December '05 Archive

12-31-05 - Palestinian gunmen blow up U.N. club in Gaza City Gunmen burst into the U.N. club, one of the few places that alcohol is served in conservative Muslim Gaza. It had been closed for the day

12-31-05 - Two Palestinians killed in Gaza Two Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli strike in Israel's newly declared buffer zone in the northern Gaza Strip.

12-31-05 - Kidnap Briton to go on working for Palestinians 'Kate remains committed and passionate about working alongside the Palestinians to improve their external image and alleviate the difficult conditions being suffered by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.'

12-31-05 - 'Israel is trying to push us out of Jordan Valley'

12-31-05 - Palestinian militants say truce ends at midnight

12-31-05 - Gunmen occupy Gaza ministry to demand jobs

12-31-05 - Palestinian candidates drop out of parliament race About 20 Palestinian candidates have dropped out of the race for next month's parliamentary election to protest a threatened Israeli ban on voting in East Jerusalem

12-31-05 - Freed British Hostage Will Continue Work

12-31-05 - Palestinians attack kidnap of Briton devoted to their cause

12-31-05 - Gaza chaos could derail Palestinian poll - official "What message are they sending the international observers we're inviting to monitor our elections?" Erekat said. "Maybe the reason behind such a despicable act, is to keep these observers out because some want to sabotage these elections."

12-31-05 - Escalation or "retaliation"- Israeli attacks on palestinians

12-31-05 - Nonviolent protest against occupation, checkpoints

12-31-05 - Israel captures Palestinian intelligence headquarters in Jenin

12-31-05 - Army arrests a university student from Dir Al- Ghsoun

12-31-05 - Israel appoints a team to draft stand with Hamas if it takes over P.A

12-31-05 - Palestinian President Abbas vows to impose order

12-31-05 - Criticizing Israel Is Anti-Semitism This resolution is only marginally about anti-Semitism and very much about Israel?s treatment at the U.N. It specifically equates anti-Israel actions with anti-Semitism.

12-31-05 - American Jews' split personality The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which mounted a similar offensive, refrained from directly criticizing the president and called on its member groups to exert pressure on Congress and foreign governments, and to send letters to top administration officials

12-31-05 - Abdullah Meets Abbas

12-31-05 - EU to send more observers for Palestinian vote

12-31-05 - 'I knew I would lose friends over this film' He certainly ticked off the nutters, he can't be all bad :)

12-30-05 - Palestinian boy dies in Gaza clash Fathy Mushtaha was caught in a gunbattle as members of a powerful Gaza family tried to storm the police station.

12-30-05 - British hostages freed in Gaza - officials "They are secure and in good hands," said a senior Palestinian security official.

12-30-05 - Gaza border reopens after protest

12-30-05 - Palestinian Police Storm Gaza-Egypt Border Palestinian policemen angry over the killing of a fellow officer stormed the Gaza-Egypt border crossing Friday, firing shots in the air and forcing European monitors to close the border and flee

12-30-05 - Settlers attack several homes in Hebron A local source in Hebron reported that the settlers came from several illegal settlement outposts, and from Keryat Arba? settlement in Hebron, attacked dozens of homes and pinched dozens of chickens after hurling stones at the homes in the area, and attacking the residents

12-30-05 - There's still a catch for Gaza's boatmen even this harvest is restricted. Pointing to a patrolling Israeli naval vessel on the horizon, one fisherman said: "Even this season when we tried to fish, the Israeli boats came and shot at us."

12-30-05 - Unknown Palestinian group claims kidnap of British hostages, now freed

12-30-05 - Bil?in: Land Grab thanks to the Wall The barrier Israel is building confiscates about half of the lands of the village.

12-30-05 - With no Palestinian state in sight, aid becomes an adjunct to occupation

12-30-05 - A Palestinian house faces settlement The Palestinians maintain the Israelis have taken large tracts of their lands and uprooted trees to further expand the settlement town of Mod'in Illit, one of the biggest and fastest-growing settlements in the West Bank.

12-30-05 - Israel dismantles 3 W.Bank settler outposts - army

12-30-05 - Army shells areas in the northern Gaza Strip

12-30-05 - Jerusalem candidates quit poll Fatah party candidates in east Jerusalem have said that they will boycott parliamentary elections next month.

12-30-05 - Barghouti says future government will include Hamas

12-30-05 - No Buses Roll From Gaza to West Bank, Despite Deal Israel was never very interested in providing a way for Gazans to travel to the West Bank, and agreed to the idea only under strong American pressure. Washington's motivation is to try to help the beleaguered Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, whose divided Fatah faction faces a tough electoral battle against the militant faction Hamas in legislative elections scheduled for Jan. 25.

12-30-05 - Eight residents arrested in Atteel

12-30-05 - Kidnapped British family freed in Gaza The gunman went on to threaten foreign officials at work in Gaza if the international community did not rein in Israeli military activity...With large numbers of international observers expected to arrive in Gaza in the coming weeks to monitor the Palestinian elections on January 25 So let me get this straight, a previously unknown group is threatening the very people that are coming to help the Palestinians?

12-30-05 - Villages in South Hebron Isolated between Apartheid Wall and Jewish-only Road

12-30-05 - Princeton Panelists Share Cautionary Tales Of Dangers to Academic Freedom Describing The David Project?s mission as political rather than academic?to improve Israel?s image on campus?he said it has succeeded in casting a shadow on the future of Middle East studies You will teach Israel's version or else you will be smeared as an anti-Semite, evidently.

12-30-05 - The Future of Palestine; Turning the Page, Again

12-30-05 - Greek patriarch boycotts Israeli Christmas party The Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem boycotted an annual Israeli Christmas party on Thursday because the invitation failed to recognise him as the church's new leader

12-30-05 - Flemish Palestine Solidarity Committee Steps up Israeli Goods Boycott Campaign

12-30-05 - AJC Launches International Campaign to Stop a Nuclear Iran

12-30-05 - Millions of Syrians sign anti-US petition The petition rejected "everything that is mentioned in the two reports" because they lack "objectivity and impartiality in order to serve the United States and Israel's greed, which threatens peace and international security."

12-30-05 - Review of the year: The Middle East

12-30-05 - US warns Israel of escalation THE US has warned Israel it risks a serious escalation in a continuing artillery showdown with Palestinian militants by establishing a no-go zone in the northern Gaza Strip.

12-30-05 - Washington poised for revelations from top lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a Republican activist for 20 years and a generous donor to President George W. Bush's election and reelection campaigns, is accused of fraud in a criminal trial due to begin in Miami, Florida, on January 9. He was found to have given money to radical settlers in the Occupied Territories.

12-29-05 - Suicide bomber kills Israeli soldier, Palestinian civilians

12-29-05 - Two killed in Gaza clash

12-29-05 - Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran* The peace movements of the entire world should be in crisis mode right now, working non-stop to prevent the U.S. and Israel from starting a war against Iran.

12-29-05 - Israel's Sonic Booms Terrifying Gaza Children Targeting innocent civilians violates the Geneva Conventions. Both Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups have asked Israeli High Court to stop the air force from this practice.

12-29-05 - Palestinian Envoy Brings New Strategy to Washington Asked if it was prudent to make such a remark during his first meeting with American Jews, Safieh was unapologetic. "In situations of belligerency, there are fighters on each side," he told the Forward, "and I don't accept the Israeli-Jewish approach that there is no moral equivalence and that Jewish blood is more precious than Palestinian blood."

12-29-05 - Israel army chief rules out early strike on Iran Halutz however said he did not believe Iran would actually complete manufacturing a bomb "before the start of the next decade."

12-29-05 - Palestinians Negotiate for Return of Brits Palestinian security forces were negotiating Thursday with gunmen who kidnapped a British human rights worker and her parents, a security official said

12-29-05 - Group Claims Rocket Strike on Israel Al-Qaida in Iraq said Thursday that it fired a barrage of rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel this week, in a rare claim by the group of a direct attack against the Jewish state. The statement, on an Islamic Web forum where al-Qaida in Iraq often posts statement, could not be independently verified.

12-29-05 - Frantic search for aid worker and parents as gang fails to make contact Unlike previous kidnappings of westerners in Gaza, usually resolved within hours, the kidnappers made no contact with the authorities to make demands or arrange for the release of Kate Burton, 25, and her parents Hugh and Helen. They were snatched by seven armed men in Rafah, a deprived town in a very poor area.

12-29-05 - ?Kate is a warm, loving person trying to help?

12-29-05 - N. American Jews Arrive to Set up Life in the West Bank About 250 North American Jews landed on Wednesday in Israel hoping to build their new homes in the West Bank settlements

12-29-05 - Creation of "Death Zone" in northern Gaza Strip is illegal An o rder to open fire at any person present in a particular area in the northern Gaza Strip, if indeed given, is a flagrant breach of International Humanitarian Law....Furthermore, attacks directed at civilians, and attacks that are carried out with the knowledge they will cause disproportionate injury to the civilian population, are defined as war crimes

12-29-05 - Olmert: "No limitations in attacks against Gaza"

12-29-05 - Arab League says it will not stand idle to Israeli measures against Palestinians

12-29-05 - Palestinians attack kidnap of Briton devoted to their cause

12-29-05 - Israel to probe settlers attacks on Palestinian groves Mofaz said that "if it turned out that the settlers were involved in these attacks, the victims might receive compensation". Wow.

12-29-05 - Palestinians in Iraq Pay the Cost of Being 'Saddam's People' Hussein made world headlines by promising a house and $25,000 to each Palestinian family in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that had a member killed while attacking Israel

12-29-05 - No end in sight to Gaza 'no-go zone' Israel vowed to keep areas of the Gaza Strip off-limits to Palestinians until cross-border rocket attacks cease.

12-29-05 - Bulgaria pressed on Holocaust compensation The property was confiscated in 1943, and an administrative court ruled in 1992 that the Jewish community was entitled to just under 50 percent of it. U.S. Representatives do not, however, demand the same of those who have unlawfully seized the property of the Palestinians.

12-29-05 - Suspects' body language can blow their cover Careful observation and questions of escalating intensity can unmask possible terrorists, who typically become anxious and deceptive around authorities, says Rafi Ron, former security chief at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. Ron founded New Age Security Solutions in Virginia in October 2001 to teach police how to detect "indicators" of a possible terrorist.

12-29-05 - Hamas slams Quartet statement

12-29-05 - Arab MK: Syria will hasten Palestinian J'lem

12-29-05 - The Two Faces of Hezbollah "Hezbollah is Hezbollah," he says, "there's no change in its definition. It's a political, religious party created as a reaction to Israel's invasion [of Lebanon] in 1982. Politically it's represented in both cabinet and parliament, and considered by all to be a legitimate party. But if you're against Israel, the U.S. administration labels you as they want."

12-29-05 - Palestinians seek $7 billion in investments

12-29-05 - Farkash: "Hezbollah is using weapons Syria purchased from Russia"

12-29-05 - Workshop on Media and Nonviolence in Bethlehem

12-29-05 - Holocaust survivors 'in poverty' A Holocaust survivor's support group has said 40% of survivors in Israel are living below the poverty line, Israel Radio has reported What has Israel done with all of the money recouped on behalf of the Holocaust victims?

12-28-05 - Israel bombards Gaza security zone Electricity supplies were also cut in the attacks as locals were ordered to take cover in bomb shelters. Several people were treated for shock but no one was wounded

12-28-05 - Three residents, including a child, injured in Beit Lahia, Jabalia

12-28-05 - Lebanon Condemns Rocket Attack on Israel "These acts _ the firing of rockets and the Israeli raids and air violations _ are eventually aimed at undermining stability in Lebanon and distracting attention from efforts to continue internal dialogue on major issues,"

12-28-05 - British activist, parents kidnapped in Gaza: police

12-28-05 - Guide tracks US reps' votes on Israel The decision to include legislator's voting records on Israel in the Christian Voter's Guide was arranged at the urging of the Knesset's increasingly-influential 'Christian Allies Caucus,' and comes at a time of increasing cooperation between Israel and Christian supporters of Israel worldwide, a goal the cross-party parliamentary lobby works to further.

12-28-05 - Official: IDF, settlements 'a bad mix' "The Administration designates land, declares it State property, and approves water and electricity connection," she said. "The Administration is the body that allows, in practice, settlement activity in the territories."

12-28-05 - There's a system for turning Palestinian property into Israel's state land

12-28-05 - Palestinian ministry denies receiving Israeli warning to evacuate posts Interior Ministry spokesman Tawfik Abu Khousa told reporters that the ministry had not received any Israeli warnings, adding that the ministry had issued firm instructions to Palestinian security forces and police to stay in their outposts and not to leave under any circumstances.

12-28-05 - Israeli military violates Knesset order to escort The escort is required because the children must pass the Israeli settlement of Ma'on and the Havot Ma'on (Hill 833) outpost, and settlers have harassed and attacked the children as they walked on the road. CPTers and members of Operation Dove monitor the escort and report any problems that occur.

12-28-05 - Mideast quartet pushes for East Jerusalem voting

12-28-05 - Locked in Limbo Along with employment restrictions, there are also legal codes that prevent Palestinian children from attending Lebanese schools. With their concentration in these refugee ghettos, most Palestinians here live in limbo, caught between the dream of returning to their Palestinian homeland and the nightmare of their current status as non-citizens. Strange how our government doesn't give one rat's about these people, and bringing 'democracy' to them.

12-28-05 - U.S.: No Militants in Palestinian Cabinet

12-28-05 - Gunmen Take Over Election Offices in Gaza

12-28-05 - West Bil?in Outpost exposes truth behind the Wall-Press conference Tomorrow A small building erected at the outpost this week has been threatened with demolition while nearby settler structures built without plans or permits continue to rise. This

12-28-05 - Fatah party reunites for election

12-28-05 - Al Arabiya journalist barred in latest case of discrimination against Arab media

12-28-05 - Israeli planes attack in Lebanon

12-28-05 - Abbas condemns Israel over Gaza no-man's zone

12-28-05 - Gaza kidnaps 'not driven by hatred' Palestinian-Israeli conflict expert Dr John Strawson, a reader in law at Birzeit University on the West Bank, says abductions are usually driven by a desire to embarrass the authorities rather than by a hatred of foreigners

12-28-05 - Nuking Iran With the UN's Blessing As for how it will all get started, there is room for speculation. One possibility is that Israel will pull the trigger, with a surprise (conventional) bombing of Bushehr and other facilities, which could "force" the U.S. to join in to protect Israel and U.S. forces in Iraq from Iranian retaliation. Recent statements by Israeli officials hint at this possibility,

12-28-05 - Court halts fence building near Arab village

12-28-05 - General: 'Israel should deal with Hamas'

12-28-05 - The children of occupation

12-28-05 - Israelis Born in Iraq Plan Visit to Area Now the Mosul Jewry Heritage Center in the Israeli port city of Haifa is organizing tours to northern Iraq, where Kurds, traditionally friendly to Jews, are in control, said Aharon Efroni, chairman of the center

12-28-05 - Spielberg on Munich: the humanization of Israeli killers, and the dehumanization of Palestinian civilians Did you notice how one lone critical opinion of the movie by one Israeli diplomat, which only mildly criticized the movie, got so much press in the US? It was needed; and it even helped to promote the movie to give a ?balanced? cast to the narrative, that it of course does not deserve.

12-28-05 - Occupiers in another land, but hated all the same

12-28-05 - When Reel Life Intrudes on the Mideast Conflict Spielberg's own statements to the media did not assuage specific Jewish fears. For example, his language of "peace" and "ending the cycle of violence" are taken to be code phrases for the continuation of the war against the Jews and the extermination of the Jewish state. Does Spielberg not know this? ?????

12-28-05 - Top Jewish group 'terror' apology Washington said it would freeze any assets of the charity in the US and banned US nationals from having any dealings with the organisation. The Charity Commission, the UK watchdog, froze the charity's accounts and launched an investigation. It later cleared Interpal, saying Washington had not been able to substantiate the claim. The US Treasury has however kept Interpal on its list of suspected organisations, a situation that continues to infuriate many British Muslims. Ever wonder why politics in Britain (our best ally) are so profoundly different than they are here? Is there an AIPAC in Britain?

12-28-05 - President angers Greek patriarch by inviting his predecessor to bash Theofilos, 53, has said he will not recognize any land deals signed by his predecessor. He has accused Israel of not recognizing him in an effort to extort his support for the lease of the property, which includes two hotels and several shops.

