July 2006 archive

07-31-06 - Iran defiant, nuclear crisis set to escalate

07-31-06 - 15 disabled children killed in Qana Mr Hariri, who presides over several charitable organisations, said several families had already been evacuated towards the city of Sidon but some families of the handicapped had wanted to stay.

07-31-06 - Lebanese soldier killed by Israeli naval fire A Lebanese soldier was killed and three wounded by Israeli naval fire north of the port city of Tyre, police have said, while Israeli war planes went into action despite a pledge to halt air raids temporarily.

07-31-06 - Lebanon ceasefire calls mount as world protests at Israeli raid Calls for such a ceasefire were echoed around the world

07-31-06 - Press photographer Wael Ladiki carries a elderly woman, name not given, Monday July 31, 2006, after she spend a week in a basement of the southern town of Bint Jbail

07-31-06 - Rice tells Iran to heed UN, or face sanctions The United Nations passed a resolution on Monday which gives Iran until the end of this month to suspend its enrichment activities or face "appropriate measures" under Article 41 of Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which pertains to economic sanctions.

07-31-06 - Israel responsible for Qana attack; war crimes on both sides: HRW The watchdog organization said its researchers have been in Lebanon since the onset of the current hostilities on July 12 and have documented dozens of cases in which Israeli forces have carried out indiscriminate attacks against civilians.

07-31-06 - ICRC alarmed by disrespect for humanitarian law after Qana bombing "Issuing advance warning to the civilian population of impending attacks in no way relieves a warring party of its obligations under the rules and principles of international humanitarian law,"

07-31-06 - Nissan's Ghosn signs off on aid for Lebanon victims Japanese car maker Nissan Motor Co. said on Monday it would donate $200,000 to help displaced victims of the conflict in Lebanon, the ancestral home of Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn.

07-31-06 - Air strikes shatter pause as Israel starts new ground assault The 48-hour pause in bombardment announced by Israel to allow civilians to leave southern Lebanon was interrupted within hours of its start yesterday when the Israeli military launched three air strikes at targets near the border.

07-31-06 - Israel rejects ceasefire calls after Qana outrage

07-31-06 - Iran, Palestine Sign Mou On Agricultural Cooperation Palestine seeks Iran's support in scientific, educational and technical sectors, he said adding that the MoU underlines reconstruction of a veterinary center in Nablus and promotion of research on agricultural products in Palestine.

07-31-06 - Lebanon asks UN for international probe of Qana "Some of us are tired of listening to a kind of self-righteous discourse about self-defense," Mitri said. "We have heard ad nauseum that in wars mistakes are committed." But he said there was "a pattern of behavior" in repeated Israeli actions against Lebanon. "You are all aware that none of those aggressions achieved its stated aim," he added. And you can bet John Bolton will NOT be championing THIS Lebanese investigation at the UN. Bolton serves ISRAEL and when Israel does the killing, watch how fast this hypocrite backpeddles.

07-31-06 - The children went to sleep believing they were safe. And then Israel targeted them as terrorists "The first bomb hit at about 1.15 am and only about six or eight people ran out of the house,'' said Khalil Bourji, a 54-year-old neighbour. "There was smoke everywhere but just as the smoke cleared a second bomb landed. The people who did this, the Israelis, are devils.''

07-31-06 - Killings at Qana Ghazi Adibbi says the two families, like many others left behind, didn't have the money to flee to safe havens in the north. "They were just farmers and couldn't leave their fields," This photo I came across at Yahoo News seems to depict Kevin Sites himself helping rescue an elderly Lebanese woman in Qana.

07-31-06 - Lebanese plead for help in shattered border town Many residents and refugees spoke of the horror they endured in the shelters, hearing explosions nearby and Israeli warplanes overhead. Exploding artillery shells could still be heard in the distance on Monday.

07-31-06 - Environmental 'crisis' in Lebanon The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) has expressed its "grave concern" about oil pollution in Lebanese coastal waters.

07-31-06 - 'How can we stand by and allow this to go on?' And there was no doubt of the missile which killed all those children yesterday. It came from the United States, and upon a fragment of it was written: "For use on MK-84 Guided Bomb BSU-37-B". Israel and its lobby here in the US have made sure that America is one of the most hated countries on earth.

07-31-06 - Iraqi VP accuses Israel of 'massacres' Iraq's vice president on Monday accused Israel of carrying out "massacres" in Lebanon, the strongest criticism yet of the Jewish state by a top official of the U.S-backed Iraqi government.

07-31-06 - US arms flight diverted from Scotland after cabinet protest Two US cargo planes believed to be carrying bombs bound for Israel were kept from stopping over in Scotland because of protests in the British cabinet, the BBC said. Most countries do not unconditionally support Israel the way we do. Then again, most (with the exception of Canada and Australia) do not have such a powerful Israeli lobby.

07-31-06 - Is the US Encouraging Israel to Attack Syria? According to Sunday's Jerusalem Post, IDF officials have been "receiving indications from the United States that the U.S. would be interested in seeing Israel attack Syria."

07-31-06 - Christian sixteen-year-old Elie and his mother inspect their destroyed home in Jiyeh, south of Beirut

07-31-06 - Israeli jailed for refusing to fight in Lebanon "He said this war is against his moral values," said Ishai Menuchin, 48, a spokesman for Yesh Gvul, a group whose Hebrew name means "There is a limit".

07-31-06 - IDF says it may not be responsible for Qana deaths "Just because we bombed the building doesn't mean the collapse had anything to do with us! The two events are totally unrelated. And you're a filthy anti-Semite if you dare suggest otherwise, too!" They must be fresh out of bullshit, folks. It would be increasingly difficult to pin this one on any ghost 'militants' like they have in the past (in Palestine).

07-31-06 - Bush Stance May Be Backfiring The Bush administration may have badly miscalculated in insisting that any Mideast cease-fire be tied to long-term objectives. As the toll on Lebanese civilians has soared, even moderate Arab governments have turned into U.S. critics, and Hezbollah's support has climbed across the region.

07-31-06 - Lebanese army stops Israeli helicopters landing The Lebanese army opened fire on Israeli helicopters trying to land near a town in the Bekaa valley, preventing them from setting down, Lebanese security sources and witnesses said.

07-31-06 - Aid Group, Islamic Relief, to Send 85 Tons of Urgently Needed Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon; Airlift to Leave Salt Lake City Tonight The cargo plane will be carrying essential aid items supplied by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as medical supplies, hygiene kits, powdered milk, baby formula, and hand soap

07-31-06 - Israel keeps up pressure Israel vowed yesterday to keep up its military offensive against Hezbollah, as one of the country's senior generals said the air strike that killed four unarmed peacekeepers, including Canadian Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, at a United Nations post on Tuesday was deliberate but accidental. Deliberate AND accidental? What kind of BS are they trying to pull now?

07-31-06 - A photograph of a Lebanese girl is seen in the rubble of a mosque that was hit in an Israeli missile strike in the village of Qana

07-31-06 - A Lebanese man inspects a bus that was destroyed on a road between the Lebanese and the Syrian checkpoints

07-31-06 - Qana villagers refute IDF claims building fell hours after strike Witnesses at the scene corroborated the IDF claim that the strike on the building, which is located in the Hariva neighborhood of Qana, was carried out at 1:00 A.M. After the initial strike, some of the building's residents exited in an attempt to survey the damage, in effect saving themselves. A few minutes later, IAF planes struck the building once again, causing the walls to collapse on the residents who did not vacate, killing them in the process. Arab media began reporting on the incident after dawn Sunday, approximately seven hours after the strike. The reports did not note, however, that the building collapsed a short time prior to Arab journalists' arrival on the scene.

07-31-06 - Senate panel puts off Bolton vote to September Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record) on Sunday said he doubts Democrats this time would be able to muster the 41 votes in the 100-member Senate needed to block the nomination. The New York Democrat also said he was reviewing his own position, after voting last year to block him, because Bolton has been a "staunch and very good defender of Israel" at the United Nations I'm sorry but, what about AMERICA?

07-31-06 - Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon Since its withdrawal of occupation forces from southern Lebanon in May 2000, Israel has violated the United Nations-monitored "blue line" on an almost daily basis, according to UN reports. Hizbullah's military doctrine, articulated in the early 1990s, states that it will fire Katyusha rockets into Israel only in response to Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians or Hizbullah's leadership; this indeed has been the pattern

07-31-06 - Lebanese return to devastation in Beirut suburb "If my wife were to die, I could marry another," he said, laughing with his spouse. "If I were to die, she could marry again. But dignity, you can't recover that."

07-31-06 - Iran likens Israelis to Hitler after attack on Qana

07-31-06 - Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army

07-31-06 - A US leader in his second term should have the power to rein in Israel. But George Bush is no ordinary president By giving these weapons to Israel, the US government is, in effect, stating that all its military actions are being pursued in the cause of legitimate self-defence, American interests and world peace. The US also becomes morally complicit in Israel's murder of civilians. The diplomatic cover this provides is indispensable.Since 1972 the US has used its veto in the UN security council on 40 occasions to prevent the passage of resolutions that sought either to defend the rights of the Palestinians or to condemn the excesses of Israel's government.

07-31-06 - Top Republican asks Bush to push for immediate Lebanon ceasefire Chuck Hagel - I bless thee.

07-31-06 - Annan's secret call to Straw The UN secretary general rang Mr Straw hours after Britain and the US blocked a call for an immediate ceasefire at the Rome summit, and a day after Israel bombed a UN monitoring position, killing four observers.

07-31-06 - Deported MP attacks 'outrageous' treatment by Israeli officials "We had raised money for a children's library and nursery at a refugee camp in Ramallah and the women were due to check on the progress of these badly-needed projects

07-31-06 - White flags, not a legitimate target Time after time, Israel strikes at civilian homes and civilian vehicles attempting to flee the besieged southern border zone, killing families without any military objective in sight.

07-31-06 - U.N. scraps meeting about Mideast troops The United Nations on Monday scrapped a meeting of nations that might contribute troops to help stabilize south Lebanon, a decision that reflected the deep divisions among key nations on how to end the three-week war between Israel and Hezbollah.

07-31-06 - As efforts gain steam for cease-fire, Israel Lebanon differ on the details The United States tends to side with Israel; most of the international community sides with Lebanon. And here's why.

07-31-06 - Ad demands immediate cease-fire A U.S. Jewish group sponsored a full-page ad in The New York Times demanding an immediate end to the violence in the Middle East.

07-31-06 - The futility of force - Senior army officers have begun to accept that military power might never win a war again Military force can no longer guarantee victory, certainly not in the conflict Israel and its western allies say they are engaged in - the "war on terror", as the Bush White House calls it, or the "long war", as the Pentagon now prefers.

07-31-06 - CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task

07-31-06 - The Return of the Neocons The Israeli blitz may not have succeeded in cleaning out Hezbollah from the southern precincts of Lebanon, but it will almost certainly accomplish the expulsion of the "realists" from the councils of state and put the neocons back in the saddle in Washington.

07-31-06 - Is Hizbullah winning by losing? Israel destroyed Lebanon over the abduction of two soldiers - who are never even mentioned anymore. Israel may win the battle but she has clearly lost the war. And all of the propagandizing in the world isn't going to change that.

07-31-06 - Ethiopian Jews face more conflict in Israel Ethiopian Jews who fled their country recently seeking refuge in Israel are being forced to spend their first weeks living underground as rockets land in northern Israel.

07-31-06 - Former U of T professor detained in Israel once 'questioned for 60 hours'

07-30-06 - Israeli air strike kills 54 civilians An Israeli air strike killed 54 civilians, including 37 children, on Sunday, prompting Lebanon to tell U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice she was unwelcome in Beirut and fuelling world pressure for a ceasefire.

07-30-06 - Israel suspends bombing after deadly Lebanon raid The announcement of the suspension of air strikes was made after Rice held talks throughout Sunday with Israeli leaders Condi knows how to lay down the law with Israel. The problem is, she rarely does.

07-30-06 - Lebanese children bear scars of Israel's high-tech firepower "I found a nine-month-old boy called Yussef Nisr wrapped in blankets in the rubble. I carried him outside toward the ambulance. And when I unwrapped him his body suddenly turned black from the contact with oxygen."

07-30-06 - Annan tells UN Council to demand Mideast truce But a dispute continued over paragraphs calling for the "immediate suspension of offensive actions from both sides" and the "immediate cessation of hostilities," which the United States opposes

07-30-06 - A rescuer carries the body of a toddler victim of an Israeli air raid on Qana

07-30-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad signals hardening of nuclear stance Iran's president signaled that Israeli attacks against the Palestinian territories and Lebanon were causing Iran to harden its stance in the international row over its nuclear programme.

07-30-06 - "Killing people is like squashing an ant:" former US soldier

07-30-06 - Iran fails in bid to divide world powers: US official

07-30-06 - 'They found them huddled together' It was an unremarkable three-storey building on the edge of town. But for two extended families, the Shalhoubs and the Hashems, it was a last refuge.

07-30-06 - Bush submits new terror detainee bill U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration, say legal experts reviewing an early version of the bill. U.S. citizens, folks.

07-30-06 - A Red Cross member carries a body after an Israeli air raid in Qana

07-30-06 - A civil defense worker carries the body of Lebanese child recovered from the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles 3

07-30-06 - Civil Defence workers carry a blanket with the bodies of two children recovered from under the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles 2

07-30-06 - Lebanese Red Cross volunteers carry a stretcher with the bodies of two children recovered under the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles

07-30-06 - A civil defense worker carries a body of a young Lebanese child recovered from the rubble of a demolished building that was struck by Israeli war plane missiles

07-30-06 - Iran agency retracts story on Israel revenge call Iran's conservative Fars news agency on Sunday quoted the head of the Revolutionary Guards as telling his troops to prepare for revenge on Israel, but later withdrew the story.

07-30-06 - US urges restraint after Qana But I bet our government won't be canceling any jet fuel or bomb shipments to Israel. It's what happens when a government is under the influence.

07-30-06 - Iran forces urged to prepare to hit Israel

07-30-06 - Slaughter at Qana: Just Arabs, Never Mind In other words, if the Lebanese are so stupid as to remain in their country, or they have no means of escape, unlike the upper classes and elite, they deserve to be killed. After all, they are only Arabs, hardly worth a fingernail.

07-30-06 - An Israeli soldier writes messages for the recipients of these shells

07-30-06 - State Department hid costs of Iraqi projects: paper

07-30-06 - AAI Condemns Israeli Attack on Qana; Criticizes Bush Administration's Tacit Green Light to Israel "Today's attack on Qana, which took the lives of 57 civilians, including 37 children, was tragically not unexpected," said AAI President James Zogby. "Not unlike a similar 1996 attack on Qana, massive and indiscriminate attacks on the south of Lebanon are bound to result in such massacres."

07-30-06 - Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah Israel has managed to unite the Arab world - against them. This is why she will never know peace. The lives of Arab children DO matter, contrary to what most Israelis evidently believe.

07-30-06 - Kuwait to give Lebanon 800 million dollar aid package

07-30-06 - U.N. council: 'Shock' over Lebanon deaths But the presidential statement, adopted unanimously by the 15-member council in an emergency session, stopped short of condemning the Israeli airstrike Sunday....U.S. Ambassador John Bolton opposed any condemnation of the attack. John Bolton does not advocate the best interests of the American people. He is a shill for Israel and should step down.

07-30-06 - Blair hardens line on Israel after cabinet criticism Downing Street slapped down the former foreign secretary Jack Straw, who at the weekend condemned Israeli action as disproportionate and likely to undermine support across the Middle East.

07-30-06 - Where Are The Suicide Bombers? "The big problem that Israel has got right now is that its behavior is generating the next generation of suicide bombers," said Robert Pape, the author of "Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism."

07-30-06 - Protests follow deadly Israeli air strike

07-30-06 - Air raid hits Syria border One person was wounded when three missiles slammed into the last customs building at the crossing point, digging craters in the middle of the road, they said. The passageway was closed by the strike.

07-30-06 - Hezbollah vows to punish Israel Hezbollah warned on Sunday it would punish Israel for the deaths of at least 51 civilians in Israeli air raids on the village of Qana, saying the Jewish state had to accept the consequences of its "massacre".

07-30-06 - Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport

07-30-06 - The "Human Shield" LIE Exposed they engage in a twisted racist and depraved cost/benefit analysis wherein they choose to KILL HUNDREDS of innocent Arab civilians by using overwhelming arial force rather than risk dozens of Israeli military lives.

07-30-06 - How can 'terrorism' be condemned while war crimes go without rebuke?

07-30-06 - Not welcome in Lebanon, Rice heads home Monday Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he did not want her to come to his country for planned meetings on Sunday, saying that after Israel's air strike, he could not hold any talks on resolving the crisis before an immediate ceasefire.

07-30-06 - Fresh ground assault on Hizbullah villages

07-30-06 - Reporters describe carnage at Qana The BBC's Jim Muir said that for some of the rescuers, experienced as they were, the emotional impact of finding so many dead children in the ruins was too much.

07-30-06 - Lebanese hold a candlelit vigil in memory of at least 56 people - more than half of then children - who were killed Sunday

07-30-06 - Caracas threatens oil cut in case of US aggression

07-30-06 - Global outrage greets Israel 'war crime' in Qana Israel's air strike on the Lebanese village of Qana sparked global outrage, with the UN Security Council deploring the deaths and Arab and Muslim leaders and thousands of livid protesters in the Middle East branding the assault a war crime

07-30-06 - CAIR Demands End to Israeli 'Terror' After 57 Civilians Killed

07-30-06 - US 'arms' flights, headed for Israel, avoid Scottish airport We are giving Israel the bombs to kill Lebanese children. Hey, I bet they only 'hate us for our freedom'.

07-30-06 - Jordan sends aid convoy to Palestinians I really don't understand why EVERYONE ELSE but Israel has to pay for the damage that Israel has done to both Lebanon and Palestine? They are never held accountable for their actions and this reinforces their belief that they are above the law.

07-30-06 - Analysis: A second Qana Massacre? a UN investigation reported in May 1996 that the deaths at the Qana base were unlikely to have been the result of an accident as claimed by the Israelis.

07-30-06 - Israeli-Canadian professor accused of spying released

07-30-06 - India expresses outrage over Israel's 'continued irresponsibility' Expressing deep condolences to Lebanese government and the people over the tragic incident, New Delhi condemned Israel's "continued irresponsible and indiscriminate bombing of Lebanon and ignoring calls for restraint".

07-30-06 - The 'logic' of Israel-apologists

07-30-06 - Seattle gunman angry over Iraq, Israel policy

07-30-06 - Down the Memory Hole - Israeli contribution to conflict is forgotten by leading papers

07-30-06 - Iran stops students travelling to join Hezbollah

07-30-06 - In Congress, concern over Lebanon threatens to overshadow terrorism bill The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which pushed both bills strongly, said the main thing now was passage of one or the other. Aren't you glad that AIPAC speaks for us hard-working taxpaying American citizens? Because that's who Congress bows down to. Not us.

07-29-06 - State radio: Iran to reject U.N. proposal "Ultimatum and deadline cannot be acceptable to us," the commentary said, accusing the United States and its allies of making what it called an illegal demand by the United States, France, Germany and Britain.

07-29-06 - Mother and her six children killed in Israeli Lebanon raid The seven members of the Kharakeh family were crushed to death along with another man under the rubble of their two-storey house which was destroyed in the Israeli raid close to the town of Nabatiyeh in central Lebanon....Six civilians were also killed in an Israeli air raid on four houses in the border village of Ain Arab in southeast Lebanon....rescue workers say dozens more civilians, including a large number of children, are still buried underneath the rubble of houses destroyed in Israeli air strikes around Tyre

07-29-06 - Israel rejects U.N. request for cease-fire Israel on Saturday rejected a request by the U.N. for a three-day cease-fire in Lebanon to deliver humanitarian supplies and allow civilians to leave the war zone.

07-29-06 - Israel won't ask Hizbollah to disarm Israel will not demand the immediate disarming of Hizbollah as part of a deal to end the fighting in Lebanon, a senior Israeli official said on Saturday.

07-29-06 - Lebanon oil slick 'worst environmental disaster' in Med The Mediterranean is threatened by its worst ever environmental disaster after Israel's bombing of a power plant in Lebanon sent thousands of tonnes of fuel gushing into the sea, the environment minister charged.

07-29-06 - Nasrallah says Rice mission to serve Israel Hizbollah's leader said on Saturday that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice aimed to impose conditions on Lebanon and serve Israeli interests in her mission to end war between his group and Israel

07-29-06 - 2 Indian UN peacekeepers wounded in southern Lebanon Two UN peackeepers from India were wounded Saturday in an Israeli airstrike near their border post in southern Lebanon.

07-29-06 - Venezuela's Chavez brings anti-imperialism message to Iran

07-29-06 - Hizbollah demands halt to "aggression" "They send the Israelis smart bombs and they send us blankets. If it was up to me, I wouldn't let this ship dock here. I would dump this stuff in the sea," said a Lebanese soldier watching U.S. relief goods being unloaded in Beirut.

07-29-06 - Israel not looking for Syria fight, but still getting ready

07-29-06 - Israeli paratroops learn to respect Hezbollah fighters "Yesterday afternoon after lunchtime they started attacking. It's suicidal -- they run towards the entrance of the house (containing Israeli troops) and other people shoot at the house. They try to run in and drag them (Israelis) out," said Jonathan.

07-29-06 - Israel-bound US arms flights set to land in Britain

07-29-06 - Unarmed in the Crossfire U.N. troops in southern Lebanon are literally and figuratively trapped between the two sides.

07-29-06 - ANALYSIS: U.S. not talking to its enemies Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., suggested U.S. support for Israel was coming at the expense of U.S. relations with Muslims and Arabs.

07-29-06 - First seaborne delivery of US aid arrives in Lebanon

07-29-06 - Protests in European capitals against Israeli assault in Lebanon Thousands of people demonstrated in Berlin, Bern and Paris, brandishing placards and shouting anti-Israeli slogans in protest at its offensive in Lebanon.

07-29-06 - Humanitarian aid piles up in Beirut No aid trucks have been hit, but artillery shells fell within hundreds of yards of convoys from the international Red Cross That is an outright lie by the Associated Press. Israel also managed to hit this IRC ambulance BULLSEYE on the cross.

07-29-06 - The Lies Israel Tells Itself (and We Tell on Its Behalf)

07-29-06 - Lebanon water shortage will threaten lives-U.N.

07-29-06 - Let it again be said: Not all Jews support Israel's policies

07-29-06 - Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy

07-29-06 - Palestinian camps safe for Lebanese refugees 'We are one nation with the same plight ... and our plight is caused by the Israelis,'

07-29-06 - Lebanon part of 'war on terror', says Bush

07-29-06 - Mid-East crisis could push oil to $125

07-29-06 - Israel raid closes key crossing An Israeli air strike has closed the main border crossing from Lebanon into Syria, witnesses and officials say.

07-29-06 - Two women, divided by war, united in fear

07-29-06 - My journey on the highway of fear with families who lost everything

07-29-06 - Lebanese in US worry over safety of kin in border village

07-29-06 - Israelis withdraw from Hizbollah border stronghold Footage has also emerged of the increasingly widespread use of cluster munitions in areas with civilian inhabitants. Concern has been further heightened by the delivery to Israel by the US of at least 100 GBU-28 'bunker-buster' bombs containing depleted uranium warheads for use against targets in Lebanon.

07-29-06 - Bush renews call for multinational force for Lebanon

07-29-06 - Lebanese victims of Israeli raids buried with no tears "There are no relatives. Virtually all of them have not been claimed by their families because of the attacks,"

07-29-06 - Blasts in Baghdad as US faces stiffer Shiite resistance Bomb blasts echoed around Baghdad as sectarian death squads pursued their bloody work and the US military warned it was facing stiffer opposition in previously cooperative Shiite areas. Because of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict?

07-29-06 - Lebanese president gives full backing to Hezbollah Lahoud said he believed the UN strike was a deliberate attack, a response to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's plea two days earlier for Israel to exercise restraint.

07-29-06 - Syria denounces call for international Lebanon force "The international force proposed by (US Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice... will occupy southern Lebanon and it, instead of Israel, will be charged with eradicating the Lebanese national resistance,"

07-29-06 - AIPAC's Hold AIPAC continues to enjoy deep bipartisan backing inside Congress even after two top AIPAC officials were indicted a year ago for allegedly accepting and passing on confidential national security secrets from a Defense Department analyst

07-29-06 - Another theft at Defence HQ A large chunk of highly confidential defence data on foreign navies, particularly Israel, new-found nuclear ally USA and neighbour Pakistan, was allegedly leaked to fellow conspirators abroad by sacked IAF officer S L Surve that compromised the country's counter-plans meant for the next 20 years.

07-29-06 - Canadians protest PM's stance on Mideast crisis

07-29-06 - CAIR Condemns Attack on Seattle Jewish Center

07-29-06 - Antiwar Candidate Backs Israeli Strikes The anti-Iraq War challenger in Connecticut's upcoming Democratic primary has issued strong statements backing Israel's military operations in Lebanon, but his campaign boosters are being painted as anti-Israel by supporters of Senator Joseph Lieberman.

07-29-06 - Hagel Decries U.S. 'Crisis Diplomacy' in Mideast Hagel's views on the Middle East are not in keeping with those of many other members of Congress or the Bush administration Yeh. It looks like he is speaking up for American interests, not those of AIPAC.

07-28-06 - Security Council reaches accord on Iran Because of Russian and Chinese demands, the text is weaker than earlier drafts, which would have made the threat of sanctions immediate. The draft now essentially requires the council to hold further discussions before it considers sanctions.

07-28-06 - Hezbollah politicians back peace package European Union officials said Friday the proposals form a basis for an agreement, increasing the pressure on the United States to call for a cease-fire

07-28-06 - A woman injured in an Israeli attack, Muntaha Shaito, 38, cries after hearing that her mother's dead body was still inside a van in the road since the attack

07-28-06 - Nour lost her sister and mother during an Israeli warplane strike on her house

07-28-06 - Palestinians at the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp, near the southern coastal city of Saida, distribute aid to people who fled border villages in south Lebanon These people have very little, but they give all that they can because they know what it is like to be refugees. They even gave to Americans who became refugees because of Hurricane Katrina.

07-28-06 - Iran again insists no arms, money for Hezbollah Asefi, however, said the real issue was "why the United States backs this Zionist regime and its crimes of killing young and old innocent people."

07-28-06 - UN calls for humanitarian truce The UN humanitarian chief has called for a 72-hour truce between Israel and Hezbollah to allow aid into southern Lebanon and casualties to be removed.

