli Lawyer and Activist Shot in Bil?in on the 11th of August Lymor was shot with two rubber bullets to the head and one in the neck, causing a fractured skull and internal haemorrhage

09-07-06 - Hebron Reflection: School Patrol

09-07-06 - Middle East crisis fractures SA unity Meanwhile, Archbishop Desmond Tutu has joined the debate comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa.

09-07-06 - Army bars teachers from reaching schools near Qalqilia

09-07-06 - Lebanon seeks clarification of UN Hariri tribunal plan

09-07-06 - Blair told he is not welcome in Ramallah

09-07-06 - Ned Hanauer in Memorium: Premier media activist for Palestinian Human Rights

09-07-06 - Bush ranks Iran and Hezbollah with al-Qaeda

09-07-06 - Peres: Moscow asked Syria to explain why Hezbollah had Russian missiles

09-07-06 - Caritas' medical center in Gaza celebrates its 3rd anniversary

09-07-06 - Six states call for cluster bomb ban More than a dozen Lebanese, including several children, have been killed by bomblets from cluster bombs since the end of hostilities on August 14.

09-07-06 - Lebanese greet blockade end with mixed feelings Around 1,200 Lebanese were killed, 1 million displaced and many villages, towns and city suburbs were destroyed along with parts of the country's infrastructure, setting back Lebanon's recovery many years at a cost of billions of dollars.

09-07-06 - War not answer to terrorism: Villepin

09-07-06 - U.S. moves against 2 Lebanese companies The Bush administration took action Thursday against two Lebanese financial companies, accusing them of functioning as Hezbollah's "unofficial treasury."

09-07-06 - Israel's Peretz demands swift talks with Palestinians The Jewish state had pulled out of the Gaza Strip last year, following a 38-year occupation, but returned limited numbers of troops to the territory in late June in a bid to retrieve the missing Shalit.

09-07-06 - Egypt still trying to release captured Israeli soldier

09-07-06 - Jordan king sees Mideast peril without peace deal "By 2007, if we don't see something that reassures all of us -- the international community, the Israelis, the Arabs and the Palestinians -- then I think we are doomed to another decade or decades of violence between Israelis and Arabs, which affects everybody," the king said.

09-07-06 - Report: Olmert considering Shebaa handover Israel could hand over the Shebaa Farms to Lebanon as part of the cease-fire, Ehud Olmert reportedly said.

09-07-06 - Nearly 100 Palestinian mothers are in Israeli Telmond Prison and conditions are worsening

09-07-06 - Israel defends arms policy "International law does not impose an absolute and all-inclusive ban on the use of these cluster bombs or white-phosphorus bombs," the newspaper quoted the memorandum as saying. Those physicians in Lebanon were right - Israel was dropping phosphorous bombs on civilians.

09-07-06 - Army prevents 23 internationals on a Peace Tour from entering West Bank The group arrived at 8:00 o?clock on Thursday morning, from Nazareth on a bicycle tour called ?The Peace Cycle? which will tour the West Bank in ten days and meet with different Palestinian figures and organizations.

09-07-06 - New Gaza settlement tenders concern Caritas Jerusalem

09-07-06 - Palestinian official calls on all factions to join coalition A senior Palestinian official Thursday called on all factions to join a proposed national unity government while talks on forming the coalition are still underway.

09-07-06 - South Lebanon villagers desperate for housing before winter "Agriculture is our livelihood and we can't even work the fields any more because we risk being blown up,"

09-07-06 - After a century of struggle, a new monastery rises Mamalos says the work was held up for decades because Israelis, who have occupied the West Bank since 1967, did not want a Greek Orthodox church built on a site that some Jews consider sacred......It was here in the crypt that Mamalos' predecessor, Archimandrite Philoumenos, took shelter in November 1979 when a group of people, believed to be fanatical Zionists, broke into the monastery and attacked him with hatchets....No one was ever arrested for the murder, which took place a week after a Zionist group had come to the monastery claiming that it was a Jewish holy place and demanding that all the crosses and other religious iconography be removed.

09-07-06 - Four German experts to Beirut for Hezbollah arms embargo: Steinmeier Germany is also expected to dispatch a naval force to patrol the eastern Mediterranean in a bid to prevent Hezbollah receiving weapons by sea.

09-07-06 - Families challenge Israel's newly-imposed policy of expulsion of foreign passport holders

09-07-06 - Christians, Muslims, Jews Cycle for Peace A group of cyclists consisting of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish members have bicycled from London to central Europe recently as part of a campaign to encourage peace between Israel and Palestine.

09-07-06 - Israeli journalist awarded Euro prize Stern was recognised for his series of articles "All in the Family in Umm Al-Fahm", published in Haaretz in February 2006 which presented three stories from a Palestinian city in Israel.

09-06-06 - Israeli forces kill four Palestinians Two of the dead were civilians, the Palestinian witnesses said. Medics did not immediately identify the third.

09-06-06 - Two die in Lebanon bomb clear-up Two Lebanese soldiers have been killed and a third wounded while trying to defuse unexploded Israeli cluster bombs in southern Lebanon, officials say.

09-06-06 - UN agency and Saudi Government to build homes for Palestinians in Hebron Saudi Arabia will donate $6.3 million to finance the construction of 100 housing units in the West Bank city of Hebron as part of a project being carried out by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme

09-06-06 - Palestinian children pay price of Israel's Summer Rain offensive Rights group says 197 civilians have been killed in military operation, including 48 minors

09-06-06 - 'Quiet transfer' in East Jerusalem nears completion Israel has engaged in a demographic battle to secure Israeli sovereignty over the whole city. For almost four decades successive governments have implemented policies designed to transform the city's population structure and ensure the numeric superiority of Jews.

09-06-06 - Emergency Assistance to the Palestinian population

09-06-06 - OPT: Palestinians in Gaza largely cut off from outside world Israel (still) controls the prison called Palestine.

09-06-06 - UN to convene international conference in support of Palestinian people A United Nations committee will convene the UN International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People tomorrow in Geneva in a bid to help alleviate their plight.

09-06-06 - Palestinian: Soldiers stepped on my face, said they would kill me

09-06-06 - 'Revenge' motive for Amman attack A gunman who attacked Western tourists in Amman wanted to avenge two brothers killed during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, Jordanian officials say.

09-06-06 - Sinn Fein president meets Hamas He was also taken on a tour of the West Bank, where he was shown the controversial security wall which the Israeli government is building in the area.

09-06-06 - EU urges Israel to call off West Bank home plans Israel disputes a World Court judgment that all Jewish settlements on occupied land are illegal. It points out that Palestinians have failed to meet their own obligation under the road map to dismantle militant groups. Israel points to oranges, when the ICJ laid down the (apples)law. It's no defense, and the settlement-building has gone on for DECADES. The Road Map - a peace initiative - was put forth in 2003.

