2004 Photos

7-30 Photos

Israeli soldiers guard detained Palestinian men during a raid on an engagement party

Palestinian demonstrators and activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) group try to break part of the controversial Israeli security barrier

7-29 Photos

An elderly Palestinian man rests in front of Israel's controversial security barrier

A Palestinian boy walks through the rubble next to a destroyed house in the Rafah refugee camp

Palestinian boy Shadad, 6, crawls under a gate in the separation barrier

Palestinian boys sit over the rubble of a building demolished by the Israeli army

7-28 Photos

A Palestinian woman shouts after Israeli soldiers destroyed parts of her house

Palestinian police officers watch as bulldozers raze Palestinian farms after the Israeli army closed the main beach road that connects the Gaza Strip

Palestinians take cover from Israeli gunfire as bulldozers raze Palestinian farms after the Israeli army closed the main beach road that connects the Gaza Strip

Israeli tanks and bulldozers cut off the coastal road and leveled surrounding agricultural fields and poultry farms, under heavy machine gun fire to keep residents away

13-year-old girl Sara Mahmoud Zorob was killed by Israeli troops on Monday as she played soccer near her home

Palestinian demonstrators and activists from the International Solidarity Movement group try to avoid the effects of tear gas, fired by Israeli forces

7-27 Photos

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat(L) and Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei(R) join hands

The mother, center, and sisters, names not given, of Maher Abu Alata, 29, wait in front of the morgue of Shifa hospital

Palestinian medical workers wheel Ali Abed, 12, into the treatment room at Shifa hospital

With the Palestinian flag painted in her face, a Palestinian girl takes part in a demonstration in Gaza City

Israeli police officers look on as Jewish supporters of "The Temple Mount Faithful" carry a model of their concept of a new Jewish temple

7-26 Photos

The Israeli army is investigating allegations that an angry soldier beat, then shot, Canaan at a West Bank roadblock

Majid Kuhan, 15, a young Palestinian girl arrested six weeks ago by Israeli authorities, is welcomed by relatives after being released

Susan Jacoby of the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Freedom wears an American flag around her shoulders as she walks among demonstrators staging a 'die-in'

Susan Jacoby of the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Freedom

7-25 Photos

Nasser Abu Rahma carries his wounded 4-year old son Moaed, to the treatment room of Shifa hospital

Palestinian medical workers wheel in a wounded youth to the treatment room of Shifa hospital

An Israeli border police officer, backdropped by East Jerusalem's Old City walls, stands guard as he provides security for demonstrations

Kanaan was shot in his hand and beaten by Israeli soldiers at Beit Eiba Israeli checkpoint near Nablus

Israeli troops stormed a West Bank refugee camp on Sunday, opening fire towards hundreds of Palestinian youths who pelted them with stones

the Israeli army entered the camp and clashed with stone throwers Sunday after they had received false information about an Israeli gone missing in the area

A man helps a child down from the second floor of a building damaged after Israeli helicopters destroyed an adjacent two-story house

A wounded 4-year-old Palestinian boy, Moaed Abu Rahmah, cries at a hospital as his father reacts after missiles destroyed a building in Gaza

Nasser, 16, was shot and killed Saturday night by Israeli army fire as he was standing at the window of his home

7-24 Photos

Palestinian residents and police inspect the burned police station in the southern Gaza Strip

7-23 Photos

An Israeli peace activist shouts beside an Israeli soldier during a protest against Israeli occupation and Israel's controversial security barrier

Palestinian mourners carry a banner denouncing what they call an evil coalition

Palestinian citizens and members of the International Solidarity Movement gather near a section of the controversial separation barrier

Members of the International Solidarity Movement and Palestinians, demonstrate against the controversial security barrier

7-22 Photos

Palestinian men shout slogans during a march in support of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat

7-21 Photos

A small group of Palestinians protest in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Gunmen shot and wounded lawmaker Nabil Amr, a leading voice for anti-corruption reforms

7-20 Photos

Markers show the vote by members of the United Nations during their general assembly about Israel's West Bank barrier

markers show the vote by members of the United Nations during their general assembly about Israel's West Bank barrier

The United Nations General assembly votes on the World Court ruling demanding Israel tear down their West Bank barrier

A Palestinian girl swings on the gate of her home as construction of Israel's 'security' barrier continues

Israeli soldiers secure a bulldozer demolishing Palestinian shops

An Israeli soldier stands next to a shop that had been demolished by the Israeli forces

Palestinian students, members of the Al Quds University soccer team, practice backdropped by part of Israel's separation barrier

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia leaves his office holding three of his grandchildren

7-19 Photos

A Palestinian family flees during an Israeli missile strike on a house

The mother of 17-year-old Palestinian militant Jamil al-Faramawi is restrained by friends as she mourns during her son's funeral

7-18 Photos

Relatives and medical workers carry Palestinian freelance journalist Ahmed Al Baba, on assignment for Reuters news agency, to a hospital after he was wounded during clashes

Palestinian militants shoot at Palestinian Authority police offices at Rafah refugee camp

Palestinian police officers wait outside the Palestinian security forces offices before a ceremony marking the appointment of the new chief

Tantawi, 21, was killed Saturday during a clash with Israeli soldiers in Nablus

Palestinian fishermen work in the Gaza sea early on July 18, 2004

For Palestinian fishermen, Israel's planned withdrawal from Gaza next year will not end the occupation that confines them to a meager catch.