07-28-06 - LEBANON-SYRIA: Palestinians still stranded on Syrian-Lebanese border

07-28-06 - Israeli bombs kill 13 in Lebanon Warplanes repeatedly bombed hill villages near the southern port of Tyre and hundreds of artillery rounds crashed across the border from Israel, killing 10 people, including a Jordanian. Three people died in air strikes in the eastern Bekaa Valley, Lebanese security sources said.

07-28-06 - China approves five-billion-dollar petrochemical venture with Kuwait

07-28-06 - Situation for civilians in southern Lebanon unacceptable: ICRC The International Committee for Red Cross has condemned the situation of thousands of people trapped by war in south Lebanon as unacceptable and said Israel must do more to spare civilians.

07-28-06 - Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers Israel?s Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs. Propaganda alert, folks.

07-28-06 - Hezbollah rocket hits Israeli hospital

07-28-06 - US earmarks 10 million dollars for Lebanese army

07-28-06 - Former Canadian professor is not a Hezbollah spy, says son Falah said Israeli officials accused his father of taking photos of Israeli military installations for Hezbollah, adding that there was "supposedly a military antenna" in one of the shots. He has not been charged.

07-28-06 - US 'outrage' over Israeli claims The US state department has dismissed as "outrageous" a suggestion by Israel that it has been authorised by the world to continue bombing Lebanon.

07-28-06 - Former US secretary of state urges ceasefire talks Christopher further warned that as the underdog in the continuing strife, Hezbollah "continues burnishing its reputation within the Arab world," while every day the US supports further Israeli violence "our already tattered reputation sinks even lower."

07-28-06 - Bush apologizes to Blair over bombs sent to Israel

07-28-06 - Mother, Children Escape Lebanon

07-28-06 - Guns in the Closet At home in a town in southern Lebanon, a Hezbollah fighter waits to be called to action.

07-28-06 - Lebanese want protection from Israel

07-28-06 - Oxfam blasts 'hand-wringing' Bush-Blair Mideast talks

07-28-06 - Israel's Vietnam syndrome by Patrick J. Buchanan Then there is the danger the Shia of Iraq will, in solidarity with their co-religionists in Lebanon, turn on the Americans for the blank check Bush gave the Israeli Air Force to work its will in Lebanon.

07-28-06 - In Israel's sights, Lebanon truckers face death In Lebanon, everyone's guilty, according to Israel.

07-28-06 - Israel to deploy Patriot missiles near Tel Aviv

07-28-06 - Israel Charged with Systematic Harassment of U.S. Marines General R.H. Barrow charged that Israeli troops were deliberately threatening the lives of Marines serving as peacekeepers in Lebanon. There was, he wrote, a systematic pattern of harassment by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that was resulting in "life-threatening situations, replete with verbal degradation of the officers, their uniform and country."

07-28-06 - War freezes judicial work, including Hariri probe

07-28-06 - Syrians see spirit of warrior Saladin in Hezbollah leader

07-28-06 - One dead, 5 hurt in Seattle Jewish centre shooting Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Vice President Amy Wasser-Simpson told the Seattle Times in a story on its Web site that a man got through security at the building and shouted, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," then began shooting. Why would this guy feel the need to say such a thing, particularly the first part?

07-28-06 - Washington risks a wider conflict While previous administrations, despite commitment to the strategic alliance with Israel, kept at least some distance in earlier crises, the US under George W Bush immediately adopted Israel's primary war aim. ....There are signs of a rapprochement between radical Sunni and Shia factions which could rebound massively on the US

07-28-06 - Iran's the war culprit, says Bush

07-28-06 - Lebanese set aside differences to help

07-28-06 - Aussie veto stopped US war crimes In one instance, Major General McNarn vetoed a US plan to drop a range of huge non-precision bombs on Baghdad, causing one angry US Air Force general to call the Australian a "pencil dick".

07-28-06 - Krauthammer?s "Morality" Most folks, when they start defending Israel's every bad deed, lose their moral compass pretty quickly. Always remember, not all Jews support Israel's behavior.

07-28-06 - The "hiding among civilians" myth So the analysts talking on cable news about Hezbollah "hiding within the civilian population" clearly have spent little time if any in the south Lebanon war zone and don't know what they're talking about. Hezbollah doesn't trust the civilian population and has worked very hard to evacuate as much of it as possible from the battlefield.

07-28-06 - Israelis continue to back strong military response Israel Defense Forces First Sergeant Rafael Ezra has little sympathy for civilians killed by Israeli attacks. "I think they need to choose better where they live." Generations of people who have been raised to believe that they are above the law. And why shouldn't they? Has Israel ever abided by international law? Who has repeatedly blocked any punitive action as a result? This has only reinforced this notion of supremacy. And it has rubbed off on our government.

07-28-06 - Lebanon: Are the Yanks Coming?

07-28-06 - DFAT unable to warn convoy of danger The DFAT spokesman says the Department understands that a German journalist travelling in the convoy "had been in regular contact with the IDF".

07-28-06 - UN observers leave Israel-Lebanon border

07-28-06 - On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came calling They have already attacked two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances in Qana, killing two of the three wounded patients inside and injuring all the crew - a clear and apparently deliberate breach of Chapter IV, Article 24 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions

07-28-06 - Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah The Saudis were putting the West on notice that they would not exert pressure on anyone in the Arab world until Washington did something to halt the destruction of Lebanon, Saudi commentators said

07-28-06 - Anger in India over Israeli war on Lebanon Irrespective of their religion, Indians are reacting with fury after seeing on television the near-total destruction of southern Lebanon that had rebuilt itself after decades of civil war.

07-28-06 - Straw slams Israel's use of 'disproportionate' violence Mr Straw said Mr Howells was right to tell the Israelis: "If you want to go for Hezbeollah, go for Hezbollah, don't go for the whole Lebanese nation."

07-28-06 - Bush aims for rapid Lebanon force

07-28-06 - Made in the UK, bringing devastation to Lebanon - the British parts in Israel's deadly attack helicopters

07-28-06 - Bush and Blair lay out Lebanon plan but warn Tehran

07-28-06 - As the shells fall around them, Hizbullah men await the Israelis

07-28-06 - Orthodox Jews participate in an anti-Israel rally in front of the Israeli consulate

07-28-06 - A fishing harbour in Byblos, north of Beirut, is covered with oil

07-28-06 - Lebanese refugees, who fled their homes due to the Israeli offensive, sleep in a public park turned into a shelter for displaced people in Beirut

07-28-06 - Congress to E.U.: List Hezbollah as terrorist The letter to Javier Solana, the top E.U. foreign official, was dated July 29 and initiated by Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.).

07-28-06 - U.S. plans $4.6 billion in Mideast arms sales An equal opportunity arms dealer, we are.

07-28-06 - Russia's list of terrorist organizations does not include Hamas or Hezbollah The Russian Federal Security Service's top official in charge of fighting international terrorism, Yuri Sapunov, said Hamas and Hezbollah were not a major threat to Russia and were not regarded as terrorist groups worldwide.

07-28-06 - Israel's actions might provoke a revolt of Iraqi Shiites

07-28-06 - Mideast conflict blamed for rise in anti-Semitic incidents Katz is skeptical that anti-Semitism is on the rise, saying comments against the actions of Israel could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. "If you criticize the state of Israel, you will be referred to as being anti-Semitic," said Katz.

07-28-06 - 100,000 Whiners for War Crimes

07-28-06 - Support sagging for Canada's Conservatives: poll "It's reasonable to speculate that some of the softening of Conservative support, at least in Quebec, may be linked to Canada's alignment with the U.S. foreign policy (on Israel), coupled with major investments in military capabilities," he said.

07-28-06 - Israel has a long history of abusing the United Nations

07-27-06 - US sanctions two India firms for transfers to Iran

07-27-06 - Major powers come closer to Iran resolution: diplomats

07-27-06 - House report criticizes US intelligence on threats

07-27-06 - Canadian wife of UN observer bombed in Lebanon blames Israel "The building was clearly marked. Their vehicles are clearly marked. They are clearly marked as UN. So why were they firing on that base ... Why did they bomb the UN site?"

07-27-06 - Lebanon to sue Israel for "barbaric destruction" - PM Israel already beat them to the punch.

07-27-06 - Pentagon denies bomb-carrying flights broke rules in Britain The Pentagon denied that chartered flights carrying bunker-busting bombs to Israel through British airports violated procedures.

07-27-06 - Israel calling up 30,000 reserve soldiers Asked whether entire villages should be flattened, he said: "These places are not villages. They are military bases in which Hezbollah people are hiding and from which they are operating." Thousands of civilians are believed trapped in the border villages, according to humanitarian officials. International Red Cross spokesman Hisham Hassan said their teams that have visited border villages under heavy bombardment, have found families hiding in schools, mosques and churches, or huddled together in homes they hope will withstand the barrage

07-27-06 - Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon Bush again embraced Israel's effort in Lebanon today - even after the Justice Minister's comments.

07-27-06 - US blocks Security Council move to condemn Israeli attack on UN post The United States blocked the U.N. Security Council from issuing a statement that would have condemned Israel's bombing of a U.N. post on the Lebanon border, in which four military observers were killed.

07-27-06 - New Intelligence Pinpoints Iranian Regime Explosives Factories: Tehran's Technology Fuels Iraqi Insurgency BS alert. I've never seen anyone with this kind of information feel the need to take out a PR alert on it, unless of course it was BS.

07-27-06 - Health minister says 600 civilians killed in Israeli offensive on Lebanon Up to 600 civilians are believed to have been killed in the Israeli offensive in Lebanon, with 382 confirmed dead and the rest either known to be buried under the rubble of buildings or missing, the health minister told The Associated Press on Thursday.

07-27-06 - Oil spill adds to Lebanon's agony Along Lebanon's sandy beaches and rocky headlands runs a belt of black sludge, 10,000 to 30,000 tonnes of oil that spilled into the Mediterranean after Israel bombed a power plant...."We have never seen a spill like this in the history of Lebanon. It is a major catastrophe,"

07-27-06 - Iran remains a 'grave' world threat: Bolton

07-27-06 - Iran says won't cut oil production if Syria attacked

07-27-06 - Israel warplanes strike Lebanon, kill five One policeman and two civilians died when Israeli attacks ripped along the Bekaa, an AFP photographer said. Two other people, a man and a woman, died when the southern village of Kafra was bombarded, police said.

07-27-06 - Blair to tell Bush: we need a ceasefire

07-27-06 - Senator: Israel's reaction 'excessive'

07-27-06 - Little Relief - Humanitarian supplies finally begin to trickle into southern Lebanon, but local leaders say they?d rather have peace. "America sells bombs to the Israelis," he says, "so they can drop them here. And tell me, what did (U.S. Secretary of State) Condoleeza Rice do? There is something more important than food and water now, and that is peace." Kevin Sites of Yahoo! reports from on the ground in Lebanon.

07-27-06 - Woman Recounts Escape From Lebanon "At one point, we just said, 'That's it. We're going to die.' And I don't want my family back home to know that. And I kept (the fear) away from them."

07-27-06 - Lebanon arrests 40 'Israel spies'

07-27-06 - Security Council expresses shock at bombing The United States, Israel's closest ally, insisted on dropping any condemnation or allusion to the possibility that Israel deliberately targeted the U.N. post Tuesday in the town of Khiam near the Lebanese-Israeli border....Wang told reporters he remains frustrated at the difficult negotiations on such an important issue, and said this would definitely affect "working relations" in the council on other issues, including Iran. While he named no names, it was clear that Wang's frustration was aimed at the United States. Read that quote again.

07-27-06 - Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City Following the ceaseless bombing of Lebanon, Fox News has gone thermonuclear in its mission to drive fear into the hearts of Americans by insisting that Hezbollah's use of a nuclear device in a major US or Israeli city is inevitable and that only increased surveillance of Americans can stop it.

07-27-06 - It was August of 2005, war plans for Iran drawn up by Cheney One year before Hezbollah abducted the Israeli soldiers, Cheney's plans to attack Iran were being drawn up

07-27-06 - The turbulent march of history past Beirut woman's window A vivid memory still stencilled into her head came in 1976 when militiamen massacred Shiites, Druze and Palestinian refugees in the nearby Karantina camp, now closed. "A boy whose voice had not even broken kept pleading: 'Don't kill me'. They dragged him off to the corner of the street and shot him," she says. "I can still hear his voice in my head, begging for his life, as they dragged him off."

07-27-06 - Analysts: Lebanon conflict could widen "Some analysts believe that the prospect of open war between Syria and Israel grows more likely the longer the current conflict continues," The moment the neocons have been waiting for.

07-27-06 - Lawmakers form pro-Israel caucus A bipartisan slate of lawmakers is forming a pro-Israel caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Yes, I was just thinking minutes ago - we need another pro-Israel group in Congress. We really lack these kinds of things.

07-27-06 - Al-Qaeda vows to avenge Israel onslaughts on Lebanon, Gaza Al-Qaeda second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri has vowed that the network would carry out attacks against Israel and its US backers to avenge the Israeli offensives against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

07-27-06 - Diplomatic divide over Lebanon crisis widens At the United Nations in New York, China warned the United States that its opposition to a statement condemning an Israeli attack on a U.N. post in Lebanon that killed four observers could jeopardize U.N. negotiations on Iran's nuclear ambitions.

07-27-06 - Israel's Man at the UN The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) calls Bolton "one of Israel's truest friends in the world."....Bolton is a longtime member of the advisory board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, which has offices in Washington and Jerusalem....Senate staffers investigating Bolton found that Bolton prevented a State Department memo accusing Israel of violating U.S. arms-export laws from reaching the desk of then-Secretary of State Colin Powell....In December 2005 the Zionist Organization of America honored Bolton with its annual Defender of Israel Award. I fail to see just exactly what this man has done for AMERICA at the UN.

07-27-06 - Proposed resolutions note civilians The resolutions, all currently in committee, follow on frustration expressed last week by a number of lawmakers that a resolution supporting Israel failed to call on all sides to protect civilians.

07-27-06 - Iranian president wants Lebanon cease-fire Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a cease-fire in Lebanon and criticized U.S. policy in the Middle East on Wednesday, saying Washington wants to "recarve the map" of the region with Israel's help

07-27-06 - Norway 'Nazi cartoon' irks Israel Israel's ambassador to Norway has complained to press regulators about a cartoon showing Israeli PM Ehud Olmert as a Nazi concentration camp commander

07-27-06 - Only Hizbullah can defend against an Israeli invasion "The Israelis are radicalising Lebanon, even liberal democrats like me. I took part in last year's demonstrations against Syria. I was a critic of Hizbullah. Now I cannot help but support Hizbullah's fighters who are defending our country."

07-27-06 - Bombs shatter the quiet lives of working-class Lebanese

07-27-06 - Americans Showing Isolationist Streak, Poll Finds

07-27-06 - Aid groups fear UN deaths fallout "As a result of this incident, drivers and truck owners are losing confidence in UN assurances,"

07-27-06 - Belgian couple to accuse Israel of war crimes

07-27-06 - Ground invasion ruled out - for now

07-27-06 - Tying the hands of the United Nations "The Americans are always obstructive at the UN unless there is something they want." An example was the expected UN resolution on Iran's nuclear programmes, which the US strongly supports.

07-27-06 - Britain to allow US flights carrying bombs to Israel their hazardous contents, The Times said. It said that the diplomatic row was more about procedure than principle, and quoted an unnamed senior government official saying flights through Prestwick "will be allowed to continue".

07-27-06 - Israeli strikes may boost Hizbullah base "This support for Hizbullah is by default. It's due to US and Israeli actions,"

07-27-06 - Hizbullah seen as tougher foe than expected

07-27-06 - Hezbollah names tied to AMIA bombing Hezbollah - it's everywhere you need it to be.

07-27-06 - Israeli military to investigate itself over UN killings Uhh..ok.

07-27-06 - Anti-Americanism prompts push for "citizen diplomacy"

07-27-06 - Howard asks Israel to keep Australians safe He says Mr Olmert called him to express his thanks for Australia's diplomatic support.

07-27-06 - Israel claims 'green light' for war Israel insists it has been given the green light from the world to press on with its deadly assault on Lebanon and called up more troops, after suffering its biggest single-day military loss in the conflict.

07-27-06 - Israel nixes major U.N. role in Lebanon Dan Gillerman also said Israel would not allow the United Nations to join in an investigation of an Israeli airstrike that demolished a post belonging to the current U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Four U.N. observers were killed in the Tuesday strike...His refusal to conduct a joint investigation will be a slap to U.N. officials, who have specifically sought to partner with Israel to investigate the bombing.

07-27-06 - Analysis: Bush foreign policy struggling Strong support in Congress for Israel is further complicating efforts to find common ground with allies. Here's why Congress 'support's Israel. And again.

07-27-06 - Anger in the Arab World

07-27-06 - America - an Orwellian Nightmare Our politicians fall all over themselves to please a foreign nation. George Washington is rolling in his grave.

07-27-06 - Door slams hard on any who would criticize Israel Palestinians have a right to a viable state, and a lot of Jews agree with that. Innocent people in Lebanon, site of recent Israeli missile strikes, have a right to live and not be bombarded with disproportionate force that can be seen as military-supported terror.

07-26-06 - Iran: The Next War by James Bamford War with Iran has been in the works for the past five years, shaped in almost complete secrecy by a small group of senior Pentagon officials attached to the Office of Special Plans. The man who created the OSP was Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defense for policy. A former Middle East specialist on the National Security Council in the Reagan administration, Feith had long urged Israel to secure its borders in the Middle East by attacking Iraq and Iran. After Bush's election, Feith went to work to make that vision a reality, putting together a team of neoconservative hawks determined to drive the U.S. to attack Tehran. We've still got some true patriots in the federal government. God bless them. Read this article in its entirety and witness the abject treachery of the neocons, some of whom are STILL IN OFFICE. This is one of those articles that will be put in the margin of my companion website - permanently.

07-26-06 - UN calls for Mid-East ceasefire

07-26-06 - Siniora's agony over Lebanon's plight "Is the value of human life less than in Lebanon than that of citizens elsewhere? Are we children of a lesser God? Is an Israeli teardrop worth more than a drop of Lebanese blood?"

07-26-06 - Israel's heaviest losses fuel doubts over strategy the city of Tyre was hit in a major Israeli air strike. Sixteen people, including six children, were injured when a seven-storey building that had been used as a Hizbullah community centre collapsed

07-26-06 - Israeli Sisters Need Donations For Life-Saving Surgery The sisters, Janna and Halla Awad, are Arab Israeli Muslim. They are currently at Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami

07-26-06 - Nine Israelis killed in Lebanon Nine Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce clashes with Hezbollah militants in south Lebanon.

07-26-06 - Many Americans stuck in southern Lebanon "I tell you honestly, from my heart, I love everyone. I don't care their religion or their belief," Tehfi said. "But I don't understand what I saw. It was a massacre. It was a massacre."

07-26-06 - Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea The UN report says each time the UN contacted Israeli forces, they were assured the firing would stop.

07-26-06 - Israeli strike hits lorry carrying aid An Israeli air strike on Wednesday hit a lorry carrying medical and food supplies donated to Lebanon by the United Arab Emirates, killing its Syrian driver and wounding two others, security sources said.

07-26-06 - Marines in Lebanon remember '83 bombing they were ordered back after Christian militiamen allied with Israel massacred hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Beirut. The Marines, along with British, French and Italian troops, were expected to provide a modicum of order to help the fragile Lebanese government get on its feet.

07-26-06 - Weeks of war to come, says Israeli general "But the shelling started in the morning and went on until after 7pm. You cannot imagine the anguish of the unarmed men and women peacekeepers who were there."

07-26-06 - 'Why do they give weapons to Israel and food to us?' "Is he just trying to fatten us up before he gives Israel bigger bombs to kill us?" Stunning hypocrisy.

07-26-06 - A Nigerian U.N. employee, his wife and five Lebanese people were buried when the bomb flattened their home Three of the five Lebanese were removed, including the body of a child

07-26-06 - Bombardment hits Lebanon's children hard Children account for more than a third of the hundreds of people killed and half of the 700,000 displaced by the conflict, a spokeswoman for the U.N. Children's Fund UNICEF said.

07-26-06 - China presses UN council to condemn Israeli attack Chinese U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya agreed even before formal deliberations began, however, to soften his draft text by deleting a call for an immediate end to the fighting in Lebanon and a reference to the "apparently deliberate targeting" of U.N. troops by Israeli forces.

07-26-06 - Dump Condi: Foreign policy conservatives charge State Dept. has hijacked Bush agenda Mr. Perle, pointing to the effort by the State Department to undermine the Reagan administration?s policy toward the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, has accused Miss Rice of succumbing to a long-time State Department agenda of meaningless agreements meant to appease enemies of the United States If Condi has the neocons pissed, then she must be doing something right. Perle wants the US to attack Iran. These neocons shouldn't be anywhere near our government for their willful deception of the American people. They should be in jail.

07-26-06 - Israel using chemical weapons: doctors Killed by Israeli air raids, the Lebanese dead are charred in a way local doctors, who have lived through years of civil war and Israeli occupation, say they have not seen before.

07-26-06 - Rogue elements blamed for UN attack "Clearly there are rogue elements on both sides of the border. There is a rogue element in the Israeli military machine and it's about time the world called a spade a spade and recognised that element has been there for several years and continues. This guy will be out of a job for saying that, no doubt.

07-26-06 - CAIR Asks Bush to Protect Americans Under Attack By Israel U.S. citizens trapped in S. Lebanon describe horrific scenes

07-26-06 - Analysis: U.S. charts own Mideast course "We wanted a cease-fire, an immediate cease-fire," Saniora said, with Rice and others at his side. "The more we delay the cease-fire, the more we are going to witness (that) more are being killed, more destruction and more aggression against the civilians in Lebanon."

07-26-06 - Israel army collecting bodies of Hezbollah

07-26-06 - Putin's billion-dollar arms sale risks souring Western détente HUGO CHÁVEZ, the ardently anti-American President of Venezuela, arrives in Russia today to sign a billion-dollar arms deal that has infuriated and alarmed the US.

07-26-06 - China demands apology after Israel kills UN worker "The Chinese side ... demands that the Israeli side open a comprehensive investigation, apologize to the Chinese side and the victim's family and help the Chinese side in carrying out the mourning activities,"

07-26-06 - Lebanon receives EU aid promises, UN delivery, Jordanian aid The world continued its mobilisation to aid war-smashed Lebanon, as the European Union promised tens of millions of dollars, the United Nations sent a convoy of trucks to the south of the country and Jordan began flying in medical help.

07-26-06 - U.S. wants to deal "aggressively" with Kurdish PKK

07-26-06 - Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon This was the original article from the Associated Press. Were those soldiers captured in Lebanon, or Israel? According to the author of this article, it was Lebanon.

07-26-06 - On visit to U.S., Iraqi leader takes heat for Israel comments "The Israeli attacks and airstrikes are completely destroying Lebanon's infrastructure," Maliki said in remarks reported by the New York Times. "I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo to take quick action to stop these aggressions. We call on the world to take quick stands to stop the Israeli aggression."

07-26-06 - International criticism follows deadly Israel raid on UN post "There were 14 other Israeli firings close to this position by the Israeli side, and the firing continued during the UNIFIL rescue,"

07-26-06 - 'Luck' saves UN officer from Khiam blast US ambassador John Bolton says Israel insists it was an "operational mistake".

07-26-06 - Hundreds march for peace to Israeli embassy "The media is trying to portray this as a proportional conflict, when really what we see is one of the biggest militaries in the world -- that being Israel -- bombarding mostly a civilian population in Lebanon,"

07-26-06 - Putin and Ahmadinejad discuss Mideast crises

07-26-06 - Lebanese Americans flee conflict zone Many houses in Chihin had been bombed, she said, and the Israelis also dropped leaflets telling the residents to leave their homes. "But when a group of people tried to escape, they bombed the cars. They had to gather up the children's remains in plastic bags,"

07-26-06 - Lebanese cope, once again, amid the ruin of war Up to 750,000 people have been driven from their homes as Israeli shelling has destroyed electricity and water supplies

07-26-06 - Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon? This would be a disaster. We should STAY OUT OF IT. This is NOT 'our war'.

07-26-06 - Mideast fighting rises to new pitch UNIFIL has a history of being fired on by the Israeli military dating back to its inception in 1978. Several UNIFIL soldiers were killed and wounded in the 1980s and 1990s by Israeli tank fire, artillery shelling, and airstrikes against their positions and convoys.....In April 1996, Israeli artillery shelled the UNIFIL Fijian battalion's headquarters, killing more than 100 Lebanese who were seeking shelter there during an earlier Israeli offensive against Hizbullah. In January 2004, a French OGL officer was killed by an Israeli tank shell Evidently, UNIFIL has been in their sights before.

07-26-06 - Time for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon

07-26-06 - Time won't help Israel disarm Hizbullah Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz as much as admitted his contempt for noncombatant immunity when, according to Israeli army radio on July 24, he ordered the destruction of 10 multistory buildings in the Shiite-inhabited suburbs of Beirut for every rocket hitting Haifa.

07-26-06 - Britain to protest US use of airport to send missiles to Israel British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett is planning to make a formal complaint to the United States over the alleged use of a Scottish airport as a staging post for the transport of missiles to Israel.

07-26-06 - Frustration as summit fails to end conflict A US state department official travelling with Ms Rice denied the US had been isolated, a view disputed by other sources at the conference It's what happens when you have a government that is under the influence.

07-26-06 - Ceasefire is the only option Vanessa Redgrave Unicef special representative

07-26-06 - Shocked at Israeli atrocities? Don't be.

07-26-06 - Lebanon: Winners and Losers What an Orwellian nightmare America has turned out to be; Black is white, Up is down, Israel is a democracy deserving of our unconditional support. Our politicians fall all over themselves to please a foreign nation. George Washington is rolling in his grave. Is this what he fought for? Is this the America that those ragtag 'rebels' envisioned? Hardly. If that is so, then they never would have fought at all. America was supposed to be INDEPENDENT. Clearly, it is not. How much more does one have to say or do to get this message through to the American public at large?

07-26-06 - Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes

07-26-06 - The case of the USS Liberty: anatomy of an Israeli provocation

07-26-06 - Schumer and Clinton Pressed To Reappoint Bolton Senators Schumer and Clinton are facing increasing pressure from pro-Israel groups to renounce another Democratic filibuster in light of the escalating war in the Middle East. Pro-Israel groups LOVE John Bolton. He puts ISRAEL first, ALWAYS!