09-06-06 - EU calls on Israel to free Hamas ministers

09-06-06 - Army closes a Wall Gate cutting Far'on village farmers from their land This gate was installed to allow the farmers of the village to reach to their orchards that became isolted behind the Wall, closing it will bar the residents from reaching their lands, the main source of livelihood of the villagers.

09-06-06 - Israel to lift Lebanon blockade Israel says it will lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon on Thursday, at 1800 local time (1500 GMT).

09-06-06 - U.N. Watch: Council a 'disappointment' Neuer, whose Geneva-based organization monitors anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias at the United Nations, was testifying Wednesday before Congress.

09-06-06 - The slippery slope of expulsion

09-06-06 - Hezbollah besting Lebanese government

09-06-06 - Lebanese troops move into Hizbollah bastion A UNIFIL statement also said Israel had violated Lebanese air space eight times in the past 24 hours.

09-06-06 - Hezbollah 'reservations' over German role in UN force 'Our reservations are regarding the German demand to search boats as they enter Lebanon,'

09-06-06 - Pawns of the War Party One of the most interesting, and little-talked about, consequences of the Iraq war has been the extension of Israeli influence ? and aid, including military aid ? to Kurdistan. Seymour Hersh reported on this, and Le Figaro detailed the developing American-Israeli rift over the issue, with Washington increasingly nervous over the growing Israeli presence and what it portends for the region....Israel's interest is in establishing a base that borders Iran, from which to monitor developments in country and build an enclave from which to launch armed attacks That's the reason that the US supports it.

09-06-06 - Syria blamed for attack on Lebanon's Shehade

09-06-06 - Will Robert Fisk tell us the whole story? possibly in an attempt at even-handedness, Fisk has also muddied the picture in relation to the actions of Hizbullah and thereby contributed towards the very mythical narratives he seeks to undermine.

09-06-06 - Mamoun Abushahla The political situation is also bad. Hamas are unable to satisfy the major players: Israel, the US, Europe. The problem is, Israel sees this as a good chance to make political gain. It doesn't see that this economic pressure will reduce the number of people looking for a peaceful solution

09-06-06 - Israel president in new grilling Israeli police are questioning President Moshe Katsav for a third time over allegations that he sexually harassed two former female employees.

09-06-06 - Fathi Tobail When the economic situation deteriorates, it creates instability in society. Sometimes I think we are living in Somalia; people are shooting each other for no reason.

09-06-06 - Mona Yousef I've never left Gaza, it's one of my dreams. I haven't even been to Egypt. Israel is refusing to let people leave; we feel like we are living in a big prison.

09-06-06 - First pro-Israel lobby in EU set up "We have set ourselves a target to turn Europe into Israel's ally", said Tuesday Lobby's CEO Michel Gur Ari. Europeans beware. What this really means if you think about it for a minute - will America cease to be the worldl's superpower? Is this the reason for the shift to the EU (and China 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)?

09-06-06 - Diplomat links Lebanon war to U.S.-Iran tensions A Russian diplomat described Israel's war on Hezbollah as a preamble to a conflict between the United States and Iran.

09-06-06 - Majeda al-Saqqa The children paint tanks and destroyed houses. They talk about Arabs and Jews and the occupation, instead of talking about the sea and playtime.

09-06-06 - Report: "86, including 16 children killed, 270 taken prisoners in August"

09-06-06 - Political Islam takes center stage since 9-11 "American actions against political Islam after September 11 have ironically contributed to its further rise and emergence, even in its most fanatical, extremist forms,"....Analysts say its roots largely lie in the failure of secular Arab nationalism to challenge Western hegemony and return land to dispossessed Palestinians.

09-06-06 - Pro-Israel lobby targets BBC online poll The Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS) website hosts a downloadable desktop tool called Megaphone. The program alerts users to opinion polls and "talkback" features on news sites so they can respond with pro-Israel views. In turn, users can alert GIYUS operators to any opinion polls they think should be targeted.

09-06-06 - Nablus Evidance Photos From The Last Incursion This photo series is meant to document, visually, some of the claims made by international human rights observers in their reporting of the crimes of the Israeli Occupation during the seige in Nablus on 26th August

09-06-06 - Lebanon demands prisoner swap Lebanon said on Wednesday two Israeli soldiers captured by Hizbollah would not be released unless Israel was prepared to discuss a prisoner swap.

09-06-06 - Gov't workers join Palestinian strike

09-06-06 - British Airways partner to break Lebanon air embargo

09-06-06 - Saudi Arabia to cover Lebanese annual school fees

09-06-06 - Blair to visit Lebanon to discuss truce

09-06-06 - New project in Palestinian autonomy - water for Bethlehem schools Polish Humanitarian Organisation launches a new project in Palestinian Authonomy. Three schools in Bethlehem district on the west Bank will be supplied in special containers for collecting rain water, as well as water treatment plant. The project will provide the access to drinking water to 1724 school children and 86 teachers.

09-06-06 - Historic interfaith agreement 'staged' to appease Israel

09-06-06 - Report: "25% of the Palestinians were imprisoned by Israel"

09-06-06 - Palestinian coalition government only way out of crisis: lawmaker

09-06-06 - All Hands on Deck to Defeat John Bolton's Re-nomination to the United Nations He is the darling of the Israeli lobby, he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

09-06-06 - Senate rejects bill which would limit IDF use of U.S.-made bombs The United States Senate on Wednesday rejected a move by Democrats to stop the Pentagon from using cluster bombs near civilian targets and to cut off sales unless purchasers abide by the same rules. You didn't really think that bill would pass, did you? We are talking about Israel here.

09-06-06 - Israeli troops uproot twenty olive trees near Hebron

09-06-06 - In shift since Hezbollah war, Jewish Agency aids Israeli Arabs

09-06-06 - Israel given proof missing soldier's alive Egypt has supplied Israel with proof that an Israeli soldier abducted by Hamas in June is alive, an Arabic newspaper in London said.

09-06-06 - Palestinian teachers denied access to their schools Israeli forces prevented a number of school teachers from reaching their schools in Qalqillya province, West Bank today.

09-06-06 - Who Gained Most from the Fox Reporters' Kidnapping? It makes Centanni's heartfelt plea about covering the plight of the Palestinians all the more interesting.