12-28-05 - Cyprus trains Palestinian civil servants

12-28-05 - In East Jerusalem, 23 students study in a single bedroom

12-27-05 - Israel: Expanding Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Dear President Bush,

12-27-05 - Israel strikes Gaza after threatening buffer zone

12-27-05 - Army levels a home in Jerusalem Also, soldiers attacked several members of the family and hit them with their batons when they tried to evacuate some of the household, especially the belongings of their children. Some members of Al Emwassi were hospitalized.

12-27-05 - Peretz slams PM's policy on illegal outposts "The outposts are damaging Israel's image as a lawful state.

12-27-05 - Palestinian gunmen seize Gaza offices demanding jobs

12-27-05 - Three rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel

12-27-05 - Army confiscates 231 Dunams in Hebron Area

12-27-05 - Abbas urges Palestinian militants to follow truce

12-27-05 - Iran could have bomb in two years: Israeli intelligence "One or two years from now at the latest, Iran will have the fissionable material to make a nuclear bomb. From then on, producing the bomb is just a straightforward technical process," Two years? Not so long ago they said six months.

12-27-05 - State seeks arrangement for East J'lem voters in PA elections Nevertheless, Israel is remaining publicly vague and is refraining from presenting a clear-cut position so as not to be blamed by the Palestinians for delaying the elections.

12-27-05 - Israeli jets hit militant base in Lebanon

12-27-05 - Israeli settlers start wave of West Bank outposts

12-27-05 - The Killing of Mahmoud Shawara

12-27-05 - Report: Israel building Arab ghettos "The Arab Association for Human Rights believes these fences and barriers are a reflection of a ?racial segregation' and ghetto mentality, which is rooted in institutions and pervasive among Jewish communities against the Palestinian minority."

12-27-05 - Army arrests two residents from Hebron

12-27-05 - Labor plan to call for 'Hong Kong principle' for settlement blocs Labor Party Chair Amir Peretz's diplomatic team is formulating a platform calling for the long-term leasing of large West Bank settlement blocs from the Palestinians,adopting the model of Great Britain and China with regard to Hong Kong.

12-27-05 - Munich mastermind spurns Spielberg's peace appeal "Spielberg showed the movie to widows of the Israeli victims, but he neglected the families of Palestinian victims," said Daoud. "How many Palestinian civilians were killed before and after Munich?"

12-27-05 - Israel bans Arab-Israeli author from leaving "I couldn't believe it when I opened the letter - my only role is to write books, and I am also a literary critic. Why have they suddenly decided that I will try to harm the security of the country? I will try to change this evil edict this morning already."

12-27-05 - Israeli police recommend indicting sailors in fatal Nemuro collision

12-27-05 - U.S. Defends Israeli Firing on Gaza And the sun will rise tomorrow, story at eleven.

12-27-05 - Telling it like it isn't This is only the tip of the semantic iceberg that has crashed into American journalism in the Middle East. Illegal Jewish settlements for Jews and Jews only on Arab land are clearly "colonies," and we used to call them that. I cannot trace the moment when we started using the word "settlements." But I can remember the moment around two years ago when the word "settlements" was replaced by "Jewish neighborhoods" - or even, in some cases, "outposts."

12-27-05 - Mossad warns of Iranian atomic arsenal

12-27-05 - ZOA: Don't See Spielberg's 'Munich' Unless You Like The ZOA is urging everyone to stay away from the new Stephen Spielberg film 'Munich,' Oh my.

12-27-05 - Retired UNI administrator to work for Vatican television station Nijim, a former U-N-I international services director, says the satellite channel has a presence in the occupied territories of Palestine for the first time

12-27-05 - Al Arabiya TV requests Israel lift travel ban on journalist

12-27-05 - Christmas lights in Bil?in It is really a great irony that the Israeli authorities are going to demolish the tiny Bilinian house built on Bilinian land when, at the same time, they allow massive construction in the settlements nearby against international and even israeli law

12-27-05 - Bethlehem hosts nonviolence conference with 350 attendees from around the world

12-27-05 - Israel lobbies for U.S. convicts According to the report, Israeli officials would release them eventually since the convicts already have spent 27 years behind bars.

12-26-05 - Four Palestinians shot at ex-settlement protest Palestinian guards shot and wounded four farm labourers protesting on Monday against a plan to cut the number of days they can work at a former Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip

12-26-05 - Israeli missiles slam into Gaza

12-26-05 - Settlers, hands off the olive trees As we tried to explain to the soldiers what was agreed to, dozens of teenagers from the settlement approached the Palestinians and unleashed a string of verbal attacks that were nothing less than blood-curdling. They called an elderly Palestinian women "whore," "pig," "dirt" - vowing - "we will finish you off!"

12-26-05 - Photostory: Christmas in Palestine

12-26-05 - Israel orders start to Gaza 'security zone'

12-26-05 - Sharon party wants to fix borders of Israel The last attempt by a nation to procure land taken by force was by Saddam Hussein in 1991. Yet, Israel is allowed to do the same and receive the full backing of the US.

12-26-05 - Israel to Expand West Bank Settlements Israel said Monday it will build more than 200 new homes in Jewish West Bank settlements - a blow to peace efforts despite word that Ariel Sharon's new party plans a major push for Palestinian statehood if it wins upcoming elections Israel to build new settlements, and bears defecate in the woods, story at 11.

12-26-05 - Sharon's doctors go public to calm Israeli poll jitters

12-26-05 - Court boosts Fatah election hopes A West Bank court has authorised the governing Palestinian party, Fatah, to submit a unified list of candidates for parliamentary elections due next month.

12-26-05 - Expand city beyond the Green Line, Jerusalem panel urges Ma'aleh Adumim Mayor Benny Kashriel and two of the top researchers at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Dr. Yisrael Kimche and Dr. Maya Hoshen, called for the hasty construction of the area known as E-1, between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim.

12-26-05 - Israel's War Deadline Iran in the Crosshairs All top Israeli officials have pronounced the end of March, 2006, as the deadline for launching a military assault on Iran. The thinking behind this date is to heighten the pressure on the US to force the sanctions issue in the Security Council. The tactic is to blackmail Washington with the "war or else" threat, into pressuring Europe (namely Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia) into approving sanctions.

12-26-05 - Security zone is opposed

12-26-05 - Palestinian militants declare success of new homemade rockets

12-26-05 - Bilin: Illegal outpost may become school

12-26-05 - IDF responds with artillery strikes to Qassam fire from Gaza To counter Qassam attacks, Transport Minister Meir Sheetrit of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Kadima party has proposed firing Israeli-made Qassam rockets at the Gaza Strip in order to deter Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from firing Qassams at Israeli targets. "In the present situation we are dragged into responding in banal and routine means of firing artillery at the outskirts of towns in order to make residents leave their homes and pressure authorities to stop the firing of Qassams,"

12-26-05 - Russia to donate 50 APCs, 2 helicopters to Palestine

12-26-05 - Settlers uproot 100 trees in the West Bank village of Borin

12-26-05 - Militants vow to carry out joint anti-Israeli attacks Three Palestinian armed groups Monday vowed to carry out joint attacks against Israel in the next few days in response to that country's move to build a security buffer zone here

12-26-05 - No talks yet on renewing truce with Israel, says Islamic Jihad

12-26-05 - Palestinian children contribute 1000 olive & fruit trees to villages The Palestinian news agency WAFA said that "The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund (PCWF) has contributed 500 olive trees and 500 fruit trees to the villages of Atoof and Tammoun in the West Bank."

12-26-05 - "Israel is the reason behind Iraq war"

12-26-05 - U.S. national menorah lit The U.S. homeland security secretary helped light the National Menorah in Washington. So it's only the Christmas symbols that can't be displayed on govt property?

12-26-05 - Kibbutz members suspected in drug ring Family members on Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, which was settled after Israel?s War of Independence with immigrants from North America, were allegedly part of a ring that smuggled cocaine from Argentina into Israel

12-26-05 - The perils of normalization with Israel

12-26-05 - Israel, Arab World Engage in Hidden Trade Experts say the camouflaged trade, with just a small portion receiving publicity, has been going on for years between Israel and its officially hostile Arab neighbors.

12-26-05 - InterPal wins case over Jewish lobby

12-26-05 - Report: Shin Bet sets up 'Chinese unit' An academic paper submitted by a senior Shin Bet official studying at Derby University revealed that Israel?s internal intelligence agency has launched a unit specializing in China.

12-26-05 - Will ?black list? sabotage Rafah agreement?

12-26-05 - Palestinian militants say barred from leaving Gaza

12-25-05 - Settlers suspected of cutting down 120 Palestinian olive trees The perpetrators are unknown, but signs point to residents of the adjacent settlement of Yitzhar, who have been known to harass their Palestinian neighbors.

12-25-05 - Abbas meets with Fateh regional committee in Bethlehem

12-25-05 - Vatican, Bethlehem Pilgrims Mark Christmas

12-25-05 - Israel extends closure of Palestinian territories Israel imposes a total shut down on the Palestinian territories as a matter of course during each Jewish festival.

12-25-05 - Bethlehem Hosts Huge Christmas Crowds

12-25-05 - Sharon orders Gaza security zone

12-25-05 - Israel detains Australian woman "I can confirm that there are black lists in Israel and people who have come as peace and human rights activists, the state doesn't really want to have them in Israel,"

12-25-05 - Bethlehem pilgrims beat new security for messages of hope Thousands of Palestinian Christian pilgrims took advantage yesterday of an easing of restrictions by the Israeli security forces that allowed them to travel to Bethlehem and crowd into the candle-lit grotto of Jesus?s birthplace beneath the Church of the Nativity

12-25-05 - Christ is crying for town of birth, says Cardinal THE Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O?Connor, used his Christmas sermon to attack the way that Bethlehem has been treated.

12-25-05 - 4 NGOs Call on Israel Ban Students Travel to Bethlehem The ten students have been denied access to their studies at Bethlehem University because of a sweeping ban on travel by students from Gaza seeking to reach their studies in the West Bank.

12-25-05 - Palestinians barred from border Officials said soldiers along the border would receive orders to shoot Palestinians who entered restricted areas in the coming days. They do this anyway. It's nothing new.

12-25-05 - Israel edges away from Palestinian vote ban

12-25-05 - EU monitors turn away wanted Palestinian

12-25-05 - Room at the inn in Bethlehem The key to understanding the rationale behind building the Wall here is Israel's settlement policy. There is a large bloc of settlements in the Bethlehem area. The Wall here has been built to separate (and presumably protect) these settlements from the Palestinian areas.

12-25-05 - Islamic Jihad: "More Qassams, attacks, if Israel impalements its security strip in Gaza"

12-25-05 - Peace activists held in Israel Israel regularly forces peace activists from pro-Palestinian groups to turn back upon arrival out of fear they will demonstrate against its controversial separation barrier being built across the West Bank.

12-25-05 - Palestinians, left-wing activists rebuild 'outpost' in village of Bil'in "Private Palestinian land is in question here, not state land. The village council approved setting up a caravan and thus this is a legal structure,"

12-25-05 - For Palestinians in Bethlehem, season offers little to celebrate Today, pregnant Palestinian women must endure the degrading Israeli checkpoints in order to reach a hospital. While the Virgin Mary found refuge in a humble stable, many contemporary mothers-to-be are forced to stand endless hours at checkpoints manned by teenage soldiers who couldn't care less about a woman in labor.

12-25-05 - Settlements council: "Sharon is preparing for a second Disengagement"

12-25-05 - US calls for holding Palestinian election on time: sources

12-25-05 - Palestinian's memoir balances humor, pain Asked in 1973 by the grandson of Winston Churchill how he would deal with the Palestinians, Ariel Sharon replied, "We'll make a pastrami sandwich of them. We'll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another set of settlements right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years, neither the United Nations, nor the U.S.A., nobody, will be able to tear it apart."

12-25-05 - Palestinian police return stolen car to owner

12-25-05 - 'Anti-Semitism', The Provocative Accusation The purpose of delving into the application of the word ?anti-Semitism,? is done solely to provide a clearly stated definition of what that word should mean and how its meaning has become distorted to the point where it excludes the vast majority of those it should theoretically be applied toward

12-25-05 - Pro-Israel Group Criticizes White House Policy on Iran the news releases mark the first major criticism of the Bush White House Because everything that Bush has done thus far has been done in accordance with their agenda.

12-25-05 - PSM to Hold its Fifth Annual Conference at Georgetown University

12-25-05 - Rob's religious art spree ROBBIE Williams has paid a graffiti artist 30,000 for a controversial painting of the Nativity scene. It shows Mary and Joseph blocked from getting to Bethlehem by a graffiti wall ? mimicking the Israeli barrier round the Palestinian territories.

12-25-05 - PALTEL stock makes debut on ADSM

12-25-05 - Mideast scholars hope dictionary helps define peace

12-25-05 - Human Rights, The Rule Of Law Must Govern The Peace Process Oppression, intimidation, humiliation and deprivation can never breed the trust and hope without which neither partnerships nor peace can ever take root.

12-24-05 - Two Palestinian policemen wounded by Hamas gunfire Officials said the policemen stopped a group of armed Hamas members at a routine checkpoint in Gaza City. When they demanded the gunmen hand over their weapons, they opened fire and fled.

12-24-05 - Pope calls for peace at first Christmas mass "On this night, when we look towards Bethlehem, let us pray in a special way for the birthplace of our Redeemer and for the men and women who live and suffer there,"

12-24-05 - Bethlehem a 'prison' - patriarch

12-24-05 - Massive Palestinian majority favours ceasefire extension

12-24-05 - Collective punishment

12-24-05 - Pilgrims throng Bethlehem amid hopes for peace

12-24-05 - Pilgrims bring Christmas hope to walled Bethlehem

12-24-05 - EU envoys boycott tour of crossing at Qalandiyah A diplomatic source told Haaretz they refused the invitation to tour the facility, which opened the next day, because it is located in the heart of occupied territory.

12-24-05 - Patriarch tells Bethlehem mass: Holy Land thirsts for peace

12-24-05 - Christmas Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem

12-24-05 - Military sources: Abbas at all-time leadership low

12-24-05 - Israeli officials call for military operation in Gaza

12-24-05 - Woman forced to undress at a military roadblock near Tubas

12-24-05 - MK Steinitz calls for Gaza blackouts

12-24-05 - Two homemade shells fired into Israel

12-24-05 - Qurie blames U-turn on Israel Ahmed Qurie, who quit as Palestinian prime minister to stand in forthcoming elections, has blamed his subsequent decision not to run on Israel's threat to ban voting in east Jerusalem.

12-24-05 - Palestinian pilgrims caravan crosses Jordanian borders

12-24-05 - IDF raids headquarters of anti-fence organization Some 5,000 dunams out of 8,200 dunams of Qafin's agricultural land has been blocked by the separation fence. Haaretz has learned that, excluding a few days during the olive harvest and plowing season, farmers are barred from accessing their land.

12-24-05 - Qurie says returned to post as Palestinian PM

12-24-05 - Internet trend: Talkbacks for sale Limor, 23, (not her real name,) is a 23-year-old sociology student from northern Israel who is making a living from a new profession: Writing "fake" talkbacks on Israel's large news websites.

12-24-05 - MK Ramon: We'll make peace in stages

12-24-05 - Israel to seek cash for pre-WWII investments in Palestine Thousands of Palestinians were forced or chose to flee their homes ahead of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Here's why they 'chose to do so'. Israel has never compensated Palestinians for their property that was seized despite UN resolution 194 which was drawn up for that purpose, as well as for the right of return.

12-23-05 - Israel plans Gaza 'aerial siege' The minister also revealed that the Israeli army might now begin to fire shells at populated areas of Gaza in response to an attack by rockets

12-23-05 - Christmas Appeal: Hope for the children of Bethlehem The fact that Sana's flat is in the centre of the building gives some protection, but little comfort. When she and her husband asked to move somewhere quieter, the Israeli army opposed a plan, she says, because she and her family were, in Sana's words, "human shields" against Palestinian gunfire. Israel does exactly what it says Palestinian terrorists do: hides inside of the civilian population and uses them as human shields.

12-23-05 - In pictures Palestinian Christian children discover faith through puppetry

12-23-05 - CJPP Launches Quebec Campaign of Boycott to Israeli Products

12-23-05 - On apathy Although the Department for Investigating Policemen found no relationship between the border policemen's behavior and Shawara's death,testimony indicates that this is an abusive practice well known to Palestinians. It even has a nickname: "the donkey procedure."

12-23-05 - Residents, peaceful activists in Bil?in, protest against the Wall, settlements The Israeli activist suffered fractures in his hand after the soldiers threw him on the ground and clubbing him severely before arresting him along with another Israeli activist.