07-26-06 - Israel lobby out in force to disparage Americans stranded in Lebanon

07-26-06 - Ceasefire quickest solution to Mideast bloodshed: think tank

07-26-06 - 'The troops thought: this guy's got balls'

07-26-06 - Indulging folly The US alliance with Israel has been a fact of international life for decades, but seldom has Washington acted so blatantly in support of the country and with such disregard for the rest of the international community. Our unconditional support of Israel's actions is not in the best interests of THIS COUNTRY, America.

07-26-06 - The neocon resurgence

07-26-06 - 'When it is over, the IDF will have to take a good look at itself'

07-26-06 - Precise Destruction

07-26-06 - Ex-aide slams Britain over Lebanon Britain's moral authority over the crisis in the Middle East is being undermined by its close relationship with the US, a former top aide to Tony Blair has said. The work of our mighty Israel lobby here in the US is bringing others down with us, evidently.

07-26-06 - Dean calls Iraqi PM an 'anti-Semite' Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday called Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an "anti-Semite" for failing to denounce Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel. Ridiculous. The Iraqi PM IS a Semite.

07-26-06 - Congress Cautioned On Support of Israel The vast majority of folks in Congress are beholden to AIPAC or Israel. This is the definitive proof.

07-26-06 - Jewish voters dis Bush: Israel?s defender deserves better President Bush hasn?t just correctly filled out some American Israel Political Action Committee questionnaire. He?s put American lives where other politicians? mouths have been. What has he gotten in political returns? Bupkis.

07-26-06 - War Trashes Lebanese Economic Comeback Israel's bombardment has dealt a devastating blow to Lebanon's fragile economy, just as it was recovering from a yearslong slump.

07-26-06 - India condemns Israeli bombardment

07-25-06 - Iran stays defiant on uranium enrichment

07-25-06 - Harris Poll: Despite News Reports, More Americans Believe Iraq Had WMD Sixty-four percent(64%) say it is true that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda (the same as 64% in February 2005). Wow.

07-25-06 - Deadly Israel raid on UN post overshadows Lebanon crisis meet The deaths, which UN chief Kofi Annan said were the result of Israel's "apparently deliberate targeting" of a UN post, also drew a strong protest from France, whose officers currently command the nearly 30-year-old UN force....."There were 14 other Israeli firings close to this position by the Israeli side and the firing continued during the UNIFIL rescue,"

07-25-06 - Israeli raid kills family of seven as Lebanon toll nears 400 The seven civilians, including at least two children, were killed in the village of Nabatyieh on Tuesday while another civilian died in a raid on the eastern region of Baalbek.

07-25-06 - Three Indians hurt, one in coma, in Lebanon

07-25-06 - Chinese UN observer killed in Israeli air strike

07-25-06 - Pipeline talks to continue: Iran Iran Monday stressed that talks on a tri-nation gas pipeline project with India and Pakistan would 'continue till the final result is achieved'.

07-25-06 - 'Save us,' she screamed as another shell landed "They hit us very aggressively," he said. "They didn't leave a single house standing, and there are still people there, buried under the rubble."

07-25-06 - Lebanon aid appeals: where you can donate An estimated 800,000 people have been affected by the Israeli bombing, with the United Nations launching an emergency appeal for $150m (£81m) to help them. On the page, there are links to the various agencies to which people can donate.

07-25-06 - Israeli bomb kills UN observers the four, from Austria, Canada, China and Finland, had taken shelter in a bunker under the post after it was earlier shelled 14 times by Israeli artillery. A rescue team was also shelled as it tried to clear the rubble.

07-25-06 - Iran anger at Lebanon aid 'block' Turkey and Saudi Arabia have stopped Iran using their air space to send humanitarian relief to Lebanon, media in Iran have said.

07-25-06 - Hezbollah says Israeli response a surprise Komati said his group had anticipated negotiations to swap the Israeli soldiers for three Lebanese held in Israeli jails, with Germany acting as a mediator as it has in past prisoner exchanges....Komati said Hezbollah has weapons made in various countries, including the United States, France, China and Russia. "Some of our fighters carry M16s. So you think we buy them from America?"

07-25-06 - Aid door to Lebanon closed: UN agencies But, asked later for comment on the Israeli move, Pagonis said it did not appear "to address the immediate situation we are confronted with right now" -- the absence of safe passage authorization for the supplies waiting in Syria.

07-25-06 - Israel 'targeting fleeing civilians'

07-25-06 - Lebanon president says Israel uses phosphorous arms

07-25-06 - ICRC - Bulletin No. 3 - Lebanon Lebanese Red Cross ambulances suffer new security incidents

07-25-06 - Roundup: Israeli girl killed in Hezbollah's rocket attack An Arab Israeli girl was killed on Tuesday when a rocket fired by Lebanese Hezbollah hit her house in a village in northern Israel, medical sources said.

07-25-06 - Bombings Hit Lebanese Children Hardest

07-25-06 - Iran president warns of hurricane in Middle East Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Tuesday that the conflict between Lebanon and Israel could sweep through the entire Middle East like a hurricane.

07-25-06 - Rice's Mideast visit draws mixed reviews Rice left the Middle East after meetings Tuesday with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. U.S. officials touted one public victory that they considered key: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said after meeting Rice that Israel would allow humanitarian assistance to move into Lebanon by land, air and sea. Oh wow. Wasn't that nice of them? Olmert then said: his government "will not hesitate to take severe measures against those who are aiming thousands of rockets and missiles against innocent civilians for the sole purpose of killing them." Then he better take action against his own military because that is exactly what they are doing.

07-25-06 - Malaysia calls Israeli action in Lebanon 'unconscionable'

07-25-06 - Republican Jews urge Bolton confirmation "Ambassador Bolton has expressed President Bush?s unwavering support of Israel in a time of crisis," Naturally. Before you know it, whale feces will be discovered at the bottom of the ocean. Will wonders never cease?

07-25-06 - White House release calls for Israel to hit Syria

07-25-06 - Anger grows as Lebanese seek refuge Ali Hamadeh, another Red Cross volunteer, says that the center received a call the other day from a man who said his house in Aitaroun had been hit by an Israeli missile and collapsed on top of 30 people inside. "He couldn't reach them under the rubble and we couldn't get there either because of the bombings," says Mr. Hamadeh. "If anyone was badly injured ... they will be dead by now."

07-25-06 - Bush: No contradiction in US Mideast policy US President George W. Bush said he saw no contradiction in sending humanitarian aid to Lebanon in the face of Israeli strikes while speeding deliveries of weapons to Israel. The rest of the world knows different.

07-25-06 - Syrian Says Israel Drives U.S. Policy Hezbollah has its own sources of arms, Moustapha said, while contending that ideologues in the Bush administration and pro-Israeli lobbyists are driving U.S. support for Israel to unprecedented levels. "What Israel says is immediately adopted" by the administration, he said. "Whatever Israel wants becomes immediate U.S. policy in the Middle East."

07-25-06 - JINSA Strongly Supports Bolton Nomination Naturally, since JINSA is a neocon outfit.

07-25-06 - No Exit - American citizens are caught in the crossfire in southern Lebanon while trying to flee the fighting. "I didn't see any Hezbollah fighters in our village," says Mr. Chahine, "so why are they bombing there?"

07-25-06 - Democrats decry Maliki's comments on Israel U.S. congressional Democrats expressed alarm on Tuesday over Iraq's denunciation of Israel in the Middle East conflict, and some said Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's address to Congress should be canceled unless he apologizes. Oh dear. It would seem that this government in Iraq may be up for another 'regime change' if they keep criticizing Israel like that. It's not allowed by the US. For, the 'democracy' that the neocons want to visit on the Middle East can best be defined as follows: the installation of Israel-friendly governments.

07-25-06 - One Day in Tyre In one southern Lebanese city, fear and hardship reign as victims fill the hospitals; bodies pile up in the morgue; ambulances are attacked; food, water and fuel supplies run low; and missiles strike the heart of downtown.

07-25-06 - Syria, Iran lack full Hizbollah control: US official Syria can do far more to rein in Hizbollah, such as stopping arms flows into Lebanon, but is not capable of putting the militia "out of business," a top U.S. counterterrorism official said on Tuesday. Oh you just hush your mouth now. Olmert told Condi and Bush that it's all Syria and Iran's fault!

07-25-06 - Saudi unveils huge Mideast aid package, warns of war A statement issued by the royal court demanded a halt to the "killing and destruction" by the Israeli military, warning that its determination to press ahead with its twin offensives risked plunging the whole region into war.

07-25-06 - Kidnapped in Israel or Captured in Lebanon?

07-25-06 - Iran warns the west: ignore us at your peril Iran claims that no amount of western effort can bring a breakthrough, with key parties shut out of the negotiating room.

07-25-06 - Israel plans to stay in Lebanon

07-25-06 - As the Price of Oil Soars, So Does Its Power to Shape Politics From Washington to Beijing For months, the United States has sought to tighten the noose around Iran by getting the United Nations Security Council to threaten sanctions over its suspected nuclear weapons program. Iran says its nuclear program is civilian in nature. Russia, China and some European leaders, fearful that Iran could follow through on its threat to turn off the oil spigot in reply, even if temporarily, have resisted.

07-25-06 - No security clearances revoked over Plame

07-25-06 - Beirut students ridicule US vision of 'new Middle East' Mansour added: "People giving weapons and machinery to Israel to crush Lebanon aren't the best people we should look to for a solution."

07-25-06 - Iraqi Shi'ite militia ready to join fight The plan reflects the potential of the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah to strengthen radical elements in Iraq and neighboring countries and to draw other regional players into the Lebanon conflict.

07-25-06 - Americans blame Hezbollah for Lebanon conflict: poll Most believe Washington should stay neutral: 65 percent said the United States should keep out of the conflict. Another 31 percent said the US should take Israel's side and less than 0.5 percent said Washington should back Hezbollah.

07-25-06 - Annan's bombing claims 'shock' Israel Yeh, well I'm sure Israel's BOMBING of the UN post resulting in the deaths of four internationals was MORE shocking, arrogant SOBs.

07-25-06 - Bad Habits Are Hard To Break A little over ten years ago, the IDF shelled a UN base at Qana, Lebanon, where 800 refugees had sought shelter. More than 100 died. Despite witness accounts to the contrary, Israel called that an accident as well.

07-25-06 - Hundreds of Americans stranded in Lebanon

07-25-06 - Rice says need to keep focus on Palestinian state A Palestinian official said Abbas told Rice that a more fanatical group might emerge in Lebanon if Hizbollah is cowed, noting that when Israel pushed out Palestinian guerrillas from Lebanon in the 1980s they were replaced by Hizbollah. That's our Condi, blowing more smoke up Abbas' shorts.

07-25-06 - Lebanese POWs - Israel's dirty little secret

07-25-06 - Attacks 'may boost' Hezbollah's popularity

07-25-06 - Clark deplores Israeli strike

07-25-06 - In Europe, more understanding for Israel?s plight, especially in the East Hungarian newspapers have been balanced on the war, said Yahel Vilan, a counselor at the Israeli Embassy in Hungary.....Hungarian television programs have had the Israeli ambassador on daily since the conflict began, while the Lebanese ambassador has been on only once. Yep, there's that Israeli 'balance' they're always looking for. Notice that there is no concern about it HERE in America - because they know they've got our media 'balanced' for them, lock stock and barrel.

07-25-06 - Israeli actions compared to Nazis' A British lawmaker compared Israeli actions in Lebanon to the Nazi razing of the Warsaw Ghetto.

07-25-06 - Letter calls for more Syria sanctions Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) want Bush to implement all the sanctions in the Syria Accountability Act, which they initiated and which Congress passed in 2003. Bush implemented partial sanctions two years ago. Ya didn't think we could go for a week without Israel's agents in Congress putting forth some more legislation on behalf of that nation?

07-25-06 - Oman says it won't boycott Israel The United States recently has made such agreements conditional on ending the boycott against Israel; similar language was included this year in the U.S.-Bahrain free trade agreement. A clause that has been built into any possible trade deals with Arab countries. Another sign that the United States is Israel-occupied territory.

07-25-06 - Madison's Warning and the Israel Lobby the real question of moment is not the red-herring of Israel's right to defend itself, but rather what possible U.S. national interest is at stake that requires America to put its security at risk on Israel's behalf.

07-25-06 - While Lebanon burns

07-25-06 - Syria Emerges Front and Center by Patrick J. Buchanan With its devastation of Lebanon, its blockade of the West Bank and Gaza, and its determination to destroy the Palestinian Authority, Israel is creating failed states on three borders. How this serves Israel's or America's interests is difficult to see. Buchanan treads gently into the night with this piece. Frankly, after his previous 2 articles, I'd be surprised it he hadn't received death threats from the usual suspects.

07-25-06 - Volunteers move pets to safety in Lebanon

07-25-06 - Israel and the Irony of UN Resolutions

07-25-06 - Muslims on front line as racism rises across EU The inquiry by the European Network against Racism highlights a trend towards "increased tolerance for discriminatory behaviour particularly against immigrants and Muslims". It adds that "a lack of political will to address racism is sometimes evident and disturbing". As long as anti-Semitism is down, then all is hunky dory.

07-25-06 - . . . No, It's Survival After lambasting Israel in an article a week ago, some excerpts from which were read aloud on last weekend's McLaughlin Group, Cohen is now sucking the royal Israel ass good.

07-25-06 - Democratic Opponent of Clinton Criticizes Actions of Israel Jonathan Tasini, the antiwar candidate mounting a Democratic primary challenge against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, said this week that Israel had "committed many acts of brutality and violations of human rights and torture."

07-25-06 - It's Disproportionate. . . Perhaps Israel will get its buffer zone and Hezbollah rockets will stop falling on Haifa for the time being. But ultimately Israel will be less secure, and so will the rest of us.

07-25-06 - Greek protesters topple Truman statue in anti-war demo In a move harking back to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Greek leftists pulled down a statue of former U.S. President Harry S. Truman as part of an anti-war demonstration on Tuesday against the Israeli bombing of Lebanon.

07-25-06 - Bolton Lied

07-24-06 - Iran activist 'snubs White House' In a speech last week in Washington DC, he also criticised US policy in Iraq, saying: "You cannot bring democracy to a country by attacking it".

07-24-06 - Mideast violence may raise odds of US attack: experts The Bush administration's tacit support for Israeli military strikes on Lebanon may have increased the danger of militant retaliation against the United States and U.S. interests abroad, some experts say.

07-24-06 - Huada, 8, a Lebanese girl, sits on her bed at the Hariri hospital in Beirut after she was injured in an Israeli air raid

07-24-06 - Scale of the human crisis emerges

07-24-06 - Israeli shell hits UN post in S. Lebanon An Israeli tank shell hit a position run by U.N. peacekeepers in south Lebanon on Monday, wounding four Ghanaian soldiers, a spokesman for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon said.

07-24-06 - British arms exports to Israel double in a year Lebanon's president accused Israel on Monday of using phosphorous bombs in its attacks, Reuters news agency reported from Paris. "According to the Geneva Convention, when they use phosphorous bombs and laser bombs, is that allowed against civilians and children?" President Emile Lahoud asked on France's RFI radio. An Israeli military spokeswoman said: "Everything the Israeli defence forces are using is legitimate".

07-24-06 - How to Help in Lebanon

07-24-06 - Red Cross ambulances destroyed in Israeli air strike on rescue mission The ambulance headlamps were on, the blue light overhead was flashing, and another light illuminated the Red Cross flag when the first Israeli missile hit, shearing off the right leg of the man on the stretcher inside. As he lay screaming beneath fire and smoke, patients and ambulance workers scrambled for safety, crawling over glass in the dark. Then another missile hit the second ambulance. Wow.

07-24-06 - Israel to get U.S. "bunker buster" bombs - report The United States will soon provide Israel with some 100 "bunker buster" bombs to kill the leader of Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrilla group and destroy its trenches, Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Monday. There's no reason to believe that Israel will not use them on civilians. A move by our government that's sure to help win the battle for 'hearts and minds' in that part of the world.

07-24-06 - From Lebanon, dead Indian returns home A resident of Kendrapara district in Orissa, 40-year-old Swain was killed in Lebanon last week when Israeli bombs hit the glass factory he was working in.

07-24-06 - Israel accused of using cluster grenades Human Rights Watch said it had taken photos of cluster grenades stored by Israeli artillery teams on the Israel-Lebanon border and that a cluster grenade attack on Wednesday killed one and wounded at least 12 civilians in the village of Blida.

07-24-06 - Dodd promises "bruising" fight over Bolton "The problems still persist. Many ambassadors at the U.N. feel he hasn't done a good job there," said Dodd, who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee. "It's polarized the situation."

07-24-06 - No hiding place for those caught up in bombing While Israeli missiles continue to strike vehicles full of desperate refugees fleeing their villages in south Lebanon, Israel is also accused of targeting a large number of homes and office buildings used only by civilians....."We've investigated the results of air campaigns in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the pattern here is different. They're hitting civilians time and time again," Peter Bouckaert, a long-serving Human Rights Watch investigator

07-24-06 - Injured Lebanese with a foreign passports wait for their evacuation out of Lebanon, in a hotel at the southern coastal Lebanon city of Tyre,

07-24-06 - Nations say many foreigners trapped in Lebanon

07-24-06 - U.S. has given lives for Israel Mr. Gutmann's claim that Israel's wars were fought "without the loss of a single American GI" shows that he has forgotten quite a few. In June of 1967 Israeli forces attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 of my shipmates

07-24-06 - Compensation claim against Lebanese gov't in works Attorneys Yehudah Talmon, Yoram Dantziger, and Nitzah Libai preparing symbolic lawsuit to be presented in US against Lebanese government for compensation to be paid to Israeli businesses, citizens for war damages Unbelievably audacious.

07-24-06 - ASEAN criticises Israel, calls for ceasefire "We are gravely concerned over the deteriorating situation and the escalation of violence in the Middle East, particularly the disproportionate, indiscriminate and excessive use of force by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in Lebanon," they said in a statement.

07-24-06 - Evacuees say food in Lebanon scarce as UN aid begins

07-24-06 - UN envoy slams Israel's attacks as more Aussies flee

07-24-06 - A Palestinian child holds up a poster showing an Israeli child writing on rockets being fired into Lebanon by the Israeli army, during a rally

07-24-06 - US Muslim group launches care package drive for Lebanon A US Muslim civil rights group called for the country's faithful of all religions to collect humanitarian relief supplies to help war-torn Lebanon and the Palestinians. The world must (again) send aid due to yet another humanitarian crisis created by Israel. Next, the world will be asked to help rebuild that which Israel has destroyed. Israel itself never takes responsibility for the havoc it wreaks down on her neighbors.

07-24-06 - Canadians divided over PM's pro-Israel position And this from a country where any citizen that questions the Holocaust is thrown into the hoosegow.

07-24-06 - Iraqis Find Rare Unity in Condemning Israel Condemnation of Israel's actions in Lebanon and of the United States as the Jewish state's backer has emerged as a rare bridge issue, cutting across political, ethnic and religious lines....Saying that the U.S. seeks to control oil fields in southern Iraq, Mashadani added, "America didn't come to the country for our sake. America came with a pure Zionist agenda."

07-24-06 - US unveils 30 mln dollar aid package for Lebanon Deduct it from the billions in aid we give to Israel. For, how much more money will Israel's wanton destruction in the Middle East cost the hardworking American people?

07-24-06 - US Arab group sues Rice, Rumsfeld over Lebanon evacuation In their suit against US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld filed in a Detroit, Michigan federal court, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) asked the court to order the government to stop shipping weapons to Israel as long as US citizens remain in danger inside Lebanon.

07-24-06 - Lebanese open up homes for refugees "She does all she can to make us feel at home. She's like a mother to us." ...Mrs Azar is Christian and the families staying in her house are Shia Muslim, but they say religion does not come into their relationship - they are all Lebanese.

07-24-06 - A bridge linking the capital Beirut to south Lebanon is destroyed after Israeli air strikes

07-24-06 - Two Israeli helicopter pilots killed in crash

07-24-06 - To the Israel-supporters who are defending Israel's wanton destruction in Lebanon

07-24-06 - Born-again allies, France and US unite over Lebanon h Washington and Paris have accused Hizbollah of provoking the Jewish state and leaving Lebanon -- a French-speaking Middle East state with historical ties to France -- to bear the brunt of Israel's riposte.

07-24-06 - US Complicit in Destruction of Lebanon What we are witnessing in the Middle East is the unfolding of the neocon plan to destroy all vestiges of Arab/Muslim independence and to remove all opposition to Israel's agenda.

07-24-06 - A Cypriot sailor holds 8-month-old Lebanese baby Maryam Sroor, who was seriously wounded with burns on her neck and fingers when her family car was struck by an Israeli warplane missile as they were fleeing

07-24-06 - Robert Fisk: A war crime? For the second time in eight days, the Israelis committed a war crime yesterday. They ordered the villagers of Taire, near the border, to leave their homes and then - as their convoy of cars and minibuses obediently trailed northwards - the Israeli air force fired a missile into the rear minibus, killing three refugees and seriously wounding 13 other civilians. The rocket that killed them is believed to have been a Hellfire missile made by Lockheed Martin in Florida.

07-24-06 - the roof of a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance destroyed in what they say was an Israeli airstrike

07-24-06 - We are defending our sovereignty In the context of the continued occupation, detention of prisoners and repeated Israeli attacks and incursions into Lebanese territory, the capture of the Israeli soldiers was entirely legitimate.

07-24-06 - Rice flies in as plans for coalition force take shape Israeli officials have signalled that they expected no pressure from the US to curtail military operations for another week to 10 days.

07-24-06 - Israel says any deal must include block on Syria supplying arms to Hizbullah

07-24-06 - Israel launches PR offensive to counter critics Israel launched a major public relations offensive to try to tell the world why it will not silence its guns in Lebanon despite international calls for a ceasefire and mounting concern about the plight of civilians. Good luck. Only those with a passionate attachment to Israel are going to condone Israel's wanton destruction in Lebanon. But their cohorts in the American media have made sure that Americans remain in the dark; par for the course.

07-24-06 - Lebanese Fatmeh Ali, 12, right, receives a gift for her birthday from a relative at a hospital in Beirut, Lebanon

07-24-06 - US sees Lebanon conflict through 'war on terror' context And former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu drove home the point publicly in a Wall Street Journal commentary published Saturday, when he explained why Israel bombed not only Hezbollah targets, but Lebanese civilian infrastructure as well. "At stake in the current operation is not only Israel's security, Lebanon's democratic future, and stability in the region, but a central principle in the war on terror," he wrote. "Soon after September 11 (2001), president Bush made clear that America would no longer make a distinction between the terrorists and the regimes that harbor them. Thus does Netanyahu label the Lebanese civilians that Israel has killed as 'regimes that harbor them'. To which I would reply. And Netanyahu has demonstrated once more that Israel is exploiting our 911 tragedy for its own purposes, attempting to use IT as a shield for their crimes, much like they exploit the Holocaust for the same gain.

07-24-06 - McCloskey bucks GOP, backs Democrat Since McCloskey has been critical of Israel in the past, one wonders how much money AIPAC has poured into Pombo's campaign.

07-24-06 - Orthodox Jews Demand End to Zionist Atrocities in the Middle East The State of "Israel" does not speak in the name of Jews, they have stolen the name "Israel" from the Jewish people. Jews are commanded to be loyal citizens in every country in which they reside.

07-24-06 - AP's John Roderick recalls 1940s Lebanon The extremist Stern Gang ? embittered by the memories of Hitler's Holocaust and its just-ended war with a coalition of the Arab states, violently opposed the idea of a state composed of its so recent enemies. Its gunmen ambushed Bernadotte's jeep in Jerusalem, killing him and his French aide, Col. Andre Serot, who had been my dinner guest the night before.

07-24-06 - Protests continue in India over Israeli attack on Lebanon Hundreds of activists of the separatist women's group Dukthran-E-Millat took to the streets here on Monday to protest Israeli attack on Lebanon.

07-24-06 - Reporters in Lebanon and Israel Describe Work -- and Dangers Nissenbaum said reporters have even gotten close enough to the front lines to actually catch the Israeli military in a bit of an exaggeration, when they announced they had taken a Lebanese town. "We were standing on a hilltop overlooking the valley and it was clear they hadn't," Nissenbaum said of the city that was eventually captured.

07-24-06 - Israeli and Lebanese Journalists Debate on Kurtz Show MELHEM: All I can tell you is that the Lebanese see it again as an attempt to keep them in the dark, to keep the Lebanese people in the dark, maybe to keep the Hezbollah leadership in the dark. That could be one of the crazy reasons why the Israelis attack these reputable independent media. So in essence, they are mobilizing the whole Lebanese population against them.

07-24-06 - Suggestions for Condi "What Israel is doing today in Lebanon is in effect the killing of hostages," Brzezinski said. And the US government enabled the military campaign "by abandoning the tradition of being a negotiator to a promise of complete partiality."

07-24-06 - Groups quiet on stem-cell research as Bush goes to the boards for Israel "The first concern of the Jewish community now is and should be Israel," said Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

07-24-06 - Lebanese protesters hold anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli banners, during a protest against the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

07-24-06 - Lebanese will never knuckle under to Israelis

07-24-06 - Testing time for Haifa's Arabs

07-24-06 - US Mideast plan 'preposterous'

07-24-06 - Will Turkey Follow Israel's Lead?   a note on the Kurds

07-24-06 - Israel vs. the U.S. ? A Pointed Reminder This four-part investigation by Carl Cameron broadcast by Fox News in mid-December, 2001, was taken down from the Fox web site days after it appeared, and in the past the company has gone after anyone who has posted it online, but now, due to the miracle of YouTube, it?s available again ? and more important than ever.

07-24-06 - In Politicians' Pro-Israel Din, Arab Americans Go Unheard There is nothing groundbreaking about the outpouring of support. When Israel endured missile attacks from Iraq during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Congress unanimously passed resolutions of support. For years, Democrats and Republicans have burnished their pro-Israel credentials to court Jewish voters. About 6.2 million Americans are Jews, the Census Bureau says. How do the interests of the OTHER Americans fit into all of this? Who do our representatives represent?

07-24-06 - Jewish lawmakers honor Israeli air force U.S. Jewish lawmakers honored the Israeli air force in the midst of its bombardment of Lebanon. HONOR THEM FOR WHAT?? THIS? That's one of the HUNDREDS of civilians Israel has killed by dropping bombs or shooting missiles at CIVILIANS. This is a disgrace.

07-24-06 - Illinois Delegation Visits Israel to Encourage U.S. Expansion by Israeli Homeland Security Companies The Israelization of America continues.