09-06-06 - Doctors Group Blasts Israeli Destruction of Gaza

09-06-06 - Israeli Settlers begin construction of a new road in Hebron The settlers, protected by the Israeli army, started to bulldoze lands and uproot olive trees that belong to local Palestinian residents in preparation for the opening of the road that settlers call the 'worshippers road'

09-06-06 - BG group in talks to bring Palestinian gas to Egypt "This will greatly benefit the Palestinian economy," said Chapman at a meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

09-06-06 - My Palestinian husband and I cannot live together in the West Bank

09-06-06 - Rove stayed close to gay stepdad, book says Shortly after being elected president, Bush met with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who complained vigorously about Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The new president asked, "Are you going to kill him?Before Sharon could answer, Bush instructed the Israeli leader that he was not condoning assassination. "If he needs killing, I'll do it," the president said.

09-06-06 - Even Jordanians seethe with hatred for the West One British tourist died and five other Westerners were wounded, as was a member of the Jordanian tourist police, who bravely hurled himself in the line of fire

09-06-06 - Home Demolitions in Jabal Shamali a "Mistake"

09-06-06 - Israel on Campus leaders meet in D.C. The leaders launched a petition drive to thank congressional leaders for their support of Israel during the war.

09-06-06 - Planet of the Arabs This 9-minute feature is an acute dramatization that uses a collection of Hollywood clips from 1896-2000, that negatively depict Arabs, to demonstrate how badly the West has been brainwashed through fiction to fear and despise Arabs in real life.

09-06-06 - APN Criticizes Massive Settlement Expansion, Calls on Bush Administration to Work to Reverse this Decision "Any way you look at it, expanding Israeli settlements is bad policy, now more than ever, and a violation of the Road Map"

09-06-06 - Israel's ?high-tech ballot-stuffing?, aka Lobbyware® Israelis know that repeating a lie often enough goes a long way. And targeting opinion polls - as unscientific as they are - is highly effective.

09-06-06 - RJC launches anti-Democrat campaign The Republican Jewish Coalition launched a campaign saying that support for Israel among Democrats is eroding.

09-06-06 - N.J. Democrats: Iraq war endangers Israel Two New Jersey Democrats running to unseat Republicans said the Iraq war endangers Israel.

09-05-06 - Gaza strikes kill Hamas militants Dozens of bystanders were also hurt, Palestinian doctors said.

09-05-06 - Deadly blast in southern Lebanon Officials said Samir Shehadeh's car was hit by a remote-controlled bomb as he drove past the village of Rmeileh.

09-05-06 - Abbas guard commander 'arrested'

09-05-06 - Thousands of security officers demonstrate in Gaza Thousands of Palestinian security and police officers recruited in different security apparatuses demonstrated in Gaza on Tuesday to protest the delay in paying their salaries they haven't got since March.

09-05-06 - Hizbullah: Israel continues to violate cease fire

09-05-06 - PHR-Israel: Humanitarian Disaster in the Gaza

09-05-06 - Lebanon's Coast Is Drowning in Oil

09-05-06 - Holy Land: "Israel is suffocating Gaza to seize Jerusalem"

09-05-06 - EU monitors may opt to leave Gaza crossing Western diplomats say Israel has prevented Rafah from opening by keeping European monitors from getting to the terminal, citing security concerns.

09-05-06 - General strike in Palestine expands across all sectors

09-05-06 - Walls turn into fact of life in West Bank city of Hebron Since the month-long war in Lebanon, more walls have sprung up in the old city of Hebron in addition to the massive concrete barrier which Israel is building to seal off the West Bank for what it calls security reasons. But they still fail to prevent violence. Routine harassment of Palestinians by Israeli settlers during a period of relative calm in the intifada remains a daily fact of life.

09-05-06 - Annan sees end of Israel blockade of Lebanon in 48 hours

09-05-06 - Israel PM 'to seek Abbas talks' Israeli PM Ehud Olmert wants to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as soon as possible after militants release a captured Israeli soldier.

09-05-06 - Haifa City Council sacks Arab deputy mayor who opposed war Hamis, whose dismissal was approved by a vote of 23 to 3, charged that he was fired due to his vocal opposition to the war and for pointing out the discrimination in Arab neighborhoods. "pointing out the discrimination in Arab neighborhoods", a fireable offense?

09-05-06 - Stateless Palestinians Palestinians are the largest stateless community in the world. Statelessness has dominated and shaped the lives of four generations of Palestinian refugees since their exodus in 1948.

09-05-06 - Lebanese officer tied to Hariri murder probe escapes death A senior Lebanese security official investigating the murder of former premier Rafiq Hariri escaped death in a bomb attack blamed by the country's parliamentary majority on Syria, but four of his bodyguards were killed.

09-05-06 - Turkey approves Lebanon troops Thousands protested in the capital Ankara, calling on politicians not to send troops to fight fellow Muslims

09-05-06 - The Looming Implications of the "Clean Break Plan" Currently, AIPAC is one organization that is not required under FARA to report its activities and finances, allowing it to maintain a veil of secrecy about its work from the American people as well as the government.

09-05-06 - What is Force 17? Force 17 is a security cadre responsible for protecting the Palestinian president and for providing security for visiting international delegations.

09-05-06 - Israeli MPs urge full war inquiry A key parliamentary committee in Israel has called for a powerful state inquiry into official failures during the recent Lebanon war. Not for dropping all of those cluster bombs in civilian areas, or for firing on fleeing civilians, or for anything like that. Those are not considered 'failures' by the Israeli government.

09-05-06 - Analysis: Stark choices for Hamas

09-05-06 - Report: Israel 'preparing for possible war' with Syria, Iran ** Ahmadinejad presides over a country where more than 40 percent of the population lives under the poverty line; his authority is contested, and Iran's neighbors are increasingly worried and have begun acting to counter its influence. If we could contain the Soviet Union, we can contain Iran

09-05-06 - "You don't see, you don't feel, and you don't look" My post was at a former Palestinian school in Hebron. Our mission was to target Palestinian houses. I remember being shocked when I heard this. "You mean we should shoot into the neighborhoods, where people live?"

09-05-06 - UN extends Hariri probe by a year

09-05-06 - Palestinian militants deny captive Israeli soldier transferred to Egypt

09-05-06 - Lebanese can't wait for Israeli pullout

09-05-06 - Penury and boredom weigh on West Bank refugees

09-05-06 - Lebanese television airs footage of missing Israeli airman

09-05-06 - Freedom Summer 2006


09-05-06 - Adams risks US ties in Palestine 'peace mission' Sinn Fein leader angers Washington with plan to meet Hamas on visit

09-05-06 - Visit Palestine Join the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and Visit Palestine. ISM offers many ways for you to get involved in the struggle for Palestinian freedom. Whether you're thinking of traveling to Palestine to work with us, or you'd like to work to educate your community about the reality in Palestine, we welcome your involvement.

09-05-06 - Lebanon Seeks to Reassert Sovereignty Over Borders With its demand that foreign troops police the ports and border, Israel has prolonged a situation in which some of the most important government functions -- security and border controls -- are being assumed by others.

