2003 Photos

Links in bold (from 6/30 - 8/5) represent those I never got around to adding until now, 2-16-2004.

8-5 Photos

Israeli security guards secure the area as a bulldozer destroys Palestinian farming storehouses

8-1 Photos

Palestinian farmer Khaled Amer walks on his land which has now been cut in half by Israel's security barrier

7-31 Photos

A protestor paints the slogan 'Revolution' on a section of a concrete fence

Palestinian child puts a flag in the controversial security wall

7-28 Photos

International Solidarity Movement activists tear down a gate

International Solidarity Movement activists try to tear down a gate

7-27 Photos

An Israeli soldier and a Palestinian man help to carry a disabled Palestinian man through the checkpoint barrier

A Palestinian man helps an elderly palestinian man through the rubble of a checkpoint barrier

A Palestinian sheep herder walks with his sheep

7-21 Photos

An unidentifed member of the International Solidarity Movement holds a double-sided protest sign

Palestinian activist Adwan Jayyous throws bread over a barbed wire fence to a Bedouin boy whose family lives in a tent on the other side

Palestinian farmer Hassan Kharouf leans against a concrete wall erected across his land by contractors for the Israeli army

7-20 Photos

Members of several Jewish organizations attended a demonstration against the proposed 'road map'

Members of several Jewish organizations attend a demonstration against the proposed 'road map' for peace

7-16 Photos

Palestinian boy Ahmad Atalh, 8 years, helps his father to make earthenware crockery

Palestinian students, using power tools to open the doors, broke into the institution which had been closed by the Israeli forces a few months ago

Protesters demonstrate against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Molde, Norway,

7-14 Photos

Palestinian tile factory owner Gamel Abu Ghalion, left, tells acting U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem Jeffrey Feltman, right, about the alleged damage done to his factory by the Israeli army

Palestinian special forces officer practices martial arts in front of recruits

A protester is restrained by police during a demonstration outside the gates of 10 Downing Street in London Monday, July 14, 2003, ahead of the arrival of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

A group of pro-Palestinian Jews join the demonstration outside the gates of Downing Street

Demonstrators holding pro-Palestinian banners protest outside Downing Street in London as they wait for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Palestinian students march as they protest the continuation of Polytechnic university's closure

Palestinians demostrate against the construction of a security fence close to the West Bank village of Jayus

7-12 Photos

An Israeli soldier checks an unconscious member of the International Solidarity Movement after he fainted

7-11 Photos

Israeli soldiers prevent foreign peace activists from approaching with the intention of dismanteling a roadblock

An activist, name not given, carrying a Palestinian flag participates in a joint demostration by Arab and Jewish peace activists

7-10 Photos

Palestinian resident Thoraya Elzanen, 70, and her grandson sit in what remained of their ruined home, destroyed by Israeli troops last month

An Israeli female settler works to erect the outpost of Givat Shalem, close to the West Bank city of Nablus, after it was dismantled by the Israeli army

Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat (L) receives Rabbi Moshe Hirsh, leader of Natori Karta movement

An Israeli soldier pushes away a foreign member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

7-9 Photos

Navy Capt. William L. McGonagle, skipper of the USS Liberty in 1967, is shown in this June 8, 1967 photo.

7-7 Photos

Palestinian municipality workers paint over a Fatah symbol and Arabic graffiti

7-6 Photos

Journalists look at an eight-meter high wall that is part of an Israeli security fence

7-5 Photos

An elderly Palestinian is prevented by an Israeli soldier from crossing a street

Demonstrators hold signs calling to 'End the Occupation' and 'Free Palestine'

Palestinian girl holds a sign during a demonstration in the West Bank

An Israeli soldier guards a group of Paletinians detained for ID check in the southern city of Hebron

7-4 Photos

A Palestinian boy wears a headband of the Islamic militant group Hamas

7-3 Photos

Palestinian policemen secure the area during the visit of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas

Hundreds of Palestinian students of Al-Najah University, wearing traditional Palestinian scarfs, line up prior to their graduation ceremony