07-24-06 - Senate committee approves anti-missile project A U.S. Senate committee approved $25 million for an American-Israeli project to develop a new missile system.

07-23-06 - Iran guarded on quitting NPT over atomic pressure Iran responded cautiously on Sunday to suggestions it would follow North Korea out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if the U.N. Security Council passed a tough resolution against its atomic work

07-23-06 - Iran warns UN against tough nuclear resolution

07-23-06 - Civilian deaths mount in Mideast violence The stricken minibus was carrying 16 people fleeing the village of Tairi, heading through the mountains for the southern port city of Tyre. A missile hit the bus near the village of Yaatar, killing three and wounding the rest, security officials said. ....On Saturday, the Israeli military told residents of Taire and 12 other nearby villages to evacuate by 4 p.m. In other violence, an 8-year-old boy was killed in a strike on a village in the mountains above Tyre, and another missile hit a vehicle right outside the Najem hospital, wounding eight, a hospital official said..... Two civilians died in early morning air raids on border villages, witnesses said. A 15-year-old boy was killed at Meis al-Jabal, and a man was killed at Blida.

07-23-06 - U.N.'s Egeland denounces Israeli strikes "It's terrible. I see a lot of children wounded, homeless, suffering. This is a war where civilians pay a disproportionate price in Lebanon and northern Israel. I hadn't believed it would be block by block leveled to the ground," he said. "A disproportionate response by Israel is a violation of international humanitarian law."

07-23-06 - UN relief chief accuses Israel of violating humanitarian law On Monday, Egeland is due to launch an appeal for millions of dollars in humanitarian aid after relentless Israeli bombardment destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure and forced more than half a million civilians to flee their homes. Israel-supporters endorse war crimes, and that goes especially for Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz.

07-23-06 - Hezbollah agrees to Lebanon brokering prisoner deal

07-23-06 - Lebanese families tell of harrowing escape Her husband, Mohammed, could not move his leg when he was freed and she had to drive even though her hip had been dislocated. She gave Mohammed and her son pillow cases to wave from the car windows to identify themselves as noncombatants. The flags of surrender did not work. "What we survived in our village was nothing to what happened on the road," she said. "The planes came again and they attacked us. The car in front of me was hit and the car behind me. I couldn't stop to help anyone. My cousin died and his family. As I raced to escape, I saw a two-year-old boy stuck against the windshield of a car. What could I do? I had to escape." Israel is still firing on fleeing Lebanese.

07-23-06 - Ali Safiyeddin carries the body of his six year old daughter after she was killed during an Israeli air strike in Tyre

07-23-06 - Civil Defense workers cover the body of Lebanese freelance photojournalist Layal Najib, 23 after she was killed in an Israeli air strike on civilian vehicles fleeing their town toward Tyre

07-23-06 - Saudi military spending rising to meet Iran threat "There is now an understanding that Iran has to be countered," a Saudi adviser told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There is going to be a huge strategic spending on defence, based on a new defence doctrine."....In Lebanon, Riyadh is seeing its own money going up in smoke. Saudi Arabia has been a major political and economic sponsor of Lebanon?s post-civil war order, which was laid down by an 1989 agreement made in the Saudi city of Taif. I will refer back to a post I made yesterday.

07-23-06 - Israel grabs two Hezbollah fighters amid UN fury over killings At least twelve civilians, including a Lebanese press photographer, were killed Sunday in new Israeli air strikes across Lebanon on the 12th day of Israel's punishing war on Hezbollah.

07-23-06 - Pa. Guardsman cleared in Iraqi's death The U.S. military has dismissed all charges against a Pennsylvania National Guardsman accused of killing an unarmed Iraq civilian near Ramadi, finding that the soldier had reason to believe the man had a weapon.

07-23-06 - An undated handout photograph shows Layal Najib, a Lebanese photojournalist for the local al-Jaras magazine, who was killed near Lebanon's southern village of Qana during an Israeli bombardment

07-23-06 - Blasted by a missile on the road to safety

07-23-06 - Human cost of Israeli campaign Rmeich is a Christian village where they thought they would be immune from attack, because Hezbollah is an overwhelmingly Shia Muslim organisation. But after a week all their food had run out and, anyway, the centre of Rmeich had still been targeted by Israeli artillery, the sisters said.

07-23-06 - Fleeing Lebanese dodge aerial fire By late afternoon, at least six people had been killed and 35 more wounded, according to hospital sources, all of them thought to be civilians heeding warnings to leave before the onslaught intensifies and seeking refuge north of the Litani River. An officer with the UN peacekeeping force says that the Israelis had told them they would not hinder cars traveling north on main roads. But the overwhelming evidence Sunday suggested that cars were being attacked regardless of their occupants and direction of travel. "They have been hitting civilian cars all over the place," says Peter Bouckart of Human Rights Watch

07-23-06 - Two killed as more Hizbullah rockets strike Haifa

07-23-06 - Lebanon claims Israel using banned weapons against civilians

07-23-06 - On the frontline, historic Tyre is paying the price of conflict Many of the rubbish collectors have scampered northwards. Those that remain refuse to fire up their trucks, for fear of the Israeli air strikes that kill and maim dozens of civilians each day.

07-23-06 - INTERVIEW - U.N. says still waiting Israeli aid guarantee Jan Egeland said until Israel gave a green light for aid corridors to south Lebanon, the United Nations and other agencies would not be able to help "hundreds of thousands in their hour of greatest need".

07-23-06 - Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry Grieving relatives of a Montreal family killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon say the Canadian government must hold Israel responsible for what they call a civilian "massacre.''

07-23-06 - Palestinian children lie on the ground next to faked graves as they protest against the ongoing conflicts in Lebanon Iraq and the Palestinian territory

07-23-06 - Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast Bush's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, said before the meeting that the U.S. will stand firmly behind Israel, noting that an attack on an ally is considered an attack on the U.S. BS.

07-23-06 - EU diplomats in Israel in push to stop fighting The Europeans are trying to push the Jewish state into ending its massive blitz on Lebanon, which has killed more than 360 people in 12 days, most of them civilians, and destroyed key infrastructure

07-23-06 - 2 key Americans see 1982 in Lebanon '06 "I don't know if there are any long-term successes in the Middle East," Lewis replied. "But particularly for Israel."

07-23-06 - Syria says it will press for cease-fire

07-23-06 - Danger! Legacy Ahead! There's a reason the Middle East is heating up In America, this is easy: the "mainstream" media, always attentive to the powerful Israel lobby, refrains from showing pictures that might upset the carefully nurtured image of the Jewish state as a heroic David up against an Arab-Muslim giant Buchanan was in there giving them hell, on behalf of the American national interest and on behalf of those innocent civilians that Israel is killing. We need more like him both in the media and on Capitol Hill.

07-23-06 - Bolton dismisses Syria offer for dialogue

07-23-06 - Amnesty Int'l New Report: Systematic Torture of Political Suspects Entrenched in Jordan Suspected "Islamists" and Palestinian-origin Jordanians, for example, are more likely to be tortured

07-23-06 - Backing for Israel Stymies Larger US Aims in Region "If the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah stretches to weeks and even months," asked David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist with long experience in the Middle East, "how long will it be before the United States faces a Shi'ite insurgency in Iraq, which would almost certainly spell a decisive American defeat there."

07-23-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad tells Israel to pack up and go "I advise them to pack up and move out of the region before being caught in the fire they have started in Lebanon," said Ahmadinejad

07-23-06 - Israel 'would accept' peace force

07-23-06 - Info war goes personal with voicemail and text message Mobile phone users are being bombarded with text messages and phone calls, and a local radio station has suddenly had reports broadcast from the Israeli government's point of view.

07-23-06 - City attacked for first time as refugees flood in from south

07-23-06 - Massive firepower to back ground assault In a macabre twist, the bodies of 13 Lebanese fighters were taken from Maroun al-Ras and buried in Israel to use in future negotiations over the release of Israeli prisoners. Abducting the dead. Sounds like something the terrorists would do.

07-23-06 - Syrians open their homes to fleeing families

07-23-06 - Howells ignores diplomatic niceties while Beckett denies rift with her minister Mr Howells ignored the diplomatic convention that he tone down his comments because of his presence in the host country, saying the Israelis "have got to think very hard about those children who are dying". A man with a conscience.

07-23-06 - Rice finally sets out in search of ceasefire formula Any deal put together by Ms Rice will take a minimum of a week to negotiate, allowing Israel the freedom to continue its war against the Lebanese-based militia Hizbullah that has already killed at least 375 Lebanese and displaced an estimated 600,000.

07-23-06 - A US marine holds a baby evacuated from Beirut upon the arrival in the Cypriot port of Limassol of USS Whidbey Island

07-23-06 - ANALYSIS - Reluctant Bush may need Syria to end Lebanon war

07-23-06 - US pushes for wider Middle East change According to the New York Times, Secretary Rice will aim to detach Syria from Iran and try to get Syria to put pressure on Hezbollah - the approach heralded by President Bush in his overheard conversation with Tony Blair at the G8 summit.

07-23-06 - Photo essay: Tyre bus attack

07-23-06 - Collateral Damage An Israeli air strike in southern Lebanon hits a bus filled with women and children trying to flee the region, raising questions about whether Israel is doing enough to avoid civilian casualties.

07-23-06 - People demonstrate outside a Israel Solidarity Rally at the Goldsmith Jewish Federation Center in Los Angeles It's just ironic isn't it? Remember the protests from one year ago, when thousands of Lebanese were out on the street, demanding an end to Syrian presence in their land? Now, they are FLEEING to Syria, and Lebanon-supporters are pleading to the world to help these refugees who are being bombarded by Israel.

07-23-06 - Some of the 5000 protesters at Cinemateque Square

07-23-06 - About those little girls signing bombs . . The Israeli lobby has begun an intense media campaign to deny/downplay the images of Israeli children signing the ammunition.

07-23-06 - Can Syria really rein in Hizbullah?

07-23-06 - British Jews rally in support of Israel

07-23-06 - 20,000+ march in Sydney against Zionist aggression

07-23-06 - Hungry for war, and dead wrong Just as bizarre as recent weather is Israel's decision to wage war against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in retaliation for crimes committed by Hezbollah

07-23-06 - American mom, her Lebanese baby evacuated "I was totally shocked when I found out that they hit the airport. I couldn't believe that it was happening," she said, stealing sidelong glances at her baby, Maroun, playing happily in the lap of Gabriel's mother.

07-23-06 - Controversy mounts over Israeli arms deal As tensions in the Middle East rise, calls are mounting for Switzerland to stop its military collaboration with Israel and other countries in the region.

07-23-06 - The west's moral erosion has undermined the war on terror Israel's attempts to quell opponents by the use of superior force may briefly appease its own public opinion, but contribute nothing to the nation's lasting security - indeed the reverse.

07-22-06 - Russia now opposes key parts of Iran draft Particularly vexing to the United States and its allies is Moscow's refusal to endorse language demanding that Tehran freeze uranium enrichment or face potential sanctions

07-22-06 - Detainee abuse in Iraq routine and authorised: rights group "Soldiers were told that the Geneva Conventions did not apply and that interrogators could use abusive techniques to get detainees to talk,"

07-22-06 - Rift opens between Britain and US over Israeli offensive As Howells said in Beirut: "I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon -- the destruction of the infrastruture, the death of so many children and so many people." Beckett questioned US and Israeli allegations that Hezbollah was currently being supplied with weapons by Syria and Iran.

07-22-06 - Israel hits television, phone antennae in Lebanon One of the targets was transmission antenna in northern Lebanon.The antenna was for the Lebanese Broadcasting Company and mobile communication.

07-22-06 - Report raps Pentagon for equipment sales Undercover government investigators purchased sensitive surplus military equipment such as launcher mounts for shoulder-fired missiles and guided missile radar test sets from a Defense Department contractor.

07-22-06 - Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal "What has been done in Iraq is a kind of butchery of the Iraqi people," he said in a long winded speech that criticized the tactics of the coalition forces as well as US support for Israeli strikes against Lebanon.

07-22-06 - A medic grabs the hand of Selaiman Chidiac, who was killed, from the wreckage of the building of mobile and television masts that was targeted by Israeli air strikes

07-22-06 - Israeli strikes kill four civilians in Lebanon A man and his wife were killed while four relatives were wounded in an Israeli air strike on their car near the southern port city of Tyre, police said. A Lebanese man was killed and his two children wounded in an Israeli bombardment on a village in southeast Lebanon

07-22-06 - Israel lets aid in as Lebanese flee north "There are no supplies reaching us, not from other nations, nor from the Lebanese government," said Mayor Abdul-Rahman al-Bizri, whose city was so packed that Palestinian refugees were taking in Lebanese refugees

07-22-06 - Raising white flags, terrified Lebanese flee north Terrorism defined: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

07-22-06 - U.S. doubts Israeli figures about damage of air Israel is overstating the damage its air war has inflicted on the Hezbollah militia, which hides its weapons in tunnels and civilian neighborhoods throughout Lebanon, Bush administration and intelligence officials said yesterday.

07-22-06 - Americans express regret fleeing Lebanon "We're really sad because we're leaving this way," said Maha Maher, 38, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was visiting relatives with her two sons. "All that we wish is peace for Lebanon, because it's a great country. The Lebanese people are paying the price, and we feel sorry for this."

07-22-06 - Thousands march in anti-war protest

07-22-06 - Palestinian refugees host Lebanese displaced by Israeli raids "I volunteered with two neighbors to make dinner. We are refugees and we know the pain of being exiled, we are trying to ease their ordeal," said Um Mahmud Awad, whose parents were forced to leave their village of Hittin in the north of what was then Palestine in 1948. Her grandson, Mohammed, 10, invited displaced Lebanese children to play with his toys at his small house.

07-22-06 - Lebanese children take refuge in a park

07-22-06 - Diplomatic efforts intensify in Mideast conflict Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lobbied Muslims to seek an end to Israel's continuing assault on Gaza and Lebanon, his office said. "The silence of the United Nations... and some Western countries' support for Zionist atrocities against defenseless children and women calls for a more active role by Muslim nations to put an end to these attacks," said Ahmadinejad Music to the neocons' ears.

07-22-06 - Some 10,000 Americans evacuated from Lebanon this week

07-22-06 - UN sets focus on Mideast humanitarian woes The U.N. Security Council turned its focus to a dire humanitarian crisis in Lebanon on Friday as Secretary-General Kofi Annan's plea for a quick end to the fighting between Israel and Hizbollah failed to gain traction.

07-22-06 - Israel celebrates Irgun hotel bombers The accusation, which reopens the debate about the use of politically-inspired violence in the region, follows the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the attack on the King David hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946, by the Irgun Jewish "resistance" to British mandate rule in Palestine. The 28 Britons were among 91 people killed.....The embassy said: "There is no credible evidence that any warning reached the British authorities." The plaque has subsequently been amended, dropping the implication that Britain ignored any warnings.

07-22-06 - War: Pat Buchanan vs. Neo Cons Fellow conservative David Horowitz's online magazine, Frontpagemag.com, has opened up a front against Buchanan, with an article that levels charges of anti-Semitism Horowitz, a rabid pro-Israel author and founder of the campus watchdog 'Campus Watch' is a part of the Israeli lobby here in America. And by smearing Buchanan as an 'anti-Semite' for daring to put the interests of this nation first, Horowitz, like so many others before him, has just proven these fine gentlemen right.

07-22-06 - Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war Others threw garbage bags at the activists and shouted: "A good Arab is a dead Arab,"

07-22-06 - U.S. speeds up bomb delivery to Israel: report The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the report cited American officials as saying. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others, the report said. Way to win the battle of the 'hearts and minds'!

07-22-06 - Blair "horribly wrong" on Mideast - aid agencies Some of the world's major aid agencies said on Friday that Prime Minister Tony Blair had got his policy on the crisis in Lebanon "horribly wrong" by failing to call for an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Prisoner swap needed for way out of Mideast crisis: France

07-22-06 - Doing bin Laden's Work for Him As Lebanon burns, bin Laden's words will reinforce and harden Muslim perceptions ? including the views of Muslims in Europe and North America ? that the U.S.-led West is warring on Islam and its followers.

07-22-06 - Israel 'seizes' Hezbollah village

07-22-06 - Flight of 700,000 refugees puts massive strain on Syria The exodus is putting a serious strain on Syria, which has 300,000 Palestinian refugees and over 450,000 Iraqis who fled Iraq after the US-led invasion in 2003. With hotels full in Damascus, people are staying in orphanages, schools and university dormitories, or travelling to neighbouring Jordan, or to other Syrian cities And the neocons would like nothing more than for the US to attack Syria, the safe haven for fleeing Arabs, to please Israel.

07-22-06 - Israel's Disproportionate Violence No Surprise In both cases it is clear Israel hoped that, by Islamizing its opponents in these regional conflicts, it would delegitimize them in the eyes of Western allies and that it could cultivate sectarianism as a way to further weaken the social cohesiveness of its neighbors. Israel has done all it possibly can to avoid negotiating with Palestinians, to weaken the hand of moderates such as Abbas, and to keep all of the Palestinian territory it can get - with as few Palestinians on it as possible. At the very moment Abbas and Hamas came to agreement on some of the demands made by the international community in order to reestablish aid, Israel struck. In fact, weeks up to that point, Israel relentlessly shelled civilian areas. I noted that this was seen as severely provocative. As if they were LOOKING to get a response. And if they got one, they could then say, 'See, we don't have a partner for peace.'

07-22-06 - Our city is being torn by these two brutal foes Hizbollah appears to have been surprised by the size of Israel's reaction to the cross-border attack that killed eight Israeli soldiers and captured two others on 12 July. The attack gave Israel a pretext for an operation it admits it has been planning ever since the Israeli Defence Force withdrew unilaterally from south Lebanon in May 2000

07-22-06 - A Lebanese nun inspects the damage at the roof of a Maronite convent following an Israeli air strike on the neighbouring transmission tower From the accompanying article ("Israeli strikes kill four civilians in Lebanon "): The strikes targeted transmission towers for a number of private TV stations, including LBCI and Future, and some private radio stations in Fatqa and further up Mount Sannine

07-22-06 - THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP TAPED: FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2006 MR. BUCHANAN: The Israeli army, the mighty Israeli army, in 18 years could not defeat and disarm Hezbollah. How in heaven's name can they expect the Lebanese to do it?

07-22-06 - Israel sows seeds of hatred Israel claims that Iranian hands are all over the bombs and training of Hezbollah and its arms. The hypocrisy is not lost on any Arab, because we all know, especially those of us at the receiving end, that U.S. hands are all over Israeli bombs and ammunitions and war machines.

07-22-06 - Once again, truth is the first casualty of war

07-22-06 - Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know A good read.

07-22-06 - Pressuring Hizbollah, Iran, Syria key: Bush Rice said on Friday any military intervention needed "a force robust enough to do the job" and to make sure Hizbollah would not attack Israel. She said U.S. forces were unlikely to be involved. Nor should they be.

07-22-06 - US to give Israel another week for attacks: paper Israel's onslaught in Lebanon to cripple Hizbollah, after the group abducted two soldiers from Israel on July 12, has claimed 355 lives, mostly civilians

07-22-06 - Thousands protest in Australia against Mideast violence An Lebanese-Australian woman, who gave her name only as Diana, told Australian Associated Press she feared for her family in Lebanon. "They are murdering children and burying them under rubble,"

07-22-06 - Nuking Hezbollah perhaps Bush-Cheney can now nuke Iran, even though the IAEA has verified Iran to be nuke-less I will again refer back to this article from August of 2005.

07-22-06 - Film festival drops Israel as sponsor to protest attack The organizers of the 2006 Locarno International Film Festival have dropped the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a festival sponsor because of that country's unremitting bombardment of civilian targets in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

07-22-06 - Tony Snow to Helen Thomas: "Thank You for the Hezbollah View" HELEN THOMAS: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine. TONY SNOW: What?s interesting, Helen -- HELEN THOMAS: And this is what?s happening, and that?s the perception of the United States. TONY SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, but I would encourage you --

07-22-06 - The Shame of Being an American The House of Representatives resolution, bought and paid for by AIPAC money, is the final nail in the coffin of American prestige in the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Do not even compare Israel to America

07-22-06 - Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events

07-22-06 - Saudi FM to discuss Mideast crisis in US, Britain, Russia The agency gave no dates, but the White House has announced that Saud and Bandar will meet US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday. The talks will be held shortly before Rice heads for the Middle East.

07-22-06 - Singer Shakira urges diplomacy in Israel-Lebanon crisis "I am sad, I guess like the rest of the world is, to know that because of this conflict so many innocent mothers and children are dying," she said. Shakira is half Lebanese.

07-22-06 - Madison West Grad Caught In Mideast Conflict "I'm pretty disgusted by it, actually. It makes it look as though ... the Lebanese, it's ok if there's collateral damage," she said. "For me these are family, these are people I know ... it makes me very nauseous."

07-22-06 - Views Complicated By Dual Loyalties When they came to Israel six years ago from a country still technically at war with the Jewish state, the Israeli government treated them much as it does other new arrivals, Sebag said, offering assistance with finding housing and jobs and, unlike most Israeli Arabs, settling them in Jewish cities and towns. Most carry identification cards that identify them as former SLA soldiers, which they say spares them the extra hassles other Arabs face here. Well isn't that nice?

07-22-06 - Are the Shias on the brink of taking over the Middle East?

07-22-06 - Mid-East faces uncertain future As Arab rulers are only too well aware, the current conflict has inflamed anti-Israeli and anti-American feeling to a new pitch. In this sense its impact extends well beyond the Middle East

07-22-06 - Silence of the Lambs

07-22-06 - 'Civilian Casualty'? It Depends The Israel apologentsia via Alan Dershowitz never ends. Just when you think he could not possibly sink any lower. He does. According to his 'logic', Americans would deserve to be killed if criminals/terrorists lived in their midst. In other words, this < expletive >, having previously endorsed torture, is now endorsing collective punishment of civilians. Why? Because Alan Dershowitz has a passionate attachment so much so that it has clouded his judgement, if he had any to begin with.

07-22-06 - Lou Dobbs: Exporting American Ignorance?

07-22-06 - Saudis quietly arming themselves Does it have to do with the present situation, or were these deals in the making for months?

07-21-06 - US troops in Iraq kill 5, including child The US military says troops in Iraq have killed two suspected insurgents, two women and a child when they called in air support during a raid on an alleged hide-out north of Baghdad

07-21-06 - France, UK, Germany produce new UN Iran resolution The European draft "decides" that Iran "shall suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development and suspend the construction of a reactor moderated by heavy water."

07-21-06 - Iran signals nuclear intentions Iran has warned it will change its nuclear policies if states urging it to suspend nuclear enrichment carry out threats against the country.

07-21-06 - Hezbollah defies Israeli pressure Four Israeli soldiers, part of an operation searching for Hezbollah militants, bases and weapons, were killed in clashes in southern Lebanon near the Israeli border on Thursday

07-21-06 - They put the 86 corpses into plain wood caskets. Many were just big enough to fit a small child "Most of the casualties are women and children," he said. "They (Israel) are not letting us save them. Ambulances aren't allowed into areas after they are shelled."..."I have been an ambulance worker for 15 years and I have never seen it like this before"

07-21-06 - Israel gears up for ground war Israeli commanders plan to clear a 1.5km-wide zone on the Lebanese side of the border, where there are a series of well-fortified Hizbullah positions, a senior Israeli official said. Thousands of Israeli reservists were being called up.

07-21-06 - Merkel strongly rejects Iranian leader's letter

07-21-06 - Coffins containing the bodies of Lebanese victims are laid in a mass grave in the southern Lebanon city of Tyre

07-21-06 - Grim proof ordinary folk are dying in the killing zone Judging by the list of actual targets hit so far, what Israeli security experts term "the target bank" includes, in practice, civilian homes, minibuses and cars, as terrified families try to run away.

07-21-06 - US judge refuses to toss out domestic spying suit against AT and T A federal judge denied a demand by US officials that a domestic spying lawsuit against telecom giant AT and T be thrown out in the interest of national security.

07-21-06 - Mideast Conflict Boosts Chances of Iran-US Showdown

07-21-06 - Ahmad Ali lies in a bed, with his legs amputated, as his wife reacts next to him, at a hospital in Beirut

07-21-06 - Israel warns Lebanese to flee Israel warned Lebanese civilians to leave border villages on Friday and called up 3,000 reserves in a possible prelude to a ground offensive that would expand its 10-day-old campaign against Hizbollah guerrillas.

07-21-06 - No, this is not 'our war' by Patrick J. Buchanan No, Kenny boy, we are not "all Israelis." Some of us still think of ourselves as Americans, first, last and always. And, no, Mr. Kristol, this is not "our war." It's your war.

07-21-06 - U.S. marines carry a child at Larnaca port of Cyprus

07-21-06 - Israel claims nearly 100 Hizbollah fighters killed Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz did not say how the army had arrived at the numbe

07-21-06 - France, Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation accords

07-21-06 - U.S. EXCLUSIVE: Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad on U.S. Foreign Policy, the Resistance in Iraq, Syrian-Lebanese Relations and More Israel occupied the Golan in 1967, and the United States, in spite of Security Council Resolutions 242, 338, has allowed that occupation to stand, as it has allowed the occupation of Palestinian territories to stand for the last 39 years. The United States allowed Israel to occupy Lebanon, Southern Lebanon, for 22 years, and occupy the Palestinian territories for 39 years. But yet our government has pushed Lebanon to implement UNSC resolution 1559 which called for an end to Syrian occupation thereof. To my knowledge, Israel has never implemented any of the scores of UN resolutions that she is in violation of. Nor has the US asked her to.

07-21-06 - Scared Lebanese shift anger to Israel Hizbollah, backed by Iran and Syria, says demands for it to disarm are part of a U.S. agenda that aims to secure Israel's northern border, thus giving the Jewish state free reign against the Palestinians.

07-21-06 - Bush and Congress hardline support for Israel further isolates U.S.A. President George W. Bush's uncompromising support for Israel in its battle with Hezbollah, now backed by Congress, is threatening to isolate the United States even further from the rest of the world. It is also putting the administration at odds with governments in the Middle East that it is simultaneously trying to prop up and sowing increasing anger across the Arab world. So then, how exactly is it in AMERICA's best interest to give unconditional support to Israel after it has engaged in the destruction of civilian life and infrastructure? When is the AMERICAN NATIONAL INTEREST ever going to be considered by American politicians, talk show hosts, and the MSM?

