2003 Photos

6-15 Photos

Funeral of boy who was killed by Israeli soldiers for throwing stones See below

Seven-year old child died from wounds from Israeli missile attack

Sister of child that died from Israeli missile attack mourns

Mother of child that died from Israeli missile attack mourns

Israeli soldier points his gun at a Palestinian man trying to pass by an Israeli army checkpoint

Palestinian policemen try to prevent journalists from approaching a convoy of Egyptian security officials

6-14 Photos

Stonethrower killed - Story here

Relatives of above man

Palestinians struggle to get over a sand barricade put up by Israeli army bulldozers

Palestinian bride is helped by relatives to go over a sand barricade put up by Israeli army bulldozers

6-13 Photos

An unidentified relative carries a child wounded by shrapnel, from an Israeli helicopter missile

6-11 Photos

Palestinians carry one of the victims of an Israeli army tank and helicopter attack

Elma Abu Meta, aged 9, a wounded Palestinian girl screams in pain as a doctor performs initial checks

Palestinian doctor treats wounded children at the Shifa hospital in Gaza city

6-10 Photos

A Palestinian boy, center, cries as he waits to be treated while doctors work on other wounded children

Relatives of three people from the Abed Raboh family, who were killed in a missile attack, mourn

Palestinian doctor treats a wounded girl at the Shifa hospital following an Israeli army attack in Gaza city

Isam Ibrahim was killed while running from Israeli undercover units

Israeli soldier arrest a young Palestinian boy at a checkpoint

Family members of Moussa Sehwal try to salvage belongings after the demolition of their house by Israeli forces

Palestinian policeman looks up at Israeli helicopter gunships right after they bombed the Jabalia refugee camp

6-9 Photos

Palestinians wait in a line for an Israeli army soldier to check their identification cards

Palestinians gather belongings in front of their destroyed houses in the northern Gaza Strip

6-8 Photos

Palestinian residents of the divided West Bank city of Hebron argue with Israeli troops

Palestinian man waits for his ID to be checked by an Israeli soldier

6-5 Photos

Jewish activist of Chicago portrays the death of Rachel Corrie who died after being run over by a bulldozer

Palestinian children play with a kite in the Palestinian flag colors

Palestinian man sits next to a newpaper stand displaying Arab daily newspapers featuring pictures and headlines from the Aqaba summit

US President George W. Bush (C) looks on as Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (L) shakes hands with his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon

'Let My People Go'

6-4 Photos

U.S. President George W. Bush (R) reacts as he talks with the Prime Minister of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas

U.S. President George W. Bush poses with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, left, and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas

6-3 Photos

President Bush, left, shakes hands with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas

Richard Gere and Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi

6-2 Photos

Richard Gere is on a three days visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Richard Gere is surrounded by a group of Israeli-Arab women

Palestinian preventive security forces practice at a compound

Israeli soldier throws a concussion grenade at a crowd of Palestinians waiting to cross the Kalandia checkpoint The Israeli easing of the closures/curfews didn't last long (again), did it?

Palestinians run for cover and protect their ears after Israeli soldiers threw a concussion grenade against the crowd waiting to cross the Kalandia checkpoint

Hundreds of Palestinians wait to cross the Kalandia checkpoint

Palestinian security men during a drill in a Gaza security compound

Colin Powell .. said that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon realises that Israels hold on land in the west Bank and Gaza strip is unsustainable.

