2004 Photos

3-4 Photos

Palestinian relatives of 14-year-old Mohammed Othman mourn over his body

Wounded Palestinians lie on their hospital beds following an explosion in Rafah

Palestinian woman argues with an Israeli security man as Israeli army bulldozers prepare construction of the separation barrier

3-3 Photos

An Israeli clothing chain held a photo shoot for their summer catalogue at Israel's West Bank barrier

Palestinian children watch a fashion show for an Israeli fashion house

3-2 Photos

Israeli forces killed Abu Rajab, an unarmed Palestinian after surrounding his house and ordering him out during a West Bank swoop on Tuesday

3-1 Photos

Palestinians walk on a steep down hill gravel road, the only remaining outlet for some vehicles that can maneuver

Residents of this village, say they will 'die a slow death''

2-29 Photos

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia, center, walks with Christina Del Valle, right, from Spain

2-28 Photos

Ten-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Faqih is brought into Rafidiyeh hospital in Nablus after he was shot in the head when Israeli troops opened fire at stone-throwers

Palestinian doctors treat a boy wounded by shrapnel from Israeli helicopter missiles

2-27 Photos

An Israeli army officer, right, fires rubber-coated steel bullets as another, left, watches after he fired a tear gas canister towards Palestinian stone-throwers

2-25 Photos

Israeli soldier arresting a Palestinian boy who attended a protest against the West Bank security barrier

Palestinian stone-throwing youths run to avoid the effects of tear gas

2-24 Photos

Jason Alexander speaks during an official launch of the One Voice ballot

Palestinian man stands next to part of the concrete barrier

2-23 Photos

Orthodox Jewish man holding a Palestinian flag

Two veiled women covering their faces with the Palestinian flag

Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedmann from Vienna demonstrates with Palestinian children

Mustafa Barghouti, center, and two Orthodox Jewish Rabbi's flash v-signs

Two Orthodox Jews, one carrying a Palestinian flag, protest against the Israeli separation barrier

Orthodox rabbis protest against Israel's controversial West Bank security barrier

Israeli peace activists protest against Israel's West Bank separation barrier

2-22 Photos

Palestinian boy tends his herd of sheep and goats next to the controversial Israeli "security" barrier

2-17 Photos

An Israeli soldier (L) punches a Palestinian youth

An Israeli soldier (L) punches a Palestinian youth2

Israeli soldier opens a gate in the security fence, built to separate Israel from the West Bank, for Palestinian school children

British former hostage Terry Waite stands with Palestinian graduates

British former hostage Terry Waite sings with Palestinian children

British former hostage Terry Waite sings with Palestinian children2

2-16 Photos

American Marrin Robinson, an art professor at the American Universty in Cairo, A.U.C, a photo of Qassam Barghouthi

A protester wrapped in a Palestinian flag carries a placard reading: 'Zionism kills'

Palestinian hospital officials in Rafah said Afifi had been shot in the head by Israeli forces near Rafah and died. Lots of killings going on in Rafah, always under the guise of 'returning fire'.

South Korean marathon runner Yun Won Kang, 44, holding a Palestinian, left, and an Israeli flag

2-15 Photos

Palestinian girl plays in the snow on the Mount of Olives

Members of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's personal guard build a snowman

Palestinian journalist Taghreed Al Khudari in a sit-in protest

Palestinian children play with snowballs by a concrete wall

Members of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's personal guard play with the snow

2-14 Photos

Israeli police officers push back protesters from the International Solidarity Movement

2-13 Photos

Palestinian Basheer Abu Armanah ,12, was shot and killed by Israeli forces Thursday as he and three friends were playing next to the border with Egypt

An elderly Palestinian woman, watched by an Israeli soldier, crosses the separation barrier

Jadallah's picture of the raid on the camp won first prize for Spot News Singles

Palestinian man confronts an Israeli border policeman as he prevents him from entering the al-Aqsa mosque

Israeli border police officers scuffle with two Palestinian men

Jocline Hurndall, the mother of Thomas Hurndall

2-12 Photos

Palestinian school boys walk in front of their school building destroyed by Israeli forces

Palestinian schoolgirls walk through the rubble of their school destroyed by Israeli forces

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi, right, holds hands of visiting Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath

Palestinians carry a wounded Palestinian into Gaza City's Shifa hospital

Palestinian Nammeen Abu Amar, 6, is tended to by medics after being injured by shrapnel in an Israeli army incursion

Around one thousand Israeli and Palestinians rallied against the controversial security barrier

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia, hands with Pope John Paul. The Pontiff repeated his criticism of Israel's planned security barrier

2-8 Photos

Wall protest

2-7 Photos

Palestinians and foreigners hold a banner protesting against the wall

Palestinian Tarek Sousi, 12, was killed on his way to school

2-6 Photos

Palestinian medics treat 19-month-old was wounded in the neck - Story here.

1-25 Photos

Palestinian Mohammed Homs, who is disabled, and family have been living in a single room since their house was razed by Israel bulldozers three months ago
He was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, rendering him disabled - Story.

1-23 Photos

Hussein's family's village in the northern West Bank is outlined in concrete

Palestinian boy runs near the wall

1-21 Photos

Son of Mona Ismail, who was shot dead during an Israeli army raid

1-20 Photos

Palestinian man, along with his two daughters, sits on the ground as Israeli border policemen prevent them from approaching their demolished house in east Jerusalem

Palestinian family watches as their house is demolished in east Jerusalem


Palestinian delegates stage a protest march at the 2004 World Social Forum

1-16 Photos

Israeli refusenik reserve soldiers

Israeli army reservists and other Israelis participate in a demonstration

Palestinian girl lays red roses in honor of British peace activist Thomas Hurndall

Palestinian boy rides a horse in front of concrete wall

1-15 Photos

Israeli soldier aims with his gun

Patriarch Michel Sabbah criticized Israeli military measures including a barrier

1-11 Photos

Pro-settler supporters demonstrate in Tel Aviv

1-9 Photos

Defiant Palestinian teenager does a hand-stand in front of Israeli armoured personnel carriers

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