Palestinian students of Al-Najah University, wearing traditional scarfs, line up prior to their graduation ceremony

7-1 Photos

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (L) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (R)

Palestinian women sit under a tin roof pole barn with their children as they wait for Israeli authorities to allow them passage to their home

6-30 Photos

Cessation of hostilities wakes hope for durable end of the blood pouring in the Middle East

Palestinians wave as they pass an Israeli checkpoint

A Palestinian policeman in a training camp in Bethlehem

Palestinian woman Tamam Alsied Jamal wanders through her destroyed orchard

A Palestinian security man stands at attention as two of his colleagues raise a national flag

Palestinian policemen exercise at Bethlehem police station

Palestinians carry their belongings as they return to their homes

6-29 Photos

Palestinian boys waves a Palestinian Flag while others wave the victory sign after Israeli soldiers withdrew from the Beit Hanoun

Palestinians wave a national flag after the Israeli pullback from Beit Hanoun

Israeli soldier hug each other after they pulled back from Beit Hanoun

Palestinians rest under the shade of a truck because of the heat after Israeli troops closed the road

An Israeli soldier from inside his jeep aims his automatic rifle, during clashes with Palestinian stone-throwers

Hundreds of Palestinians wait along the road after Israeli troops closed the road

Palestinian men play cards along the road after Israeli troops closed the road

Condoleezza Rice criticized Israel for the building of a fence

Palestinian Brig. Gen. Abdel Razek Majaide, left, head of public security in the Gaza Strip shakes hands with Israel's Brig. Gen. Gadi Shamani

Palestinian police recruits exercise during training in Gaza City

Palestinian police recruits

6-28 Photos

Palestinian policemen attend a training session

6-26 Photos

Palestinian girl eats sunflower seeds outside Jerusalem's Old City

Israel's military prosecutor has exonerated Israeli soldiers in the death of Rachel Corrie

6-25 Photos

Unidentified relatives of a victim react at the hospital after an attack by Israeli helicopters

Palestinian youths gather around the wreckage of a car after an attack by Israeli forces helicopters

Palestinian woman inspects her house which was demolished

Palestinian man detained for breaking a curfew argues with an Israeli soldier

Palestinian women try to to persuade Israeli soldiers to let them bring food to Palestinian men waiting to be interrogated

Israeli soldiers guard Palestinian men as they wait to be interrogated in a school yard

Palestinian flags flutter in the breeze as Palestinians enjoy the beach

6-24 Photos

Three Palestinians watch as a train amusement ride passes

Palestinian woman and child enjoy an amusement ride

Young Palestinians await their turn to ride on an amusement ride

6-23 Photos

Israeli soldier checks the identity cards of a Palestinian bride and her family

Israeli soldier arrests a Palestinian boy

Palestinian youth holds his head while sitting on a tomb stone

Palestinian policeman take part in a close combat exercise

6-22 Photos

Checkpoints have caused great hardship in the past 33 months

German President Johannes Rau, left, visits Palestinian children Why don't American leaders and political figures do such things?

6-21 Photos

Hassan Abu Eida, 55 years-old, of Gaza City who died last night from wounds sustained from the June 16 air strike

Palestinians enjoy the beach before afternoon prayers

Israeli soldier checks IDs of Palestinians

Palestinian woman and her family are stopped by an Israeli soldier

Jewish settlers have quietly set up five new outposts

6-18 Photos

Shami was shot by Israeli soldiers while tending his fields

Palestinians pray at the funeral of Haboush who was wounded in an Israeli air strike

6-17 Photos

Palestinian youths carry an injured child

Two Israeli soldiers arrest a Palestinian man

Palestinian women view the debris of their house in east Jerusalem after it was demolished by the Israeli authorities because it was built without a permit

6-16 Photos

Israeli soldiers ask an elderly Palestinian for his ID

6-15 Photos

Judaism rejects Zionism

Palestinians smoke on the beach in Gaza

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