07-21-06 - UN members press for Lebanon truce and humanitarian access to civilians "Regrettably, the inaction of the Security Council has only further bolstered Israel's perception that it is immune from the law and that it will not be held accountable for its illegal actions,"

07-21-06 - Israel set war plan more than a year ago Israel's military response by air, land and sea to what it considered a provocation last week by Hezbollah militants is unfolding according to a plan finalized more than a year ago

07-21-06 - Saddam pins war on Bush, pro-Israel lobby Saddam Hussein said in a letter released Friday that President Bush and pro- Israel groups lied to Americans to justify the Iraq war, and he added that Iran "and its agents" helped facilitate the aggression.

07-21-06 - Israel may win this battle but she will lose the war

07-21-06 - Rice to present diplomacy plan for Lebanon

07-21-06 - Annan warns Israel on invasion; urges Syria, Iran to join talks UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warned that an Israeli invasion of Lebanon would see a dramatic escalation of Hezbollah attacks and said Syria and Iran should be involved in resolving the crisis.

07-21-06 - The Israel Resolution by Rep. Ron Paul of TX It is very easy to criticize the Government of Lebanon for not doing more about Hezbollah. I object to terrorism committed by Hezbollah because I am a strong opponent to all violence on all sides. But I also object to the unreasonable accusations that the Government of Lebanon has not done enough, when we realize that Israel occupied southern Lebanon for 18 years and was not able to neutralize Hezbollah. Ron Paul - one of the good guys.

07-21-06 - Canada Asks Israel About Ship Attack Report

07-21-06 - VIDEO - Matthews, Buchanan slam neocons for Mideast 'warmongering' Pat Buchanan giving them hell. A must see :)

07-21-06 - Hezbollah leader apologizes for attack's child victims

07-21-06 - A Handful of Neocons Are Instigating a Wider War the neoconservatives are frantically and shrilly demanding that Bush join Israel in military attacks on Syria and Iran in order to "build democracy" and to clear the Middle East of any opposition to Israel's unbridled self-interest.

07-21-06 - Israeli choppers collide near Lebanon

07-21-06 - Analysis: could Israel face war crimes charges? "In principle a whole range of people from the Israeli Prime Minister, through senior generals down to air force or artillery gunners could be guilty of war crimes," Israeli forces napalmed US sailors, and when they were done doing that they then torpedoed that ship in an attack by air and by sea that lasted for 75 minutes. They committed war crimes in the process that have gone unpunished to this day. This attack, and the behavior by the US government and by the American media prove something crucial: that America is Israeli-occupied territory. Israel can kill Americans and get away with it. And again.

07-21-06 - More US warships off Lebanon The USS Trenton, the USS Whidbey Island and a chartered vessel called the Rahma were in line to bring out up to 4,200 people from Beirut over the course of the day Friday, said Colonel Gary Keck.

07-21-06 - On the spot: Lebanese dead lie in rubble You won't find these stories in the mainstream media in America. Why is that? Because the Israeli lobby and its sympathizers or those it has coerced therein want you to believe that Israel is targeting Hezbollah only. This is clearly not the case.

07-21-06 - Caritas Lebanon slams milk factory attack "The Israeli Army is making the situation even worse for Lebanese civilians by targeting warehouses and factories,"

07-21-06 - America Held Hostage - It's day 10 ? and Israel is still threatening the lives of 25,000 Americans in Lebanon Individuals within the State Department, I am told, have been reluctant to create an impression that the Israeli assault on Lebanon is as bad as it is or that civilian U.S. citizens are being threatened by U.S. ally Israel


07-21-06 - Battered Lebanon counts the cost of Israeli onslaught Infrastructure damage will cost 'billions of dollars to repair'

07-21-06 - Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon

07-21-06 - 'Hizbullah is doing more for our cause than any Arab government has ever done'

07-21-06 - 'Why is there not a murmur of protest from Washington?' It is the height of hypocrisy for the Bush administration to make so much effort to find the killers of Hariri, and then stand back and do nothing when hundreds of Lebanese civilians are massacred by Israel.

07-21-06 - An Open Letter to American Churches Regarding the Escalating Conflict in the Middle East "Christian" Ruth Lautt would appear to be justifying the killing of civilians. It's not very "Christian" of you, "Sr". It has slipped from the dear "Sr."'s attention that Israel has fired on those civilians that Israel has told to flee - killing children in the process.

07-21-06 - In Russia, linking of Jewish issues with democracy is no longer a given "It is certain that the authorities are trying to limit the influence from abroad played by various non-governmental organizations, although fears that this might somehow affect Jewish organizations have not materialized yet," Does Russia seek to block the presence of a strong pro-Israeli lobby (like the one in the US)?

07-21-06 - Blair dismisses Archbishop's ceasefire call

07-21-06 - Late night calls from Israel spook jittery Lebanese "My grandmother got two calls at 5 and 6 in the morning saying the Israeli state would not stop the attacks and asking everyone to leave the area south of the Litani," said one woman who is stranded in Sidon. "She slammed the phone down."

07-21-06 - Why Hezbollah is Winning... So Far In the short run, the question may be which runs out first, Hezbollah?s supply of rockets or the world?s patience with Israel bombing the helpless state of Lebanon. If the latter continues much longer, the Lebanese government may collapse, undoing one of America?s few recent successes in the Islamic world.

07-21-06 - Few Editorials Find Fault with the Bombing of Beirut The editorial response is all the more scandalous because this is not some distant conflict where America is merely a third party. The U.S. is Israel?s prime (sometimes virtually its only) major ally, and the funder or producer of much of the armaments landing on Lebanon ? though you?d never know of this special link from reading most of these editorials.

07-21-06 - Protests against Israel in Berlin, Cairo and Amman

07-21-06 - Iron Maiden Singer Airlifts 200 Beirut Evacuees


07-21-06 - Arab world deeply split over Hezbollah Key Arab allies of the United States, predominantly Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, fear the rising power of Shiites in the region: Hezbollah militants who virtually control southern Lebanon, Iraq's majority Shiite government, and - most worrisome - the Shiite theocracy that has run Iran for decades.....On Thursday, Iraqis staged an anti-Israel protest with banners reading "Shiites and Sunnis unite" in the city of Samarra, where the bombing of a Shiite shrine in February brought the country to the brink of civil war.

07-21-06 - Pro-Israeli media 'watchdog' CAMERA goes on the rampage The 7-minute interview by NPR of Mearsheimer and Walt, the authors of the study "The Israel Lobby", has CAMERA's BVDs in a bunch. The interview was, according to CAMERA, an indulgence in "anti-Israel and anti-Jewish defamation". Findley is called rabidly anti-Israel, and they played the David Duke card at the end there. In short, the Israeli lobby proved Mearsheimer and Walt right ONCE MORE.

07-21-06 - Reports Aussies injured in Lebanon, DFAT investigates I wonder how many Americans have been injured or killed in Israel's attack on Lebanon? You can be sure, if there are such casualties, our media will totally ignore them.

07-20-06 - Pentagon OKs $6 bln in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

07-20-06 - Charities warn of nightmare scene for Lebanese children, displaced Jan Egeland, the United Nations' emergency relief co-ordinator, told BBC radio that nearly 500,000 people were fleeing Lebanon, a third of them youngsters.

07-20-06 - Israeli shells hit UN posts in Lebanon, no one hurt

07-20-06 - Coalition soldiers reclaim Afghan town

07-20-06 - Beirut to complain to UN about 'Israeli' hand in assassinations

07-20-06 - Calls mount for Lebanon ceasefire to avert humanitarian 'catastrophe' International appeals have mounted for a rapid ceasefire in Lebanon, with Russia warning of a "humanitarian catastrophe" in the making and the UN Security Council set to meet to etch a way forward.

07-20-06 - Director of charity tells how children were killed

07-20-06 - Lebanese Army may join forces with Hizbullah The Lebanese Minister of Defense warned Israel Thursday that if IDF ground forces are sent into southern Lebanon, Lebanese troops will fight along with the Hizbullah against Israel.

07-20-06 - US to send Rice to Mideast soon, but no ceasefire call The United States announced that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will go to the Middle East as early as next week to press for a political solution to the crisis there, but it is still not supporting a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah

07-20-06 - Wondering who the terrorists are...

07-20-06 - Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis

07-20-06 - IDF: Mossad "has significantly infiltrated Hizbullah" IDF officials told Ynet that dozens of Air Force fighter jets participated in the massive air strike on a south Beirut target, acting on IDF intelligence.

07-20-06 - Lebanese police officers carry an elderly American citizen on a wheelchair to USS Nashville's landing craft on as it evacuates stranded American citizens from the beach north of Beirut, Lebanon

07-20-06 - US Marines help bring evacuees on board a LCU (Landing Craft Utility) from a beach in Beirut, Lebanon

07-20-06 - House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote

07-20-06 - We'll bomb civilian homes, says Israeli army Israeli military officials have said the army will start attacking homes in civilian areas of the Gaza Strip where weapons are secretly stored. Start?

07-20-06 - Russia criticizes Israel for offensive

07-20-06 - Marines help Americans flee Israel's war in Lebanon It was the U.S. military's first return to Lebanon since it withdrew in 1984, months after a Shi'ite Muslim suicide bomber destroyed a Marine barracks killing 241 U.S. service personnel

07-20-06 - CAIR Seeks Reports of Americans Killed, Injured In Lebanon "We need to know whether any of our nation's citizens or permanent residents were harmed by Israeli attacks using American taxpayer-supplied weapons,"

07-20-06 - Turkish PM urges Bush to intervene for Mideast ceasefire

07-20-06 - US shrugs at Maliki comments on Israel The White House shrugged off Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's condemnation of Israeli strikes in Lebanon as evidence the government in Baghdad is truly independent.

07-20-06 - NeoCon/Iran Road to Disaster; Statement by Author and Commentator Trita Parsi The violence in the Middle East has provided the neo- conservatives with a pretext for actions they've long sought to promote -- war with Iran

07-20-06 - Military analysts question Israeli bombing "The military rationale seems rather thin, since many of the targets have no conceivable relationship to Hezbollah,"

07-20-06 - Syrians defiant, outraged at Lebanon's destruction "The Israelis have spared no one. We are in utter shock." said Ghada Al-Shidi, who was donating blood bound for Lebanese hospitals in response to calls by the Red Crescent.

07-20-06 - Americans oppose involvement in Mideast clash: poll

07-20-06 - A U.S soldier gives instructions to a Lebanese-American girl as she waits with her family to be evacuated by helicopters

07-20-06 - Anglican leader condemns 'vicious' Middle East violence

07-20-06 - Lebanese left behind by evacuations feel abandoned "Even after our long war, we are being ignored again by the international community and I have lost faith in humanity. I realise that we mean nothing to them, just nothing."

07-20-06 - Electronic Lebanon Website Brings Voices from Beseiged Beirut

07-20-06 - Preoccupied With Fighting, Israelis Put Aside Plans to Withdraw Settlers From West Bank

07-20-06 - AIPAC was pressured to cut off embattled analysts, motion charges

07-20-06 - Speaker Hastert Sends Congressional Delegation to Middle East; Chairman Hoekstra to Lead Bipartisan Group While there, the group will meet with American, Israeli and Palestinian officials about the ongoing confrontations and discuss efforts to end the crisis and establish democracy and peace in the region.

07-20-06 - In Arab-Israeli community, few blame militants for rocket attacks One of the biggest questions on Thursday was why the city's air raid sirens never gave a warning on Wednesday in Nazareth.

07-20-06 - General Dynamics Wins $129M Armor Deal General Dynamics Corp. said Thursday it received a contract from the Army worth more than $129 million for reactive armor for the Bradley fighting vehicles...Contract work will be done in Haifa, Israel

07-20-06 - RADA has Signed a $650,000 Contract, With a Strategic Customer, to Provide Digital Video Recorders for a Fighter Aircraft RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. is an Israel based company involved in the military and commercial aerospace industries

07-20-06 - US church leaders write to Bush over Gaza crisis They condemn the abduction of the Israeli soldier and the killing of the young settler by Palestinians, but consider Israel's response ­ the destruction of bridges and a power station, the deprivation and deaths of civilians and arrests of Palestinian officials ­ as without proportion

07-20-06 - Presiding Bishop signs statement on Gaza, Hezbollah-Israel conflicts

07-20-06 - A Perfect Storm Of Clouded Judgment Once the crisis began, immediate American involvement might also have prevented the violence from escalating. This, however, would have required the lines of communication and leverage with the warring parties that the administration's policies had systematically dismantled

07-19-06 - Russia says no rush on Iran resolution U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Washington had instructed him to get a resolution on Iran passed by the end of the week. But with the council so busy on Lebanon, and negotiations on Iran likely to take several days, other diplomats said that seemed unlikely

07-19-06 - Nearly 6,000 civilians killed in Iraq in May, June: UN

07-19-06 - Dozens more die as air strikes continue

07-19-06 - Israeli strikes flatten Lebanese villages The village mayor said between 25 and 30 people were believed to have been in the 15 wrecked houses, and their fate was unknown. Fire engines put out the blaze and rescuers struggled to retrieve the casualties. "This is a real massacre," Mayor Hussein Kamaledine said.

07-19-06 - Strike on bunker failed, says Hizbullah Israeli jets bombed Beirut last night in an apparently vain effort to decapitate the Hizbullah leadership, after at least 63 Lebanese civilians died under air strikes and artillery fire on the deadliest day since the Israeli assault began

07-19-06 - US wants new Iraq oil law so foreign firms can take part

07-19-06 - One dead in rocket barrage in N Israel: medics

07-19-06 - Hizbollah's rockets have Arabs and Israelis in their sights Rabbia Taluzi, three, and Mahmoud Taluzi, seven, were playing in a street in the crowded heart of Nazareth yesterday afternoon when the Katyusha came out of clear blue sky and killed them. The two boys became the first Israeli Arabs to die in this eight-day war when four Hizbollah rockets - which now seem to make no distinction between Jewish and Arab victims in northern Israel - hurtled into the densely populated hill town where Jesus grew up.

07-19-06 - Hezbollah kills two Israeli soldiers Israel sent special forces to a Lebanese village just over the border from Avivim on Wednesday to flush out a Hezbollah squad hiding in the hilly countryside.

07-19-06 - Rep. Kucinich?s to introduce Resolution Calling on Bush to Push for Cease-Fire

07-19-06 - Israel pounds Lebanon, civilians fear worse to come "I have a very bad feeling that after the foreigners flee the bombings will get worse," said 37-year old Ziad Nayef, a costume designer. "Nobody cares about Arab lives."

07-19-06 - U.N. rights head sees possible Mideast war crimes Arbour, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge and war crimes prosecutor, said the "indiscriminate shelling" of cities and the bombing of sites where civilians would suffer were unacceptable.

07-19-06 - Israel's tight window for action With tacit support from the US, Israel has operated with a relatively free hand, leaving hundreds of Lebanese civilians dead How is this in the interests of America? Does this not jeopardize our efforts in Iraq? How can we claim on the one hand that we are helping one group of Arabs, and then on the other let Israel destroy civilian life and infrastructure of another group of Arabs?

07-19-06 - After Bush, Iranian president writes to Merkel Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has written to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the official news agency IRNA reported, two months after penning an angry missive to US President George W. Bush. I envision an SNL sketch or two coming out of this....

07-19-06 - Is Israel Using Arab Villages as Human Shields? Several Israeli armaments factories and storage depots have been built close by Arab communities in the north of Israel, possibly in the hope that by locating them there Arab regimes will be deterred from attacking Israel?s enormous armory....Ehud Olmert?s media adviser, Assif Shariv, told the Post that the international media were interviewing Israeli spokespeople four times as much as spokespeople for the Palestinians and Lebanese. Another government adviser, Gideon Meir, boasted: ?We have never had it so good. The hasbara (propaganda) effort is a well-oiled machine."

07-19-06 - US claims world backs Israel, others urge ceasefire Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was a mistake to "accuse particular countries and leaders" outside Israel and Lebanon over the crisis.

07-19-06 - US supports Israel but worried about length of military strikes "I'm very concerned about the people of Lebanon, about Lebanon's freedom and democracy and a Lebanon where all Lebanese can prosper," Rice said Which is why you support the collective punishment of an entire population?

07-19-06 - EU vows to try its best to end Israel-Lebanon crisis

07-19-06 - Americans begin Lebanon evacuation photos

07-19-06 - Lebanon PM appeals for truce, vows to make Israel pay "Let me assure you that we shall spare no avenue to make Israel" pay compensation for its destructive and deadly attacks on Lebanon because "the country has been torn to shreds."

07-19-06 - Egypt protest indicates Arab mood The demonstrators here do not believe that Hezbollah is fighting Israel on behalf of Iran, as it is widely believed elsewhere.

07-19-06 - Lebanon 'has been torn to shreds' "Can the international community stand by while such callous retribution by the state of Israel is inflicted on us?"

07-19-06 - Al-Jazeera technician 'shot in West Bank' The network claimed the attack came after an Israeli military vehicle suddenly sped up towards al-Jazeera's reporter, Jivara al-Budeiri, in "an apparent attempt to interrupt the report".

07-19-06 - Audio from the Guardian UK: Conflict drives Lebanon back into Syria's hands As the bombing and the blockade continue, the public mood is swinging against Israel rather than Hizbullah, and Damascus provides the only lifeline, reports Brian Whitaker from Beirut. (4min 59s) Israel needs to think first, before she (over)reacts.

07-19-06 - A protracted colonial war With US support, Israel is hoping to isolate and topple Syria by holding sway over Lebanon

07-19-06 - Lebanese who fled as youngsters forced to flee again with own children

07-19-06 - France pushes UN for action on conflict The French move has tacit support from Russia and China, which have criticised Israel's response to attacks by Hizbullah. But it will cause problems with the US and Britain......Louise Arbour, the UN's high commissioner for human rights, said yesterday the scale of killing in Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories could constitute war crimes

07-19-06 - Lebanese short of food, water under Israeli bombs Ghassan Bourji says he has run out of insulin for his two diabetic children and heart medication for his mother because Israeli bombardment has cut supplies to his village of Rmadiyeh in south Lebanon.

07-19-06 - Israel calls up media 'reserves' Shariv said that Israelis have been interviewed by the foreign press four times as much as spokespeople for the Palestinians and Lebanese. As proof of Israel's success, he also cited a poll of Sky News viewers that found that 80 percent believe that Israel's attacks on Lebanon were justified. "We have never had it so good," Meir said. "The hasbara effort is a well-oiled machine."

07-19-06 - In Lebanon, UN force overwhelmed

07-19-06 - 'Spies' rounded up in Beirut Lebanese security forces rounded up Beirut residents suspected of spying on behalf of Israel. This reminds me of something else: was not a Hezbollah member killed in a bombing a few weeks back? And didn't Lebanon subsequently arrest Israeli spies in the aftermath of that bombing? Was THIS one of the factors that came into play with regard to what started this whole thing in the first place?

07-19-06 - Haifa's Arabs, Jews appear united

07-19-06 - Israel Lobby in Action Senator John Warner, the hawkish Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has been a lone voice in holding up legislation in the Senate viewed as unnecessarily slanted toward Israel. "Our support for Israel is very strong, Mr. President, but it cannot be unconditional," Warner said on the Senate floor yesterday. "I urge the Administration to think through very carefully how Israel's extraordinary reaction could affect our operations in Iraq and our joint diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue," he added in a statement. A patriot? In Congress? HOLY #@%$!!!

07-19-06 - Red Cross: 'serious questions' over Israel's assault on Lebanon

07-19-06 - Rice, U.N. to discuss cease-fire "Our view is that a cease-fire is not the first thing required," John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told JTA on Wednesday at a gathering of Jewish leaders in New York.

07-19-06 - Assad wants cease-fire Syria's president called for a cease-fire between Hezbollah and Israel.

07-19-06 - Brothers Nabil Alaa al-Din, left, Ramzi, center, and Ali, right, wounded in an Israeli warplane missile attack

07-19-06 - Experts challenge White House line on Iran's influence

07-19-06 - Abbas Khalil, wounded in an Israeli warplane missile attack in the southern village of Srifa, Lebanon, sits at a hospital bed

07-19-06 - Robert Novak: U.S. cheering punishment of Hezbollah Sen. Chuck Hagel, second-ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is a voice in the wilderness suggesting U.S. policy is dangerously isolated by the Israeli alliance. .....few office seekers have dared criticize Israel. Another patriot? Be still my heart. What happened to Paul Findley gets a mention as well. What's this? "Hagel was one of the first public figures last week to propose sending a prestigious former Republican secretary of state - either James A. Baker III or Colin Powell - to the Middle East as a Presidential envoy". Baker was my choice as well.

07-19-06 - Mariam Hamed, 80, who lost three members of her family in an Israeli warplane missile attack earlier in the center of the southern market town of Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, is seen seriously wounded at the town's hospital Hamed will probably have both her legs amputated, according to doctors. Was this woman supposed to fight Hezbollah? According to the Israeli/neocon 'logic', she bares guilt for allowing Hezbollah to live in Lebanon.

07-19-06 - Saudi, France to seek common stance on Mideast conflict Saudi Arabia and France played a key role in assisting the reconstruction of Lebanon in the wake of its 1975-1990 civil war, a period which also witnessed a full-scale Israeli invasion in 1982.

07-19-06 - Beirut Christians terrified as strikes move closer "The Israelis are firing at everybody, not just on Hizbollah. They are hitting buildings, trucks, an entire people,"

07-19-06 - Iraqi Denounces Israel?s Actions Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq on Wednesday forcefully denounced the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, marking a sharp break with President Bush?s position and highlighting the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East.

07-19-06 - Anti-Israel rally staged near Detroit Carrying banners that read "Stop Israeli Terrorism," demonstrators in Dearborn, Mich., also criticized the Bush administration for its support of Israel.

07-19-06 - Speakers, Backers Portray Conflict In Mideast as Part of Terror War the Arab American Institute held an emergency meeting in Washington of 100 leaders from across the country and issued a statement calling for an immediate cease-fire. Three Democratic Michigan lawmakers -- Reps. John D. Dingell, John Conyers Jr. and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick -- held a news conference calling for the same.

07-19-06 - N.Y. demonstrators protest Israeli actions Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters gathered outside Israel's mission to the United Nations on Tuesday.

07-19-06 - Evangelicals unite for Israel More than 3,400 evangelical Christians converged on Washington to urge stronger support for Israel. How much stronger could it get? Already the national interests of America get pushed to the background.

07-19-06 - If Israel has the right to use force in self defence, so do its neighbours

07-19-06 - Troubles for the Israel Lobby

07-19-06 - Conscientious objector in Hezbollah conflict An Israeli reserve soldier refused to report for duty in Israel?s conflict with Hezbollah.

07-19-06 - Lieberman gets pro-Israel groups' support "Joe Lieberman, without exception, no conditions ... is the No. 1 pro-Israel advocate and leader in Congress," Well now that's really quite shocking. Next, someone will discover bear feces in the woods.

07-19-06 - Israel's Outrageous Attacks

07-19-06 - Dobbs: Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East Lebanon's lack of wealth is matched by the Palestinians -- three out of every four Palestinians live below the poverty line. Yet the vast majority of our giving in the region flows to Israel. This kind of geopolitical inconsistency and shortsightedness has contributed to the Arab-Israeli conflict that the Western world seems content to allow to perpetuate endlessly.

07-19-06 - I was wrong about Michael Savage Though I am still uneasy about the whole former-birkenstock-wearing-liberal-at-Berkeley-cum-conservative thing.. j/k!

07-19-06 - Pay-as-You-Go Evacuation Roils Capitol Hill Those seeking to leave were being asked to sign a promissory note, pledging to repay the U.S. government within 90 days for the costs of their evacuation. The paperwork in Beirut sent tempers through the roof in Washington, not to mention among some under fire in Lebanon who have been asked to sign the notes.

07-19-06 - Arab American Leaders Urge Bush Admin to Push for Immediate Ceasefire; Admin Criticized for Lack of Active Engagement, Slow Response

07-19-06 - US issues travel warning for Israel, West Bank and Gaza The US State Department issued a travel warning for Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, reiterating "threats to American citizens and US interests in those respective locations."

07-19-06 - Pelosi Floor Statement on House Resolution Reaffirming Support for Israel "And at this difficult time for the state of Israel, this resolution reaffirms our unwavering support and commitment to Israel" Our legislators are beholden to a foreign nation and thus force America to become a party to that nation's collective punishment of both the Palestinians and Lebanese.

07-19-06 - Evacuees 'stranded by Israeli curfew' "All countries who have citizens there have been talking to the Israelis about it and trying to persuade the Israelis to provide arrangements where people can get out," he said. "But, so far, no one has been successful, so we're obviously doing what we can.

07-19-06 - Israeli censor wielding great power The rules include no real-time reports giving the exact locations of guerrilla missile hits; no reports of missile hits - or misses - on strategic targets; and no reports telling when citizens are allowed to leave their bunkers for supplies. Journalists are also not allowed to give details about senior Israeli officials going to the north, where Hezbollah's rockets are falling, until the officials have left the area. They also cannot report places where there aren't enough shelters or where public defense is weak.

07-19-06 - Egypt opposition wants Arab-Israeli peace deals revoked Israel's crushing offensive in Lebanon prompted calls by Egyptian opposition groups for peace deals with the Jewish state to be revoked and oil and gas exports to be frozen.

07-19-06 - Israel capable of air strike on Iran

07-18-06 - Where are the Christians? by Patrick J. Buchanan what Israel is doing is imposing deliberate suffering on civilians, collective punishment on innocent people, to force them to do something they are powerless to do: disarm the gunmen among them. Such a policy violates international law and comports neither with our values nor our interests. It is un-American and un-Christian. He said as much on MSNBC's Joe Scarborough program. Pat Buchanan is the one of the very few in America that has the guts to speak the truth. God bless him.

07-18-06 - Israeli ground troops enter Lebanon

07-18-06 - 'Catastrophe' looms in Lebanon as Israel pushes offensive "The situation is both alarming and catastrophic. There are about 500,000 people displaced already. The situation is extreme" the representative of the United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF) in Beirut, Roberto Laurenti, told AFP.

07-18-06 - Lebanon condemns Israel 'madness' The 11 Lebanese soldiers were killed at a barracks east of Beirut. The Lebanese army has been ordered not to respond to the Israeli attacks. But Lebanese soldiers have now died in several strikes, including one on the port of Abdeh on Monday in which nine died.

07-18-06 - Amnesty Int'l: UN Should Send Mission to Lebanon and Israel to Investigate Attacks Against Civilians

07-18-06 - Israel Strikes Lebanon's Hapless Military

07-18-06 - American evacuees angry at Lebanon air strikes Barbara Betlouny, a 12-year resident in Lebanon, told of "endless day and night" bombing that wrecked Beirut's airport runways and nearby power plants after Hizbollah militants kidnapped and killed Israeli soldiers last week.