09-05-06 - Individuals, Small Groups Cited as Terrorist Threats It also declared that "finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a critical component to winning the war of ideas," and said that "no other issue has so colored the perception of the United States in the Muslim world." When there is no justice there can be no peace.

09-05-06 - In pre-election session, Congress focuses on homeland security issue "AIPAC is pursuing a robust fall agenda that includes action to impede Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, further isolate the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority and support the full implementation of the U.N. cease-fire agreement in Lebanon," .....Most of the 2005 funds were allocated to Jewish groups seeking protection at synagogues, schools and community centers. Until this summer, the Homeland Security Department had held up allocation of the 2006 funds, saying it preferred to save them for actual instead of potential threats. Following meetings among Jewish lobbyists, department officials and the staff of the relevant Senate appropriations subcommittee, however, officials now say they expect the department to disburse the 2006 funds and both houses of Congress to agree to appropriate $25 million for 2007.

09-05-06 - Feinstein wants cluster bombs limited The California Democrat, who is Jewish and a solid supporter of Israel, wants to guarantee that the weapons will "not be used in or near any concentrated population of civilians, whether permanent or temporary, including inhabited parts of cities or villages, camps or columns of refugees or evacuees."

09-05-06 - Palestinians on the verge of civil war Shaath warns of dire consequences. The American campaign, he says, is destroying civil society, governance and any remaining Palestinian support for the peace process. He seems to have one-year-old Osama in mind as he finishes: "They are radicalising people and creating a governless society - just as they have done in Lebanon and Iraq."

09-05-06 - Netanyahu, Cheney meet The leader of Israel?s opposition Likud Party met with Cheney and top senators Tuesday on a visit to Washington to explain Israel's position on containing Hezbollah and Iran. They meet with Cheney because it is Cheney that runs the show, not Bush. Paragraph 20.

09-05-06 - Israeli panel: Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel ** The panel also concluded that the chances of any of the candidates ordering future military action in Iran were not very high. Giuliani scored highest on this question, followed by Gingrich and McCain.

09-05-06 - Charges dropped against men once accused of bridge terror plot All are Palestinian-American.

09-05-06 - For Gaza's students, classes by 'remote control'

09-05-06 - Archbishop builds bridge for Muslim and Jewish leaders

09-04-06 - Abbas might dissolve Hamas-led govt by Sept.

09-04-06 - Israel begins new settlement push The Israeli government says it plans to build 700 new homes in two settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank. This is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (international law), article 49. Here is an article on the subject from March by former president Jimmy Carter.

09-04-06 - Another fatal day in the 'war on terror' Abdul Rahman Imran, a Palestinian I met in Nablus in the West Bank yesterday, spoke with anger of the plight of his people while the world looks away. In July and August, 251 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army. Half of them were civilians, including women, children and the elderly, the Israeli daily Haaretz said.

09-04-06 - Across Palestinian territories, support for Hamas erodes "The crisis has reached the peak. People can't wait any longer without income," And that's precisely why Israel, and then consequently the US, enforced an aid embargo on Palestine (already one of the most impoverished places on earth) - to force them to dump the Hamas government.

09-04-06 - Palestinian lawmaker holds Israel responsible for economic crisis in territories "Israel keeps holding not less than 600 millions U.S. dollars from tax revenues that form about 70 percent of the Palestinian local income,"

09-04-06 - Bethlehem to be hemmed in on four sides, the latest for the Wall & a settler road in the southwest The Israeli forces Commander for the Central Region of the occupied West Bank, Major General Yair Naveh, has decided to confiscate 152 dunams of southern Bethlehem. The stated aims of the confiscation are "military purposes" and "the security wall."

09-04-06 - Israeli forces invade Doha village, injure two, including a child The injured civilians were identified as Riad Al-Azza, who was hit by a piece of shrapnel in the head, and a child, Muhammad Jamil Ghanayim, had a rubber-coated bullet embedded in his foot.

09-04-06 - Chirac: restarting dialogue on Palestine necessary French President Jacques Chirac said Monday it is necessary to relaunch the dialogue on Palestine issue. Israel in turn felt it necessary to relaunch the settlment-building machine.

09-04-06 - Israel attacks Gaza building, wounds 3 in W. Bank

09-04-06 - OPT: Staple foods in short supply Ging told IRIN that last year, Israel had closed the crossings into Gaza 19 per cent of the time, which was manageable. So far this year, Israel had closed the crossings more than 50 per cent of the time, he said, which made UNRWA's task impossible.

09-04-06 - Israeli Army injures a women and attacks three reporters in Hebron The Israeli army injured one women and three reporters during a search campaign of residents' houses in the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday.

09-04-06 - Israel blockade on Lebanon prevents oil spill clean-up The Israeli blockade on Lebanon is preventing the widescale intervention needed to clean a massive oil slick caused by the Jewish state's bombardment of a power station, Greenpeace has said.

09-04-06 - Lebanon to protest Israel's blockade "The Cabinet has decided to file a complaint with the Security Council against Israel for its continued blockade of Lebanon, its violation of international resolutions ... and its insistence to challenge the international will,"

09-04-06 - Patrick J. Buchanan: Bush has no authority to launch a war on Iran ** There are powerful forces in this country and Israel that wish the United States to launch a massive preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, and her military and naval assets as well. They will push the president hard to do this before he leaves office. These forces include the Israelis, their strong lobby in the United States, the neoconservatives, some conservative and centrist newspapers, and GOP prospective presidential candidates

09-04-06 - Israel afraid of retribution for war crimes against Lebanon The Foreign Ministry official said the legal-defense team, which includes representatives from the Justice and Defense ministries, is maintained by the government to help officials facing the possibility of war crimes charges abroad.

09-04-06 - European Nations Bar Heavy El Al Cargo Planes All three nations -- Britain, Germany and Italy -- have diplomatic relations with Israel and have been heavily involved in the effort to expand the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon peacekeeping mission. Nonetheless, the same nations now refuse to allow Israel?s national carrier to make stopover landings for refueling when carrying heavy cargo from U.S. army bases.

09-04-06 - George Carlin - Who Really Controls America Corporate and foreign interests. They count on OUR IGNORANCE, as I've pointed out in a few places here on my website (the foreign interests anyway). And long ago, when I (DH) had the geocities website, and before I began investigating the Israel angle, I had pointed out the bit about the corporate influence as well (top right). Solution? Get your news from overseas (UK), like I do. Do not be a sheep. We can no longer afford it. And God bless George Carlin, swear words and all.