12-23-05 - Thousands join Hamas march against US, EU in Gaza

12-23-05 - AL warns Israel of banning Jerusalem residents from taking part in elections

12-23-05 - Report: Security forces beat four protesters near Bil'in village Security sources said that it was clear to them that immediately after the evacuation, they would need to explain to the court why they are hurrying to act against Palestinian illegal construction and tarrying on curbing illegal construction in the settlements.

12-23-05 - Bethlehem alive with the sound of Christmas

12-23-05 - Muhammad Khaled from Beit Surik: "The Wall steals all our land to transform the village into a refugee camp."

12-23-05 - In praise of ... Bethlehem

12-23-05 - Indicted Officials Consider Suing Pro-Israel Lobby *

12-23-05 - Christian Right Leader Warns Foxman on Israel Wildmon's comment is the latest thrust in an ongoing duel between liberal Jewish leaders and the religious right after Foxman condemned what he called a campaign "to Christianize America"

12-23-05 - Report: IDF doctor says Dirani rape claim backed by evidence Channel 1 television on Wednesday reported than Israel Defense Forces doctor who examined kidnapped Lebanese guerrilla leader Mustafa Dirani found physical evidence to back his charge that he was raped.

12-23-05 - The other 'Munich': Israeli spies tell their side The assassins in "Munich" are shown as occasionally inept, especially when it comes to planting novel booby-trap bombs. But Shimron noted that by the 1970s Mossad had perfected this tactic

12-23-05 - Churches owe millions to Jerusalem The State of Israel and the Vatican are in negotiations over the repayment of the money. Wonder what concessions this will lead to.

12-23-05 - Local hospital treats girl shot by sniper fire It was about a year ago that Samah Ouda stood by a window in her home in Beit Hanoun, Gaza, and was shot in the head by a stray sniper bullet.

12-23-05 - FBI Talks to Muslim High School Student about "PLO" Initials on His Notebook "the agents asked the student to recount an incident that had occurred two years earlier in a math class. He told the agents that his teacher had reprimanded him for having scrawled the letters ?PLO' on his binder. The teacher said that anyone who supported the PLO was a terrorist."

12-23-05 - Ex-Palestinian PM quits race

12-23-05 - Norwegian public opinion shifts "It is shocking and ironic that this one-sided boycott effort comes at a time when Israel is making a series of dramatic steps toward peace," Building illegal settlements and a wall on someone else's land are 'dramatic steps toward peace'?

12-23-05 - Eriksson and Dell?Olio promote Mideast peace England football team manager Sven Goran Erikkson and his girlfriend Nancy Dell?Olio this week announced they would be contributing a five-figure sum to the Peres Centre for Peace in Tel Aviv.

12-23-05 - U.S. Jews: Arabs want to destroy Israel 78 percent of American Jews think Arabs seek the destruction of Israel

12-23-05 - Congress gives Israel defense money The allocation, $150 million more than the White House request, passed the House of Representatives Thursday as part of the Defense Appropriations Bill. The measure passed the Senate Wednesday. The earmark includes $133 million for the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile System, $37.4 million for the LITENING Targeting and Navigation Pod, $22 million for Reactive Armor tiles for Bradley fighting vehicles and $17 million for the ITALD aircraft decoy system.

12-22-05 - Israel kills three Palestinians amid more rockets Witnesses and medics said that the army responded to the latest attack by pounding an uninhabited area of the territory with artillery fire, killing a 21-year-old Palestinian civilian.

12-22-05 - Israeli artillery shell kills Palestinian in Gaza

12-22-05 - Israeli troops seize home of West Bank cameraman At one stage, soldiers brought an elderly security guard from a neighbouring building into the room in handcuffs and made him sit down with the family.

12-22-05 - Legal Palestinian "Outpost" Removed Immediately, Hundreds of Illegal Israeli Settlements Remain

12-22-05 - Israeli police 'tied Palestinian to galloping mule'

12-22-05 - Bethlehem's Christians cling to hope A carpenter, like Jesus' father Joseph, he has had little work for the five years of the Palestinian intifada. Curfews, closures and the newly-built West Bank barrier have cut him off from business in Jerusalem.

12-22-05 - US Corporate Media Erases Israeli Role in Rise of Hamas Israel originally supported Hamas when it was founded in 1987 as an alternative to the PLO, another fact ignored by the media

12-22-05 - Bethlehem looks forward to merrier Christmas

12-22-05 - Katz: Bomb Strip, make Gazans flee

12-22-05 - A message from Bethlehem Our history is full of inspirational stories but also of bad times. The bad times under the recent Israeli aggression have led to enormous pain and suffering for Bethlehem and to unprecedented deterioration in its situation.

12-22-05 - Israeli secrecy a hurdle in US terror case: lawyer Salah's lawyer, Michael Deutsch, said his requests to prosecutors for documents detailing Salah's arrest at a West Bank checkpoint, subsequent interrogation and the methods and policies of the Israeli security agency have been stymied

12-22-05 - US judge wants Israel to provide documents in Hamas case

12-22-05 - Web Boosts Bethlehem's Woodcarving Trade Handal said he had to fight a legal battle with the Israeli army to get wood from his own trees after they were cut down for the wall

12-22-05 - US raises pressure on UN to change Bolton, an outspoken critic of the UN, has suggested adopting an interim three-month budget that would keep the pressure on for a package of changes. True to Bolton's Israel-first agenda, some of the changes involve doing away with Palestinian Human Rights Committees, as well as others devoted to Palestinian issues.

12-22-05 - Israeli jailed over militant help

12-22-05 - Arab rep for civil rights group refused entry to gov't compound

12-22-05 - Presbyterian resolutionsidesteps divestmentSynagogue, church initiated statement The overture "sidesteps the issue" because it "does not deal with the immorality of divestment Calling divestment 'immoral', makes sense to those who see nothing wrong with Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

12-22-05 - Norway: Parliament shuns Israeli products The Norwegian parliament in the Sor-Trondelag region ruled Saturday to boycott products made in Israel and to forbid the sale and purchase of Israeli goods.

12-22-05 - 'We won't be war criminals' "It's very easy for people with no responsibility to suggest that we fire at population centers; we do not plan on facing the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. This, after at least two lawsuits were filed in recent weeks against the IDF for crimes against Arabs. An attempt was made also in Britain over the summer to arrest an IDF official. And this comes just as the Israelis shelled a civilian area, killing a Palestinian civilian.

12-22-05 - Israel: Gaza Power Cut Would Violate Laws of War A reported proposal by Israeli government officials to cut the Gaza Strip's electricity supply in retaliation for Palestinian militant groups' rocket attacks on Israel would constitute unlawful collective punishment of Gaza's civilian population, Human Rights Watch said today When has the violation of international law stopped them in the past?

12-22-05 - Hamas warning over election delay

12-22-05 - Israel Is Easing Barrier Burden, but Palestinians Still See a Border The Israelis decide everything, he said. "When I stand here humiliated to go between my own cities, I feel like exploding with rage," he said. "There is no justice. The strong side decides what and how to do. In Biddu, my village, our land is gone. "Walls, gates, this!" he said, gesturing to the new terminal. "Maybe the solution is to send us Palestinians to another planet!" That's the end game for many Israel-supporters, evidently. They attempted to do this very thing in '47 and '48 by forcibly expelling Palestinians from their land.

12-22-05 - Today's Joseph and Mary would face 15 checkpoints

12-22-05 - Egypt Opposition Leader Denies Holocaust

12-22-05 - Status of UN refugee agency mission upgraded

12-22-05 - Norwegian county boycott of Israel ires Jewish groups "We see Israel as an occupying force that could be compared with the apartheid regime in South Africa," she told the regional newspaper Adresseavisen. "We also want to campaign for the people of Soer Trondelag to also boycott."

12-22-05 - Israel Pays UN $25m In AID for Gaza Strip Israeli 'aid' to remove the rubble of the illegal settlements in Gaza that should not have been built there in the first place. Ultimately, Uncle Sam pays.

12-22-05 - US halts Arabic magazine meant to boost US image the efforts have been hampered because many Arabs strenuously object to U.S. foreign policies, particularly over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iraq war.

12-22-05 - Group meets to discuss North African Jews A group that is pushing for restitution for Jews who fled Arab countries wants to preserve Jewish sites in the Muslim world.

12-22-05 - Senators urge Bush on Hamas Seventy-three U.S. senators signed a letter urging President Bush to call on the Palestinian Authority to disarm Hamas before elections next month More legislation for Israel.

12-22-05 - Israel trusts in BMD against Iran threat Israeli military commanders are confident their multi-arrayed anti-ballistic missile defense system can shoot down any nuclear-armed Iranian missiles aimed at their country.

12-22-05 - Human rights hypocrisy A glaring example of Washington's double standard is U.S. support for Israel in the form of financial and military aid totaling nearly $3 billion a year, along with vetoes of U.N. Security Council resolutions critical of Israel's denial of the human rights of Palestinian Muslims and Christians

12-22-05 - Foxman: No moral equivalence in ?Munich? "The Palestinians are projected as terrorists" When aren't they 'projected as terrorists' in American media?

12-21-05 - Senior Hamas militant shot dead In the nearby city of Nablus, Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian stone throwers during a raid searching for suspected militants. Palestinian security officials said a Palestinian boy was injured when troops fired plastic bullets at the demonstrators.

12-21-05 - Kidnapped teachers released in Gaza City

12-21-05 - Palestinians may delay poll over voting ban

12-21-05 - Israel bans Jerusalem Palestinian vote over Hamas

12-21-05 - Bethlehem walled off by Israel this Christmas

12-21-05 - Half of Israelis favor talks with Hamas: poll

12-21-05 - Syria said mulling plan to cede Shaba Farms to Lebanon If the Shaba Farms are considered Lebanese territory, Israel will be asked to withdraw from the region. Failure to do so will provide Hezbollah with justification to act in South Lebanon and call the Israeli occupation ongoing.

12-21-05 - Senators push to exclude Hamas from elections Seventy U.S. senators on Wednesday called on President George W. Bush to make it clear to Palestinian leaders that Hamas and other groups that the United States wants terrorist organizations to disarm or be banned from upcoming Palestinian elections. Why is this our problem? Who made it so? Do our legislators have so little to do that they feel the need to wile away their time on matters that have little bearing on the American taxpaying public?

12-21-05 - Israel to defend interrogation methods at US trial Deutsch also said Israeli officials asked for "special procedures to protect the agents" when they testify but it was not specified what they were seeking and the judge overseeing the case will determine the guidelines

12-21-05 - Bethlehem becoming a giant prison: Latin Patriarch

12-21-05 - Japan to provide $4.8 million for Palestinian refugee aid

12-21-05 - MI head Ze'evi warns of northern border escalation Making his final appearance before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Ze'evi said the risk of the northern border heating up stems from Iranian-Syrian influence on Hezbollah to initiate action against Israel.

12-21-05 - "Container protest" held against Israel's intrusion

12-21-05 - Residents, activists in Bil?in protest against settlement outposts

12-21-05 - Israel to finance removal of settlement rubble

12-21-05 - US, Israel strengthening Hamas - Pope Pope Benedict's representative in the Holy Land said today that the United States and Israel were helping strengthen Islamic militant group Hamas through policies towards the Palestinians.

12-21-05 - Cleric arrested in Jerusalem while trying to attend prayers at Al-Aksa Mosque

12-21-05 - Bil'in residents set up 'outpost' west of separation fence Mohammed Khateb, a member of Bil'in's Popular Committee Against the Wall, said that the container was placed on land belonging to a village resident and comes with a building permit from Bil'in village council....Dealing with the caravan is liable to be an embarrassment for the IDF and the Civil Administration. The container is adjacent to the Matityahu East neighborhood of Upper Modi'in, where hundreds of illegal housing units have recently been constructed.

12-21-05 - Poll: Most U.S. Jews oppose Iraq war, have never visited Israel This poll is further evidence of a concerted effort by the pro-Israeli groups to back away from their support of the Iraq war in light of the current political climate. This poll may have been valid if they had done it in the run-up to the Iraq war, and not after the fact.

12-21-05 - France beefs up Palestinian aid Paris has doubled 2005 aid to the Palestinian territories to $6.5 million, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry announced Wednesday.

12-21-05 - IDF: Iranian threat on Israel substantial IDF Intelligence Chief says Iran's threat on Israel growing due to U.S.'s deep involvement in Iraq

12-21-05 - Muslim, Israeli officials establish close relations

12-21-05 - Republican Jewish Coalition Thanks Senator Santorum for Iran Resolution which condemned the recent disparaging and destructive statements made toward Israel and all Jewish people by Iran?s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

12-21-05 - Jerusalem Palestinians inaugurate "Peace Stadium" Palestinians are slowly being closed out of Jerusalem.

12-21-05 - Christmas behind Israel's wall

12-21-05 - Israel boycott decision criticized The Anti-Defamation League condemned a regional Parliament in Norway that launched a boycott of Israeli products.

12-21-05 - Rice: Talk of Israeli strike on Iran ?unhelpful?

12-21-05 - Israeli Capt. Speaks on Mideast Conflict One student asked how many Palestinians have been killed in the five years of conflict. Dallal said 4,000 but that the differentiation between combatants and civilians is harder to establish than for Israelis because women and children are sometimes suicide bombers and, therefore, combatants. That's strange because women and children were also considered 'combatants' by the IDF long before the advent of suicide bombings. Imagine.

12-21-05 - House passes Saudi education resolution JTA recently revealed in a special investigation that Saudi Arabia is also funding teaching materials for American public schools that contain anti-Israel and anti-Western views.

12-21-05 - Unrecognised villages in the Negev expose Israel's apartheid policies

12-21-05 - Israel's special forces at the "highest stage of readiness"

12-21-05 - Republicans fear lobbyist's plea bargain Abramoff was also found to be giving money to extremist Israeli settler groups.

12-21-05 - U.S. Terror Victims' Families Sue Italy The families of three Americans killed in Palestinian suicide bombings have accused the Italian government of siding with Iran in a legal battle to collect damages from the Islamic regime's assets in Italy More legislation in US Congress to be passed in light of these recent events, news at six.

12-20-05 - Child injured in Al Boriej refugee camp

12-20-05 - Gunmen seize Bethlehem City Hall

12-20-05 - Palestine gets $720,000 to aid vote

12-20-05 - Peace workers denied access to Bethlehem

12-20-05 - Nablus Region: Palestinian Farmers Protest Massive Settler Vandalism

12-20-05 - Qassam shell lands in a military base in the northern Gaza Strip

12-20-05 - EU's Solana Says 1,000 People a Day Use Gaza Border Crossing

12-20-05 - Despite missed deadline, Quartet peace plan still valid: UN envoy He noted that the 15 December start of convoys between Gaza and the West Bank were suspended despite efforts of the United States and Quartet Special Envoy James Wolfensohn to ensure that Israel?s security concerns were met

12-20-05 - Right-wing group prepares to build 15 new illegal outposts A far-right group intends to build fifteen new illegal outposts across the West Bank

12-20-05 - Israel Threatens With New Tactics to Halt Rocket Fire Israel has informed the Palestinian Authority (PA) that power to Gaza would be shut on Monday for two hours

12-20-05 - World's Monetary Debt to Israel Doubles Then they don't need our billions in taxpayer aid anymore, right?

12-20-05 - Bush tells Sharon: Exercise and watch what you eat U.S. President George W. Bush advised Israel's hefty Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday to watch what he eats and get more exercise after wishing him speedy recovery from a mild stroke 'Don't die on me yet oh weighty wonder, who will replace you as my puppeteer?'

12-20-05 - IRISH ZIONIST SLUR BLASTED BY ISRAEL "We are here as our birthright not as a conqueror." Then why are almost all of Israel's territorial gains a result of FORCE?

12-20-05 - Senate passes Iran condemnation More legislation for Israel. We are now up to a resolution a week.

12-20-05 - Ze'evi: US-Iran diplomatic process 'stuck in the mud' He warned that Iran posed a substantial threat to Israel's security, and that the United States was "stuck in the mud" in dealing with the situation.

12-20-05 - The US congress message push Palestinians back to the military track For years Palestinians and the international community have been encouraging Palestinian militants to seek the civilian route as a way of demanding an end to the Israeli occupation. Veteran Israeli leader Shimon Peres repeatedly called on Palestinians to use the ballot instead of the bullet. And suddenly when this argument seems to be heeded by Palestinians, the message from the US congress seems to be pushing Palestinians back to the military track

12-20-05 - 30+ Jewish & Palestine Orgs defy EU secrecy

12-20-05 - MI chief: Int'l pressure delayed Iran's nuclear bid by two years

12-20-05 - ADL: Evangelicals threat to religious pluralism Foxman said that Evangelical Christians are attempting to implement changes "by legislation," Irony and chutzpah are two terms that come to mind.

