Rachel Corrie

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3-2 - One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Wash., right, and other members of the "International Solidarity Movement" hold up a banner reading 'Israeli army stop shooting children' in protest of Israeli military actions at the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza Strip in this photo taken Friday March 14, 2003. Corrie was run over Sunday March 16, 2003 by an Israeli army bulldozer when she was trying to stop the demolition of a building in the Rafah refugee camp, witnesses said. She was taken to Najar hospitalin Rafah, where she died. (AP Photo/Lorenzo Scaraggi)

A day for remembering little Rachel

3-16 - Israeli Bulldozer Kills U.S. Woman, 23   *Photo   *Photo   * Photo  *Photo   *Photo   *AUDIO: Eyewitness account of the incident as told by a British activist - towards lower right of page.

3-16 - U.S. woman killed by bulldozer in Israel had been active in peace movement for years

Photo from Mar 14 - Rachel at a protest

*ISM statement about this incident

* Baby named after Rachel Corrie

Rachel's mother speaks out

Olympians for Peace website


3-18 - Activists Want Probe of Rachel Corrie Killing in Israel

3-18 - Seeking answers from Israel

3-17 - Palestinian children fete US 'martyr'

3-17 - March honors Palestinian peace activist

3-17 - Vigil marks anniversary of Corrie death in Gaza Strip

3-17 - 'U' students commemorate death of young activist in Middle East “Jews world-wide with a conscience need to fight for the freedoms of Palestine. It’s the only way we’ll be free,” Herskovitz said. Still, Herskovitz said his ideas have not been received well in the Jewish community. Of the Jewish people he’s come in contact, with he said about 80 percent have ostracized him and only 20 percent have accepted him.

3-16 - One Year Later: Rachel Corrie's Critics Fire Blanks

3-16 - Message from Craig and Cindy Corrie

3-16 - One Year Since the Killing of Rachel Corrie Amnesty International Urges President Bush to Call for Independent Investigation

3-16 - Remembering Rachel one year after her murder

3-16 - House bill stalls calling for probe of Corrie's death

3-16 - Rachel Corrie fought for world she believed in

3-16 - One Year Later: Rafah's remembers Rachel's kindness

3-16 - Foreign peace activists commemorate Rachel Corrie, killed by Israeli army

3-15 - Greens Renew Call for Probe into US Peaceworker's Death in the Gaza Strip

3-15 - JPPI to Participate in National Day of Action to Remember and Honor Slain American Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Killed by Israeli Bulldozer One Year Ago in Gaza Strip

3-14 - Former N.C. parents seek answers a year after child's Gaza death

3-14 - Carrying on the passion of activist Rachel Corrie

3-13 - D.C. area organizations hold memorial for Rachel Corrie

3-13 - Charlotte marks tragic anniversary Rachel Corrie was working for social justice, and now justice is all that her parents are fighting for. They want to know exactly what happened, why their daughter was killed, and why no one was punished.

3-12 - Rachel Corrie's Cousin Speaks Out in Montreal Elizabeth and Rachel's parents continue to urge the U.S. Congress to pass a resolution calling for a U.S.-led investigation into Rachel's death. The family has gathered little government support.

3-6 - March 16 National Day of Action for Rachel Corrie

3-2 - One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

2-17 - Housing rights group honors Corrie

2-5 - Parents of Rachel Corrie speak at University of Michigan

1-27 - Commentary: Corrie ‘Parable’ Evokes Spirited Replies

1-23 - N.C. Parents Of Activist Killed By Bulldozer Criticize Israeli Investigation


7-24 - Marchers want congressional investigation NEW BRITAIN -- An activist group calling for a congressional investigation into the March 16 death of Washington college student Rachel Corrie marched through the streets of New Britain Wednesday.

7-5 - Eulogy to Rachel

7-3 - Affidavits from eyewitnesses to Rachel Corrie killing (Durie, Carr, Hewitt)

6-30 - Pro-Palestinian Organization Named After Rachel Corrie

6-27 - Israelis cleared in activist Corrie's death 'It's not over,' he father says of conflicting reports

6-27 - Israel calls Corrie death 'accident'

6-26 - Israeli army closes file on Corrie death, no disciplinary action similar earlier story here.