09-04-06 - Rebuilding Lebanon is a moral imperative - and a wise strategy Israel's ongoing sea and air blockade, begun right after Hizbullah's kidnapping of its two soldiers triggered the war, has caused huge losses to Lebanon - and gains for Syria

09-04-06 - Skyshield air defense being considered

09-04-06 - Hamas on the brink of deal to lead new coalition in move to end funding crisis

09-04-06 - Israelis warned on tough talk Among terms and phrases now considered off-limits are "crushing the enemy" and "wiping out," or "cleansing," areas suspected of harboring Hezbollah or Palestinian terrorists. The wording is a secondary issue to the fact that Israel has routinely targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure in Palestine and Lebanon.

09-04-06 - UN 'to mediate in soldiers row' UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says Israel and Hezbollah have accepted his offer to mediate in the dispute over two captured Israeli soldiers.

09-04-06 - 9th - 16th of November 2006: 4th National & international week against THE APARTHEID WALL As the ghetto walls close around our people, the voice of the Palestinian and Arab resistance continues to echo within the Bantustans and beyond. Like every year since bulldozers started to level our land for the Wall?s path, the Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16) will unite Palestinian communities struggling against the land grab and expulsion in mass protests.

09-04-06 - Red Cross slams Downer hoax claim THE International Committee of the Red Cross has rebuked Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for relying on an unverified internet blog to claim an Israeli missile strike on one of its ambulances in southern Lebanon was a hoax. Now why would good old Mr. Downer pander to the Israeli lobby in that manner?

09-04-06 - Campaign to Free Pollard for Rosh HaShanah Ministers have been asked to make a concerted effort to ask U.S. President Bush to pardon Jonathan Pollard in time for the Jewish New Year, 25 days from now.

09-04-06 - For Peace in the Middle East, Stop AIPAC!

09-04-06 - Israel Lobby Watch

09-04-06 - Lebanon army nears control of border with Israel: UN Lebanese troops should soon control their southern border for the first time in decades, a UN force commander has said, as Qatar became the first Arab country to offer back-up peacekeepers.

09-04-06 - Qatar pledges 200-300 troops to UN Lebanon force Qatar on Monday became the first Arab country to commit troops to the expanded U.N. force set up to keep the peace between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas in south Lebanon.

09-04-06 - Strikes creating more uncertainty in Palestinian students? already uncertain lives

09-04-06 - Armed men attack Driver of a senior Fateh official and legislato Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses reported, on Sunday evening, that an unknown group of gunmen stopped the car of Dr. Nabil Shaath, a senior Fateh official and a Palestinian legislator and attacked his driver after forcing him out of the car.

09-04-06 - Israel talks snub for Sinn Fein The Israeli government has refused to meet Gerry Adams during his peace mission in the Middle East this week.

09-04-06 - Palestinian Cabinet minister retracts resignation A Palestinian businessman who serves in the Hamas-led Cabinet retracted his resignation on Monday

09-04-06 - Iran's ex-president Khatami believes US attack on Iran unlikely Asked about Ahmadinejad's remarks on Israel, he said: "I personally never said that Israel should be wiped off the map. "I always said and backed fair and equal peace in the region with the main pillar -- one of the main pillars of which would have to be fair treatment of Palestinians and also the repatriation rights of the Palestinian refugees."

09-04-06 - Olmert to Knesset defense panel: We'd use more force in war with Syria This subcommittee will deal with Israel's public relations campaign abroad during the war, the extent to which it was effective during the war in countering Hezbollah's propaganda and the diplomatic backlash of civilian casualties at Kafr Qana. It's a shame that Israel cares more about its image than about the civilians that its army (routinely) kills.

09-04-06 - Qatar plane lands in Beirut despite Israel blockade

09-04-06 - Typecasting Muslims as a Race "Muslims are the new Jews," said Paul Silverstein, an anthropology professor at Reed College in Oregon who studies the intersection of race, immigration and Islam. "They're the object of a series of stereotypes, caricatures and fears which are not based in a reality and are independent of a person's experience with Muslims." ..."The U.S. is so heavily allied with Israel that the kind of day-in, day-out demonization of Arabs that is associated with that conflict comes home with a vengeance to the United States,"

09-04-06 - Christian Zionists angry over slur Christian Zionists (and their Jewish counterparts like Abramoff, as one example), send money and support to illegal Israeli settlers - some of whom are very violent. They abet war crimes, since, the settlements are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (article 49).

09-04-06 - Netanyahu to meet with US VP on talks on Iran Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu will leave to Washington on Monday for meetings with US Vice President Dick Cheney and senators about the threat from Iran.

09-04-06 - Jewish delegation meets Egyptian officials "The main message we take away from our meetings in Cairo is that Egypt and Israel need each other more than ever ? that the two nations share concerns about Iran, regional extremism and the urgency of advancing peace, concerns heightened by the war in Lebanon,"

09-04-06 - Europeans bar El Al planes with arms The decision made by England, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy will require Israel to significantly cut down the size of arms shipments.

09-04-06 - No prisoner swap, Olmert says

09-04-06 - U.N. general says Israel's Lebanon pullout on track

09-04-06 - The economics of Mid East peace If Shimon Peres (Comment, September 4) truly desired peace, why is the government of which he is deputy premier seeking to extend West Bank settlements

09-03-06 - Boy wounded in teacher dispute A mass teachers? strike that is part of the Palestinian power struggle erupted in violence when masked militants trying to keep students away from school shot and wounded Issam Ghannam, a 12-year-old boy trying to go to class in Nablus, a city in the northern West Bank.

09-03-06 - Gaza doctors encounter 'unexplained injuries' The World Health Organisation (WHO) is considering whether there is a case for an investigation into the injuries amid suspicions by the medics that the injuries were inflicted by what they claim may have been unidentified "non-conventional" weapons....Beside especially severe burning "down to the bones", the doctors say that, in other cases, internal organs have been ruptured without any obvious sign of shrapnel wounds

09-03-06 - Olive Picking Program 2006 Despite the ruling of the International Court of Justice regarding the illegality of the Separation Wall, the Israeli authorities continue to divide villagers from their land and water resources. Many farmers feel that this year will be their last chance to harvest their produce. You are cordially invited to help them defy the illegal occupation of their land.

09-03-06 - Haneya urges Arabs to break siege imposed on Palestinians Ismail Haneya, Prime Minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government, on Sunday called on Arab nations to break a siege imposed by the United States and Israel on the Palestinians and its government.

09-03-06 - Israeli notice to northern West Bank: Land will be confiscated, olive trees will be destroyed Hundreds of farmers will no longer be able to reach their trees and crops when Israeli forces have completed the confiscation and destruction in the Palestinian town

09-03-06 - Israeli forces attack Palestinians trying to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque Israeli soldiers in al-Ram neighborhood at the edge of occupied Jerusalem opened fire at West Bank Palestinians trying to enter Jerusalem to attend the Friday prayers at the Aqsa Mosque.