07-18-06 - Syria isolated but busy with refugees For a second day, Damascus ignored President Bush's expression of disgust with its regime - overheard by accident at the G-8 summit.

07-18-06 - US orders nine warships to waters off Lebanon The United States ordered nine warships to waters off the Lebanese coast amid fears of possible terrorist attacks on ships evacuating US nationals, officials said.

07-18-06 - ANALYSIS - Palestinians sidelined as war rages in Lebanon Israeli air raids on Lebanon have killed 230 people, while Hizbollah rockets have killed 12 Israelis.

07-18-06 - FBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise The FBI is trying to ferret out possible Hizbollah agents in the United States amid concerns that rising U.S.-Iranian tensions could trigger attacks on American soil, FBI officials said.

07-18-06 - Reserve batallions called up as Israel pushes for a new northern buffer zone

07-18-06 - Peace possible only after world powers 'deal with' Hezbollah: Bush

07-18-06 - Israel's Lebanon campaign goes beyond Hizbollah

07-18-06 - Bush: Syria trying to get back into Lebanon

07-18-06 - Rice will back demands for ceasefire - after a few more days of carnage

07-18-06 - United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah

07-18-06 - US Congress readies resolutions supporting Israel Naturally. One wonders what took our AIPAC servants so long?

07-18-06 - Grieving relatives want blame placed on Israel

07-18-06 - Senate expresses support for Israel The U.S. Senate supported Israel's right to "take appropriate action to deter aggression by terrorist groups and their state sponsors." The non-binding resolution passed unanimously Tuesday night. Why is this 'support' for Israel via legislation necessary on CAPITOL HILL of the UNITED STATES if what Israel is doing is just and right? These resolutions are AIPAC's way of reasurring itself that OUR representatives are still beholden to it. These are the measures taken to see who gets voted in come next election, and who does not.

07-18-06 - Tel Aviv plans 4-tier, intensifying offensive

07-18-06 - Energized Neocons Say Israel's Fight Is Washington's The effort to frame the current round of violence as part of a much larger struggle ? and Israel's role as Washington's most loyal front-line ally ? recalls the neoconservatives early reaction to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon

07-18-06 - Iran's Hizbollah says ready to attack US, Israel Iran's Hizbollah, which claims links to the Lebanese group of the same name, said on Tuesday it stood ready to attack Israeli and U.S. interests worldwide.

07-18-06 - Israel Violates US Law With Attack on Lebanon Israel is in violation of U.S. arms-control laws for deploying U.S.-made fighter planes, combat helicopters, and missiles to kill civilians and destroy Lebanon's infrastructure in the ongoing six-day devastation of that militarily weak country.

07-18-06 - Ayalon: Time is not right for Rice

07-18-06 - UN call for Middle East ceasefire

07-18-06 - Israel claims Iran link to crisis

07-18-06 - Blair defies backbench dissent with firm support for Olmert Tony Blair hardened his defence of Israel's actions yesterday in the face of allegations from the Liberal Democrats, and some Labour backbenchers, that Israel was involved in an unacceptable and systematic destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure.

07-18-06 - Widespread support for war among Israeli public

07-18-06 - Jews protesting Israeli actions arrested Seventeen Jews were arrested in front of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco after they protested Israeli military actions.

07-18-06 - The other Middle East war Mr Bush has acquiesced in Israeli unilateralism and then lost interest in Arab democracy when angry Palestinians elected the Islamist Hamas. Washington neocons used to argue that replacing Ba'athist tyranny with pluralist democracy would boost the chances for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement.

07-18-06 - U.S. Bishops Call For Ceasefire and an End to The Cycle of Violence in The Middle East; Urge Greater Leadership from United States to Secure Peace Israel has a right to defend itself, but we cannot support its sweeping counterattacks on civilian areas, civilian infrastructure, blockades and other acts of war in Gaza and Lebanon. Punishment of an entire population for the indefensible acts of extreme armed factions is wrong and causes unjustified harm to noncombatants

07-18-06 - Iran, US in unlikely alliance to protect Persian artifacts from lawsuit Iran and the US Justice Department have formed an unlikely alliance to protect Persian artifacts from seizure in a lawsuit brought by victims of a terrorist attack in Israel.

07-18-06 - Israel, U.N. envoy disagree

07-18-06 - Pro-Israel rallies to take place worldwide The World Zionist Organization is planning pro-Israel rallies around the world over the next week. These rallies will not justify or negate the wholesale destruction of Lebanese civilian infrastructure or the killing of civilians by Israel.

07-18-06 - Israeli children sign their missiles 'with love'

07-18-06 - CAIR: U.S. Muslims To Ask That Bush Protect Relatives In Lebanon, Gaza

07-17-06 - Taliban Takes Control of 2 Afghan Towns The Taliban operate freely in large areas of southern Afghanistan and police presence there often is virtually nonexistent, but insurgents only were known to have completely seized one town since their hard-line regime was toppled by U.S. forces in 2001.

07-17-06 - 'Premature' to speak of Iran sanctions: Putin

07-17-06 - Syria supplies Lebanon, waives fees to help aid flow Who is the bad guy now? A year ago, it was Syria.

07-17-06 - Israel vows no let-up on Lebanon More than 200 Lebanese people have died in six days of Israeli bombardment.....The bodies of nine people, including six children, were reportedly found in the rubble of a building in Tyre hit by Israeli missiles on Sunday. One report said they had been trying to shelter in the basement.

07-17-06 - Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton Well, at least he's honest about his supremacist views. Most neocons never say as much, but they subscribe to the same supremacist ideology - that one group (Jews) is superior to the other (Arabs).

07-17-06 - Israeli Strike Kills 10 Civilians

07-17-06 - Israeli planes pound Lebanon, 6 killed The six civilians, all from one family, were killed during an air strike that hit a house shortly after midnight in a Lebanese border village. Israeli aircraft also hit Beirut's southern suburb and an army position overlooking the capital.

07-17-06 - Bush, Putin concerned Iran has not responded

07-17-06 - Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified? CNN Poll down a little on the right.

07-17-06 - Some photos of Lebanon Photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6

07-17-06 - Saudi hits out at 'limitless support' for Israel Saudi Arabia hit out at the "limitless support being offered by certain countries to Israeli policy" in a barely veiled criticism of its US ally.

07-17-06 - Israel's Arab citizens caught in a war they never wanted

07-17-06 - Syria offers safe haven to US nationals fleeing Lebanon "Now, while thousands of United States citizens are stranded in Lebanon attempting to flee the ongoing massacre there, Syria has opened its borders to US citizens as well as citizens of other nationalities,"

07-17-06 - U.S. choppers fly Americans out of Beirut A handful of military helicopters flew Americans out of Beirut on Monday and U.S. officials said a rented cruise ship would help the evacuation of possibly thousands more citizens.

07-17-06 - Bush lunch chat is caught on tape Mr Bush was heard telling UK Prime Minister Tony Blair privately that Syria should press the Lebanese militants to "stop doing this shit". Where is Will Farrell when you need him (SNL)?

07-17-06 - UN calls for Lebanon peace force UN chief Kofi Annan and UK PM Tony Blair have called for an international force to be sent to Lebanon.

07-17-06 - All quiet on the Syrian front But the same information was greeted with more concern by Syrians on the ground, some of whom took it to mean that Israeli air attacks might be imminent, targeting their infrastructure in the same way that Lebanon's has been hit in the last week.

07-17-06 - Do-it-yourselfers turn diner grease into biodiesel fuel With diesel at $3 a gallon, 50 cents more than last year, ingenious Americans like Newman are turning their garages and basements into mini-refineries

07-17-06 - Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes Is the Israeli offensive designed as a calculated effort to catapult the hard-right, neoconservative ideologues back to power in Washington?...So far, in a shocking display of craven capitulation to the Israeli fait accompli , President Bush has repeatedly endorsed Israel?s aggression. But Israel is clearly counting on more than just Bush?s support for its actions in Gaza and Lebanon. More broadly, Israel is seeking to shift the balance in the Bush administration back in favor of the neocons, the hawks and their radical "New American Century" comrades.

07-17-06 - Israel acts according to a ready script The aim of Israeli policymakers is not too difficult to divine either. They want their American paymaster dragged deeper into the mire of the Middle East as a junior partner rather than as an honest broker, giving Israel cover while it carves up yet more Palestinian land for annexation, puts further pressure on the Palestinians to leave their homeland, and destabilizes its regional enemies so that they are powerless to offer protest or resistance.

07-17-06 - ANALYSIS: Israel-Hezbollah fighting yet to reach its zenith In the past 24 hours, there has been a slowing in the air strikes against Lebanese national infrastructure. Now attention is focused on Hezbollah infrastructure, including rockets, positions and bunkers, in southern Lebanon, the Beka'a and Beirut. Question: why wasn't the Hezbollah infrastructure targeted in the FIRST place? Why did Israel choose to attack the Lebanese CIVILIAN infrastructure first?

07-17-06 - Caught in the crossfire We are trapped tonight. Israel has positioned her warships opposite this stretch of coastline and has hit nearby locations, which have no Shia Muslim population and are Christian, in Jounieh and Amcheet.

07-17-06 - US sending ships for Lebanon evacuation duty The guided missile destroyer USS Gonzalez will escort the cruise ship in the Mediterranean Watch out for any 'friendly fire'.

07-17-06 - UN Security Council fails to act on conflict in Middle East

07-17-06 - Russians' suspicion of West growing Democracy, Western-style, has become a dirty word."

07-17-06 - More than 100,000 flee Lebanon for Syria

07-17-06 - Lebanon accuses Israel of using forbidden weapons

07-17-06 - This is what Bush, the AJC , et al call 'self-defense'

07-17-06 - PM's pro-Israel stance seen costing votes The decision by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take a pro-Israeli stance is unwise and could hurt him in the next election, particularly since seven Canadians were killed in an Israeli attack on Lebanon, political observers and commentators said on Monday. It'll cost Canada more than votes, it will cost them their prestige and reputation - just like it did ours.

07-17-06 - Harper won't criticize Israel for Canadian deaths; says escalation ?inevitable' Meanwhile, Harper again refused to criticize Israel or question its use of force

07-17-06 - Relatives of Montreal family killed in Israeli raids demand inquiry Grieving relatives of a Montreal family killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon say the Canadian government must hold Israel responsible for what they call a civilian "massacre." Israel kills whomever they please - including Americans and Canadians - and nobody does a thing about it.

07-17-06 - Lebanon deaths devastate Canadian Lebanese family She added that, as of Monday afternoon, no one from the Canadian government had contacted her to offer condolences or assistance. Harper refused to criticize Israel for this.

07-17-06 - American Muslims angry at US stance on Mideast conflict "Once again America's image and interests worldwide are being harmed by one-sided support for Israeli actions," Here's why.

07-17-06 - Lebanon crisis delays UN focus on Iran nuclear issue -- diplomats But instead of discussing Iran, the council on Monday met behind closed doors to take up the dangerous Middle East crisis, which Washington has blamed on militants of Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas radical groups with their abduction of three Israeli soldiers. "I would have expected that as of this morning, we would have been working on the Iran resolution, but Iran's proxies in the Middle East, Hamas and Hezbollah, obviously have other work in mind," US Ambassador John Bolton said.

07-17-06 - Arab countries denounce Hezbollah actions

07-17-06 - Hizbullah winning over Arab street Islamists who are hostile to Israel and the US - and to their Arab allies who have criticized Hizbullah - are shoring up support, increasing the chances they will seize power if the elections President Bush has urged for the region take place.

07-17-06 - TV networks sending anchors to Middle East They all plan to broadcast from Israel.

07-17-06 - Wider war in Middle East? Not likely. Israel's military superiority is built on American support and a skill honed by decades of fighting for the very existence of the nation. Israel receives the best equipment that the United States can offer its allies. "They have some of the most highly advanced weapons systems in the world," says Dr. Jones.

07-17-06 - Rice Defends Israel, Calls Criticisms of Bush Policy 'Grotesque' Grow some balls would you, Condi. My God, I thought you were a Republican.

07-17-06 - ACLJ Calls on Americans to Stand with Israel in Its Fight against Terrorism This terrorism?

07-17-06 - From 2004: the truth about CNN's coverage of Israel CNN sources say the network has bowed to considerable pressure on its editors. Israeli officials boast that they now have only to call a number at the network's headquarters in Atlanta to pull any story they do not like. For folks who think that they will get the real story out of Lebanon from CNN.

07-17-06 - Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates

07-17-06 - Terror case begins in U.S. court The university, Iran and the United States are all opposing the victims; the U.S. government generally says such judgments infringe on the ability of U.S. officials to conduct foreign policy

07-17-06 - Israeli police detain Al Jazeera's Jerusalem bureau chief for second time Rosenfeld said Al Omari, his cameraman, and an assistant were questioned Sunday about footage they had taken after dozens of Hezbollah rockets landed on Haifa, killing eight Israelis in the guerrilla group's deadliest ever attack on Israel.

07-16-06 - Iran expects Russian, Chinese support in nuclear crisis Iran has said that it was still counting on support from Russia and China over its disputed nuclear programme, and warned the referral of the issue back to the UN Security Council would derail any possible negotiations.

07-16-06 - Iran calls Western incentives acceptable

07-16-06 - Canadian family with four children killed in Lebanon Seven Canadians from the same Montreal family, including four young children, were killed in Lebanon on Sunday when Israeli aircraft bombed a house in the south of the country, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp said

07-16-06 - Hizbollah rockets hit Haifa Hizbollah rockets killed eight people in the Israeli city of Haifa on Sunday and bombs shook Beirut as Israel pursued a five-day-old assault in Lebanon aimed at crippling the Shi'ite Muslim group. ...Hizbollah said the attack was retaliation for Israel's killing of civilians and destruction of Lebanese infrastructure.

07-16-06 - Iran warns Israel of 'unimaginable losses' if Syria hit

07-16-06 - U.S. military fears outcome of rape trial Given the seriousness of the allegations, U.S. officials believe a vigorous prosecution is essential and punishment should be severe if the five U.S. soldiers and one former soldier are convicted.

07-16-06 - Israel blames Hizbullah after Canadian deaths Naturally.

07-16-06 - Korea resolution will help U.N. face Iran A unanimous U.N. Security Council vote to condemn North Korea's missile launches has set an important precedent and strengthened the powerful U.N. body as it turns to its next challenge: confronting Iran's suspect nuclear program, diplomats said.

07-16-06 - G8 summit calls on Israel to halt Mideast offensive However they did not specifically identify Iran and Syria as backers of the militants, as the United States had been pushing for, referring only to Hamas and Hezbollah "and those that support them."

07-16-06 - Israel kills 60 in strikes as Hezbollah vows no limits

07-16-06 - As the bombs rain down, a refugee crisis unfolds on the streets of Beirut "Those who were able to flee went to the UN base, where they were asked to leave. I think that after the Qana massacres in 1996, when civilians were bombed after they took shelter in UN headquarters, the UN does not want to be responsible for the lives of civilians ... I am afraid massacres will keep happening as long as Israeli actions are unchecked." Do you know who did the Qana massacres?

07-16-06 - Bush says Israel has every right to defend itself Two-year-old Karim Qobeisi is treated in hospital in the southern market town of Nabatiyeh in Lebanon, Sunday, after he was injured during an Israeli airstrike whilst in his house, according to his father who was also injured

07-16-06 - Rice: Weighing trip to promote Middle East peace US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she may soon travel to the Middle East to help broker an end to the violence there and warned against settling for a temporary truce.

07-16-06 - 'We feel the world has left us to be slaughtered' "Israel is using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians,"

07-16-06 - A competent military force that should not be underestimated, experts say "Hizbullah is the second or third most competent military force in the region, after Israel and Iran."

07-16-06 - Hezbollah leader boasts of 'complete strength and power,' denies Iran link Speaking on the militant group's Al-Manar television station, Nasrallah denied an Israeli accusation that it was receiving help from Iran that included advanced missiles.

07-16-06 - Last-minute talks in Lebanon amid fears of ground invasion

07-16-06 - 8 Israelis<-->8 Canadians - Why doesn't Canada bomb Israel?

07-16-06 - Bush defends Israel as leaders struggle for Mideast response

07-16-06 - Israel escalates bombardment of Beirut Airstrikes reduced entire apartment buildings to rubble and knocked out electricity in swaths of the Lebanese capital Sunday as Israel dramatically escalated the ferocity of its campaign after Hezbollah rockets hit the northern city of Haifa.

07-16-06 - Syria vows to respond directly to any Israel strike "There is a possibility that one of the rockets was made in Syria," Overheard in the Israel/neocon breakroom -"Syria, Iran, Syria.. Syria it is! Yesterday it was Iran that fired the missle at the ship, today it must by Syria behind the rockets!"

07-16-06 - The west must recognise that Israel's agenda is in conflict with its own If so, it might become apparent that far from wanting a partner with which to negotiate, the Israeli government is acting with the specific intention of forestalling that possibility. There is nothing particularly new in this...In the case of the current crisis, it is no accident that it occurred at precisely the moment when the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, was gaining the upper hand in the latest round of that struggle. By using the threat of a referendum to force Hamas to accept the existence of Israel as the basis for a final settlement, Abbas had created the most promising opening for peace in six years

07-16-06 - Strikes Are Called Part of Broad Strategy For Israel, the goal is to eliminate Hezbollah as a security threat -- or altogether, the sources said.

07-16-06 - Ex-Israeli official praising Hezbollah, HAMAS operations creates controversy The former military official stated that he would be proud if these military operations were under his supervision.

07-16-06 - Bush: Hezbollah must stop attacking President Bush called on Hezbollah ?to lay down its arms and to stop attacking? Israel.

07-16-06 - Iran said deep in Lebanon The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat on Sunday quoted an unnamed Iranian military official as saying his country had stationed 200 advisers in Lebanon to help Hezbollah fight Israel.

07-16-06 - U.S. approves Nasrallah hit Maariv reported Monday that Washington officials had discreetly given a "big, flashing green light" to Israel to continue targeting Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in its attacks on Lebanon. That'll go over well in Iraq, I'm guessing.

07-16-06 - Government Monitored Anti-War Group E-Mails

07-16-06 - 21 Americans evacuated from Lebanon

07-16-06 - Will We Go to War for Israel? Listening to Newt Gingrich bloviate on Meet the Press, advocating U.S. intervention on Israel's behalf against Syria and Iran ? and the pathetic Joe "Me Too" Biden effectively agreeing with him ? one can only wonder how or why anybody listens to these crazies.

07-16-06 - Diplomatic efforts underway in Middle East The United Nations, the European Union and Italy pushed ahead with separate efforts Sunday to try to end the fighting between Israel and the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah.

07-16-06 - Israeli protesters shout slogans during a demonstration against Israel's offensives in Lebanon

07-16-06 - Bush: Israel has a right to defend herself against fleeing refugee children.

07-16-06 - American Jews mobilize for Israel Representatives of major Jewish organizations will meet with senior administration officials in Washington on Thursday to discuss the situation in the Middle East and to express support for Israel's actions in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. They evidently have no interest in what's best for the American people, and no interest in any of the 100+ civilians that Israel has killed in the last few days.

07-16-06 - G8 blames Mid-East 'extremists'

07-16-06 - Let's face it, it's WWIII, Gingrich says Gingrich is a neocon.

07-16-06 - Americans Want U.S. Out of Mid-East War Many adults in the United States believe their government should not become involved in the current dispute between Israel and its neighbours, according to a poll by SurveyUSA. 55 per cent of respondents think the U.S. should not attempt to negotiate a ceasefire, and 84 per cent reject a military intervention.

07-16-06 - Wildly disproportionate attack on Lebanon seems like pretext to confront Iran, says Linda McQuaig The U.S. and Israel, on the other hand, are very keen to attack Iran. In a recent series of articles in New Yorker magazine, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has detailed Washington's plans to attack Iran. Israel has called Iran a "major threat" that "must be stopped" from developing nuclear weapons

07-16-06 - Pope condemns Israel-Lebanon attacks "But neither the terrorist acts nor the reprisals, above all when there are tragic consequences for the civilian population, can be justified."

07-16-06 - Rice tells Israel US concerned about casualties

07-16-06 - Rocket attacks and responsibility If Britain had launched an all-out attack on the civilian population of Ireland in its pursuit of the IRA, would there be peace in Ireland now?

07-16-06 - We're Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East Despite questions of dual loyalties, neocons hold high positions in the Bush regime. Ten years ago these architects of American foreign and military policy spelled out how they would use deception to achieve "important Israeli strategic objectives" in the Middle East There are no 'dual' loyalties. There's only one nation to which these neocons are loyal: Israel.

07-15-06 - US 'could be going bankrupt' A ballooning budget deficit and a pensions and welfare timebomb could send the economic superpower into insolvency, according to research by Professor Laurence Kotlikoff for the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, a leading constituent of the US Federal Reserve.

07-15-06 - Iran's leadership rejects freeze of sensitive nuclear work

07-15-06 - Israeli diplomat: Iran, Syria are playing with fire Israeli Brig. Gen. Michael Herzog, a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said Israel would take into account retaliatory threats to American targets when deciding whether to strike Iran's nuclear facilities.

07-15-06 - Children die in convoy attack as Israel widens Lebanon assault Israel steeply escalated its military campaign against Hizbollah in Lebanon yesterday with a series of air strikes that left more than 35 civilians dead, including a single strike on a convoy of families fleeing the fighting in a village near Tyre in the south of the country that killed more than 20 people, most of them children. Abominable.

07-15-06 - Bush blocks Russia WTO bid in icy exchange Bush held Israel blameless for its punishing attacks in Lebanon and said it was up to the militant group Hezbollah to lay down its arms. Putin was critical of Israel's use of force and said the violence "should stop as soon as possible.".....Putin said he had the impression that Israel was "pursuing wider goals" than just the return of its soldiers. He did not elaborate.

07-15-06 - Lebanon calls on U.N. to broker truce Israeli warplanes demolished the last bridge on the main Beirut-Damascus highway - over the Litani River, six miles from the Syrian border - trying to complete their seal on Lebanon. The strike killed three civilians driving on the bridge....Fleeing refugees, including women and children, were hit on a road adjacent to the Lebanese-Israeli border in an apparent Israeli airstrike as they left the village of Marwaheen, which abuts the border. Two cars were aflame, and bodies were blown into an adjacent ravine. ..."They're peaceful people who were displaced. They were just fleeing the shelling. They were hit on the road, in their cars,"

07-15-06 - Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges Wow.

07-15-06 - Lebanon: U.S. blocking call for cease-fire "It sends very wrong signals not only to the Lebanese people but to the Arab people, to all small nations that we are left to the might of Israel and nobody is doing anything,"

07-15-06 - Cost of Iraq to overtake Korea and Vietnam wars

07-15-06 - Fleeing Lebanon villagers caught in Israeli inferno Two little blackened hands could be seen still clutching the bread to the child's chest when U.N. peacekeepers recovered the corpse along with the bodies of some of the others. Bush refuses to condemn this. Just remember this next time Middle Easterners would scoff at our notion of 'democracy'.

07-15-06 - UNRWA reform discussed, but calls to disband agency rejected JINSA has long advocated for folding UNRWA into the U.N. High Commission for Refugees. Shoshana Bryen, JINSA's director of special projects, opened the session by saying the continued existence of an agency uniquely dedicated to Palestinians dispersed by the 1948 war, and their descendants, perpetuates a myth that Israel's creation was a mistake. JINSA? The neocon outfit that pushed for the US to attack Iraq in the immediate aftermath of 911, is trying to get rid of UNRWA? Their Israel-first inclinations are bared for all to see.

07-15-06 - Bush demands Syria stop Hizbollah attacks President Bush demanded on Saturday that Syria rein in Hizbollah attacks on Israel but Russia's Vladimir Putin said Israel's military response should be "balanced." Bush is a puppet of the neocons. That's a shame, because his father did not appear to be. Israel's hold on this country has gotten far worse since then, seems.

07-15-06 - Israelis seal all exists - Americans TRAPPED in Lebanon

07-15-06 - Attention Deficit Americans Are Being Misled to War Israel?s American agents, the neoconservatives, have made it clear for years that their goal is to eliminate every Middle Eastern government that is not ruled by an American puppet friendly to Israel.

07-15-06 - Royal Navy ships head for Lebanon Britons with relatives in Lebanon told the BBC News website they feel let down by politicians and diplomats.

07-15-06 - Assad pledges Syrian help for Lebanon Syria will put its resources at the disposal of Lebanon to help cope with Israeli attacks devastating the country, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Lebanese President Emile Lahoud by phone on Saturday.

07-15-06 - Israel Makes Its 'Clean Break' How many more people in the Middle East have to die, have died, as a consequence of Israel's creation and intransigence?

07-15-06 - Britons prepare to evacuate The US State Department and the Pentagon are making arrangements to evacuate as many of the 25,000 Americans living or working in Lebanon who want to leave and take them to nearby Cyprus, possibly in a mass airlift

07-15-06 - In pictures: Voices from the streets of Beirut

07-15-06 - Israel kills Lebanese civilians A number of families were fleeing their village of Marwahin on the Israeli border when their convoy was struck by missiles on the coastal road to Tyre, a UN spokesman told the BBC. Local residents told al-Jazeera TV the villagers had been hit after being told to leave Marwahin by the Israelis and then refused shelter by the UN forces.

07-15-06 - Security Council Rebukes N. Korea

07-15-06 - Arab League declares Mideast peace process 'dead' On Friday, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak condemned Israeli military aggression in Lebanon but also indirectly criticized Hezbollah for harming Arab interests.

07-15-06 - No need for US forces in Lebanon conflict: US official

07-15-06 - Israel intelligence says Iranians helped Hezbollah attack ship; Iran denies it Elite Iranian troops helped Hezbollah fire a sophisticated radar-guided missile at an Israeli ship, Israeli officials said Saturday, describing an apparent surprise blow by militants who had been using only low-technology weapons. Is this kind of like the mine Hamas supposedly planted on the Gaza beach?....

07-15-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad compares Israel to Hitler

07-15-06 - Israel acting in self-defence, says Howard Those fleeing civilians which included children Israel bombed were clearly a threat to Israel.

