2003 Photos

3-27 Photos

They use this "no permit" excuse a lot, evidently, to demolish Palestinian and Israeli-Arab homes

Palestinian men comfort Issa Ahmaro as she cries amid the rubble

Bush will push Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hard on a Middle East peace plan

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (L) talks with United States National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice

A woman mourns as family members gather in a morgue around the bodies of Palestinian policemen

Palestinian women mourn during the funeral of Palestinian policeman

Young boy on the roof of a damaged house

Palestinian girl's funeral

Same as above

3-26 Photos

Palestinian girl Christine Saada, who was killed overnight

3-22 Photos

German peace protestor hold placard with US and Israeli flags

3-19 Photos

Rachel Corrie's parents

3-18 Photos

25-year old Palestinian killed while attending funeral

An ISM activist holds photo of Rachel while standing in front of IDF tank

An Israeli soldier throws a tear gas grenade towards members of the 'International Solidarity Movement'

Palestinian man holds a candle and a picture of American peace activist Rachel Corrie

Unidentified man cries next to a shrine in honor of peace activist Rachel Corrie

Irene Siegel cries as she holds a picture of peace activist Rachel Corrie

3-16 Photos

Rachel Corrie killed by Israeli bulldozer

Sequence of photos from Rachel Corrie death

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 4

Shot 5

3-14 Photos

Masked gunmen march carrying a Palestinian flag

3-10 Photos

Palestinian teachers and students recover documents

3-4 Photos

Elderly Palestinian prays in damaged mosque

3-3 Photos

Husband of pregnant woman who died when their house collapsed

3-2 Photos

Man comforts Palestinian policeman, after his friend was killed

Palestinian mourners fire gunshots at the funeral for the aforementioned gunman's funeral. Israeli soldiers fired on the funeral procession killing a 9-year old boy.

2-26 Photos

Palestinian children sledding after rare snowfall

2-25 Photos

13-year-old killed Tuesday by Israeli soldiers

Siblings say goodbye to boy at funeral

2-24 Photos

16 yr. old shot and killed while playing football

Elderly Palestinian woman in front of her demolished house

Palestinian laborer helps rebuild a bridge

2-23 Photos

Israeli tanks and soldiers stand next to the bodoes of two Palestinian policemen

Tanks vs stonethrowers

Israeli soldier prevents an elderly Palestinian man from passing

2-20 Photos

Palestinian man's home demolished during which his 2 sons killed

Same as above

Palestinian woman and child walk over roadblock

Palestinian man dives for cover at roadblock

Israeli soldiers prevent Palestinian residents from moving

Palestinian boy runs for safety after the Israeli army fired shots into dirt road block - they run for their justified fear of being shot by IDF while fleeing.

Israeli soldiers stop Palestinian boy for breaking curfew


Elderly Palestinian man rests in front of his demolished house

IDF tank and gunman vs young Palestinian stonethrowers - looks like they killed one today.

Israeli soldier reimposing a curfew, pushes elderly man

Israeli soldier reimposing a curfew, pushes his weapon into elderly man

Israeli soldier reimposing a curfew, scuffles with elderly man

Palestinian medical workers wheel in injured Palestinian man

Palestinian policemen bring a wounded colleague to hospital

Angry Palestinian residents of a neighborhood to be walled out

Israeli Army Col. argues with Bethlehem Mayor over proposed wall

Palestinian fighters take their positions to attack Israeli soldiers

2-17 Photos

Palestinian policeman killed

Palestinian fighters, not "terrorists"

Woman throws stones at tank

2-15 Photos

Palestinian children by demolished homes

Palestinian boy by demolished home

Palestinian flag behind Anjelica Huston

Israeli and Arab war protestors

US woman in Palestine burns US flag in war protest

Israeli and Palestinian war protestors

2-12 Photos

Child killed

Graphic: Beirut massacre

2-8 Photos

Protestor ushered out

Palestinian woman at her freshly demolished house

Palestinians denied access to medical clinic

2-6 Photos

Harassment by IDF

Elderly mourners at funeral of nurses killed

Palestinian children watch tank maneuver in their backyard

PLO activists

2-5 Photos

Vegetable market demolished - collective punishment

Youth atop home of elderly Palestinian woman who was crushed by demolition

Same as above

Elderly friends of Palestinian woman crushed in her house by IDF demolition

Same as above

Palestinians in TV store

2-4 Photos

Elderly Palestinian woman carries piece of wood

2-3 Photos

Palestinian minor in hospital bed after IDF shelled him and other children with outlawed flechette shells