09-03-06 - Swap for Shalit? Israel is reportedly in talks to release 800 jailed Palestinians in exchange for a soldier held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

09-03-06 - Old mines in northwestern West Bank endanger farmers and firefighters The mines date back to Israeli forces and the Prince of Jordan during the Six Day War in 1967. Between Qalqilia, a city now encircled by the Wall, and Nablus further to the north, several patches of explosives are waiting to detonate

09-03-06 - Lebanese MPs prolong sit-in against Israeli blockade "The Israeli blockade is in violation of (UN Security Council) Resolution 1701, and we have taken steps to make sure it is lifted,"

09-03-06 - Israel attacks Gaza building Israeli forces launched an air strike on the home of a Palestinian militant in the Gaza Strip early on Monday and troops began a new raid into the north of the territory, residents said.

09-03-06 - Lebanese officials scoff at Israel talks "Why should we negotiate with them?" said the information minister. "Israel will not get through peace what it failed to get in war."

09-03-06 - Qatar airline to fly into Beirut Qatar Airways says it will resume direct flights to Beirut on Monday despite a blockade by Israel.

09-03-06 - Hebron update: 8-16 August 2006

09-03-06 - Hebron Update 17-25 August 2006 Christina Gibb went to the opening of a new kindergarten in the Haret Jaberi area, above the Hebron Rehabilitation Center. An earlier kindergarten, closer to the large Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, had had to close because settler harassment had made it unsafe for the children.

09-03-06 - Hebron Update 26 August - 1 September 2006

09-03-06 - At-Tuwani Update 14-31 August 2006 A friend of the team from At-Tuwani reported he had seen at least three Israeli military Humvees and Jeeps in Yatta earlier that day. He said he heard one soldier say to a group of children, "We are the Israeli army who was in Lebanon. We want to do to you what we did there."

09-03-06 - Forecast: Israel will disappear in 17 years The year 2007 will mark the beginning of the countdown for the destruction of Israel, a process that will last 17 years, he claimed. The Christian Fundies will be giddy with excitement over the forthcoming 'Armageddon'.

09-03-06 - Genocide in Gaza

09-03-06 - From 1998: Israel's Ethnic Weapon? Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times.

09-03-06 - Lebanese PM rejected calls to meet: Olmert

09-03-06 - Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria ** (Note that neocon Perle is quoted in this article). There has been grave concern in Israel over a military pact signed in Tehran on June 15 between Iran and Syria, which the Iranian defence minister described as a "mutual front against Israeli threats". You know as well as I that America will be fighting this one too. Somehow, someway, America will be attacking Iran (and consequently Syria) very soon. This is not a new strategy for Israel, contrary to what they said in the article. Israelis demanded America next take care of Iran and Syria the minute we invaded Iraq. See also this article, and this one, and also this one.

09-03-06 - Jackson to ask Hizbollah for evidence on Israelis

09-03-06 - Israel Lobby Takes a Few Hard Hits

09-03-06 - When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic" It was known that in the last days of the war the Israeli army was engaged in a desperate attempt to have some "victory" and rushed troops here and there in an attempt to have a photo shoot near the Litani River. What was not known until now was the blind spite that sowed the ground of South Lebanon with a massive number of bomblets.

09-03-06 - Flashback Sept. 2004: Expulsion of Arafat imminent, says Israel It was the second time in a week that a senior Israeli official talked about expelling Arafat. On Monday, Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said the government remained committed to a security cabinet decision from last year to remove Arafat, but there were no immediate plans. Arafat died only months later of an undisclosed ailment.

09-03-06 - Annan 'misguided' on Gaza offensive An Israeli Cabinet minister has described United Nations (UN) secretary-general Kofi Annan as misguided after comments he made condemning Israel's continuing assault on the Gaza Strip.

09-03-06 - This war has taught us that Israel must revise its military approach by Shimon Peres A war deterrent is supposed to prevent war. The goal is peace. Well Mr. Peres, then why don't you explain to everybody why this entire operation was planned a year ago, and was even brought before Dick Cheney (paragraph 20) in order to get the approval of the Bush administration. All of this blather and bullsh*t is not going to change that fact.

09-03-06 - Turkey threatens to withdraw troops if required to disarm Hezbollah: PM

09-03-06 - Israeli army destroys Hezbollah weapon depots During the Israeli operation around the southern Lebanese village of Ayt a-Shab near the Israeli border, the troops found rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortar shells, light arms and communications equipment in the depot, the report said.

09-03-06 - Palestinian minister of communication quits Hamas- led government The resignation came amid mounting pressure on the government by unpaid employees who have not gotten salaries since the government took office in late March

09-03-06 - Kidnappers of Fox News journalists threat to abduct non-Muslim foreigners

09-03-06 - Gerry Adams on peace mission to Middle East THE Sinn Fein president, Gerry Adams, will this week urge warring Israeli and Palestinian factions to follow the Northern Irish blueprint for peace.

09-03-06 - Palestinians are urged to use Egypt crossing JERUSALEM: The World Bank yesterday recommended that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip send exports through the Rafah crossing with Egypt instead of a crossing with Israel that is often closed due to security concerns Someone needs to tell the World Bank that Israel has kept THAT crossing closed too.

09-03-06 - Father, his five sons, taken prisoners in Hebron Israeli soldiers invaded on Sunday at dawn the Al Fawwar refugee camp, near Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank, and arrested a father and his five sons after surrounding their home, Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported

09-03-06 - Israeli foreign minister rules out peace talks with Syria for now "The tools are in place to free Lebanon from Syria," she said. "To add other Syrian interests to this 'salad,' if you'll pardon the expression, would in my opinion complicate a process that is acceptable to everyone."

09-03-06 - 'Hezbollah is arming Gaza for a new war on Israel', says Israel's spy chief Mmm k.

09-03-06 - Critics of Israel 'fuelling hatred of British Jews'

09-03-06 - Chief Rabbis to meet Archbishop of Canterbury Campaigners have expressed their hopes that a meeting this week between Israel's Chief Rabbis and the Archbishop of Canterbury, will not lead to a softening of the Archbishop's stance on disinvestment in companies profiting from the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

09-02-06 - Three Palestinians killed amid reported prisoner exchange talks Three Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip, sources said, while talks were reportedly taking place to exchange an Israeli soldier for Palestinian women and children.

09-02-06 - Israeli warplane destroys Palestinian house, wounding two

09-02-06 - Palestinians to announce unity government in 10 days: Abbas

09-02-06 - £3 million from UK helps rehabilitate Palestinian water and electricity services The payment will help to ensure that water, sanitation and electricity services are kept running by providing finance for essential operation, maintenance and repair work.

09-02-06 - ACT Appeal: Emergency assistance to the Palestinian population

09-02-06 - Palestinians strike over lost pay There has been a big response in the West Bank, with most government offices shut and the first day of the school year heavily disrupted.