12-20-05 - Shin Bet to testify against Hamas in U.S.

12-20-05 - Foxman: Spielberg's 'Munich' treats Israel fairly Moreover, he said, the film "shows with respect and understanding ... the need to respond to terrorism." In that sense, he added, the movie could even be seen as a defense of America's actions in Iraq

12-20-05 - Spielberg and Kushner Smear Israel

12-19-05 - Israeli strikes on Gaza injure six

12-19-05 - Palestinian: IDF dog bites boy in Nablus The latest incident marks the second time where a dog bites a child in the course of searches during anti-terror operations. Two weeks ago, a dog bit another 12 year-old child in Jenin. The IDF's Spokesperson Unit has yet to respond to the latest incident.

12-19-05 - West Bank settlers destroy Palestinian olive trees The trees had been destroyed by youths living in an unauthorised settlement outpost close to the major city of Nablus over the last few days but there had been no arrests,

12-19-05 - Jihad vows not to participate in elections, nor to renew truce

12-19-05 - Main road destroyed in northern Gaza F16 Israeli jets attacked the road and destroyed it entirely, after targeting it with two missiles

12-19-05 - Ministerial talks with Palestinians eyed

12-19-05 - Hamas wants satellite station

12-19-05 - Hebron Update: 9 - 15 December 2005 "You see that girl? She is the ring leader. She is a future Osama Bin Laden." Nah. They're not prejudiced over there.

12-19-05 - Hebron Update: 2 - 9 December 2005 Yehuda Shaul led the tour, and at the conclusion took the group to the top of the hill past the Jewish cemetery near Tel Rumeida. There he gave his own testimony of his time as a soldier in 2001, with orders nightly for "punitive fire" at Haret e-Sheikh. He read the testimony of other soldiers from the "Breaking the Silence" project. His accounts throughout the tour closely matched the testimonies of Palestinians and CPTers of the time.

12-19-05 - Bethlehem visitor drive thwarted by road blocks

12-19-05 - The Israeli diplomat linked to the AIPAC affair is back in Washington Gilon's reappearance in Washington is to some extent surprising and calming - helping to make the case that there are no longer any serious allegations concerning Israel's involvement in the AIPAC affair.

12-19-05 - Beilin: No peace without Jerusalem division Meretz-Yahad Chairman Yossi Beilin could not help but smile over a recent Yedioth Ahronoth poll indicating that 49 percent of Israelis are willing to cede parts of Jerusalem as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

12-19-05 - Gulf summit raps Israel, not Iran on nuclear issue

12-19-05 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Israel next month German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit Israel next month, the government said Sunday, on a trip meant in part to signal solidarity following recent anti-Israel outbursts by the president of Iran.

12-19-05 - Analysis / Congress keeps one eye on the Jewish lobby The resolution by the U.S. Congress, which is couched in vague terms, is typical of its behavior in an election year (elections are in November 2006) in which its members need funding and political support from the pro-Israel AIPAC

12-19-05 - Sharon recovers as chief rival wins control of Likud

12-19-05 - Sharon's aide helps Spielberg promote controversial film Steven Spielberg has hired the public relations consultant who is spearheading Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's re-election campaign to promote his film Munich

12-19-05 - Help EI Make Intelligent Noise

12-19-05 - Italians debate anti-Semitism and islamophobia The deputy prime minister of Italy has said he believes the Europe is "unbalanced" and "insensitive" towards Israel.

12-19-05 - European-Israeli honeymoon this change also stems from - perhaps mainly from ? the fact that European governments now face the same terrorist threats and violence at home and abroad. This has caused them for the first time to feel some solidarity with Israel.

12-19-05 - Sweden sends more aid to Palestine

12-19-05 - Holocaust II and the neocon conspiracy

12-18-05 - Israel mounts new air strikes in Gaza

12-18-05 - Booby-trapped car forces West Bank hospital evacuation

12-18-05 - Body of Palestinian resident found in Gaza

12-18-05 - Vote propels militant Hamas Ironically, Hamas's success is more a reflection of anger at government corruption and the growing infighting within the party established by Yasser Arafat, rather than a vote of confidence in the Islamic militants' prescription for armed struggle instead of peace talks, analysts say.

12-18-05 - EU May Cut Aid if Hamas Wins at Polls The European Union's foreign policy chief warned Sunday that the EU could halt tens of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians if the militant Hamas group wins next month's Palestinian elections and fails to renounce violence

12-18-05 - Christian Palestinian's family part of exodus from the Holy Land In 1948, during Israel's war of independence, her mother's family was given two hours to leave home.

12-18-05 - Israel reneges on bus deal The convoys across Israel should have begun operating last Thursday under the terms of the agreement overseen by Condoleezza Rice

12-18-05 - Spanish attorney Injured in Bil?in

12-18-05 - Racism in Israel In all layers of society life Palestinians are being discriminated against, from education and employment to land allocation and community subsidy. Illegal houses (built because Palestinians in Israel could not obtain building permits, where Jews from all over the world could) are being demolished. In the meantime Israel is building settlements in the West Bank illegally.

12-18-05 - Israel opposes start of Gaza-West Bank convoys

12-18-05 - Lebanon to complain to UN of Israeli land, sea, air space violations It would be the second such complaint in just over a month. Israel is quite bold now that Syria is out of Lebanon.

12-18-05 - Sharon taken to hospital Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon suffered a mild stroke tonight and was rushed to Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital for treatment, hospital officials said

12-18-05 - Israeli Arab lawmaker blasts Zionism

12-18-05 - RRJP: No Peace without Refugees Right of Return

12-18-05 - Rival Fatah groups reach poll deal LEADERS of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement agreed today to present two separate lists of candidates for January elections to try to end a damaging split

12-18-05 - Israel asks EU to fund Haifa-Jenin-Jordan railway

12-18-05 - Shells fired at Ashkelon, Sderot

12-18-05 - Four Palestinians die of anxiety attacks as army shelled Gaza In a press release, Dr. Hassanen said that the four residents had chronic diseases such as heart, diabetes and blood pressure; they died as the military apaches, and artillery were shelling several areas in the Gaza Strip

12-18-05 - Families of Jordanian prisoners protest

12-18-05 - Germany to ask UN to censure Iran over president's Israel remarks

12-18-05 - Lawmakers say Colorado can learn from Israel The Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado sponsored and paid for a big chunk of the trip. Rose and Penry said legislators footed the rest of the bill.

12-18-05 - Environmental Action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover-- NEF's 4Rs for the West Bank

12-18-05 - Muted Christmas for Russians in the Jewish state While there is no move to prevent anyone celebrating Christmas, the idea of immigrants marking Christian holidays, wearing crucifixes and selling non-Kosher products raises eyebrows among religious authorities. "Many in the religious community are unhappy about this,"

12-18-05 - Religious McDonald's Sign Draws Attention In Raleigh Woman Asks Restaurant To Remove Sign, 'Jesus Is The Reason For The Season'

12-18-05 - NEF Support for the Palestinian Olive Oil Industry Gets Specific

12-18-05 - President Abbas Meets with EU's Solana

12-18-05 - Remarks by the Vice President at a Rally for the Troops They've made clear, as well, their ultimate ambition: to acquire weapons of mass destruction, to destroy Israel, to intimidate all Western countries, to cause mass death in the United States Israel cited again as the reason why we are in 'war on terror'.

12-18-05 - W. Bank, Gaza Strip may split into 2 entities: Israeli official

12-18-05 - A rich and terrifying convergence The new films, likely Oscar contenders all, speak with first-person urgency, giving us radically different perspectives on the source of the present Mideast conflict, but all arriving at strikingly similar conclusions.

12-18-05 - Children of Palestine The Holy Land 2006 Calendar

12-17-05 - Israeli aircraft pound Gaza to stop rocket fire Four Palestinians were wounded in at least nine raids, including three policeman and a baby who was hit in the face with shrapnel, medics said.

12-17-05 - Palestinian militant killed in clashes with Israeli troops in northern Gaza

12-17-05 - Israeli-Arabs, PA collaborators clash Arab-Israeli Knesset members slammed the government for relocating the collaborators to the village and providing them with arms.

12-17-05 - PA, Hamas denounce U.S. Congress decision

12-17-05 - Hamas to run in Palestinian ballot despite US call

12-17-05 - Entire Region of Norway to Boycott Israeli Goods

12-17-05 - Shalom praises US House for decision The pro-Israel lobby in Washington (AIPAC) who worked behind the scenes to garner support for the resolution issued a statement Friday praising the resolution and calling on the PA to take immediate action to prevent the Hamas from participating in the elections.

12-17-05 - Palestinian officials urge Abbas to delay election

12-17-05 - Armed groups: "Truce has ended"

12-17-05 - Tanks shell Gaza

12-17-05 - Bethlehem invites increase in holiday visits it is almost impossible for ordinary Palestinians, Muslim or Christian, to enter Jerusalem for work, family gatherings or prayer. The result is a 50 percent to 60 percent unemployment rate, according to the mayor, and steady emigration of local families. In 1990, 60 percent of Bethlehem's residents were Christians. Today that number is estimated at just 20 percent to 30 percent.

12-17-05 - U.S. threatens PA sanctions The Palestinian Authority risks losing U.S. financial aid and other support if it allows Hamas to participate in parliamentary elections next month, the House of representatives says

12-17-05 - Abbas accepts resignations of six ministers

12-17-05 - Israeli Military constructs three roadblocks on the road from At-Tuwani to Yattta This road is one of the few that Palestinians from the villages south of 317 have to access hospitals and markets in the larger populated area of Yatta

12-17-05 - Arab American fights stereotypes with comedy

12-17-05 - Former Head of the Intelligence Branch of the Israel Defense Forces and Chief of Staff Charged in U.S. Court with War Crimes for Shelling of U.N. Compound Pro-Israeli influence in America will likely see to it that this gets thrown out, despite all of the newfound 'concern' for the Lebanese in the Bush admin

12-17-05 - Bush Says Iraq War Is Good for Israel Senator John Warner of Virginia, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, recently argued in an interview with MSNBC that a premature American pullout would "put Israel in a very tenuous and vulnerable position." And a GOP activist, Bruce Blakeman, told the Forward that Israel's security has always played a key role in the president's thinking on Iraq. Pro-Israeli groups are now backpeddling away from their critical support of the Iraq war.

12-17-05 - Israeli cluster bombs found in southern Lebanon

12-17-05 - Gulf Arabs warn against regional nuclear arms race

12-17-05 - Peres: "Jerusalem will remain the united capital of Israel"

12-17-05 - Giants running back Tiki Barber Giants running back Tiki Barber recently traveled for the Peres Center for Peace to Jerusalem, where he played football with Palestinian children.

12-17-05 - PNA rejects Israeli plan to resolve conflict: Erekat He said that the plan indicates Israeli attempts to topple issues of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees' rights, annexing settlements, water and defining borders unilaterally due to Israeli dictations as well as annexing Jordan valley area.

12-17-05 - A little bit of Bethlehem With hardly any pilgrims venturing into Bethlehem these days, scores of workshops have closed. The idea behind Gifts from Bethlehem is to keep as many workers employed as possible

12-17-05 - Churches strongly condemn anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial

12-16-05 - Israeli settler killed in Hebron

12-16-05 - Palestinian 'beaten to death'

12-16-05 - British UN worker unlawfully shot A British UN project manager shot by an Israeli sniper was unlawfully killed, a UK inquest has concluded

12-16-05 - Bil'in's Non-Violent Struggle Endures in the Face of Israeli Violence A 61 year old Spanish activist was pushed off of a rocky ledge by a soldier and broke her shoulder. She is currently hospitalized in Ramallah

12-16-05 - Eight injured, four arrested in Bil?in The protestors wrote the names of landowners, who lost their orchards for the construction of the Wall, on big sings in English, Arabic and Hebrew

12-16-05 - Iran vows "destructive" response to any Israeli attack

12-16-05 - PALESTINE CHILDREN'S RELIEF FUND, helping arab children in the middle east

12-16-05 - Hamas deals blow to Fatah in local elections

12-16-05 - Israeli navy fires at Lebanese fishermen

12-16-05 - Closure imposed on West Bank and Gaza Strip, several areas shelled

12-16-05 - West Bank, Gaza USAID Vocational and Technical Program Grant The USAID West Bank and Gaza Mission seeks to implement a three-year project to provide youth with new employment opportunities leading to a reduction in unemployment among 15-30 year olds

12-16-05 - UNICEF: 200 Palestinian Children are still in Israeli Prisons

12-16-05 - House backs Jewish month The measure, introduced by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), asks President Bush to declare January as American Jewish History Month by executive order.

12-16-05 - Half of Israelis favor deal on Jerusalem: poll

12-16-05 - Former IDF chief: War crimes suit won't disrupt U.S. stay Unlike previous suits for damages against senior Israeli defense officials, the lawsuits submitted against Ya'alon and Dichter will be processed by the U.S. court system because the two are currently staying in the U.S.

12-16-05 - Influential congresswoman faults Bush on Iran Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is an Israel-firster, judging by the amount of legislation she proposes to our Congress on behalf of Israel.

12-16-05 - US confident Gaza crossing deal will be back on track

12-16-05 - Planned Billboard Angers Arab Americans The billboard, scheduled to go up this month near the state Capitol in Raleigh, shows a man in traditional Arab head scarf.

12-16-05 - Most Israelis oppose strike against Iran: poll

12-16-05 - Egypt's Muslim Brothers brand Israel a 'cancer'

12-16-05 - Hamas resolution passes The resolution, supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and opposed by Americans for Peace Now, passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday in a 397-17 vote. More legislation for Israel.

12-16-05 - Pro-Rice letter garners 108 lawmakers The Zionist Organization of American opposed the letter, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was tacit.

12-16-05 - Solana to visit Gaza

12-16-05 - Iran Could Be Sanctioned for Riling Israel

12-16-05 - Growing al-Qaida threat to Jordan worries Israel

12-16-05 - Immunity was a mistake "I propose thinking very carefully before blocking the way to the these suits in Israeli courts ... There is a more realistic danger that we will find ourselves facing these suits in various courts in other countries, with far fewer defenses under far less favorable conditions ... No one will be able to defend this stupidity."

12-16-05 - Harvard Urged To Return $20M Gift Representative Anthony D. Weiner (D-N.Y.), wrote a letter to University President Lawrence H. Summers on Tuesday urging him to return the recent $20 million gift for Islamic Studies given by Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud. You had to know this was coming, and from the usual corners. Weiner couldn't be any more of an Israeli shill if he tried.

12-16-05 - Bolton: Israel treated unequally at U.N. ?I want to make it clear that we are not finished with the issue,? he said. The only issue John Bolton has dealt with to date at the UN is Israel. John Bolton = ISRAEL'S new ambaassador to the UN.

12-16-05 - Oppose all human rights' violators Canada should push for resolutions which condemn other human rights violators as well as condemn Israel.

12-15-05 - Israeli jets raid Gaza

12-15-05 - Israel Prepares To Demolish Elderly Couple's Home The Israeli authorities are preparing to demolish the house of an elderly couple in East Jerusalem, on the grounds that it was built without a permit.

12-15-05 - Film relives horror of Lebanese camp massacres Several mention that Israeli army officers conferred with the militia's leaders in Beirut on the eve of the massacres. Unlike massacres in some other conflicts, the perpetrators of Sabra and Shatila have not been brought to justice.

12-15-05 - Hamas says will step up attacks if Israel hits Iran

12-15-05 - Fatah faces split as militant leader quits to set up rival movement

12-15-05 - Israel delays Gaza bus link start On Thursday, Deputy Defence Minister Zeev Boim told Israel Radio that it had been a mistake to sign the agreement negotiated by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

12-15-05 - Israeli sued in Washington A former Israeli military chief of staff was sued over his alleged role in the killing of more than 100 Lebanese civilians in 1996....It was the second such serving in a week

12-15-05 - U.S.-Israel scanner deal signed The United States and Israel signed a $50 million agreement to put high-tech scanners at border crossings into Palestinian areas. The money comes out of $300 million earmarked this year for the Palestinians Palestinians get to pay for the Israeli checkpoints.

12-15-05 - US and Palestinian children break Holy City barriers Touched by the cards and messages, the children in Bethlehem decided to write back to the children in New York to wish them a Merry Christmas Awww.

12-15-05 - 45 million euros for electricity supply of Palestinian areas

12-15-05 - GENERAL ASSEMBLY ESTABLISHES NEW EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND The Assembly also adopted a resolution on assistance to the Palestinian people, emphasizing the importance of the safety and well-being of all children in the Middle East region, and express its grave concern at the deterioration in the living conditions of the Palestinian people, particularly children, throughout the Occupied Territories, which constitutes a mounting humanitarian crisis.