2-2 Photos

Shuttle tragedy Photo

Bulldozer demolishing Palestinian house

IDF destroyed bridge

An Israeli soldier gestures towards journalists

Photographer hit by IDF shrapnel

A Palestinian woman weeps as she stands near her demolished home

Palestinian women pick up belongings from a destroyed house

Israeli soldiers take position - after they demolished vegetable markets

Palestinian hospital chapel hit by IDF missile

Palestinians carry goods from a house shortly before it was demolished

Israeli army bulldozer destroys stalls in the vegetable market

2-1 Photos

Palestinian revolt against Israeli occupation

Palestinians watch the news about the Columbia space shuttle

A Palestinian family watches a live television broadcast about shuttle

Arab residents of East Jerusalem watch shuttle on televisions

1-31 Photos

8 year old Palestinian shelled while playing soccer

7 year old Palestinian shelled while playing soccer

1-30 Photos

Palestinian vendor runs for cover

A Palestinian youth sits atop the rubble of the vegetable market

Palestinian woman walks past the rubble of a vegetable market

Palestinian vendor collects some of his goods

Art Gish, 63, an American from Athens, Ohio, blocks path of IDF tank

Same as above

Palestinian youths hurl stones at an Israeli army tank

Palestinian boy hides against a wall

1-29 Photos

Palestinian Ali Grez, 7, was shot and killed by Israeli army

Palestinian Yasmin Ahmed, wife of a Palestinian prisoner held in an Israeli jail follows Israel's elections

Palestinians watch the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during the Israeli elections

Palestinian man walks down a street followed by Israeli army tank

Palestinian children mourn relative

Palestinian boy sits in front of the debris of his house

Palestinian boy shot and killed by Israeli army

Palestinian man checks the damage after an Israeli missile struck church

Palestinian woman cries in the debris of her house

Palestinian youths take cover as Israeli troops open fire at stone throwers

Palestinian man looks at the area where Israeli bulldozers tore down some 60 shops

1-21 Photos

Palestinian women forced to leave their classes

Palestinian fishermen after Israel banned fishermen from going into the sea

Same as above

Same as above

Palestinian children cry after their house is demolished by IDF

Israeli army soldier tries to keep back rioting Israeli settlers

Israeli soldier yells at rioting Israeli settlers

Shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip on Saturday while fixing a satellite dish on rooftop.

Palestinians walk in front of an Israeli army tank

Palestinian school boy affected by tear gas thrown inside a building

'Israeli Army stop shooting children'

Doctor rushed to a hospital after tear gas thrown inside a building by IDF

Militant Jewish settlers

IDF missile explosions killed Palestinians walking nearby

Palestinian women cry during the funeral of man fatally shot by IDF in the back

Israeli bulldozers demolished shops

Same as above

Same as above

Same as above

Palestinians wait in line to cross Israeli checkpoint

From Yahoo News Photos 1/2003:

Palestinian boy - his brother was shot dead months earlier by an Israeli soldier

Palestinian woman - son killed when IDF shot at stone throwers

Three missiles killed the two Palestinian boys

Shot dead when IDF opened fire on stone throwers

Relatives mourn

Palestinian women jump over barricades put up by Israeli soldiers

Palestinian children march condemning the killing of children by Israeli forces

Palestinian sits next to the demolished former house of her niece Darin

Elderly Palestinian woman gives thanks to God

Medics failed the save boy after being shot in the abdomen by Israeli soldiers

Mother weeps for son shot dead by Israeli soldiers

Elderly Palestinian woman pleads with an Israeli soldier

Palestinian men 'The damage was (already) done,'

Many Arab Israelis describe feeling marginalized economically and politically

Israeli soldier hands back a toy soldier and gun to a Palestinian boy after curfew is lifted

Israeli soldier searches Palestinian youth after he was detained for breaking curfew

If this is what they do to the peacekeepers, imagine what they do to the Palestinians? Well, I don't think you have to imagine, if you follow some of the links that I have put on this site



View the pictures, read the captions

View the pictures, read the captions

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