6-26 - Army decides to close file on death of U.S. peace activist

6-25 - A Deafening Silence In Israel, is it now okay to kill Americans? "My root reason for being in the midst of the oppression and abuse of Palestinian civilians is to walk beside them and share in their lives. Even if we don't save lives, it is surely Christ-like to share in their sufferings."

6-23 - The Meaning of Rachel Corrie Of Dignity and Solidarity

6-23 - US Wants Israel to Extradite Palestinian-US Senator Will we also extradite the soldier responsible for the death of Rachel Corrie? I won't hold my breath...

6-19 - Troops tear down illegal Israeli settlements "When peace activists tried the same tactic against Israeli bulldozers trying to tear down Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip, it went tragically wrong and an American activist, Rachel Corrie, was crushed to death by a bulldozer. But it was Israeli houses being demolished yesterday and the army was careful " - This was not lost on me.

6-14 - Parents pick up banner of slain activist daughter

6-14 - Students move on but don't forget colleague Jewish acquaintances, he said, felt intimidated by the rhetoric surrounding the killing of Rachel Corrie, 23, under the blade of an Israeli military tractor.

6-14 - Accounts of Corrie's death still conflict . Wow. I am appalled at the lies that come out of the IDF. Could it be any clearer as to why they cannot be trusted? Another example here. Our State Department has already stated that it will rely on the Israel's explanation of the incident for the truth.

6-14 - Local activists want Mideast peace resolution from Congress Two women lobby for an independent Palestinian state, want to organize an area group

6-13 - Graduation day activities to honor slain activist



Politicians seek U.S. probe of bulldozer death Rep. Robin Hayes, R-N.C., of Concord is not supporting either bill, said spokesman Jonathan Felts. "Regrettably, rather than working for a solution, both of these bills seem to be more focused on assigning blame for the violence that is hindering the peace process," Felts said. Who exactly does Hayes represent, Israel or Americans? I'm confused.

4-20 - Charlotte remembers Rachel Corrie

`It's a terrible thing, living with the knowledge that you crushed our daughter'

From 4/15 - US dissatisfied with Israeli probe into death of American peace activist - I don't know how I missed this one but it was not anywhere near the front page of Yahoo (I saw the title on a buried list of Yahoo message boards) or in any Google News search that I routinely perform several times a day. At any rate, I don't see it mentioned on any other major American news site.

Democrats from state back U.S. probe of activist's death

The Revolution of Rachel Corrie’s Memory

Greens Call for an Investigation of the Murder of American Peace Activist Rachel Corrie by Israeli Forces.

3-23 - Making of a martyr The UK press tells it like it is. Too bad our gutless press doesn't do so as well.

Amnesty International Condemns Killing of Rachel Corrie

3-19 - Parents of crushed US peace activist call for protection of others

Letter to Rachel from an IDF conscientious objector part way down the page

3-19 - Kin of Woman Killed in Gaza Seek Probe Let us not let our government sweep Rachel's death under the carpet like they did with the USS Liberty incident.

3-18 - After Gaza death, activists resolute

The U.S. State Department said yesterday it will rely on Israel to investigate the death of Rachel Corrie - considering Israel's history of punishing (they never do) those who commit murder while in uniform, I'd say that this was the most ridiculous and utterly indefensible thing I've yet heard from our government.

Activist's memorial service disrupted - This army has got to be the most inhumane on the face of the earth. I believe that these photos may be from the incident - * Photo   * Photo

Eyewitness to Corrie's Murder

US demands Gaza killing probe The State Department refused to condemn the killing of Rachel? Looks like Israel got away with murdering Americans - again.

Protest in NYC over Rachel's death by members of Jews Against the Occupation

VIDEO: Rachel Corrie on film. Her parents release a statement and a letter from Rachel - I couldn't get this video to play. But what's written on the page is of interest.

3-17 - U.S. Asks Israel to Respect Dignity of Palestinians - Don't ask, tell your Congressmen to make sure that the Palestinian civilian population, most of whom have nothing to do with terrorism, are afforded basic human rights. It is up to us to see to that since it is our money and UN vetoes that have helped perpetuate the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.