07-15-06 - Saudi king holds talks with Iran's top security official Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has held talks with Iran's top national security official Ali Larijani, expected to focus on the conflict in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

07-15-06 - Crisis seen as chance to reshape Mideast Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said Israel wants not just to stop Hamas and Hezbollah from firing rockets into Israel, but to force the total disarmament of Hezbollah -- a well-organized military group that operates as a state-within-a-state in southern Lebanon alongside the weak Lebanese government -- and to win strong international action against Iran and Syria. Even more broadly, he said, Israel wants to build international consensus that armed groups should not be allowed to run in elections Israel dictates what kind of democracy those in the Middle East may have.

07-15-06 - It's war by any other name It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel.

07-15-06 - Eyewitnesses: IAF struck Syrian targets near Lebanon border

07-15-06 - Neocons accuse Bush of appeasement in face of N Korea and Iran threat Richard Perle, a former adviser to the Pentagon and advocate of the Iraq war, is among those charging the administration with appeasement.

07-15-06 - Journalists attacked in southern Lebanon

07-15-06 - U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli 'Massacre' of Lebanese Civilians

07-15-06 - Israel's response risks its security

07-15-06 - Should the United States send military peacekeepers to the Middle East to help quell the recent escalation in violence?

07-15-06 - Becoming Israel's greatest enemy The Qassams mostly needle the Israelis, like pinpricks in the ankles of a giant, taunting him to stamp back with his big, US-issue army boots. The Katyushas are like poisoned arrows. They drive him mad.

07-15-06 - U.S. Christian organizations back Lebanon operation Jewish and pro-Israel Christian groups in both Israel and the United States voiced a chorus of support for the Israel Defense Forces' actions yesterday, the second day of fighting on the northern border. That's ironic given the 106 civilians Israel has killed in Lebanon thus far and given that Lebanon is 40 percent Christian according to the CIA World Factbook. This is that OTHER form of anti-Semitism. Pro-Israelis find it acceptable.

07-15-06 - Robert Fisk: From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant

07-15-06 - The very portrait of a neocon

07-15-06 - Lieberman suspects Iran is behind Hezbollah actions Neocon.

07-15-06 - Jewish groups join coalition lobbying to legalize immigrants Jewish groups joined a broad, faith-based coalition lobbying Congress to allow undocumented immigrants legalization opportunities. Hypocrisy.

07-15-06 - Time for America to put its diplomatic muscle where its mouth is Yet even now, as Israel is laying waste to our country with guns and missiles paid for with US tax dollars, and as American-made bombs are raining down on our cities, we are still clinging to the same values and ideals that the Bush administration has promoted: We want life, liberty and happiness; we want democracy, sovereignty, freedom and independence. This from a Lebanese newspaper.

07-14-06 - Hizbullah leader: 'You wanted open war. We are ready for an open war' Israeli politicians and army officers brushed aside international criticism and said their goal was to force Hizbullah's disarmament. So far at least 73 people, nearly all civilians, have been killed in Lebanon since the bombing began three days ago

07-14-06 - Israel confirms 4 sailors missing from naval ship Israel's army has confirmed four sailors are missing after a naval vessel was attacked off the coast of Lebanon, amid escalating violence with the Hezbollah guerrilla group.

07-14-06 - Bush Rejects Lebanese Call for Cease-Fire Lebanon's prime minister asked Bush, during a phone call Friday, to pressure Israel for a cease-fire. But Bush told Prime Minister Fuad Saniora that Israelis have a right to protect themselves.

07-14-06 - G8 plans oil price action as Middle East chaos mounts

07-14-06 - Israeli woman, grandson killed An Israeli woman and her grandson were killed in a Hezbollah rocket attack Friday

07-14-06 - Condemnation of Israeli action mounts Israeli strikes against civilian targets in Lebanon and Gaza, from power stations to bridges, stirred growing international condemnation on Friday and warnings the conflict could spread.

07-14-06 - UAV packed with explosives strikes warship

07-14-06 - Israel appears to 'wish to destroy' Lebanon: Chirac

07-14-06 - Israel pounds key Lebaneseinfrastructure The company also said high-voltage electricity lines in Tyre were targeted, damaging power plants in Zahrani, Zouk and Deir Ammar and causing a complete blackout in the capital. EDL said it was trying "to repair the damage within its abilities and will gradually try to regenerate power." Just like in Palestine.

07-14-06 - UN Security Council offers no action on Lebanon call for ceasefire The debate highlighted divisions in the Council, with US Ambassador John Bolton standing alone in refusing to even caution restraint from Israel over its military offensives in both Lebanon and Gaza.

07-14-06 - Israel's response in Lebanon called 'disproportionate'

07-14-06 - Syria says fully backs Hizbollah against Israel

07-14-06 - Iraqis slam Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Gaza

07-14-06 - Haniya slams Israel's 'insane war' in Lebanon

07-14-06 - Beirut's Hizbollah stronghold defiant after raids Some people, like 65-year old Adnan Ibriq, stayed because they had nowhere else to go. "Tell me where to go? Sleep on the street?" he said. "I am not scared. I have seen years of this."

07-14-06 - Iraqi Parliament speaker accuses 'Jews' Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani hinted that the Americans and Israelis did not want to see officials of Sunni and Shiite parties running Iraq because "this is not their agenda."

07-14-06 - Lebanese struggle to flee bombing

07-14-06 - US faces dilemma in Mid-East crisis America hopes that restraint by Israel can avoid a split in the international community. The US does not want to be the only country left defending Israel's actions. We cast the lone veto yesterday at the UN. We are almost always the only country left defending Israel's actions. Here's why.

07-14-06 - Anger from Tehran but silence in Damascus "The situation in Lebanon and Palestine is a test for international organisations who claim to be defenders of human rights. Keeping silent won't solve any problems. Those who support this savage Zionist action through their silence are participants and should be prosecuted."

07-14-06 - The framing of Hizbullah It is ironic, given Israel's bombing of civilian targets in Beirut, that Hizbullah is often dismissed in the west as a terrorist organisation. In fact its military record is overwhelmingly one of conflict with Israeli forces inside Lebanese territory

07-14-06 - A new war, but both sides recall old ones A mass exodus from the capital, mainly of young families, was gathering pace, but the options for escape from Lebanon were evaporating. Three days of Israeli attacks have left the capital's airport bombed and shut down, its sea routes blockaded by warships, and the main highway into Syria impassable

07-14-06 - Navy ship leaves port amid Israel violence Apache, a Military Sealift Command ship that has a crew of 16 merchant mariners and is homeported in Norfolk, Va., is on a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Africa, Corvella said

07-14-06 - Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon The Vatican on Friday strongly deplored Israel's strikes on Lebanon, saying they were "an attack" on a sovereign and free nation

07-14-06 - Britain urged to ban £23m arms trade with Israel Paul Eavis, director of the arms control think-tank Saferworld, which analysed the figures, said: "The Government's arms policy states that it will not issue arms where there is a risk of regional conflict of instability, yet it has consistently approved arms sales to Israel. The current violence in the Middle East is alarming and the Government must now stop all arms sales to Israel."

07-14-06 - Israel PM sets three conditions for ceasefire with Lebanon

07-14-06 - Israeli agents testifying in US need aliases Prosecutors asked a federal judge Friday to allow Israeli intelligence agents who testify at an upcoming terrorism financing trial to use aliases and take the stand without spectators seeing them. The Israelization of the US continues.

07-14-06 - APN: Send former presidents Americans for Peace Now called on President Bush to send his father and President Clinton to the Middle East on a peace-seeking mission. While you're at it, put James Baker back in a Bush administration. He knows how to get the job done.

07-14-06 - Senate mandates spending security funds The department has not disbursed any funds yet, saying they were reserved for "credible" threats, a standard Jewish groups said was impossible to meet.

07-14-06 - Under-fire Syria 'ready for anything'

07-14-06 - Israel Crosses the Line The American invasion and occupation of the Mesopotamian heartland has empowered the Israelis as never before ? and now they are on the offensive, carving out a greatly expanded sphere of influence extending into Kurdistan as well as Lebanon, bringing closer to fulfillment the old Zionist vision of an empire stretching "from the Nile to the Euphrates." ....With Saddam out of the way, the second phase of the "Clean Break" scenario is unfolding before our eyes. And the propaganda war is going just as well as the military aspect of the campaign: the Israelis are no fools.

07-14-06 - Pentagon OKs Possible $210 Million Jet Fuel Sale To Israel "This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country which has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East,"

07-14-06 - Bush Gives Qualified Support for Israel?s Strikes

07-14-06 - Disproportionate, dangerous, destructive Israel's massive onslaught on Lebanon has already killed scores of people, most if not all unconnected to the Hizbullah guerrillas who attacked across the international border early on Wednesday morning, killing eight soldiers and capturing two others

07-14-06 - Israel unable to take on Iran: Ahmadinejad

07-14-06 - CAIR Asks Bush To Demand That Israel Allow Evacuation of Americans in Lebanon The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on President Bush to demand that Israel stop bombing civilian areas in Lebanon at least long enough to safely evacuate some 25,000 U.S. citizens in that nation.

07-14-06 - Hezbollah: the Party of God in Israel's sights

07-14-06 - The road to Damascus (still) runs through Baghdad

07-14-06 - Iran urges UN to intervene to stop Israeli offensive

07-14-06 - Where Does Israel Get Oil? Meanwhile, Israel continues to seek nearby suppliers. In the lead-up to the war in Iraq, there was some talk of restarting an abandoned pipeline that runs from Mosul, Iraq, to Haifa. In order for this to happen, Israel would need to somehow wrangle the support of the Syrians, since they control part of the route.

07-14-06 - AIPAC trial delayed again The government and defense are still negotiating what evidence may be unclassified for trial use in the case against Steve Rosen, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?s former foreign policy chief, and Keith Weissman, its former Iran analyst.

07-14-06 - Israel rally Monday at U.N. Senators Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel will headline the noon rally across from the United Nations

07-14-06 - Jewish leaders organize D.C. 'fly-in' Top U.S. Jewish leaders will meet with Israeli Embassy staff, senior Congressional leaders and Bush administration officials to discuss the crisis with Hezbollah.

07-14-06 - Report: Haifa rockets made in Iran Rockets hitting Israel reportedly were made in Iran. Suurre.

07-14-06 - Why Russia loves Putin by Patrick J. Buchanan

07-13-06 - Iranian president warns Israel about Syria Iran's president warned Israel against extending its offensive in Lebanon to neighboring Syria, saying such a move would be regarded as an attack on the whole Islamic world and be met with a "crushing response," the official Iranian news agency said Friday.

07-13-06 - U.S. Government Increasingly Blocking Entry at the Border Because of Ideology, ACLU Says The ideological exclusion provision permits the government to exclude anyone from the country who, in the government?s view, "endorses or espouses" terrorism or "persuades others" to support terrorism. While the provision is nominally directed at terrorism, the government appears to be using the provision to censor and manipulate debate, said the ACLU. One groups gets a free pass (amnesty) while others get barred for ideological reasons.

07-13-06 - Bush defends Israel actions, Russia condemns attacks Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denounced both Israel's attack on Lebanon and its operations against the Palestinian territories.

07-13-06 - Israel imposes blockade on Lebanon Israel on Thursday imposed a sea and air blockade on Lebanon to cut off supply routes to Lebanese militants, the Israeli military said.

07-13-06 - Extremist group: We kidnapped 2 Palestinians An extremist organization called the ?Gilad Shalhevet Brigades? claimed it kidnapped two Palestinians, residents of the Jerusalem area. In a statement issued by the groups it was said that the hostages will be released only in exchange for the Israeli soldiers abducted in Gaza and Lebanon. The Israelis "kidnap" Palestinians all of the time. It's where the neocons in the Pentagon got the idea for Guantanamo bay (administrative detention).

07-13-06 - Israel intensifies attacks against Lebanon Among the Lebanese dead were a family of 10 and another family of seven, killed when strikes hit their homes in the southern village of Dweir. Israel aims to spread some more of its 'democracy'.

07-13-06 - Israel tightens Lebanon blockade Israeli air strikes and shelling have already killed at least 55 Lebanese civilians since the two soldiers were captured in a cross-border raid on Wednesday, while a barrage of Hizbollah rocket fire into northern Israel has killed two Israeli civilians and wounded 95.

07-13-06 - US unwavering in support of Israel, raps Syria, Iran At the United Nations, the United States concentrated on stifling criticism of Israel -- vetoing a Security Council resolution calling for a halt to military operations against Hamas in Gaza -- sparked by the kidnap of an Israeli soldier on June 25. US ambassador John Bolton said the veto was a response to the "unbalanced" nature of the draft text which he argued laid a disproportionate amount of blame on Israel for the current crisis in the region Here is one reason why our government overwhelmingly supports Israel (to the detriment of American citizens), and the other.

07-13-06 - Dozens killed as Israel bombs Lebanon

07-13-06 - US vetoes UN resolution urging end to Israeli attacks in Gaza John Bolton is as giddy as a schoolgirl in the photo that accompanies the article. He is beside himself with delight that he can prove his loyalty to Israel.

07-13-06 - World oil prices hit new records as Israel bombs Lebanon

07-13-06 - Lebanon asks Security Council to impose cease-fire

07-13-06 - Western incentives for Iran released

07-13-06 - 50 more civilians die as leaflets warn residents to avoid areas 'frequented by Hizbullah' Sustained air strikes in South Lebanon killed at least 55 civilians, including more than 15 children, and wounded 100 people, security sources said.

07-13-06 - Israel / Lebanon: End attacks against civilians immediately "Israel must put an immediate end to attacks against civilians and against civilian infrastructure in Lebanon, which constitute collective punishment. Israel must also respect the principle of proportionality when targeting any military objectives or civilian objectives that may be used for military purposes,"

07-13-06 - South Lebanon feels brunt of Israeli attacks "The youngest one, Safat, was just 6 months old. Is a 6-month-old baby a resistance fighter? What happened is a crime," he says, as other mourners sitting on plastic seats outside his home nodded quietly in agreement.

07-13-06 - Defiant Iran threatens to quit nuclear treaty

07-13-06 - Lebanese Tremors Rock Syria "I feel angry. Ninety-five percent of the Palestinian prisoners held by Israel are innocent civilians, including women and children. Nobody says a word about this. But when three Israeli armed soldiers are detained, this is such a big crime, and everyone is outraged. Is this justice?"

07-13-06 - The ghosts of Suez Before the invasion of Egypt, British military chiefs were drafting plans for action against Israel

07-13-06 - Jewish groups launch 'full-court press' to support Israel´s retaliatory strikes They were approached, he said, with an eye toward influencing members of key United Nations committees that "might be in a position to vote on matters of the Middle East."...Foxman said he had just approved another ad to run in an American paper, thanking Bush for his support.....AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, said it is focusing its efforts on Washington's halls of power. REad the article. It's the Israeli lobby in action. These folks prove the study right on a daily basis.

07-13-06 - Bush Faces Major Choice Amid Israeli Escalation Say where is the concern by Bolton and the neocons for the Lebanese now? Remember the assassination of Hariri? When Israel is doing the killing, they fall silent. The hypocrisy is not lost on the world.

07-13-06 - Former CIA Officer Sues Cheney Over Leak

07-13-06 - AJC Welcomes U.S. Veto at UN Security Council The American Jewish Committee expressed its deep appreciation to the Bush Administration for the position taken by the United States at the United Nations Security Council today Naturally.

07-13-06 - Lebanese fear Israel's offensive Initially, I thought Israel's reactions in destroying Hezbollah positions and escape routes were appropriate. But the killing of civilians and the bombing of civilian installations, including the airport, is completely unjustified and excessive.

07-13-06 - Bush to tell Putin of democracy concerns Putin will in turn laugh is cojones off at the sheer hypocrisy of the Bush administration in light of Israel's recent actions in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories where scores of Arab civilians have been bombed to smithereens - with US tax dollars and with the blessing of the US veto at the UN today.

07-13-06 - Harper sides firmly with Israel, 'onus' on hostage-takers to stop the conflict Canada - Israel's newest occupied territory - weighs in.

07-13-06 - Arab leaders scramble to contain Mideast crisis

07-13-06 - EU blasts Israel for disproportionate use of force in Lebanon

07-13-06 - Ahmadinejad says 'Zionists' are 'most detested' people in humanity

07-13-06 - Bush opens Germany-Russia trip amid Middle East violence US President George W. Bush arrived in Germany on his way to a summit of wealthy countries in Russia amid nuclear disputes with Iran and North Korea and flaring Middle East violence.

07-13-06 - Lebanese brace for Israel's signature strategy: collective punishment

07-13-06 - UN chief sends team to deal with 'major crisis' in Mideast UNITED NATIONS Saying the Mideast is in a "major crisis," the head of the United Nations will send three officials there to try to restore calm.

07-13-06 - ADL Urges European Leaders to Stand With Israel Against Hezbollah and Hamas Meanwhile, Israel has killed almost fifty civilians in Lebanon.

07-13-06 - Syria opens borders to tourists fleeing Lebanon

07-13-06 - Syrian envoy asks US to impose restraint on Israel Syria's ambassador to the United States urged Washington on Thursday to impose restraint on its ally Israel and push for the resumption of peace talks amid escalating violence in the Middle East.

07-13-06 - Israel crisis hits world markets

07-13-06 - Bush's indifference drives conflict The Bush administration alone can rein in Israel. Its reluctance to do so may mean there is no quick end to the fighting - and even less chance that Washington will be trusted in the longer term to forge a just and lasting regional settlement.

07-13-06 - US Gets a 'Dose of Its Own Medicine' From China "What goes around, comes around," says an Asian diplomat, who points out that the United States has exercised its veto over 35 times to protect Israel from Security Council condemnation.

07-13-06 - Bad Cop, Worse Cop According to the Forward, a Jewish weekly paper, the White House "appears to have dropped any objections to Israeli efforts to topple the Palestinian Authority's democratically elected Hamas government."

07-12-06 - Iran referred to Security Council In New York, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton said he hoped for council action early next week on a resolution demanding that Iran suspend all enrichment, as required by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

07-12-06 - War game will focus on situation with Iran

07-12-06 - Putin's Cheney jab underscores G-8 tension President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called Vice President Dick Cheney's criticism of Russia "an unsuccessful hunting shot," a caustic comment that underlines tensions ahead of the Group of Eight summit this weekend.

07-12-06 - New Middle East violence rankles Bush President Bush blamed Syria and Iran for new Middle East violence Wednesday, faced further defiance from Iran and North Korea and got an acerbic retort from Russian President Vladimir Putin to U.S. criticism. Yes, bring back the neocons, they know exactly what we need! They are just ITCHING for the chance to climax the Clash of Civilizations once and for all.

07-12-06 - Bring Back the Neocons The NY Sun proves once more it is a pro-Israel/neocon propaganda machine. The neocons ARE still in positions of influence, and especially in the office of the Vice President. They haven't gone anywhere. Here is the real neoconservative agenda, as put forth by the archconservative Patrick J. Buchanan.

07-12-06 - Israel hits Lebanon after soldiers grabbed Israeli jets struck deep into southern Lebanon, blasting bridges and Hezbollah positions and killing two civilians, the Lebanese officials said.

07-12-06 - Capture of soldiers was 'act of war' says Israel

07-12-06 - Syria VP says Israeli occupation root cause of crisis

07-12-06 - Army to rebid Halliburton's logistics contract Army officials said the subsidiary, KBR, will be allowed to take part in the new competition, but one option under consideration is to split the work among three companies.

07-12-06 - Iranians see no war with U.S. in next decade - poll

07-12-06 - Army relaxes its standards to fill ranks Critics say push to meet quotas may let unstable recruits join up

07-12-06 - Politics Of the Pipelines U.S. Seeks Ways to Route Natural Gas Around Russia

07-12-06 - Hizbollah says Israeli soldiers seized for swap

07-12-06 - Iran wants disputed clay tablets returned from US

07-12-06 - U.S. rejects revised draft of UN resolution on Israeli offensive The draft resolution demanded that Israel "immediately cease its aggression" against Palestinian civilians, pull its forces out of Gaza and release the detained Palestinian officials. ....Bolton told reporters, "We still think it is unsatisfactory." The US gives the green light for Israeli terror.

07-12-06 - Pelosi and Hoyer Statement on Seizure of Israeli Soldiers All hail the stooges of AIPAC. New legislation forthcoming.

07-12-06 - ANALYSIS: Israel is at risk of embarking on three-front war Strategically, Israel faces an extreme foursome: Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. Two extremist Islamic organizations considered terror organizations, and two states Washington names in the Axis of Evil. Guess who will be sucked in to such a confrontation?

07-12-06 - Beirut: Protest aims to show support for Palestinians

07-12-06 - Nervous and angry, Beirut is trapped in the middle

07-12-06 - American policy in Middle East caught in 'a perfect storm'

07-12-06 - Hezbollah raid boosts group's image

07-11-06 - US troops weigh impact of stress "War can make you do terrible things," says Lawrence Provost, who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq with the Army Reserve. "Multiple tours can be a catalyst for these sorts of things."

07-11-06 - Iran faces calls for UN action on nuclear standoff

07-11-06 - Iranian minister rejects uranium enrichment freeze

07-11-06 - Group wants financial data kept from U.S. London-based watchdog Privacy International said it filed complaints with authorities in Japan, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Argentina, demanding a halt to the monitoring of millions of transactions as part of a CIA-U.S. Treasury program

07-11-06 - US-Russia close to WTO deal: officials But for Russia to enjoy normal trade relations with the United States, Bush will have to win Congressional backing for the abrogation of the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which could prove to be complicated, Somers warned. The amendment, approved in 1974 in response to actions by certain countries denying Jews the right to emigrate to Israel, imposes limitations on US commercial relations with Russia that are still in effect.

07-11-06 - U.S. extends Geneva rights to detainees

07-11-06 - Outside View: US, Russia arms sales rivals

07-11-06 - The end of Cowboy Diplomacy by Patrick J. Buchanan

07-11-06 - An increasingly confident Russia poses problems for U.S.

07-11-06 - Save Patrick Fitzgerald Patrick Fitzgerald - one of the good guys.

07-11-06 - Novak Says He Named 3 Sources in Leak Case

07-11-06 - UN impotence laid bare as Gaza suffers Mr Bolton's statement made clear that the US would not seriously attempt to rein in Israel John Bolton is ISRAEL's ambassador to the UN.

07-11-06 - Vermont judge rejects U.S. Supreme Court search ruling

07-11-06 - Huge mass demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians is staged )Damascus city on Monday witnessed a huge mass demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of continued brutal Israeli aggressions against them.

07-11-06 - Syrians rally to back Palestinians against Israel

07-11-06 - Flap over Santorum event forces groups to ponder election-year rules Also scheduled to appear are Daniel Pipes, who leads the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, and Shoshana Bryen of JINSA. They dismissed Forman?s concerns. The whole neocon gang.

07-11-06 - Palestinians march for right to work in all professions

07-11-06 - Abduction highlights U.S.-Syria tension Israel has a problem with Syria, not the US. But as per usual, Israel's problems have somehow become OUR problems. Here's why.

07-10-06 - 4 more charged with rape, murder in Iraq One of the soldiers was charged with failing to report the attack but is not believed to have participated in it directly, the statement said. The four facing murder charges could face the death penalty if convicted.

07-10-06 - Iraq to request end to US legal immunity Iraq's Government says it will ask the United Nations to end immunity from local law for United States troops, as the US military named five soldiers charged in a rape-murder case that has outraged Iraqis.

07-10-06 - Judge: FBI raid on lawmaker's office legal A federal judge on Monday upheld the FBI's unprecedented raid of a congressional office, saying that barring searches of lawmakers' offices would turn Capitol Hill into "a taxpayer-subsidized sanctuary for crime."

07-10-06 - 'Six weeks is long enough,' US tells Iran over nuclear offer

07-10-06 - EU pushes for Iran nuclear reply before G8 deadline The European Union will push Iran on Tuesday to respond to an offer of incentives to halt uranium enrichment in a new encounter just days before a key G8 deadline, but Tehran insists it wants more time.

07-10-06 - Israel calls for tough line on Iran Israel urged Western nations to deny Iran uranium-enrichment capabilities that could help produce nuclear weapons.

07-10-06 - Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax as reported by the Italian daily La Repubblica, the evidence pointed to a joint Italian-American cabal of SISMI operatives and U.S.-based neoconservatives based in and around the Pentagon and the office of the vice president.

07-10-06 - Another secret US intelligence program?

07-10-06 - Iran: We didn't pay PA USD 50 million yet In spite of pledge made to cash-strapped Palestinian Authority, Iran says it has yet to transfer aid, suggests process for payment still being discussed

07-10-06 - White House: Russia must move more for US-WTO deal

07-10-06 - Bush to meet German Chancellor this week Early on during her tenure, Merkel ingratiated herself with Washington by drawing a parallel between the anti-Semitism of Iranian President Mahmoud Amedinejad and that of Adolf Hitler. "A president who questions Israel's right to exist, a president who denies the Holocaust, cannot expect Germany to show any tolerance at all on this issue. We have learned the lessons of our past," Merkel said.

07-10-06 - Russia leaves behind post-Soviet inferiority complex

07-10-06 - Israel's Deadliest Weapon

07-09-06 - Five more US soldiers charged in Iraq rape, murder case

07-09-06 - US to dangle nuclear deal in exchange for Russia's help on Iran The United States said it is beginning negotiations with Russia on a potentially lucrative nuclear energy accord, but made clear any deal would be conditional on Moscow's full cooperation in US attempts to block Iranian nuclear ambitions.

07-09-06 - Iraq security meeting wraps up in Iran

07-09-06 - Tehran bans senior U.N. inspector from Iran: diplomat Iran has banned a senior U.N. nuclear inspector who has criticized the Tehran government from visiting the country, a Western diplomat said on Sunday.

07-09-06 - Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape

07-09-06 - Iran to reply to nuclear offer in August Iran has said it will take until the second half of August to respond to an international offer of incentives in return for the suspension of sensitive nuclear work.

07-09-06 - Abbas orders envoys to Syria over Gaza crisis Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has sent two envoys to Hamas's exiled political leader and Syrian authorities to discuss the capture of an Israeli soldier and the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

07-09-06 - US-Russian tensions to simmer at G8 Bush has been frustrated by Russia's resistance to a tougher line on Iran's nuclear ambitions and its Iraq war opposition

07-09-06 - US govt seen in breach of law for concealing intelligence

07-09-06 - US looks to China to influence N. Korea

07-09-06 - West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check

07-09-06 - Sources say no serious plot for NYC, just hate chatter ?The so-called New York tunnel plot was a result of discussions held on an open Jihadi web site,? said Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer and contributor to American Conservative magazine, in a late Friday afternoon conversation. Although Giraldi acknowledges that the persons involved ? ?three of whom have already been arrested in Lebanon and elsewhere - are indeed extremists," their online chatter is considerably overblown by allegations of an actual plot. Philip Giraldi is one of the good guys - whose column was sorely missed in the latest edition of TAC.