09-02-06 - Tehran assures Annan on Lebanon Hours before Mr Annan's visit, the Iranian president repeated his warning that Iran would not abandon its nuclear programme.

09-02-06 - Unrest in Gaza Eoin Murray from Trocaire, the Irish Catholic Aid Agency, lived in Gaza for two years and has just come back from a visit there. He told us the situation is the worst he has ever seen?

09-02-06 - Lebanese official wants blockade broken The Western-backed Saniora rejected the contention that the blockade was being carried out under paragraph 14 of the U.N. Security Council cease-fire resolution, which calls on the Lebanese government to secure its borders and other entry points to prevent the influx of weapons. "Who assigned Israel to be guardian of the implementation of the resolution?" Saniora asked.

09-02-06 - Former security chief urges Iran action ISRAEL should consider a military option to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the former head of the Mossad intelligence service said overnight.

09-02-06 - In Lebanon, a prominent military figure disputes Israel's motive for war few appear to be paying attention - by the evidence, such as it is, put forth by a prominent, retired Lebanese military officer who claims that "[t]he capture operation actually took place in the Alm Al-Shaab area of south Lebanon...."....The problem is, of course, that even if Hteit's claim is true, now, after Israel's intense bombing of southern Lebanon during the war, there is no physical evidence left standing to support his argument.

09-02-06 - Increased Israeli Military Harassment of Palestinians in Hebron Since the War in Lebanon, the Christian Peacemaker Team has seen increased military activity in Hebron, especially in and around the Old City.

09-02-06 - Hamas official calls on Israel to unfreeze Palestinian tax revenues The Palestinian government led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on Saturday called on Israel to unfreeze tax revenues worth of 600 million U.S. dollars they held since it took office in late March.

09-02-06 - Italian troops arrive in Lebanon

09-02-06 - Robert Fisk: American and Muslim: six million people in search of an identity All agree that the most pernicious element to the latest Bush rant is his gift to Israel of placing Ehud Olmert in the ranks of his "war on terror", quite specifically linking Israel's slaughter of Lebanese civilians in July and August to his own manic project by stating that combatants from Iraq and Lebanon "form the outlines of a single movement, a worldwide network of radicals that use terror to kill those who stand in the way of their totalitarian ideology".

09-02-06 - Eyewitness reports from Gaza Caritas Jerusalem, the Catholic aid agency working in the Holy Land has just sent these reports

09-02-06 - Most Americans Blame Hezbollah for War Conversely, 55 per cent of respondents think the Lebanese government should be blamed, while 48 per cent hold the Israeli government responsible. Ruh roh. Better get more ads to the sheep, Abe.

09-02-06 - Israeli Company Refuses to Prosecute British Protesters Over Fear of Examination of the Lawfulness of its Business in Court Carmel is complicit in war crimes under the International Criminal Court Act 2001 (ICC Act). They import fresh produce originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories.

09-02-06 - Nonviolent movement claims partial victory as part of settlement dismantled near Bil'in But in the rest of the West Bank, Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land are due to expand, with an Israeli court order ruling that Israeli authorities should allow settlement growth.

09-02-06 - Congressmember Weiner Gets It Wrong On Palestinian Group He Tried To Bar From U.S. You know, Israel didn't choose to have a war. Yes they did, Anthony Weiner. They planned it a year ago(paragraph 4). This guy is yet another shill for Israel on Capitol Hill.

09-02-06 - "Butcher of Qana" finds No Safe Haven on Capitol Hill

09-02-06 - Bedouin Homes Destroyed The Government of Israel demolished SIX houses today in the Negev

09-02-06 - Villagers See Violations of a Cease-Fire That Israel Says Doesn't Exist Israeli tanks crisscross the dry brown hills, shooting into the fields and smashing up houses and stone walls. Teams of Israeli soldiers have planted their nation?s flag atop bluffs here and sometimes detained Lebanese men, releasing them days later. No one seems to know where the mobile Israeli units are based, or how to avoid them....The flags and the continuing presence of Israeli soldiers here have further angered villagers already stunned by the extent of the Israeli bombing. Even some Christians, whose villages were largely spared the destruction visited on Shiite areas, say the war has fueled their support for Hezbollah.

09-02-06 - Israel rejects Syria's arms embargo pledge Israeli officials were sceptical about the Syrian offer, pointing out that they did not believe Syria could be trusted to enforce the arms embargo as it had been the main supplier of arms to Hizbollah for more than two decades.

09-02-06 - Canada government slips in key battleground: poll The decision by Canada's minority Conservative government to take a strongly pro- Israel stance is costing the party support in the influential French-speaking province of Quebec, according to a poll published on Thursday.

09-02-06 - US may consider additional aid to IDF The official also rejected a report in The New Yorker magazine at the beginning of the month according to which Israel and the US had coordinated and planned the war in advance as a test to see how the military would function in the run-up to a possible strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Horsesh*t.

09-02-06 - World Questions U.S. Role in Mid-East War 34 per cent of respondents believe the U.S. is responsible for the war in Lebanon.

09-02-06 - Erekat calls for building a sea-port and repair Gaza airport

09-02-06 - Egypt's Mubarak says negotiations underway on swap of Palestinian, Israeli prisoners

09-02-06 - Palestine Prime Minister cleaned garbage When garbage men went on a strike in Gaza three days ago, garbage covered the streets. In order to encourage people to do the same thing, Palestine Prime Minister Ismael Haniya took the brooms of the garbage men and cleaned the streets with volunteers.

09-02-06 - Aid for Palestine significant part of China's support for Mideast peace process: envoy The economic assistance to Palestine, including humanitarian aid, is an important expression of China's support for the Middle East peace process, Sun Bigan, Chinese envoy on the Middle East, said on Friday in Stockholm.

09-02-06 - German Jewish leader accuses Merkel minister of anti-Semitism Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of German Jews, has been angered over calls by Development Aid Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul for a United Nations probe into Israel's use of cluster bombs in military strikes on Lebanese and Hezbollah targets.

09-02-06 - Lebanese clear away the rubble from war

09-02-06 - 'Fascism' Frame Set Up by Neocon Press The aggressive new campaign by the administration of President George W. Bush to depict U.S. foes in the Middle East as "fascists" and its domestic critics as "appeasers" owes a great deal to steadily intensifying efforts by the right-wing press over the past several months to draw the same comparison.....Israel-centered neoconservatives and other hawks have long tried to depict foreign challenges to U.S. power as replays of the 1930s in order to rally public opinion behind foreign interventions and high defense budgets and against domestic critics.