6-1 Photos

Palestinian refugee (1948) sweeps floor

Palestinian refugee Mustafa Adawi gestures as he talks in the refugee camp of Deheishe

Demonstrator John Francis Mulligan, center, is restrained by police as he is removed from the Salute to Israel parade

Orthodox Jewish protesters along the route of the Salute to Israel parade

Bahia Jebarah, wife of Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Jebarah, who was arrested by Israeli security forces in 1976, holds their wedding picture

5-31 Photos

"Peace Now" activists hold posters recalling an Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recent speech

"Peace Now" activist holds a poster recalling an Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recent speech

5-30 Photos

Bahiyah Jubarah, 50, wife of Ahmad Jubarah sits with her grandsons in the family house

Mourners carry the body of Palestinian Mohammed Spetan, who was killed by an Israeli tank shell

Relatives of 19-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Spitan react as his body is taken away for burial from the family home

Israeli members of the Women's Coalition for Peace lie on the ground at a Tel Aviv square in memory for those who lost their lives during 36 years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories

Same as above

5-29 Photos

British photographer Tom Hurndall is transfered from a flight from Israel to a waiting ambulance

Anthony Hurndall, at centre, and his wife Jocelyn speak to the media at the Royal Free Hospital in London

5-28 Photos

Friends read the Muslim holy book, the Quran, next to the body of 14-year old Kamal Nawahdah during his funeral ceremony

Palestinian women survey the damage inside an apartment building stormed by Israeli troops

5-27 Photos

Palestinian doctor examines 9-years-old Lava Feid after she was injured in an explosion

Palestinian Ahmad Abuzaina, 15, is wheeled to an ambulance after being shot during clashes with the Israeli army

Israeli troops opened fire on youths throwing stones, hitting Mustafa (9-years old) in the head and critically wounding him

Relatives of 22 year old Palestinian Rafeek el Bunsh, sit outside the a Gaza City morgue

Awwad Nawaf, an Arab teacher from Nazareth, Israel, visits the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz where he came in a group of Israeli Arabs and Jews to show sympathy for the Jewish suffering during the Holocaust

5-26 Photos

Palestinians confront an Israeli soldier at an army checkpoint

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin talks to a Palestinian girl during his visit to al- Amari refugee camp

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin talks to a Palestinian woman at the refugee camp of al- Amari

Israeli policemen drag away a roof top demonstrator belonging to the 'Israeli committee against demolishing houses' after he refused to leave the area before the Israeli authorities demolished the house because it was built without a permit

5-23 Photos

Palestinian children enjoy a quiet day playing soccer

Palestinian students of the University of Bir Zeit protest holding their books

14-year old shot

same boy as above

Israeli Peace Now activists protest against Jewish settlement activity

Israeli left wing Peace Now activists hold up placards as they demonstrate at Jewish settlement

5-22 Photos

He looks like an American kid his only fault is that he was born in a land that has its sights on only one kind of person to fill its borders. All others are imprisoned in ghettos; treated like second-class citizens/subhumans if they're allowed to live at all.

5-21 Photos

Palestinian woman collects firewood from the razed farmland

Palestinians look at Israeli tanks and bulldozers in Beit Hanoun

A sign set by Israeli troops is seen in Beit Hanoun

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, left, walks outside his office with Chinese special envoy

Photographer Hathem Moussa shows the bullet marks on the rear window of The Associated Press armored car

Palestinian girl views damage done to her family home by Israeli soldiers in Rafah

Palestinian youth prepares to hurls stones at Israeli tanks

In the West Bank settlement of Maaleh Adumim near Jerusalem May 21, 2003 construction continues on a new neighbourhood that will house 15,000 people by 2008

Face of fear

5-20 Photos

Relatives mourn next to the body of 95-year-old Fatima Mohammed Hassan in the West Bank town of Ramallah, in this Dec. 3, 2002 file photo

A woman saves some oranges from a plantation destroyed by Israeli troops

Residents save some oranges from a plantation destroyed by Israeli troops

Residents ride through an orange plantation destroyed by Israeli troops

Family and friends of Israeli Arab Hassan Tuatma, 41

Palestinian man sits in what remains of his house destroyed by Israeli soldiers

Palestinian woman looks at the remains in her house destroyed by Israeli soldiers

5-19 Photos

Relatives of 13-year-old Palestinian Khaled Naser pray in the cemetery during his funeral in Gaza - Another stonethrower killed.

Brother of Palestinian Khaled Naser,13, weeps during his funeral "Witnesses said he was in a crowd throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Military sources said troops fired only after they were shot at." Where've we heard that line of bull before? Here.