07-09-06 - Subverting IAEA-NSG Regime

07-09-06 - Agent who led Bin Laden hunt criticises CIA He believes the unit was dismantled because of bureaucratic jealousies within the CIA, and that the closure delivers a further setback to a pursuit that has been squeezed for resources for the past two years.

07-09-06 - Swiss FM repeats offer to help Iran in talks over nuclear row

07-09-06 - Remarks draw anger Muslim groups worry about backlash in light of video calling for violence from local man suspected of joining al-Qaida.

07-08-06 - Gallup: Almost Two-Thirds Want Iraq Withdrawal A new Gallup poll finds that roughly 2 in 3 Americans urge a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, with 31% wanting this to start immediately.

07-08-06 - Shock in Beirut at arrest of Lebanese 'US plot mastermind'

07-08-06 - U.S. asks to exhume remains of Iraqi girl U.S. investigators have asked Iraqi authorities to help them navigate cultural sensitivities to exhume the body of a teenager allegedly raped and murdered with her family by American soldiers, a military official said Saturday.

07-08-06 - Iran says "terrorists" should not be let into Iraq Iran, accused by the United States of stirring up an Iraqi insurgency, said on Saturday "terrorist" groups should be stopped from entering Iraq because they created an excuse for foreign troops to stay.

07-08-06 - US marine officers negligent in Haditha investigation: NY Times Top US Marine Corps officers in Iraq failed to properly investigate reports of the killings of 24 civilians by marines in the town of Haditha, the New York Times reports, citing two Pentagon officials.

07-08-06 - Kim's Rockets Clear the Air by Patrick J. Buchanan

07-08-06 - FBI plans new Net-tapping push The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, CNET News.com has learned. The backdoors may already be there, depending on who made the software....

07-08-06 - Nation Breaking - A soldier discovers that training the Iraqi army is not President Bush?s priority. During our first month in Mosul, we were unable to conduct basic training due to Ramadan, so we opted to focus our efforts on facilities upgrade. But our requests to KBR?Kellogg, Brown and Root, Halliburton?s subsidiary company?failed because the contractor would not service any facility housing Iraqis, only Americans.

07-08-06 - Iraq's oil production could reach nine million barrels a day Iraq's oil production could reach 9.0 million barrels a day in 2016, up from around 2.4 million barrels currently, the head of international oil producer Heritage Oil, said.

07-08-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad attacks Israel at Iraq conference

07-08-06 - Rumsfeld visit said scrapped Rumsfeld, who was expected for high-level talks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv next week, canceled the trip out of concern it could be perceived as open U.S. support for Israel´s offensive in Gaza Bolton's actions at the UN have made sure this perception holds true.

07-08-06 - US Army sparks a fashion craze in militant Gaza "This is the new fashion in the market," says Shorah. "It's a show of force, because the US army is powerful. It's a symbol of strength and of our refusal to put down arms."

07-08-06 - ABC NEWS OMITS Mention of AMERICA and ISRAEL The question is why the AP chops off the end of the sentence that mentions Israel. Many news outlets rely on the AP and end up with reports that omit what AP omits. Scroll down a little to read this story. Why else would AP omit that? They are a pro-Israeli outfit - and it's no coincidence since mainstream American news channels, newspapers, etc rely mostly on the AP for their news wire needs.

07-07-06 - N.Korea envoy says sanctions are declaration of war

07-07-06 - Three held over NY tunnel 'plot' A man accused of masterminding the plan has already been charged in Lebanon

07-07-06 - IAEA chief says ample time for diplomatic solution on Iran The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog has said that there was still plenty of time to find a diplomatic solution to the the Iranian nuclear crisis and ruled out any military options.

07-07-06 - Seymour Hersh: Senior Pentagon Officials Challenging President Bush's Iran War Plans There?s no secret program that we know of, and we have been looking very hard. Recently the military, aided by some of our allies -- I would presume the Israelis, but I don?t this for sure -- we have, as I?ve written earlier in the New Yorker, we have our forces inside the country. We have intelligence operatives, etc. And we have been unable simply to find -- you know, where?s the beef?,

07-07-06 - US war veterans have tough time finding jobs: survey The CareerBuilder.com survey questioned 1,000 hiring managers and 150 US veterans, a majority of them who had served in Iraq, between June 9 and 16. One in five veterans said it took six months or longer to find a job.

07-07-06 - 24 killed as Israel steps up Gaza assault "I expect the United States to use their veto, but I hope this won't be necessary because a lot of countries, particularly the Europeans, have told us that they cannot accept the text of this resolution," Israel's representative to the UN, Dan Gillerman, told public radio. The US is being used as dupe and fall guy for the war crimes committed by Israel, as usual.

07-07-06 - Iranian negotiator balks at deadlines Iran's top nuclear negotiator said Friday that the West's pressure for a quick response to its offer of incentives for Tehran to halt its nuclear program is not helpful, but insisted the standoff can be resolved through dialogue.

07-07-06 - Bush chides US partners on Iran US President George W. Bush said that he was trying to get some US partners in diplomacy towards Iran and North Korea to see past their "economic interests" and take a harder line.

07-07-06 - EU upbeat on Iran nuclear talks

07-07-06 - Iran to host Iraq security conference Iran will this weekend host a regional conference on security in Iraq, with the Islamic republic likely to use the event to again call for a withdrawal of foreign troops from its neighbor.

07-07-06 - Iraq al-Qaeda chief jail mystery A prominent Cairo lawyer says the Egyptian man identified by the US as the new al-Qaeda leader in Iraq has been in jail in Egypt for seven years.

07-07-06 - "Reckless" US soldiers should stay home - Iraqi PM

07-07-06 - Israel has edge over U.S. in urban combat "They know they have to be prepared for the worse," he said in an interview. "They rely on heavily on armor and don't dismount anyone until they know the area is secure with tanks, large infantry carriers with tracks." Israel avoids casualties by staying in armored vehicles and by firing on EVERYONE. They don't care if they kill civilians - therein lies the difference between the US Army and that of Israel. And this despite the fact that Israelis trained our guys at Fort Bragg. US troops are sitting ducks in Iraq for every two-bit terrorist on the planet - and why? Whose war is this?

07-07-06 - Iran president criticizes Israeli offensive Iran's hard-line president warned Friday that Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip could set off an "explosion" in the Islamic world against Israel and its supporters.

07-07-06 - Secret Service reveals more Abramoff visits The newly released records of Abramoff's access to the White House bring the total number of his known visits to seven

07-07-06 - U.S. expresses condolences to Iraq family

07-07-06 - Defensively, U.S. should be more like Israel By Caspar W. Weinberger, Jr. Yeh that's it. That's sure to win over the hearts and minds of the Arab world and beyond. Let's lob shells at folks on the beach. Or how about some American-only settlements in Iraq, hmm? Let's wall off a few dunams for some American 'settlers'. Mmm k.

07-07-06 - Iran says Israel exploiting World Cup fever to hit Gaza A leading hardline Iranian cleric has accused Israel of exploiting international public attention on the World Cup in order to commit "dastardly deeds" in the Gaza Strip

07-07-06 - The Washington Post's War-mongering Scribe Charles Krauthammer is a signatory of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (group which called for the ouster of Saddam) and the unofficial spokesman for the warmongering neoconservatives. TIME also recently published an article by this repulsive individual.

07-07-06 - Cheney behind turn toward dictatorship

07-07-06 - U.S. silence about Israeli raid: A sign of friendship or weakness? The U.S. response has been to call on both sides to show restraint ? and to make clear that, in U.S. eyes, the party failing to do so is the Palestinians. ...Daniel Fried, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, told Zaman that Israel's incursions were conducted with a high regard for civilian life. Complete BS. This article goes on describing the kowtowing of American officials to Israel, but yet somehow this still is not to the author's liking. Somehow, it has become OUR job to secure the release of the soldier.

07-07-06 - Mearsheimer-Walt: The Paper That Won't Die

07-06-06 - Ex-Soldier Pleads Not Guilty in Iraq Crimes

07-06-06 - Iran defies calls for early nuclear reply

07-06-06 - U.S. calls Iraqi rape-murder 'inexcusable'

07-06-06 - Iran stands firm in EU talks on nuclear row

07-06-06 - UN urges Israel halt 'violations' The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution demanding a halt to Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

07-06-06 - Nuking Iran Is Not Off the Table "The strategic decision by the United States to nuke Iran was probably made long ago," by the civilian leadership, which fed it to military planners and now, according to Hersh, "feels extraordinarily betrayed by the brass." They may have taken the option out of discussion, but only formally. "civilian leadership"= Cheney and his office filled with neocons, no doubt.

07-06-06 - Putin: Russia shouldn't be U.S. opponent President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia's role should not be to counter the United States, adding that Washington was "our principal partner," with close positions on issues such as global security, nonproliferation and disarmament.

07-06-06 - Qatar resolution condemns Israel offensive The draft faced immediate opposition from the United States and France, which called it unbalanced in its criticism of Israel. France's ambassador said he would offer changes, but U.S. Ambassador John Bolton suggested that Washington opposed the resolution entirely. John Bolton gives the green light for Israel's war crimes in the Palestinian territories. How are AMERICA's interests being represented here?

07-06-06 - Pro-Israel activists conduct lobbying mission Activists from the Zionist Organization of America lobbied legislators to take action against the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

07-06-06 - No Bond For 'Liberty City 7' Alleged Terrorists Earlier in the day, the FBI admitted that two people working for the agency planted the idea of blowing up government buildings, including and FBI office in Miami, with members of an alleged South Florida terror group known as the Liberty City 7 That sounds like entrapment.

07-06-06 - Russia's Signal to Stations Is Clear: Cut U.S. Radio

07-06-06 - With only a letter, FBI can gather private data

07-06-06 - 7/7 suicide bomber's message broadcast He says: "What have you witnessed now is only the beginning of a string of attacks that will continue and become stronger until you pull your forces out of Afghanistan and Iraq and until you stop your financial and military support to America and Israel."

07-06-06 - NPR audio link: Researchers Say U.S. Policy Influenced by Israel "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" is a controversial paper written by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, professors at the University of Chicago and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. They talk to Steve Inskeep about their view of the influence Israel exerts on Washington. It's a view disputed by many. 'It's a view disputed by many' - disputed by, not surprisingly, the pro-Israelis. This is a great interview ( ~7 minute runtime) with these two professors. They lay it out for you pretty concisely. These brave men are the good guys.

07-06-06 - Swiss satisfied with UN resolution on Israel By a vote of 29 to 11 with five abstentions, the council approved a resolution decrying Israel's actions as a breach of international humanitarian law.

07-06-06 - U.S. Seen Backing Israeli Moves To Topple Hamas Support for Israel's policies is not in AMERICA'S BEST INTERESTS. Our officials, despite this, continue to support these policies.

07-06-06 - U.S. rules force Western Union to block Muslims' money transfers "Every Mohammed is a terrorist now?"

07-06-06 - Annan urges Israelis, Palestinians to 'step back'

07-06-06 - Report: Assad sought soldier's release

07-06-06 - UN sending rights' mission to Palestinian territories But it was not clear whether Israel -- whose forces on Thursday sharply stepped up their offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza -- would break with tradition and allow in the rights investigators

07-06-06 - Are Israel's actions in Gaza 'war crimes'? the US is deliberately ignoring what Israel is doing, which is especially important in light of the US Supreme Court ruling last week in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld which found that the Geneva Conventions are "indisputably part of the customary international law."

07-06-06 - Probes of links to Hizballah grow The clashing views of Muslims and U.S. authorities over Hizballah are playing out in southeastern Michigan as federal investigators increasingly target local residents purported to have ties to the group.

07-06-06 - Israel Fears High Price for US Strike on Iran As the Iranian nuclear standoff has taken its turns and twists, the initial Israeli calculation of either forcing an Iranian capitulation through U.S. political and economic pressure, or ? if worse came to worst ? by eliminating the program through clean and surgical military strikes, have all proven to be pipe-dreams, primarily due to the disastrous consequences of the Iraq war.

07-06-06 - Condemnation of Israeli violation of Syrian airspace deleted from new Arab The Arab group at the UN on Thursday weakened its draft resolution on Israel's recent incursion in Gaza by dropping its condemnation of Israel for violating Syria's airspace, offering instead a milder language in order to win more positive votes.

07-06-06 - Chicago museum, Iran fight U.S. court The University of Chicago and the government of Iran have come together in a rare alliance against a U.S. court ruling that aims to compensate victims of a 1997 Jerusalem bombing by auctioning off a rare collection of Persian tablets.

07-05-06 - Iran puts off nuclear talks for fear of 'assassins'

07-05-06 - Officials: Ex-GI had antisocial disorder A former Army private accused in the horrific rape and killing of a young Iraqi woman and the execution-style slaying of her family had been discharged because of an "antisocial personality disorder," U.S. military officials told The Associated Press.

07-05-06 - Call for Iraq probe in rape case

07-05-06 - Oil nears $75, Iran nuclear talks postponed A row between Iran and the West over Tehran's atomic ambitions helped drive prices to a record $75.35 in April as investors feared potential supply disruptions from the world's fourth biggest crude exporter.

07-05-06 - Iran postpones nuclear talks Iran postponed crucial nuclear talks with the European Union Wednesday in apparent anger at an exiled opposition leader's visit to the European Parliament, but the meeting will go ahead Thursday.

07-05-06 - Pragmatism may trump zeal as Iran's power grows

07-05-06 - U.S.: N.Korea may want nuclear spotlight from Iran North Korea's test-firing of a long-range missile in defiance of world pressure may have been aimed at stealing the nuclear spotlight away from Iran, U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said on Tuesday.

07-05-06 - NORAD monitored launch of N.Korea missiles The North American Aerospace Defense Command monitored the launches of a series of missiles from North Korea Tuesday but soon determined they weren't a threat to the United States, a spokesman said.

07-05-06 - London bombing survivors demand public inquiry Survivors of last year's London bombings, which killed 52 travellers and wounded more than 700 on the capital's transport system, say vital questions remain unanswered by the British government.

07-05-06 - Synagogues Speak Out Against Wiretapping, Torture Officials at the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and American Jewish Congress, on the other hand, have been silent on the wiretapping program and generally less confrontational when offering any critique of the administration on the torture issue.......In recent years, and especially since the September 11 attacks, the ADL, AJCommittee and AJCongress have increasingly focused their advocacy efforts on the defense of Israel When has this NOT been the case?

07-05-06 - Lieberman?s support for Iraq war creates dilemma for Jewish backers "If you consider yourself first and foremost part of the pro-Israel community, you will stick with Joe Lieberman," said Grossman, who also is a past president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The problem with this article is the fact that the reasons for the pro-Israeli turnabout in opinion on Iraq are not mentioned. Since the war on Iraq was not the 'cakewalk' as promised by neocons such as Wolfowitz, they purport to no longer support it. The fact is pro-Israeli groups were vociferously pushing the attack on Iraq during the months prior to it.

07-05-06 - U.S. thanks Turkey for hostage intervention "What Turkey did that was very helpful is to go to Damascus and to say to the Syrians they need to use all of their leverage to help this take place," Condoleezza Rice How is this our problem?

07-05-06 - IDF raises alert on Syrian border The IDF has raised the level of alert along the northern border with Syria out of fear that President Bashar Assad would launch a strike against Israel in response to a recent IAF buzz of his palace.

07-05-06 - Taking Out Lieberman - Is the Democratic Party waking up?

07-05-06 - Hillary May Be Presidential Material, After All - On Iraq and Israel, she's a perfect neocon The senator's comments seem as if they were taken word-for-word from an AIPAC position paper. They may well have been. In May 2005, Sen. Clinton spoke at an AIPAC conference where she praised the bonds between Israel and the United States

07-04-06 - The Fourth of July - America's Independence Day Americans should see to it that their foreign policy does not result in the denial of liberty and justice for other peoples.

07-04-06 - Homelessness a threat for Iraq vets "I'm a young black man from the ghetto, but this was culture shock. This is not what I fought for, what I almost died for. This is not what I was supposed to come home to." This is unacceptable.

07-04-06 - CIA reportedly disbands bin Laden unit A CIA unit that had hunted for Osama bin Laden and his top deputies for a decade has been disbanded, according to a published report

07-04-06 - EU awaits 'first response' from Iran on ending nuclear impasse

07-04-06 - US 'ready to respond' on missiles US missile defence systems were ready to respond as necessary after North Korea's missile launches, the US Northern Command said today.

07-04-06 - Putin urges Iran to accept incentive plan China also pressed Iran to respond quickly to the package of incentives meant to wean it off enrichment but called on world powers to exercise restraint in the dispute.

07-04-06 - Olmert issues veiled threat against Syria He told the audience he has ordered the army to push forward with efforts "to strike terrorists and those who sent them and those who sponsor them," an apparent reference to Syria. "None of them will be immune."

07-04-06 - Visiting US official evades querieson Mossad-backed terror network Committee chairman David Drier pointedly ignored repeated questions from reporters about the recently uncovered Mossad-linked terrorist group while speaking to the press after talks with Speaker Nabih Berri

07-04-06 - Druze factions clash in Lebanon

07-04-06 - Iran and Venezuela team up as anti-US "odd couple"

07-04-06 - An Independent Republic Still? by Patrick J. Buchanan Today, however, the independent foreign policy of Washington and Jefferson, the noninterventionist policy of Eisenhower and Reagan ? of peace through strength, of staying out of wars where U.S. interests are not imperiled America needs a new Independence Day

07-04-06 - Emile E. Lahoud: 'The Israeli enemy is trying to destabilize Lebanon' I'm not a security expert, but it's clear that only Israel possesses the techniques used in these operations.

07-04-06 - Iran threatens action over US artefact ruling Iran is to take action against a US court ruling that could see a US museum forced to sell off ancient Persian artefacts to compensate victims of a Hamas bombing in Jerusalem.

07-04-06 - Syria untouched by outside pressures "We've been under pressure from Israel for more than 50 years and from the U.S. administration for more than 50 years," said Fayez Sayegh, director of state broadcasting. "We've become used to such threats."

07-03-06 - America needs another Independence Day

07-03-06 - NORAD air base on heightened alert No reason given for 'Bravo-Plus' security level

07-03-06 - LAST STAND - The military's problem with the President's Iran policy. * A former senior intelligence official told me that people in the Pentagon were asking, "What's the evidence? We've got a million tentacles out there, overt and covert, and these guys"-the Iranians-"have been working on this for eighteen years, and we have nothing? We're coming up with jack shit." ...The military leadership is also raising tactical arguments against the proposal for bombing Iran, many of which are related to the consequences for Iraq

07-03-06 - N. Korea vows nuke response to U.S. attack

07-03-06 - US troops suspected of raping Iraq teenager: mayor The Iraqi woman at the center of a rape-murder inquiry by the U.S. military was no more than 16 years old when she was killed along with her parents and young sister four months ago, the local mayor said on Monday.

07-03-06 - Iran has until July 12 to stop enrichment Western powers will reactivate efforts to punish Iran through possible U.N. Security Council sanctions unless it suspends uranium enrichment and agrees to talks on its nuclear program by July 12, diplomats said Monday.

07-03-06 - Navy pledges to safeguard Hormuz Strait Iran has a commanding position on the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic channel at the mouth of the Gulf that is a conduit for close to two-fifths of globally traded oil.

07-03-06 - Iran says call to suspend enrichment not 'reasonable' Iran's chief nuclear negotiator said the international community's proposal for Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment was unreasonable, ahead of a key meeting with the EU on the nuclear dispute.

07-03-06 - Report: Abramoff Had FBI Data The FBI report, which focused on security concerns in the Pacific, warned of possible terrorist threats against U.S. military assets on Guam and the Northern Marianas. It was completed in spring 2002 and recently made public.

07-03-06 - Britons tire of cruel, vulgar US: poll People in Britain view the United States as a vulgar, crime-ridden society obsessed with money and led by an incompetent president whose Iraq policy is failing, according to a newspaper poll.

07-03-06 - Russia vows to aid 'normalisation' in Gaza Strip crisis Unlike the West Russia does not consider Hamas a "terrorist" organization and several top Hamas leaders visited Moscow earlier this year at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin following the Hamas victory in Palestinian elections.

07-03-06 - Iran President slams UN over Mideast violence Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has slammed the United Nations for its slowness to act against violence in the Palestinian territories that followed the abduction of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants.

07-03-06 - U.S. envoy warns N. Korea on provocation

07-03-06 - Raped Iraqi woman feared US troops: report A woman apparently at the center of a rape-murder probe by the U.S. military in Iraq was only 15 and voiced fears about soldiers' advances before she and her family were killed in March, the Washington Post said on Monday. If these allegations are proven in a court of law, then this soldier should receive the maximum sentence allowed by law. This is hideous.

07-03-06 - War on terror ruling worries GOP senators Two Republican senators said Sunday that Congress must rein in the Supreme Court ruling that international law applies to the Bush administration's conduct in the war on terror.

07-03-06 - Judge Waits to Deicde Libby Delay Request

07-03-06 - Syria will move on crisis only if Israel holds fire

07-03-06 - Palestinians urge UN to stop Israel US Ambassador John Bolton is against another council meeting, saying the body had debated the crisis on Friday "and as of now, we don't see a point in meeting further." John Bolton - Israel's new ambassador to the UN.

07-03-06 - Iranian Jews oppose Gaza operation A statement published Sunday in the formal internet website of the Jewish community in Iran said that "the Jewish congregation in Iran censures the human rights violations of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip by the Zionists and is grieved by this occurrence."

07-03-06 - U.S. envoy: Syria must arrest Meshaal John Bolton called on Syrian authorities to arrest Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal.

07-03-06 - Assad steps up support for Palestinians amid soldier crisis "Syria stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Palestinian people in their crisis and faced with Israeli repression,"

07-03-06 - Lieberman May Campaign As Independent Facing a stronger-than-expected Democratic primary challenge and sagging poll numbers because of his support of the Iraq war, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Monday he'll collect signatures for an independent campaign if he loses next month's primary. Lieberman would appear to be a neocon.

07-02-06 - US military doubts bombing of Iran would succeed The military officers are concerned about contingency plans to launch air strikes against Iran because of the absence of actionable intelligence or concrete evidence of bomb making, the magazine said, citing unnamed active duty and retired officers and officials. Neocons will be enraged at this, no doubt.

07-02-06 - Iran rejects deadline for nuclear response

07-02-06 - New laws to punish whistle blowers

07-02-06 - US army says policy violated in soldiers' deaths Three U.S. soldiers killed by insurgents south of Baghdad last month had been left alone at a checkpoint in violation of military procedure, a U.S. military spokeswoman said on Saturday.

07-02-06 - State Tracked Protesters in the Name of Security Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office in charge of protecting California against terrorism has tracked demonstrations staged by political and antiwar groups, a practice that senior law enforcement officials say is an abuse of civil liberties.

07-02-06 - Are all lives equal? Not according to the way the US compensates victims

07-02-06 - Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape

07-02-06 - Syria may help if Gaza offensive ends Damascus: Syria will lean on Hamas to find a solution to a crisis sparked by the capture of an Israeli soldier only if Israel stops its attacks on Gaza, Syrian and Palestinian politicians said on Sunday.

07-02-06 - PDF file: America and Israel: A Troubling Alliance This ad was placed in today's New York Times. Please support the Council for the National Interest if you can - they are the good guys.

07-02-06 - INTERVIEW - Guantanamo, Iraq damage U.S. credibility, Saudi says "(Palestinian) leaders are hunted and killed one after the other, their homes and fields are destroyed, their lands are taken, new settlements are set up ... I'm sure the American people wouldn't be happy with this if they were aware of the facts."

07-02-06 - Hamas leaders in Syria seek extra security The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to arrest Mashaal and close the militant group's office in the Syrian capital.

07-01-06 - Iran will not talk with US on nuclear dispute: cleric

07-01-06 - Iran to continue uranium enrichment program: Ahmadinejad Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tehran will continue its uranium enrichment program despite international calls to halt the sensitive project, state television reported.

07-01-06 - GIs may have planned Iraq rape, slayings Investigators believe a group of U.S. soldiers suspected of raping an Iraqi woman, then killing her and three members of her family plotted the attack for nearly a week, a U.S. military official said Saturday

07-01-06 - Iran threatens to retaliate if US auctions off treasures Iran has threatened to retaliate if the United States moves to auction off invaluable ancient Persian artefacts to compensate victims of a Hamas bombing in Israel.

07-01-06 - German govt to approve Israel arms deals-report The German government will no longer block the export to Israel of Dingo 2 armoured transport vehicles and the sale of two submarines should be approved in July, a German newspaper reported on Saturday.

07-01-06 - Peretz to Rice: Pressure Assad Rice asks, "How high?"

07-01-06 - Israeli FM to meet Putin over Mideast crisis Russia's foreign ministry on Thursday called for restraint on both sides and warned Israel against "massive military attacks resulting in grave consequences for the civilian population."

07-01-06 - Arab League calls on US to stop blaming Syria During a Security Council debate on the stand-off over the Israeli corporal held in the Gaza Strip, US ambassador John Bolton held Syria partly responsible for the raid in which the soldier was seized last Sunday because it hosts offices of Islamic militant group Hamas. John Bolton - the shill for Israel at the UN.

07-01-06 - FBI and Western Union helped Israel With targeted assassinations The Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill last week aimed at further increasing intelligence ties with Israel and other countries by establishing a new office for international cooperation programs within the Department of Homeland Security. This atmosphere of cooperation, Suskind states in his book, has reinforced the sense that President George Bush wants to assist Israel and was not disturbed by the military operations that Ariel Sharon's government authorized in the territories. Suskind quotes Bush as saying during his first National Security Council meeting that the U.S. must refrain from active mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives evidently does not put the interests of the American people first. Not many on Capitol Hill these days do. Hence the reason for the statement: America is Israeli-occupied territory.

07-01-06 - Israel gears up for diplomatic offensive Israel is preparing a diplomatic offensive to be launched over the next couple of days to deflect the image abroad that the recent IDF actions have put Gaza on the verge of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis Rather than refraining from committing war crimes, Israel would prefer to whitewash them instead. The US press will lap it up though. Note in paragraphs 4,5 and 7 the sense of satisfaction Israel got from support from 'abroad' - namely, the green light from Bush for Israel to continue its war crimes, and that Bolton was" even more adamant in his support for Israel's actions".

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