09-02-06 - Race is on to save the Dead Sea Ariel Sharon, the ailing former Israeli prime minister, once called Israel?s diversion of the River Jordan in 1964 the spark that led to the six day war in 1967. Palestinians are still forbidden to sink new wells.

09-02-06 - Palestinian educator breaks barriers to teach politics MORAGA: St. Mary's professor born blind in West Bank camp, but stays objective on Mideast

09-02-06 - Get ready for the Democrats The basic attitude of Congress toward Israel is not likely to change, according to some pro-Israel officials busy trying to insure just that

09-01-06 - Israelis battle Gaza gunmen, 2 dead Younis Abu Odah, a resident, told local media that bullets fired during the gunfight came through his house and killed his 54-year-old father and 27-year-old brother, and wounded two of his sisters. He appealed for medics to take them to hospital

09-01-06 - 12 Year Old Boy Shot by Settler While Playing Near His Home

09-01-06 - Palestinian donor meeting raises $500 mln International donors pledged $500 million (263 million pounds) in aid for the Palestinian Territories on Friday and called on Israel to give humanitarian agencies better access to the region....A separate gathering on aid to Lebanon held in Stockholm on Thursday raised $940 million (495 million pounds), nearly double expectations. What price Israel? The world is once again left to pick up the tab after another rampage by Israel.

09-01-06 - Israeli formally annexes 14% of northern Bethlehem Now historic Bethlehem is entirely cut off from its twin city Jerusalem by a kilometer stretch of the Wall. Hundreds of shops, factories, cultural institutions, religious and social centers, and residential homes were either confiscated or annexed to Jerusalem and under complete Israeli control.

09-01-06 - Hamas PM urges Palestinian teachers not to strike Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya has urged teachers not to strike at the start of the new academic year as demanded by their union to protest the non-payment of salaries.

09-01-06 - U.N. names panel to probe Israel abuses Under the resolution, the three will investigate the "systematic targeting and killings of civilians by Israel," according to the commission's resolution. The commission will also examine the types of weapons Israel used and their conformity with international law.

09-01-06 - Hope and despair in the rubble of Lebanon's Bint Jbeil "I have nothing left," he says. "I'm not Hezbollah. Why do they have to do that to me?"

09-01-06 - A decade to clear cluster bombs in Lebanon Clearing unexploded cluster bombs used by Israel in Lebanon during the month-long war, many of them U.S.-manufactured, could take 10 years, a British-based demining group said on Friday. ..."Currently one person per day is being killed and three people per day are being injured by ordnance of all types,"

09-01-06 - Experts: Reuters jeep not hit by missile

09-01-06 - Demonstrators are sprayed with a colored liquid fired from a water canon by Israeli border police, as one holds the Palestinian flag

09-01-06 - No victory for Hizbollah, say Lebanese Christians "People have got fed up over the years with outside interference and wars. I am sure that 75 per cent of the country want to have a secure country and live in peace irrespective of everything else."

09-01-06 - Israel: Beyond Good and Evil? Ehud Olmert's Nietzschean foreign policy Here is yet more evidence of my thesis that Israeli society, deformed by perpetual war and disfigured by state controls, is morphing into a form of fascism, including a mass movement with global reach that mimics the historical forms of national socialism - minus, of course, the requisite anti-Semitism Umm Justin, Arabs are Semites. And Israeli Jews would appear to be (last paragraph) very prejudiced against their Arab counterparts, to say the least.

09-01-06 - OPT: Strikes paralyse Palestinian health sector

09-01-06 - Israel to try Palestinian officials in Dec. An Israeli military court announced Thursday that the trial of detained Palestinian officials will be held on Dec. 12, Israel's newspaper Ha'aretzreported on its website editon.

09-01-06 - EU talks on Mid-East peace plan He said the recent fighting between Israel and Hezbollah had shown the need for reviving - and if necessary updating - the road map peace plan.

09-01-06 - UN welcomes Palestinian aid pledge Mr Egeland warned that a lack of funding had the potential to create a social revolt caused by the anger of Palestinians at their living standards. That was what Israel was hoping for and why it made sure that aid was cut off when Hamas was elected. Palestinians were to oust Hamas in this strategy.

09-01-06 - Israel drops Lebanon deployment objections, says Indonesia Israel has dropped objections to Indonesia's participation in the expanded UN force in Lebanon and Jakarta will send up to 1,000 troops, Indonesia's Defence Minister says.

09-01-06 - Syria agrees to U.N. resolution U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Friday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had promised to enforce an arms embargo on Hizbollah under a U.N. resolution that halted Israel's war with the Lebanese group.

09-01-06 - Deal would free 1,000 for Israeli soldier

09-01-06 - Atomic inspectors' report on Iran lays groundwork for united action The top agenda item for U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) for the last congressional session in September, before mid-term elections, is final passage of her Iran Freedom Act, which has garnered overwhelming support in the House of Representatives. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and an array of other Jewish groups are committed to the act's passage.

09-01-06 - German spy chief en route to Lebanon The head of Germany's foreign intelligence service, the BND, is on route to Lebanon, a Foreign Ministry official said on Friday, fuelling speculation Germany may play a role in a prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon.

09-01-06 - Rosa Brooks: Criticize Israel? You're an Anti-Semite! What's most troubling is that it's typical. Typical, that is, of what anyone rash enough to criticize Israel can expect to encounter. In the United States today, it just isn't possible to have a civil debate about Israel, because any serious criticism of its policies is instantly countered with charges of anti-Semitism

09-01-06 - Israel Says Syria, Not Just Iran, Supplied Missiles to Hezbollah The U.S. and Israel in recent weeks have pressured nations that sell weapons to Iran and Syria to tighten restrictions on their transfer to third parties, an effort aimed at curtailing Hezbollah's arsenal. China, which has substantial economic interests in the region, is considered unlikely to stop its shipments, experts said, though the lobbying may have more effect on Russia.

09-01-06 - Critical congressman tours Israel The American Israel Education Foundation, which is affiliated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, sponsored the trip, and an AIPAC staffer accompanied Van Hollen.

09-01-06 - Local residents, international peace activists protest against the Wall in Al Khader

09-01-06 - Abbas and Norway FM hold talks

09-01-06 - Bil?in Demonstrators Attacked by Experimental Weapons

09-01-06 - Brazil makes donation to Palestine

09-01-06 - Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates Meet In Only Debate Sheeler said the U.S. should support Israel, but he seemed to suggest the U.S. government should do more to support the creation of a Palestinian state

09-01-06 - Spain to build up Lebanon force

09-01-06 - Critics Decry 'Destroy and Lend' Policy in Lebanon Lebanon is firmly en route to becoming the third nation in the Middle East after Iraq and the Palestinian territories to experience a devastating Washington-backed war and a massive influx of new illegitimate debt to cover reconstruction expenses, anti-debt activists say.

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