12-15-05 - Israel delays start of bus convoys

12-15-05 - Farmers March For Their Lives This checkpoint has served as the only venue where Palestinian farmers could sell their produce to Israeli traders for distribution. For the last two weeks the checkpoint has been closed and the farmers produce has been left to rot.

12-15-05 - 23 residents arrested in Anabta and Tulkarem

12-15-05 - Settlers who invaded Hebron market face evacuation Jewish settlers from Hebron, who invaded the town's wholesale market, will be evacuated from there by mid February

12-15-05 - IDF blows up car bomb after tip off from PA security forces Palestinian security officials tipped the Israelis off to the car after it raised their suspicions

12-15-05 - Congressman: Save the holidays Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) planned to introduce his resolution Thursday evening to counter another resolution, introduced earlier by Rep. Jo Ann Davis (R-Va.), that ?recognizes the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas? and ?strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas.?

12-15-05 - Israel Troubled by Bush's Priorities The Israelis and their supporters in the U.S. fear that Washington's need for Tehran's cooperation in stabilizing Iraq and thus permitting most U.S. forces there to withdraw over the next year has weakened the administration's leverage to push for stronger action against Iran on the nuclear issue, even as it continues to insist that Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability is "unacceptable."

12-15-05 - Spielberg's Munich: A Post-9/11 Cautionary Tale? later in the film another Palestinian speaks for the cause of a Palestinian homeland. Conservative pro-Israel hawks will be peeved by this

12-15-05 - Israeli consul general takes jab at Muslims "I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists, but I can say something else: All terrorists are Muslims," Ben Gad said.

12-15-05 - US Jews feel threatened by religious right "Every room (from bedroom to classroom) in the American mansion is under assault to impose either de facto or de jure a Christian theocracy -- I call them Christocrats," said Rabbi James Rudin, former head of interreligious activities for the American Jewish Committee. The irony. For we American taxpayers are forced to support Israel- a state based on religion

12-15-05 - Western diplomats fear Israel will partially implement convoys deal Western diplomats expressed concerns that Israel will start operating the convoys between the Gaza Strip and the west Bank on a merely token fashion to oblige the American administration, which practiced pressure on Israel to implement the deal, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

12-15-05 - Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says Saddam Hussein moved his chemical weapons to Syria six weeks before the war started, Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom says. The BS-o-meter just broke.

12-15-05 - Hawke urges US to address Palestinian statehood Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke on Thursday said that the fight against terrorism will not succeed unless the United States leads efforts to create a viable Palestinian state.

12-15-05 - Civil Rights Groups Question FBI Interrogation of Muslim Student A pair of area civil rights groups are angry after discovering a Muslim Elk Grove high school student was taken out of class and questioned by FBI agents over a doodle on his binder two years ago

12-15-05 - The Mid-East's beleaguered Christians Though they have made few converts in the Middle East, the evangelical churches are an influential part of President Bush's political constituency in the United States.

12-15-05 - Finnish national of Palestinian descent deported from Israel Qassem came to Israel to attend a special conference to be held in Nazareth over the weekend, discussing the Palestinian refugees and displaced persons in Israel

12-15-05 - Christmas Tree Lit up in Bethlehem

12-15-05 - Hamas resolution considered The resolution, supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and opposed by Americans for Peace Now, was considered late Wednesday night, and was set to undergo a roll call on Thursday.

12-15-05 - Jail time for plot against rabbi The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday sentenced the member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to 12 years in prison after he confessed to the plot against Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Same rabbi here: Rabbi calls for annihilation of Arabs

12-15-05 - Israel Fears It Is Zarqawi's Next Target

12-15-05 - Busharon The Israelis have also obliged recently, providing legal advice to the U.S. State Department on how to justify assassinations. Israeli military trainers have passed on the lessons of Jenin and Nablus to the Marines in Falluja. Lest you think the Israelis stingy, they don't limit their largesse to the federal government. They are now spreading their anti-terrorism gospel to every town and city police chief in the U.S. Charleston, South Carolina breathes easier, thanks to the knowledge gleaned from Israel by their Sheriff Cannon (I did not make that up), who is in charge of port security there.

12-15-05 - Coroner to see secret army report

12-15-05 - Former IDF chief sued in U.S. court for his role in Kafr Kana shelling Ya'alon is currently in Washington D.C. as a research fellow at the Washington Institute. He is scheduled to give a lecture on lessons learned during the war against terror at a conference on Thursday night.

12-15-05 - Russia Blasts Iranian Remarks on Holocaust, Israel

12-15-05 - Former Israel Chief of Staff sued in U.S Courts

12-15-05 - Bush postpones embassy move President Bush extended for another six months an act of Congress that would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

12-14-05 - Gun battle erupts outside Fatah HQ in Gaza

12-14-05 - Barrier limits access to Jerusalem health care "It seems that the patients are again paying the price for the political aspirations of the Israeli government," the report said, adding that the future of the hospitals could be imperilled if patient numbers continue to dwindle.

12-14-05 - Bethlehem Mayor Asks Pilgrims to Visit

12-14-05 - Qalandiya checkpoint between yesterday and today

12-14-05 - Israel approves 200 homes in W.Bank settlement Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has approved 200 new homes for Jewish settlers in the West Bank, a government official said on Wednesday, despite a call by a U.S.-backed peace plan for a halt to such construction This is in violation of international law, and is not a move conducive to peace.

12-14-05 - Election revolt against Fatah's 'old guard' splits party in two

12-14-05 - Israel delays start of Gaza-W. Bank bus convoys

12-14-05 - Sharon 'plans to share Jerusalem with Palestinians' Mr Sharon denied a report in Newsweek which said he was willing to give 90% of the West Bank to the Palestinians and compromise on Jerusalem in return for peace.

12-14-05 - Bethlehem residents protest security terminal *

12-14-05 - Bush: Don?t blame Israel for Iraq Days ago, Bush himself cited Israel's security as the reason for the push for democracy in the ME.

12-14-05 - Iranian President Calls Holocaust a 'Myth'

12-14-05 - UN brings Israeli, Palestinian law officials together to fight drug trafficking

12-14-05 - The agony of the Ecstasy "Israeli drug-trafficking organizations are the main source of distribution of the drug to groups in the U.S, using express mail services, commercial airlines, and recently also using air cargo services,"

12-14-05 - Vandalism Victim Breaks His Silence By MOE SALEH

12-14-05 - IDF figures show dramatic drop in terror

12-14-05 - President of European Jewish Congress Calls for Sanctions Against Iran

12-14-05 - Golden Globe nod for 'Paradise Now'

12-14-05 - Life returns to Palestinian village

12-14-05 - Jewish leaders praise Corzine?s choice of Menendez as Senate replacement Praising him as a strong supporter of Israel since he first entered the House of Representatives in 1992, Jewish community leaders welcomed the appointment of U.S. Rep. Robert Menendez (D-Dist. 13) to replace Gov.-elect Jon Corzine in the United States Senate next month....Josh Block, spokesperson for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, described Menendez as "among the few really outstanding leaders on issues of importance to the pro-Israel community."

12-14-05 - Annan Calls For Redoubling of Efforts to Meet Road Map Obligations

12-14-05 - Preach Peace, Sami; Get Truthful, Tribune and Prosecutors Much more important: Is it just a little bit possible that if some of the oceans of money and time you federal hot-shots wasted chasing Al-Arian had been spent looking for real terrorists, maybe 9/11 wouldn't have happened? My sentiments exactly.

12-14-05 - Al-Arian's Near Total Acquittal Raises More Questions Than It Answers Evidence that the prosecution and media persecution of Al-Arian was an Israeli operation from the get-go continues to mount. In reporting the verdict, the Jerusalem Post wrote, "Israel has played a major role in the prosecution, providing countless documents regarding the conduct of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad... ."

12-14-05 - OPT: President calls on Israel authorities to contribute to creating appropriate conditions for Palestinian local elections

12-14-05 - Police chief meets with Hamilton Jews The forum at the temple came after Mullan has had to defend a visit he made to Israel last March, along with about 30 other Ontario law enforcement officials and politicians, to take part in training sessions on dealing with terrorism.

12-14-05 - Tali Fahima: I had no intention of harming Israeli security

12-14-05 - Canada votes against Israel in UN again Canada voted against a resolution on the work of a special committee to investigate Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights.

12-14-05 - Palestinian film hit in U.S., dud in Israel

12-14-05 - Presbyterians hold back on divestment Chicago Presbyterians on Tuesday overwhelmingly agreed that Presbyterian Church (USA) should confront corporations that prolong Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, but they divided on whether it should use economic leverage to push for peace

12-14-05 - O?Dea denies neutrality diminished "I do not think that Irish military is going to be involved with a peacekeeping mission with Israel in the near future, as long as it continues its attack on Palestinian rights."

12-14-05 - At odds over U.S. resolution on Hamas Jewish groups are at odds over a congressional resolution that threatens repercussions should Hamas join a Palestinian government.

12-13-05 - Gunbattles erupt in West Bank as Gaza farmer killed Doctors said that one of the 16 Palestinian victims, a 22-year-old student, was pronounced brain dead after being shot by the Israeli forces in the head. ...Palestinian medics said that a farmer, named as Ahmed al-Qara, was killed on Tuesday morning by one of the shells fired into the village of Abasan, east of the city of Khan Yunis. While Israeli military sources said that they were not aware of any tank shelling since the previous evening, witnesses confirmed that there had been intermittent shelling throughout the night.

12-13-05 - Two Palestinians killed in flare-up of violence Israeli forces killed two Palestinian civilians on Tuesday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the latest flare-up of violence...They said troops shot dead a Palestinian bystander ...Israeli troops firing into the Gaza Strip also killed a Palestinian man near Gaza's boundary with Israel where militants and soldiers have exchanged fire in recent days, witnesses said.

12-13-05 - One resident killed, one injured in Gaza The source identified the resident as Fadi Abdul-Basit Al Kafarna, 23, a Palestinian policeman.

12-13-05 - Israeli forces shoot three Palestinians in Nablus Israeli soldiers shot three Palestinians, critically wounding two of them, during a raid in the northern West Bank city of Nablus on Tuesday, Palestinian medics and security sources said. Soldiers shot three stonethrowers during the clashes

12-13-05 - Iran could have nuke bombs in three years - Israeli army

12-13-05 - PM denies readiness to partition J'lem

12-13-05 - PRCS condemns the attack on one of its medical teams

12-13-05 - U.S.: Israelis arrested for illegal peddling Eli Levi of the Israeli Consulate in Chicago told the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem of the arrests and warned Israelis not to be tempted to arrive in the United States in order to make fast and easy money

12-13-05 - We should open our eyes to the injustices going on in the ?Little Town of Bethlehem? It has come to pass in these days, as 2,000 years ago, that Bethlehem?s citizens live under military occupation. A young woman in labor might very well give birth, as numerous Palestinian women have done, at an Israeli checkpoint, prevented by soldiers from reaching medical care, or even an inn.

12-13-05 - Israeli soldiers abuse two Palestinian children near Ramallah

12-13-05 - Attacks Put Palestinian Vote in Jeopardy Contributing to the murky atmosphere, a poll released Tuesday showed that nearly a third of the Palestinian people have no faith in any of the possible leaders.

12-13-05 - Palestinian Crackdown's Importance Debated

12-13-05 - Demonstration against economic closure

12-13-05 - Peace impossible without viable Palestinian state Israel's leading human rights group, B'Tselem, has found that Israel has violated 29 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its treatment of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

12-13-05 - Report: Pullout foes' rights breached The report cited increasing discrimination against Arab Israelis in government and public institutions.

12-13-05 - Two arrested in Aida refugee camp

12-13-05 - A blot on Israeli democracy

12-13-05 - A list of Golden Globe film nominees BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM - "Paradise Now" (Palestinian)

12-13-05 - Iran leader says Palestinian struggle must go on

12-13-05 - Italian court orders Iran asset freeze A court in Italy has ordered the freezing of an Iranian government account held in a Rome bank in what lawyers say represents an unprecedented legal victory for three US families seeking compensation from Iran for its alleged support of Palestinian suicide bombings that killed their relatives. Meanwhile, Palestinian and American victims of Israeli violence get no justice or redress.

12-13-05 - EU: Commission contributes ?14 million to the Euro-Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund

12-13-05 - Saudi Prince Gives Millions to Harvard and Georgetown

12-13-05 - Suppose Israel were to give up nuclear weapons President Kennedy dispatched inspectors to the Dimona generating plant in Israel's south, and he cautioned Israel against developing atomic weapons. Anticipating the 1962 visit of American inspectors, Israel reportedly constructed a fake wall at Dimona to conceal its weapons production. Since then, no U.S. administration has effectively pressured Israel to either halt its program or to submit to inspections under the International Atomic Energy Agency

12-13-05 - Jewish group meets with Berlusconi Anti-Defamation League officials met with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to discuss how to fight anti-Semitism and terrorism. Italian court orders Iran asset freeze

12-13-05 - Presbyterians in Chicago call for corporate engagement

12-13-05 - Israelis Grow Troubled by Bush Priorities In spite of their gradual decline in influence in the Bush administration since the Iraq invasion, neo-conservatives have been lobbying hard for the past two years for a policy of "regime change" in Syria....In the past year, neo-conservatives have also argued that overthrowing the Baathist regime in Syria would add momentum to U.S. efforts to spread democracy in the region,

12-13-05 - Israel says no Gaza-West Bank convoys until rocket fire stops

12-13-05 - Church leaders in Bethlehem drive

12-12-05 - Video footage of Israeli soldiers stopping plowing, assault
From the Christian Peacekeeper Teams of Hebron

12-12-05 - Israeli Navy fires at a Palestinian fishing boat, fisherman injured

12-12-05 - EU holds back report criticizing Israeli activity in East Jerusalem The EU decision not to publish the East Jerusalem report was welcomed by Israeli diplomats who have lobbied hard in Brussels in recent weeks against publication, saying the report is very biased against Israel. I wonder if this accusation from yesterday has anything to do with this latest development.

12-12-05 - Brown targets Palestinian economy Mr Brown and the World Bank are hosting a conference in London to discuss the economy in Palestinian territories.

12-12-05 - Hebron: Say it with a Home Invasion

12-12-05 - EU shelves East Jerusalem report over fear of alienating Israel Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy chief, persuaded ministers to drop the report when he warned that Europe's influence over Israel would be severely undermined if it were to be published International and humanitarian law, be damned.

12-12-05 - Sniper target laser 'fell on man' An inquest into the death of UN worker Iain Hook has reopened at Ipswich. No American inquest into this death or these deaths though. See also - Jenin riddle: Why did an Israeli soldier shoot a British official in the back?

12-12-05 - Palestinian 'third way' rises "Hamas has 25 to 30 percent of the public's support, but it's not just from religious people. It's people who are not happy with the (Palestinian) Authority," say Ali Jarbawi, a Bir Zeit University professor of political science, and one of the top candidates on the new list ticket. "So you need an alternative, one with a democratic, social, liberal outlook, and that alternative is not Fatah."

12-12-05 - Iranian-backed Shiite militias abused Iraqi prisoners: General

12-12-05 - Breaching the Barrier "It's forbidden according to Jewish law to sell your land to a non-Jew," says Motti Peretz, a Pisgat Zeev resident who turned down a generous bid on his home by a Palestinian. And it hasn't taken long for racial violence to surface. The woman who moved from A-Tur has a 20-year-old son who was accosted last month by Israeli ruffians; they bludgeoned him and told him Arabs would not be tolerated in the neighborhood 'ruffians'? Nice wash job by Newsweek.

12-12-05 - Bush admits Israel is the reason why we are 'spreading democracy' in the Middle East "Israel's long-term survival depends upon the spread of democracy in the Middle East." Bush confirms what I know to be true: we are in the Middle East, under the pretext of spreading democracy, for the benefit of Israel.

12-12-05 - Israel opposes convoy passage from Gaza Israel refuses to allow passage of Palestinian convoys from Gaza to West Bank through Israel set for Thursday; insists PA take steps against terror before talks resume

12-12-05 - Army arrests youth, claim he attempted to stab a soldiers

12-12-05 - OPT: UNRWA inaugurates Saudi-funded Rafah Re-housing Project This grant, administered by the Saudi Fund for Development through UNRWA, will cover the construction of new shelters for over 800 homeless refugee families, three schools, a health centre, a mosque, a community centre, a market area and all related infrastructure works

12-12-05 - Israeli artillery shells areas in northern Gaza

12-12-05 - Army reopens the Erez Crossing

12-12-05 - Gunmen raid Gaza elections office to protest Fatah plan to appoint candidates

12-12-05 - Army plans to evacuate Al Hathaleen tribe near Hebron A military order carrying number 05-196 was issued by the Israeli army to confiscate 1365 Dunams of farmlands from Al Hathaleen tribe for the construction of the Separation Wall in the area.