Under the watchful eye of Israeli police, Israeli Arab Mariam Shren, holding her daughter Tala, 3, participates in a demonstration against the Citizenship Law that refuses to provide Israeli citizenship to her Palestinian husband

7-17 Photos

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie (C), submitted his resignation to President Yasser Arafat

Young Palestinian filmmaker Liana Saleh, 17, pauses during an interview with AP at the end of the Ramallah Film Festival

Senior Palestinian security official Saeb al -Ajez, right, takes a picture of Israeli army Colonel Yoel Strek, inside an Israeli army jeep

7-16 Photos

A Palestinian security man stands next to one of the French woman, seized by gunmen, after she was released in Khan Younis

Palestinians help two French hostages after they were released in Khan Younis

Palestinians run before a soccer match next to the Israeli separation barrier

Palestinian demonstrators wave towards an Israeli activist on the other side of the Israeli security wall

Palestinian children gather while Israeli demonstrators can be seen behind 8-meter-high cement blocks, part of Israel's separation barrier, as they wave towards Palestinian activists in the other side

Head of the Palestinian police in the Gaza Strip General Ghazi Jabali during a graduation ceremony for police officers in Gaza City

7-15 Photos

The shadow of spectators can be seen as they watch the beginning of the screening of the film 'Wall' by Morroccan director Simone Bittona at a section made of concrete blocks

A Palestinian shouts slogans during a demonstration against the Israeli sepration barrier

Cellists play as a group of twenty two European and Palestinian musicians hold a concert next to a section of Israel's separation barrier

7-14 Photos

An Israeli soldier stands guard as elderly Palestinians sit in the shade waiting to cross the Hawara checkpoint

Palestinians stand in line as they wait to cross the Hawara checkpoint

Palestinian Ranin Fideh Mohannad, 3, stands on the terrace of her family home as workers set up 8-meter-high cement blocks, part of Israel's separation barrier

A Palestinian doctor vaccinates a child at the United Nations clinic in the town of Beit Hanoun

Former Israeli Finance Minister Dan Meridor, left, Palestinian Negotiations Affairs Minister Saeb Erekat, right, and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kagaguchi shake hands

7-13 Photos

A Palestinian boy sells cactus fruits close to a section of Israel's separation barrier

7-12 Photos

Palestinians look at the wreckage after an Israeli army operation in the Khan Yunis refugee camp. An army spokesman said troops had destroyed some 'abandoned houses' in the area

A Palestinian boy searches in the rubble after Israeli army bulldozers demolished his house

Palestinians carry the body of seventy-year-old Ibrahim Mahmoud Khalafallah, An Israeli bulldozer crushed him to death

An Israeli military force destroyed several structures on the outskirts of the town of Khan Younis. A 72-year old man died in the operation

7-11 Photos

A Palestinian girl stands next to Israel's controversial separation barrier

A Palestinian woman hangs her laundry in front her house close to a section of Israel's separation barrier

7-10 Photos

A Palestinian woman waves her national flag in front of Israeli security forces during a demonstration

16-year-old Halima Udeh Abu Samahdaneh was shot in the head when Israeli troops opened fire in the Shabura district of Rafah.

The six months' pregnant Palestinian woman was seriously wounded by Israeli fire

A Palestinian reads a newspaper with headlines and pictures about Friday's decision by a world court ruling

7-9 Photos

The son of Palestinian Hani Aner waters flowers in front of his house surrounded by the Israeli separation barrier

An aerial view shows a concrete wall, part of Israel's controversial security barrier, which separates the West Bank from Israel

The judges of the International Court of Justice take their places in The Hague

A group of Orthodox Jews protest against Zionism protest in The Hague

Orthodox Jews against Zionism draw attention to the Palestinian struggle ahead of the public sitting of the International Court of Justice

Palestinian Abdulrahman Yousef, 75, holds a Palestinian flag as he shouts while standing on part of his field of olive trees flatenned by Israeli bulldozers

President Shi Jiuyong, center, reads the advisory opinion requested by the U.N. General Assembly

Itamar Ben-Gvir, an extreme right-wing Israeli activist, raises his fist as he threatens Palestinian guards

An elderly Palestinian walks beside Israel's controversial separation barrier

Unidentified relatives mourn next to a Palestinian flag-draped body of a woman Jamela Hamad in an ambulance as they wait for a permit from the Israeli troops to let them proceed to bury her body

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook signs his name on a mock up of Israel's West Bank barrier

7-8 Photos

'The Motorcycle Diaries,' a film by Walter Salles, is screened at the opening of the Ramallah Film Festival 2004

A Palestinian watches over his sheep next to the Israeli separation barrier

Suha, a sister of Palestinian militant Amjad Emlitat from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who was killed by Israeli army two days ago

Palestinian women sift the rubble of their houses after they were demolished by Israeli bulldozers

Palestinians wait for Israeli soldiers to open the gate at the security fence

Fourteen-year-old Maysa Reziq, is treated at the hospital in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis after she was wounded, witnesses say, during an Israeli army operation

7-7 Photos

Palestinian children line up as they take part in a soccer practice next to a section of the separation barrier

Ismail Abu Hilel, a Palestinian shepherd rests against a section of the separation barrier next to his house

Palestinians pass through a gate, part of Israel's separation barrier, between the West Bank city of Qalqilya and the Palestinian village of Hable

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, left, holds hands with Secretary-General of French Communist Party Marie-Georges Buffet

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