Israeli soldier aims at a Palestinian woman as he argues with her at the Kalandia checkpoint

Manar Tawill, relative of slain Palestinian Galeb Tawill, who was killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up

Children cover their ears from gun shots fired by militants escorting the funeral of Khaled Nasser, 13

5-17 Photos

Jewish settler demonstrates in front of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's office

Jewish right-wing woman holds a Torah during a demonstration against the Israeli-Palestinian talks

Israeli soldier argues with an elderly Palestinian man

5-16 Photos

Relatives mourn during the funeral of Zuhair Abu-Jarad , 16

Unidentified relatives comfort each other during the funeral of Zuhair Abu-Jarad , 16

A relative cries as he carries the body of 15-year-old Abed Khader Abu

5-15 Photos

Palestinian Fouad Khader, 74, describes the time he fled with his family from the village of Beir Ummayen in 1948

5-14 Photos

Palestinian Dia'a Ghawadrah, 15, receives help in a hospital

Funeral for the boy in above photo

Funeral for the boy in above photo

Palestinians carry a wounded boy to an ambulance after he was shot during clashes

Palestinian stone thrower(C) falls to the ground after he was shot and wounded

Palestinian woman lifts her hands to halt Palestinians stone throwers

A general view of the destruction of Palestinian houses destroyed by the Israeli forces

Palestinian baby sleeps next the debris of her family house after Israeli troops searched and destroyed buildings

Palestinian girl cries after her family house was blown up by Israeli troops

Palestinian woman reacts in front of a house demolished by the Israeli army

Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem reads the newspaper at a coffee shop

5-13 Photos

Palestinians carry a wounded man after he was shot

Palestinian doctors and medical workers treat people wounded by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell

A youth puts a Palestinian flag atop the rubble of a house

5-12 Photos

Unidentified women cry while mourners carry the covered body of Hassan Astal, 17

Paramedics rush a wounded Palestinian man into hospital

Palestinian women cries in front of her demolished house

Palestinian family tries to salvage what they can of their destroyed home

Palestinian boy searches through rubble of his destroyed house

Palestinian prisoner Zohair Jadallah embraces his mother

5-11 Photos

Elderly Palestinian seen through the rubble of his destroyed house

Palestinian shepherd walks his flock

Palestinians backdropped by a Jewish settlement - The international community regards all settlements in the Palestinian territories as illegal.

Palestinian prisoner kisses his children

Palestinian prisoners hug their families

Palestinian former prisoners kiss their relatives

Palestinian former prisoner kisses a relative

Palestinian mother welcomes her son after he was released from an Israeli prison

Powell and Abbas shake hands

Powell and Abbas shake hands

ISM activists

5-10 Photos

Palestinian boy holding a bicycle rides a donkey

Palestinian woman cultivates land

Palestinian schoolgirls laugh as they leave school

Palestinians men argue with Israeli soldiers

5-9 Photos

Palestinian relatives cry

ISM Activists

5-8 Photos

Funeral for the baby that was shot

5-7 Photos

Doctors try to save the life of an 18-month-old Palestinian boy who was shot in the neck by Israeli soldiers

Palestinians carry fatally wounded 18-month-old Palestinian boy

Palestinian doctors try to treat Alian Bashiti, 18-months old

Palestinian father of 18-month-old Elian Sa'ed Al-Bashiti cries after his baby son was shot dead as he played outside his house

The mother, right ,and grandmother, left, no names given, of 18-month old Alian Bashiti, cry

5-5 Photos

Huwaida Arraf, left, and Raphael Cohen, members of the International Solidarity Movement

5-4 Photos

Palestinian demonstrators run for cover as Israeli soldiers in a tank fire with their machine gun

Palestinians help Zahi Hijazi, 14, who was shot in the head

Hospital staff mourn over the body of Zahi Hijazi

5-3 Photos

A peace activist of the International civil protection for the Palestinians shouts