12-12-05 - Clinton praises Israel as Mideast ally "That bond is rooted in fundamental beliefs and values about the dignity of men and women and the right to live without fear or repression," Evidently Clinton has never heard of the phrase Liberty and Justice for ALL

12-12-05 - Iranian president sticks by anti-Israel comments

12-12-05 - Defense Min. official: No plan to attack Iran 'at the moment'

12-12-05 - Islamic Jihad urges PNA to free prisoners

12-12-05 - Reporter's presence at interrogation session cited in terrorism case Judith Miller- she's everywhere neocons want to be

12-12-05 - Shin Bet arrests a resident who allegedly was paid by Hezbollah

12-12-05 - A dust storm over the Holocaust Mohamed ElBaradei, acknowledged during an address at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London last week that most of the issues on the Iran nuclear file have been resolved and "after three years, we need to bring this to a close". He expressed the hope that the IAEA's Iran file could be "concluded by next year".

12-12-05 - UK: Men persecuted by the authorities demand justice

12-12-05 - Cutting Israel in Half Over Time More whining from Likudniks about the fact that US would appear to be pressuring Israel to hold up to their part of the deal - horror of all horrors.

12-12-05 - 290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote in Iraqi Elections According to Hamida Al-Husseini, who is in charge of absentee ballots in the coming elections, even Iraqi Jews holding Israeli citizenship can vote

12-11-05 - Palestinian killed in botched West Bank bombing

12-11-05 - Palestinian militant killed in botched West Bank grenade attack Later on Sunday afternoon, soldiers in Nablus shot and wounded a Palestinian who tried to throw a concrete block at them. Another Palestinian sustained burns also in the Nablus area when he tried to throw a firebomb at IDF troops

12-11-05 - Palestinian militant killed in Israeli raid in W. Bank city

12-11-05 - Palestinians export crops from Gaza ex-settlements

12-11-05 - Mass house Demolitions Threaten Al-Sawiya

12-11-05 - Rule of law includes the right of return When Palestinian refugees and internally displaced talk about the right of return they are not asking for a special privilege. The Palestinian demand for the right of return is a demand for equal rights and application of the rule of law

12-11-05 - A man's battle to keep his home According to Mr Natsheh, 45, this is only the latest in a series of attempts by the Israeli authorities to force him from his home in East Jerusalem's sprawling Shuafat refugee camp, where it stands close to the planned route of Israel's new Berlin-style separation wall

12-11-05 - West Bank barrier will increase bloodshed: Latin Patriarch

12-11-05 - Peretz: Palestinian state within 4 years

12-11-05 - Gaza development in limbo despite Israeli pullout "Sabotage of the water distribution network (by settlers) and pillaging of the hothouses after the Israeli withdrawal caused damage which we had to repair. It was not an easy task,"

12-11-05 - World Bank: Israel promised not to seal Gaza after terror attacks The Israeli government has promised in writing not to prevent cargo from entering and leaving the Gaza Strip, regardless of the security situation inside Israel, according to a paper prepared by the World Bank for a conference of donor nations that will take place in London on Wednesday.

12-11-05 - Militants fire first-ever homemade rocket at West Bank settlement

12-11-05 - Germany warns of fallout over Iranian leader's anti-Israel remarks

12-11-05 - Israel Police to advise French on riot control The Israel Police is considered a world expert in counterterrorism as well as riot control. "We have experience in controlling riots and maintaining public order from the Palestinian intifada and the disengagement from the Gaza Strip," one senior officer explained Yeh, they just shoot everybody except of course, the settlers

12-11-05 - State says international laws of armed conflict apply to Palestinian terrorism According to Feldman and Sfard, this meant that IDF soldiers could only kill a Palestinian during the time he was actively engaged in shooting or carrying out other terrorist actions against Israeli targets

12-11-05 - Anti-Israel protests against Nobel prize award

12-11-05 - Israel may strike Iran

12-11-05 - Israel accuses EU of breaching international terror law Israel has accused the European Union of breaching international laws against terrorism by maintaining contact with the radical Islamist groups Hamas and Hizbollah, in a sign of new tension between Israel and Europe. Pot, this is the kettle calling

12-11-05 - Egypt Islamists want to combat Israel through development

12-11-05 - Murder in Jerusalem

12-11-05 - U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT WATCHES ISRAEL'S TREATMENT OF LIBERAL JEWS The treatment of Palestinians also received close attention, with special attention to how Israel?s West Bank security barrier that has reduced terrorist attacks also has kept Palestinian Muslims and Christians from reaching religious services in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

12-11-05 - Gay Rights Vs. Anti-Israel Rhetoric Court watchers in the Jewish community say the Solomon Amendment could set a precedent for allowing Congress to set parameters for federal funds it gives to institutes of higher education. Jewish groups see that as an opportunity to move legislation through Congress to stem anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric on campus.....They're working on Capitol Hill to get an advisory board to monitor money doled out through Title VI, but if that doesn't work, Jewish leaders say they like having another potential option.

12-11-05 - Racial tensions spark Sydney beach violence The France riots, in reverse.

12-11-05 - Israeli consul attacks Spielberg's Munich as 'problematic'

12-11-05 - Israel denies Iran attack plans

12-11-05 - Reaction to remarks on Israel surprises Iran

12-11-05 - White House to Israel: 'Get moving!' Another boohoo fest.

12-10-05 - Palestinian shot dead by Israeli fire in sea off Gaza

12-10-05 - Al Aqsa militant killed by own bomb

12-10-05 - Resident dies of wounds sustained Thursday

12-10-05 - Palestinian hurt in protest A Palestinian man has been shot in the leg after throwing stones at an Israeli patrol

12-10-05 - Abbas tells Palestinians to keep truce with Israel

12-10-05 - Mideast borders deal must stay on schedule: US envoy Washington expects a US-brokered movement and borders agreement to stay "on schedule," a top US official said just days after Israel froze talks with the Palestinians over a planned West Bank-Gaza shuttle bus.

12-10-05 - Palestinians not violating Rafah border deal "The Palestinians are clearly in compliance at Rafah,"

12-10-05 - Al-Arian Trial Was Big News In Middle East Israel saw the trial, as the Post called it, "as the biggest and most elaborate case the U.S. has brought against a suspect in aiding terror since the 9-11 attacks." Israel provided documents and sent witnesses, including relatives of victims of bus bombings, to testify for the prosecution. Unfortunately for those that are accustomed to throwing people into 'administrative detention' without any charges being necessary and without any legal counsel and sometimes for years - it must be a shock that Americans still require actual EVIDENCE to convict someone of a crime. God bless America.

12-10-05 - Army: "Palestinian carrying two bombs arrested in Jerusalem"

12-10-05 - Israeli tank shells land adjacent to Gaza residential areas

12-10-05 - Barriers to Bethlehem Discourage Christian Pilgrims Palestinians residing in the city expressed a different view, citing newly erected barriers that have blocked off access to holy sites including the Church of the Nativity and Rachel's Tomb.

12-10-05 - 'We're trapped ... books free our minds' In the third week of our appeal, Conal Urquhart reports on the Palestinian institute making sure children don't grow up illiterate

12-10-05 - Report: Israel prepares to strike Iran PM Sharon orders IDF to prepare for attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by end of March 2006, British newspaper Sunday Times reports; intelligence officials say Iranian uranium enrichment facilities already active See the four day war scenario in this article posted last year by the American Conservative.

12-10-05 - Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran Cross-border operations and signal intelligence from a base established by the Israelis in northern Iraq are said to have identified a number of Iranian uranium enrichment sites unknown to the the IAEA.

12-10-05 - Israel expands war arsenal to deal with Iranian nuclear threat

12-10-05 - U.S. to Israel: Gaza convoys must start this week new report prepared by the World Bank in advance of the donor's conference blames Israel for the bulk of the economic problems in the territories and recommends that no further economic aid be given to the PA until Israel implements its side of the Rafah agreement

12-10-05 - US shrugs off Hamas move to end truce with Israel

12-10-05 - Palestinian president recives Russian envoy

12-10-05 - US official informs PNA official about Quartet meeting in Jerusalem

12-09-05 - Israel threatens 'economic siege' on Gaza: TV Israel will redesignate two commercial terminals on the Gaza boundary as border crossings, which could choke off Palestinian trade.

12-09-05 - Three New Olive Trees Successfully Planted in Bil?in; Palestinian Man Hit by Rubber Coated Bullet

12-09-05 - runs ad discouraging Jewish abortions as "only solution" to Arab population growth

12-09-05 - Israel blamed for failed assassination Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrilla group accused Israel of carrying out a failed attempt to kill one of its officials on Friday and said it would do "what is necessary" to defend itself.

12-09-05 - Hamas Leader Reiterates No Israel Truce

12-09-05 - Foreign Ministry denounces U.S. lawsuit against ex-Shin Bet chief "We see this as a cynical manipulation of the courts by groups with extremist agendas," Israelis have done the very same thing here in the US courts. Palestinians have now taken their initiative. I guess the former doesn't like a taste of their own medicine.

12-09-05 - Erekat slams Mofaz's threats to isolate Gaza Israeli Channel II television reported Friday that Mofaz threatened to close the Gaza Strip and prevent export and import from and into the Gaza Strip, which means keeping 1.5 million Palestinians without food or medicine for a long time.

12-09-05 - Israel Demands Better Border Security U.S. officials told a separate meeting of the so-called Quartet of international mediators Friday that the Palestinians were complying with the Rafah agreement and that any delay in relaying information was the result of technological problems that American experts were trying to resolve, according to notes of that meeting also obtained by the AP.

12-09-05 - Remarks of former U.S. Rep. Paul Findley to Champaign-Urbana Kiwanis Club on December 8, 2005*

12-09-05 - Open Bethlehem Open Bethlehem is a civil society initiative established to respond to the state of emergency in Bethlehem as the wall is going up turning a city that resonates with millions of people around the world into a 21st century prison.

12-09-05 - Israel's dogs of war See this related story.

12-09-05 - IAEA chief warns against military strike on Iran in nuclear row Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said earlier Friday that while diplomatic channels remained the best way to deal with the Iran issue, "it is necessary to also prepare the other means." Israel has repeatedly said it will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons by whatever means necessary.

12-09-05 - Manhattan lawsuit blames bomb deaths on ex-Israeli security chief

12-09-05 - AFA's Don Wildmon: If ADL's Foxman criticizes religious right, some of them "won't support Israel anymore"

12-09-05 - Israeli Aides Warn U.S. Not To Drop Ball on Iran This view, according to a senior official with a major Jewish organization, is shared by many in the Jewish community. "Frankly, as I hear from many Israeli officials: America picked the wrong adversary to fight in the Gulf, and the war against Iraq is now restraining it from leading a diplomatic campaign ? let alone a military one ? on Iran," the Jewish communal official said. Oh the irony and the audacity.

12-09-05 - U.S. Official Says Iran 'Very Aggressive' He cited, as an example, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that Israel should be "wiped off the map."

12-09-05 - Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine

12-09-05 - Israel calls Iran's president 'very dangerous' During their 1933-45 rule, the Nazis killed some six million Jews. Religious hardliners in Iran do not publicly deny the Holocaust occurred but say its scale has been exaggerated to justify the creation of Israel.

12-09-05 - Israeli widows preview Spielberg's 'Munich' "For me, it was important that the film does no dishonor to the memory of the murdered athletes, nor to the image of the State of Israel. Both my criteria were satisfied," You didn't really think that Spielberg would make Israel look bad, did you?

12-09-05 - Britain Accused of Israel Nuclear Cover-Up The revelation is potentially embarrassing for the British government at a time when London is heavily engaged with its European Union partners in trying to persuade Iran - a nation hostile to Israel - to give up its nuclear ambitions.

12-09-05 - U.S. looking to thwart $1 billion Israel-South Korea arms deal Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Elta have proposed selling the Koreans four early-warning aircraft (EWA) for $1.25 billion. In efforts to thwart the deal, the Americans have argued that part of the system includes U.S.-made parts, which require an export license.

12-09-05 - Iraqi 'code' bans Israel A "code of honor" binding a number of Iraqi parties vows never to normalize relations with Israel.

12-09-05 - Children unite under the banner of peace

12-09-05 - Book brings together articles by Brazilian intellectuals about Edward Said

12-09-05 - Juror: No Proof Al-Arian Guilty Most of them had trouble seeing a crime, or even a plan to commit one. They saw no hard evidence of a conspiracy linking Tampa and the bloody streets of Israel.

12-09-05 - Book a first on Palestinian art history

12-09-05 - We get no money from the Palestinian Authority and Israel boycotts us, says Bethlehem mayor

12-09-05 - Free Marwan Barghouti to curtail the power of Hamas By Yossi Beilin

12-09-05 - Calls grow for withdrawal of Nobel prize "Aumann uses his analysis to justify the Israeli occupation and the oppression of the Palestinians," the petition says.

12-09-05 - Hamas 'mother of martyrs' to run in Palestinian elections

12-09-05 - Iran Leader's Remarks Draw Ire From Saudis

12-09-05 - New N.J. senator friendly to Israel Rep. Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, traveled to Israel in August on a tour sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?s educational arm. I

12-09-05 - Mofaz: Prepare for Iran threat Israel's defense minister said his country should prepare non-diplomatic solutions to Iran?s threat.

12-09-05 - UN blasts Iranian president's anti-Israel remarks

12-09-05 - Iranian artifacts sought "Since they can't get the Iranian government to pay up, what they're going to do is cast out to seek any kind of Iranian property that can domesticate the judgment."

12-09-05 - Damascus denies talks on Israel Syria said the claims had been spread by Israel to deceive the world into thinking Syria was bowing to pressure.

12-09-05 - The Kamikaze Pilot and Modern Suicide Bomber Yuki Tanaka examines the psychological themes at the root of kamikaze attacks and suicide missions

12-09-05 - 'Only God Can Judge Me' -- A Palestinian American Defends His Right to Sell Liquor

12-08-05 - Palestinian woman killed as clans clash in Gaza

12-08-05 - Two Palestinians, Israeli Soldier Killed Six others were wounded, including an 11-year-old girl, hospital officials said.

12-08-05 - Israeli killed in W Bank stabbing Israeli troops then opened fire on Palestinians at the checkpoint, the AFP news agency reported.

12-08-05 - Life under siege in a divided city "Go to Auschwitz and take all the Arabs with you." Someone hung a sign outside: "Gas the Arabs."

12-08-05 - Soldiers demolish three homes, two shops near Jenin Kabha added that soldiers instructed him to stop the construction two years ago, and that his lawyer provided the Israeli Authorities will all of the needed documents which proves ownership of the land, and construction license, yet the Israeli authorities decided to level it.

12-08-05 - AJC: World Must Act on Iran's Vow to Destroy Israel AJC is asking the United Nations to take appropriate action against Iran, a UN member, for openly calling for the destruction of another member state, Israel.

12-08-05 - US 'not pressing' for Gaza, W. Bank convoys The US hasn't applied pressure on Israel to resume talks over establishing convoys for Palestinians between the Gaza Strip and West Bank, despite having brokered an agreement calling for them, diplomatic officials said Thursday.

12-08-05 - Europe and Jerusalem European governments should consider direct intervention in an attempt to curb the systematic measures being undertaken by Israel to increase its control and population in the historically - and legally - Arab eastern sector of Jerusalem, a highly sensitive EU report that was leaked recently to the press cncluded.

12-08-05 - Iranian president condemned over Israel comments

12-08-05 - The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime After the soldiers instruct you to return home, suddenly a frightening dog enters your apartment, grabs your child, who is sitting on his bed in shock, bites him hard in his leg and drags him down the 20 steps that lead from the second-floor apartment to the street.....Apparently it was "an operational mishap." ....In the Jenin refugee camp, they recall that this wasn't the first time. About two years ago, an IDF dog grabbed another child here, a cancer patient, and dragged him outside in its jaws, too, leaving him wounded and bleeding The IDF's answer to the banning of the use of Palestinian human shields -they still won't go in and do their job themselves. Instead, they send attack dogs to do it, and they send them into the wrong houses to attack children.

12-08-05 - Dichter sued in U.S. The groups allege that Dichter provided the intelligence necessary to carry out the bombing, which killed Hamas kingpin Salah Shehadeh but also killed eight children and seven adults and injured 150 people, the groups said in a statement

12-08-05 - Israel freezes talks on Gaza-West Bank bus link The bus service, which was due to have begun on December 15, was a key component of an agreement brokered between the two sides last month by visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

12-08-05 - Narrative Of a Typical Settler Holiday in Tel Rumeida The Israeli KKK.

12-08-05 - UN report: Poverty rising in Palestinian areas, despite cease-fire The number of Palestinians living in poverty has climbed to nearly two-thirds this year, despite a sharp slowdown in fighting with Israel and the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip, according to a United Nations report issued Thursday.

12-08-05 - Iran's Ahmadinejad casts doubt on Holocaust Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday expressed doubt that the Holocaust occurred and suggested Israel be moved to Europe.

12-08-05 - Pilgrims complain of exhausting security checks at Bethlehem crossing Complaints that have reached Farber, through an American representative of a major company that brings Christian pilgrims, as well as through Israeli tour guides, paint a depressing picture of the situation at the Jerusalem-Bethlehem crossing.

12-08-05 - 23 residents arrested in the West Bank

12-08-05 - U.S. May Yet Deport Acquitted Ex-Professor

12-08-05 - Death Penalty is Major Contributor to Anti-American Sentiment in Europe American policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 57%

12-08-05 - "Peace Team" players can't be punished, say West Bank FA

12-08-05 - Jewish voters weigh familiar issues Jewish communal officials concede that under Martin, Canada?s voting record on UN resolutions pertaining to Israel has improved, but still has a long way to go.

12-08-05 - Who's paying the legal bills for the former AIPAC lobbyists? Scroll down to see this headline.

12-08-05 - ZOA Praises U.S. Ambassador To U.N. John Bolton "Ambassador Bolton's recent efforts on the Netanya bombing and Hezbollah follow a long, principled record of support for Israel .....The ZOA calls on all Jewish organizations to publicly praise John Bolton for his great work and to thank President Bush for this splendid appointment."" John Bolton = ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the UN.

12-08-05 - International Festival of Documentary Films "One World" launches Arna Mer (1929-1995) led, in the last years of her life, a small theatre group of Palestinian children on the West Bank

12-08-05 - EU, Norway to support Palestinian Civil Police

12-08-05 - CPTs effective in reducing violence

12-08-05 - Distrust in Dimona While the HIC members began receiving NII benefits in 2003, as Americans they were also entitled to receive social security and other benefits awarded to US citizens. The FBI believed Ben-Israel and his followers were conning the American government out of millions of dollars. For the Americans, the biggest problem they faced regarding the community was succeeding in identifying individual members of the community. All Black Hebrews change their names upon joining the community to Hebrew, Biblical names. The surnames are also mostly the same - men are usually Ben-Israel and women are usually Bat-Israel. As a result, US authorities had practically no way of knowing who was eligible for Social Security benefits and who was not So 'Americans' that move to Israel still get our federal benefits?

12-08-05 - House approves Bahrain free trade The American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbied hard for the bill

12-08-05 - News analysis: Israel provokes violence to disrupt Palestinian elections

12-08-05 - Ukrainian university asks UN to 'close' Israel A Kiev-based university that already has gained international notoriety for its anti-Zionist propaganda and anti-Semitic publications now wants the United Nations to "close" Israel.

12-08-05 - Gush Etzion rallies in last-ditch effort against fence Many settlers are angry that some communities, such as Nokdim, Tekoa and Karmei Tzur, will be left stranded on the eastern side of the barrier, increasing the likelihood that they will be evacuated in a final settlement with the Palestinians.

12-08-05 - UJC, JCPA host Hispanic Israel tour The Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the United Jewish Communities are hosting a tour of Israel for Hispanic leaders.

12-08-05 - ZOA opposes Rice letter The Zionist Organization of America urged members of Congress not to sign a letter commending Condoleezza Rice for brokering a deal that opened the Gaza Strip-Egypt border

12-08-05 - Congress: Elect Hamas, lose funds Sponsors of a resolution to ban terrorist groups from Palestinian elections said Congress could withhold funds to the Palestinians if Hamas joins the government. More legislation for Israel.

12-08-05 - 'Righteous anger' drives activist

12-08-05 - Israel travel bill passed The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation preventing companies from denying life insurance to people who travel to Israel

12-08-05 - Toward an open, shared Jerusalem If Jesus were to look out at Jerusalem today, he would weep again over a Jerusalem that is being turned into the exclusive realm of one group at the expense of others

12-08-05 - Spielberg's 'Munich': A 'prayer for peace' or apologia for evil? WND, a rightwing pro-Israeli outfit, attacks Spielberg and his movie that they haven't even seen.

12-07-05 - Israeli air strike kills top Gaza militant An Israeli air strike killed a senior militant in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and wounded 10 other people, three of them children,

12-07-05 - Man dies five years after injury Palestinian sources announced that 23-year-old Amjad Saadi from the Jenin Refugee Camp died this morning from injuries he sustained five years ago. Saadi was shot by Israeli occupation soldiers in the head, which resulted in complete paralysis.

12-07-05 - Israel warplanes destroyed Gaza Statue of Unknown soldier

12-07-05 - U.S. gives Israel a large new camp Nachshonim, which covers almost 400 acres, is the third base the United States has built for Israel under an agreement reached during the 1998 Wye River talks with the Palestinian Authority

12-07-05 - Barakeh says Netanya operation serves Israeli right

12-07-05 - Fence behind schedule Israel?s West Bank security fence will be completed by the end of 2006, officials said.

12-07-05 - Syria ready to reopen Israel peace talks

12-07-05 - NCG Denounces Seizing Lands in Jerusalem The National Christian Gathering (NCG) in Jerusalem condemned Tuesday the seizing of Jerusalemites'lands in Silwan neighbourhood in Jerusalem

12-07-05 - Handcuffed teen: Soldiers beat me Udda also claimed that the soldiers pressured him to confess to throwing Molotov cocktails

12-07-05 - Two residents arrested near Hebron

12-07-05 - Pollard: Prisoner of Zion for Stealing U.S. Secrets

12-07-05 - Human Rights, Jewish Values, Security and Peace

12-07-05 - Jonathan Pollard: Hero, traitor, or dupe? Look at these folks defending what Pollard did. Unbelievable. Pollard caused grave harm to the national security of the United States, which is why he is in jail for as long as his sentence is. The national security of the US matters not to Israel-firsters, be they American or not.

12-07-05 - Controversial prof. discusses Middle East

12-07-05 - Expert: Patriot Act No 'Magic Bullet' The Patriot Act was manufactured to conduct witchhunts for, you shouldn't need anything more than what was already in place if you had probable cause. Those that have embarked on these witchhunts are learning that real Americans (sitting on juries) still need EVIDENCE. Find out who is being prosecuted the most using the PA and you find who is conducting the witchhunts. Hint, haven't seen too many Al Qaeda cases in the US in a long time, eh? Mostly cases having to do with a certain foreign country.

12-07-05 - Eric Boehlert: Sami Al-Arian: The Terror Verdict TV Networks Ignored

12-07-05 - InRob Tech Ltd. Remotely Controlled D9 Bulldozer to be Used in Daily Military Operations

12-07-05 - New Red Cross Emblem Paves Way for Israel A new Red Cross emblem was accepted at an international conference Thursday over Syrian objections

12-07-05 - Yahoo's Changing Headline: The Netanya Bombing The journalist who wrote it is unlikely to have had anything to do with the headline--an editor at AP probably takes care of that. Among other things, the reporter who wrote the article has a degree from Tel Aviv University and served in the IDF. Now there's an unbiased source for articles related to the I-P conflict!

12-07-05 - Government loses key court test of Patriot Act CNN reports that the government had taken separate cases against Arian, including a "years-long secret foreign intelligence probe of the professor's activities," and combined them into one case against him

12-07-05 - Failed case seen as blow to terror war Many Muslim-Americans are hailing the acquittal of former college professor and Palestinian activist Sami al-Arian as a vindication of the US system of justice.

12-07-05 - Candidates for U.S. Senate weave Israel into campaigns

12-07-05 - House urges U.N. to curb Israel-bashing It passed 400-1, with only Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), a vocal critic of Israel, voting against. More legislation for Israel.

12-07-05 - Israel threatens to deport UK activist "This is not the first time they target a peace activist. In fact, I myself have been targeted as well. They don't want anybody to see what they are doing to these helpless people,"

12-07-05 - US team to resolve safe passage between Gaza, W. Bank

12-07-05 - UNICEF: Hand in Hand in Protecting Palestinian Children's Rights

12-07-05 - Caracas to Host UN Latin American Regional Meeting on Question Of Palestine, Public Forum in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

12-07-05 - Algeria angers US for blocking UN statement condemning Jihad bombing U.S. Ambassador John Bolton criticized Algeria for blocking a U.N. Security Council statement blaming Islamic Jihad for a suicide bombing in Israel and urging Syria to shut the militant group's offices in Damascus.

12-07-05 - Choreographer Strikes a Pose for Palestinian Identity

12-07-05 - US university bars speeches by 3 "former terrorists"

12-07-05 - Dear Abby: Do Israelis have Christians in their Government?

12-07-05 - Dear Steven Spielberg Nor is there any real evidence that the Israeli agents who carried out the retaliatory attacks "gave way to troubling doubts." Which might be the actual point of Spielberg making this movie; to make believe that someone had a conscience ? ...

12-06-05 - The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

12-06-05 - Pope Benedict - First New Citizen of Bethlehem His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI accepted a Bethlehem passport from the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, today (Saturday 3rd December). His Holiness becomes the first new citizen of Bethlehem following the launch of ?Open Bethlehem', an international campaign to save the city

12-06-05 - Palestinian farmers mourn loss of land to barrier "My 58-year-old wife has to do the work of a 28-year-old. Jayyus has lost 75 percent of its land, but 90 percent of its income," Robbing a man of his livelihood is never a move conducive to peace. What would you do if it happened to you?

12-06-05 - Global Palestine Right-of-Return Coalition holds 6th annual meeting

12-06-05 - Ex-professor cleared on some terror charges In a stinging defeat for prosecutors, a former Florida professor accused of helping lead a terrorist group that has carried out suicide bombings against Israel was acquitted on nearly half the charges against him Tuesday, and the jury deadlocked on the rest. I wonder if our government could now start spending taxpayer money on hunting down and prosecuting OUR enemies?

12-06-05 - Family of Palestinian suicide bomber arrested

12-06-05 - Palestinians arrest four activists

12-06-05 - Record number of women to contest Palestinian elections

12-06-05 - Israel Closes Palestinian Territories

12-06-05 - Israel seals West Bank Israeli police arrested 500 illegal Palestinian workers in a new crackdown

12-06-05 - A week of Palestinian calls for the release of the CPT hostages in Iraq

12-06-05 - Murder in Israel underscores a culture of deceit it is no surprise that after Samir Dari was shot in the back from just a few yards away the police instantly claimed that he was trying to run them over. It is almost as if lying has become an involuntary reflex for the authorities.

12-06-05 - Soldier to be indicted for selling arms A soldier will be indicted for stealing 7 rifles from an IDF base, selling them to terror groups in territories

12-06-05 - IDF opts for targeted killing over large-scale W. Bank operation

12-06-05 - The Pollard Affair - In Halacha: To Free A Captive Is To 'Free G-d' Throughout history, Jews have gone to remarkable lengths to retrieve their brethren from hostile hands. Pollard did grave damage to the security of the United States.

12-06-05 - Jewish leaders to devise strategy "We face a better-financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before," he said. "Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America. To save us." This coming from the organization that advocates for a state based on another religion, and one that America funds to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars whether we like it or not.

12-06-05 - Red Cross deal on Israel nears but Syrians unhappy However, Syria said it wanted an agreement with the Israelis allowing its first aid teams to operate inside the occupied Golan Heights, indicating it might try to hold up a quick accord by asking the conference to vote on the new emblem.

12-06-05 - No peace with Sharon One of the motivations of this policy is to make the lives of the Palestinians so intolerable that they get out. The success of this ethnic cleansing is shown in Ramallah

12-06-05 - Israel wants different ?brand? Initiated by Israel's Foreign Ministry, the group plans to work in North America and Europe with leading Israeli advertising firms and businesses and Diaspora Jewish communities to "brand" Israel as more than just a country at war More propagandizing needed, evidently.

12-06-05 - Ayalon: Evacuate all settlements beyond the fence by 2010

12-06-05 - U-S heightens rhetoric against Syria That accusation comes today from the U-S State Department, which is linking Syria to a Palestinian group that says it's responsible for five terror attacks on Israel.

12-06-05 - Spielberg: Israel entitled to strong response In an interview with Time Magazine ahead of the movie?s premiere, Spielberg doesn't hide his affinity for Israel

12-06-05 - Anti-Israel article angers Irish leaders An article questioning the right of Israel to exist, which was published in an Irish lifestyle magazine, has angered local Jewish leaders

12-06-05 - Poverty spreads in Israel Subsidizing mortgages for the illegal settlements is more important to the Israeli govt, evidently.

12-06-05 - New German government opens up to Israel The Bush administration has made every effort to block the German initiative to win a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council based on Schroeder?s categorical refusal to use, even if justified, preemptive military force. Merkel?s government has shown more openness to discussing ?all options? available ? including the one of using pre-emptive military force, the observers said. In other words, Merkel is willing to shill for the neocons.

12-05-05 - Five killed as suicide bomber strikes in Israel The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said in a statement: "This operation ... against civilians causes the most serious harm to our commitment to the peace process and the Palestinian Authority will not go easy on whoever is proved to be responsible."

12-05-05 - Press Conference of Palestinians Calls for Release of All Civilian Hostages in Iraq; More Solidarity Demonstrations Planned

12-05-05 - Two youth injured in Aida refugee camp

12-05-05 - Netanyahu Backs Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

12-05-05 - Iran warns Israel after Netanyahu attack threat

12-05-05 - Strikes ordered after Israel bomb attack Mofaz also ordered raids, assassinations and tightened restrictions on Palestinians movement in the occupied West Bank

12-05-05 - U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes

12-05-05 - Israel to resume targeted killings after suicide attack Such operations had been suspended for several months in the West Bank No they haven't. Israel has been picking them off for months now.

12-05-05 - OPT: Sharon cancels planned Gaza-West Bank link, orders raids

12-05-05 - Once evacuated, IDF to fire on built-up Gaza areas The headline of this article has changed twice since I located it.

12-05-05 - Israel orders two submarines at discount They said despite deep cuts foreseen for Israel?s defence budget, top brass decided the new Dolphin-class submarines were needed to counter long-range threats like Iran, whose nuclear programme has raised fears it is seeking atomic weapons.

12-05-05 - US considers exchanging Jewish spy for Fatah leader The United States is considering the possibility of releasing a Jewish spy in return for the release of jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, Israeli media reported Monday.

12-05-05 - Rights groups: Israeli barrier a land grab Israeli human rights groups have accused the state of Israel of deliberately routing the West Bank barrier not to maximise security but to seize Palestinian land to expand and develop new Jewish settlements.

12-05-05 - Eastern Catholic leaders condemn terror, back Palestinian state

12-05-05 - Intel supports ethnic cleansing

12-05-05 - Checkpoints, Walls Make Bethlehem an 'Open-Air Prison,' Christians Say According to the 2005 international religious freedom report release recently by the U.S. Department of State, the barrier and its checkpoints also impede the movement of religious clergy between Jerusalem and West Bank churches and monasteries.

12-05-05 - Israeli army detains Hamas candidates in W. Bank

12-05-05 - Artists push against Israeli wall

12-05-05 - El-Funoun Performance

12-05-05 - America slowly confronts the truth Americans are ready to discuss the United States' relationship with Israel. And America's injustices towards the Arabs. As usual, ordinary Americans are way out in front of their largely tamed press and television reporters. Now we have to wait and see if the media boys and girls will catch up with their own people

12-05-05 - U.S. presses Palestinians, Syria act on militants Remember this story from 2 days ago -America, Israel Bracing for Violence From Syria? What a coincidence!

12-05-05 - Jewish Groups: Time For A Full Accounting of Meetings With Hezbollah Presbys now answer to Jewish groups?

12-05-05 - "Getting in the way": Christian peacemakers from the West Bank to Iraq John Lynes was born into a Jewish family in 1928, but had been a committed Quaker for more than fifty years. In Hebron, he said, the CPT was acting as both a witness to the conflict, and a go-between for anyone on either side willing to talk to the others. Lynes conceded that in Hebron such people were not always in ready supply. "The settlers have called me a Nazi", he smiled, "and I'm old enough to remember what a real Nazi was".