5-1 Photos

Palestinians carry the body of 2-year-old baby boy

A man carry the body of two-year-old baby Palestinian boy killed by a bullet wound to the head during an Israeli attack

Same as above

2-year old baby shot by Israeli forces

Wife of man killed by Israeli troops

Palestinians bury 13-year-old Mohamed al-Dahdoh

4-30 Photos

ME envoys shake hands with Abbas

4-26 Photos

Wife of cameraman who was shot and killed

Christian Palestinian child holds a cross made of palm

Superior Archimandrite Meletios Bassal holds a candle to present the holy fire to Palestinian Christians

Orthodox Christian worshipper cries as she is prevented from entering the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

4-22 Photos

British peace activist chants slogans during a protest at the Rafah refugee camp

Palestinian school girls march in a demonstration in support of international peace activists

Peace activist marches in a protest against the recent death of American peace activist Rachel Corrie

4-21 Photos

Israeli Peace Now activists

Arab states meet to revive boycott of companies that do business with Israel

4-20 Photos

Syrians and journalists gaze at the Israeli-occupied town of Majdal Shams

Palestinians hold posters of APTN cameraman Nazeh Darwazeh

Palestinian women stands near damaged cars

4-19 Photos

Palestinian schoolgirls wait to cross a street next to an Israeli tank

4-17 Photos

Yasser Arafat meets a U.S. congressional delegation

4-16 Photos

300 Palestinian teens have been rounded up

Palestinian Ali Rahman, 14 was held in Israeli custody for eight days

4-15 Photos

Palestinian child on the shoulders

4-14 Photos

Anthony Hurndall, left, and Jocelyn Hurndall, son Thomas was shot in the head by Israeli forces

Same as above

Same as above

4-13 Photos

Palestinian boy wearing the traditional costume of Franciscan monk

4-12 Photos

Rockthrower shot dead

4-11 Photos

British ISM activist shot in the head by IDF

Benjamin Netanyahu's nephew shows up for court - his story here.

4-10 Photos

Her son died protecting the settlers

4-9 Photos

Palestinian boy victim of school bomb

A wounded boy is carried into the hospital in the West Bank

A wounded boy is treated at the hospital in the West Bank

Palestinian points to where an explosion took place

4-8 Photos

Palestinians carry the body of Palestinian killed in an Israeli aircraft attack

Palestinian doctor treats a wounded of Emad Forah, 9 years old

Palestinian doctors wheel a wounded child

Israeli soldiers stop and search an elderly Palestinian man

4-7 Photos

Israeli policemen remove an Israeli protester

bus full of Palestinian schoolchildren passes by a patrolling Israeli soldier

Israeli bulldozers demolish a Palestinian house - for the improper permit excuse

Palestinian women comfort each other

4-6 Photos

Israeli soldier arrests a Palestinian boy Will he become a child prisoner

Palestinian medical workers wheel in a wounded Palestinian

Palestinian youths run to take cover while an Israeli armored personnel carrier opens fire to disperse them - a 14-year old boy was killed as a result of the gunfire aimed at stonethrowing youths Story.

Palestinians carry a wounded man hit by Israeli tank fire

Palestinian man argues with an Israeli soldier trying to impose a curfew

4-5 Photos

Palestinian painter Walid Ayoub, 30

Bryan Avery, 24, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is carried out of the hospital

Palestinian medics attend to Brian Avery

The vest with the logo "Doctor" on it, worn by US peace activist Barry Avery

Medics check the bandages covering the face of American peace activist Barry Avery

4-4 Photos

Palestinian relatives of Mahmoud Sha'th, 24, cry during his funeral

4-3 Photos

Israeli border police officer stands guard as an Israeli bulldozer demolishes a Palestinian house

4-2 Photos

Palestinians weep as they look at the body of Omar Matar, 14

Palestinian relatives look through the rubble of their demolished family house

4-1 Photos

An elderly Palestinian walks carefully over the rubbles

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