12-05-05 - Carter to monitor PA elections

12-05-05 - Steele goes to Israel Steele is the likely Republican contender for the Maryland seat in the U.S. Senate that opens in 2006. Rep. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), scion of a well-known Maryland Jewish family with strong Israel ties, is one of two Democrats who will likely run against Steele

12-05-05 - Israel Apologist Points Finger at Someone Else Over Corrie Murder Unbelievable.

12-05-05 - OPT: A new program launched to improve rule of law The three-year Justice and Enforcement program NETHAM will assist in strengthening the rule of law by working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Justice, the courts, and other legal institutions.

12-05-05 - Iran, Israel and nukes Given the complete failure of Western diplomacy to halt Iran's march toward development of an atomic bomb, it should come as no surprise if Israel has decided to make surviving a nuclear first strike a top priority. The Washington Times is clearly a non-biased source for news, eh?

12-05-05 - White House goes kosher Bush will meet with Jewish educators before the party, which hosts a cross-section of the Jewish leadership.

12-05-05 - DNC opposes divestment The Democratic National Committee came out against efforts to divest from Israel or the Palestinian areas.

12-05-05 - Congressional letter urges Rice to stay course "We thus hope that you will continue to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians a personal priority, including seeing through the implementation of this historic agreement," the letter concludes.

12-05-05 - Spielberg hopes to use film to connect Israelis and Palestinians

12-04-05 - Palestinian police shoot driver for not stopping for inspection

12-04-05 - Netanyahu urges bold Israeli action on Iran nukes

12-04-05 - Israeli Military Doubts Pressure on Iran Israel's military chief of staff said Sunday he did not believe diplomatic pressure will put a halt to Iran's nuclear ambitions.

12-04-05 - Israeli army steals Arafat's gifts: report

12-04-05 - Israel voices worry over Iran-Russia missile deal Israel has lambasted Russia over the sale of anti-missile systems to arch-enemy Iran, the latest round of what the local press has dubbed the Iranian-Israeli arms race

12-04-05 - Gaza militants fire more rockets after Israeli air raids "Do not test our abilities ... because it will create a lot of destruction in Gaza," Halutz told journalists in Tel Aviv

12-04-05 - Arab enrolment jumps at West Bank settler college Some Jewish Israeli students on campus said they appreciated interacting with Arabs. But others said they were perplexed as to why the school would want to welcome them.

"I had two Arabs in my class. They didn't talk much. We don't have anything to talk about," said Ravital Sabag, a recent criminology graduate, as she sat outside a campus cafeteria. "I think it is not good to bring more Arabs. I don't trust them."

Her friend Gali Mark, also a recent graduate, said she also did not want more Arabs to enroll. If they do, she said: "Jewish people won't come here to study."

Racist much?

12-04-05 - Palestinian police chief demands more weapons Ala Hosni said that only one in 20 of his men had weapons and were struggling to maintain order with ramshackle equipment.

12-04-05 - U.S. policy on Iran called ineffective After new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last month called for Israel's destruction, the leading pro-Israel lobbying group -- the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- took the unusual step of publicly faulting the U.S. approach. My but how they do whine when America doesn't do Israel's bidding to their liking.

12-04-05 - Ex-US diplomat blames Israel for Pakistani dictator's death

12-04-05 - Israel scorns Iran nuclear talks

12-04-05 - Chomsky and Dershowitz debate Middle East peace process at Kennedy School

12-04-05 - Palestinians gather in support of CPT, ask for release of taken CPTers We have been suffering from the Israeli occupation since ages. CPT members came here two years ago. They have documented such suffering, and were badly beaten by the Israeli settlers for that. "

12-04-05 - Israel still denying Gaza students permits to study in West Bank The blanket denial comes in spite of Israel's pledge as part of the passage agreement with the Palestinians that bus convoy links between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank would be permitted.

12-04-05 - B'Tselem's complaint leads DIP to recommend prosecution of policemen

12-04-05 - Canada uses post-Sept. 11 experience to help Palestinians run border point

12-04-05 - Officers accused of beating handcuffed detainee Three Border Guard officers accused of beating handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian detainee; officers also accused of kicking Palestinian cab driver as he was waiting at checkpoint

12-04-05 - Army shells several areas in the Gaza Strip

12-04-05 - United Nations Remind Israel of 1967 Borders The United Nations (UN) has once again called Israel to pull out from the Palestinian territory that remained occupied since 1967.

12-04-05 - Palestinians to Hold Press Conference to Call for Release of the Four CPT Hostages in Iraq

12-04-05 - Palestinian Legislative Campaign Kicks off, 3 Lists Registered

12-04-05 - Islamic Jihad says may not renew truce with Israel

12-04-05 - Judgement day looms for new Red Cross symbol

12-04-05 - Canada makes an about-face on Mideast "Canada does not share common values with some countries, like Israel, who disregard international law, whose human rights record is clearly questionable and who constantly disregard UN resolutions. U.N. resolutions are not a buffet where we can pick and choose what suits us. Why are U.N. resolutions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue not implemented?"

12-04-05 - Spielberg says his new film 'Munich' is a 'prayer for peace'

12-04-05 - Palestinian film wins European Oscar

12-04-05 - Israeli and Palestinian artwork in British Parliament

12-04-05 - Peres will play key role in peacemaking: Sharon

12-03-05 - Israel fires missile into Gaza building - witnesses An Israeli army spokeswoman said Sunday's airstrike was the first aimed at targets in the Gaza strip since October when Israeli aircraft fired missiles at targets in response to rocket firing by militants into Israel. The Gaza militants said they fired the rockets on Saturday in response to the killing of a Palestinian man on a fishing boat by an Israeli naval patrol vessel.

12-03-05 - Five killed as clans clash in Gaza

12-03-05 - Israeli navy kills Palestinian off Gaza - medics The medics said the Palestinian killed in the incident had been on a fishing trip

12-03-05 - Israeli troops shoot and kill 2 Palestinians in Gaza Israeli troops shot and killed two Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including a fisherman whose boat was sunk by an Israeli naval vessel and a mentally retarded teenager, the army and Palestinian security officials said Saturday.

12-03-05 - Soldiers force hospital keep Palestinian teen in restraints Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that a 14-year-old Palestinian child was shot by the soldiers in the leg on Friday, and has been held in arm and leg restrains since he was injured in spite that he is guarded at hospital 24 hours a day by two military police officers...."That ambulance waited at the checkpoint for two hours for a military escort, during which time the father noticed that Taher had lost consciousness".

12-03-05 - Palestinians Probe Rafah Violation Report Earlier Saturday, Israeli troops killed a 15-year-old mentally retarded Palestinian who tried to infiltrate Israel from the Gaza.

12-03-05 - Israeli-Arab leaders support Syria Local Arab leaders gathered to form pro-Syria committee, call Israeli-Arab public to oppose 'American aggression, Israeli occupation'

12-03-05 - Abbas invites Pope to Holy Land

12-03-05 - Abbas is right man for peace with Israel: Italy

12-03-05 - America, Israel Bracing for Violence From Syria Proxy Attacks Seen as Lebanon Probe Heats Up

12-03-05 - Free Jerusalem vote key to election success-Abbas

12-03-05 - Leftist Palestinian parties form coalition to run in elections

12-03-05 - Pope, Abbas Discuss Mideast Peace Process When Pope John Paul II received Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 1982, the first of many meetings between the two men, it sparked protests in Israel and in the worldwide Jewish community. John Paul consistently championed rights for the Palestinian people while at the same time greatly improving the Vatican's relations with Israel.

12-03-05 - Palestinian-Italian Agreement to Form High Joint Committee

12-03-05 - Palestinian Journalist Block denounces the arrest of Al Jazeera reporter

12-03-05 - Settler woman rams a child with her car in Qalqilia

12-03-05 - Arab MK criticizes uprooting of trees by settlers "We blame the government of Israel, which has the ability to prevent this crime but would rather turn a blind eye. He ridiculed the Israeli instructions for Palestinian villagers to take their complaints to Israeli police stations. "The police stations are inside the settlements and usually, the policemen are settlers themselves."

12-03-05 - Israel, US disagree on post-Assad Syria The fact that Israeli and American officials were discussing "day after" scenarios for Syria does not indicate that the US has a plan for regime change in Syria, however. Riiiight.

12-03-05 - This weekend's top 10 El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe performs at 7 tonight in Dearborn with its 32-member ensemble.

12-03-05 - Diplomatic construction initiatives to transfer the American embassy have emanated from the US Congress, whose members have long been lobbied by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other activist groups.....AIPAC in particular has encouraged Congress members to write and cosponsor legislation mandating the embassy's move....A 1999 statement notes some Congress members' dissatisfaction with the president's use of the Embassy Act's waiver clause, but the issue appears to have been displaced more recently by other lobbying efforts, most of which are related to the disengagement, Hizbullah and Iran's nuclear weapons program.

12-03-05 - Abbas tells UN panel "Our hands remain outstretched for peace" On the occasion, the Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe "El-Funoun" held a press conference and delivered a letter to Annan urging him "to do your very best to bring closer the day when we can envoy freedom and assume our constructive role in the international community as South Africans did".

12-03-05 - Hizbollah meeting prompts US Presbyterian guidelines The Rev. Robert Reynolds, chief of the Chicago Presbytery, released a letter he had sent to the Jewish group saying he had made the trip for educational purposes and not in any official capacity.

12-03-05 - Internationally Acclaimed El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe to Perform in Dearborn, Michigan on Saturday, December 3, 2005

12-03-05 - Al Najah University dean of Shariya department released

12-03-05 - A frightening "Strategy for Israel" The basic premises of the plan are these: In order to survive Israel must become an imperial regional power and must also ensure the break-up of all Arab countries so that the region may be carved up into small ineffectual states unequipped to stand up to Israeli military might.

12-03-05 - BBC's 'impartial' coverage of Middleast conflict challenged In a critique submitted to the public-funded corporation, the MCB said even after watching and hearing BBC over 40 years, many British viewers are still believing that Palestinians are occupying Israeli land rather than vice versa.

12-03-05 - Hidden wins three European Film Awards The best screenplay award went to Hany Abu-Assad and Bero Beyer for Paradise Now, a movie that explores the motivations of Palestinian suicide bombers.

12-03-05 - Security drives tourists from Bethlehem

12-03-05 - Groups call for Arab anti-terror front

12-03-05 - Iraq Sinks into the Gap between US Strategy and Reality DEBKAfile?s sources learned that President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, during his acclaimed visit to Tehran last week secretly signed an agreement for the oil pumped in the fields of Kurdistan near the northern city of Kirkuk to be piped 500km to Iran?s southern refineries at Abadan. Israelis are helping the Kurds in Kurdistan and Northern Iraq.

12-03-05 - Israeli army arrests newlywed in Jenin

12-03-05 - Investment or Divestment: Citizens, Financial Choice, and the Future of Israel and Palestine "On April 9, 2002, an Israeli soldier used a Caterpillar bulldozer to demolish the home of Fathiya Muhammad Sulayman Fayed, killing her paralyzed and disabled son Jamal Fayed who was still inside at the time of the demolition. 38-year-old Fayed was not able to leave his home and avoid death due to his disability. Although Fayed's mother and sister informed the Israeli soldiers that Fayed was still inside-they proceeded to bulldoze the home and Fayed was crushed by the house that collapsed onto him."

12-02-05 - Israeli troops kill Palestinian near Gaza border

12-02-05 - Parents speaking out to keep alive memory of child killed in Gaza

12-02-05 - Child killed, two youth injured in Khan Younis

12-02-05 - Palestinian leader asks for Jesusalem to be open city

12-02-05 - Effort for review of anti-Semitism on campus meeting new resistance The Senate language, inserted in the Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005 and passed by the Senate on Nov. 3, would gut plans to make universities that receive federal funds accountable to the Education Department to the degree that some Jewish groups have sought. They seek to legislate pro-Isreal views on campus.

12-02-05 - Christmas in the Holy Land

12-02-05 - Militants Wanted by Israel Return to Gaza Israel's demand that such fugitives be kept out are not part of the accord, the officials said

12-02-05 - Jewish settler population seen growing 4.3 percent in 2005 The Jewish population in the West Bank is expected to grow faster than in any other Israeli district in 2005, to more than 243,000 people, the government reported Thursday.

12-02-05 - Israel: We prefer Assad Israel told the United States it fears the outcome of regime change in Syria. The United States is given its orders with regard to Syria.

12-02-05 - Canada continues shift toward Israel Upholding international law at the UN = "Israel-bashing", evidently. Israel is above the law and criticism.

12-02-05 - Palestinians sell out A Palestinian dance troupe known for its sharp depictions of life under Israeli occupation sold out a Washington theater.

12-02-05 - Israel Warns Gaza Could Face Sanctions Israel has accused Palestinians of allowing 15 Hamas fighters back into the Gaza Strip from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing and threatened to impose economic sanctions on the strip.

12-02-05 - Israelis killed Zia, suspects ex-US ambassador He says he was asked to persuade the Indians to be more pro-Israel too

12-02-05 - Palestinian finance minister asks G7 for $200 million in funding

12-02-05 - Palestine becomes Observer at WTO

12-02-05 - Bil?in protests against the Wall, calls for the release of CPM abductees in Iraq

12-02-05 - Human Rights Worker refuses deportation; Threatened by Police Officer

12-02-05 - U.S. aide to arrive in region to monitor Rafah crossing deal

12-02-05 - Palestinian Dreaming: Resistance and Joy

12-02-05 - Ballot boxes set on fire in Palestinian election

12-02-05 - Soldiers attack peaceful protest against the Wall in Aboud

12-02-05 - Palestinians describe their struggle for identity

12-02-05 - Adnan Nasser - Seeking a homeland

12-02-05 - From 1996: Defense Memo Warned of Israeli Spying; 'Ethnic Ties' Charge Draws ADL Rebuke; Drawing on the example of the Pollard case and four other Israeli espionage operations in the United States, the memo said that the country's recruitment techniques include "ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement, and identification and exploitation of individual frailties" of U.S. citizens. "Placing Israeli nationals in key industries . . . is a technique utilized with great success," the memo said.

12-02-05 - Palestinians on campus try to promote culture

12-02-05 - "Pessoptimism" Colours Palestinian Experience

12-02-05 - Israel Successfully Tests Missile Defense Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said an effective shield is needed in light of Iran's threats against Israel and efforts to develop non-conventional weapons.

12-02-05 - Cultural display sparks controversy "These days in the media you hear a lot about Palestine and the Middle East," said Wafa Hassouneh, an ASO member who co-designed the display. "We want to show the human side of the Palestinian issue, to remind people that there's a people and a culture behind Palestine."

12-02-05 - Deep Middle East distrust of US, says poll

12-02-05 - AIPAC raps US handling of Iran nukes

12-02-05 - Pipes?s article offensive We find Mr. Pipes?s comments very offensive in that he uses the word ?medicine? to refer to death, and stereotypes Palestinians as terrorists. We think these attitudes do not reflect true Jewish beliefs

12-02-05 - Canada votes against 3 anti-Israeli resolutions at the UN Canada has fallen to the pro-Israeli lobby.

12-02-05 - Viewpoint: UK war reporter Robert Fisk This idea that you must balance out a story by talking to the oppressors on an equal basis with the victims is ridiculous.

12-02-05 - 'Private' a thoughtful take on Mideast conflict

12-02-05 - Pickets protest Dershowitz speech Jewish Witnesses for Peace has been outside Beth Israel during Saturday morning services the past two years, protesting Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory. The group's leader, Henry Herskovitz, also is pushing Beth Israel for sit-down talks about the Palestinian occupation.

12-02-05 - Candlelight march encourages Bethlehem residents

12-02-05 - Victories in courtroom may help deter terrorism Winning judgments for the victims of Palestinian terrorism does ?exactly what Congress intended when it passed the Klinghoffer Act,? Strachman says. ?It creates an economic disincentive to terrorism, and it will remove the available funds to finance terrorism, which is very expensive.?

12-02-05 - Canadian Christian leaders warned of divestment "dangers" A group of U.S. clergy representing mainline denominations joined with B'Nai Brith Canada for a recent news conference in Toronto to warn their Canadian counterparts about the "dangers inherent" in divestment from Israel

12-02-05 - In Rome, Abbas welcomes 'radical' change in Israel

12-02-05 - OPT: Rubble of Gaza settlements to be cleared within month The removal of thousands of tonnes of rubble from the demolished Jewish settlements in Gaza is to begin within a month, a senior UN official said Thursday after a UN-Israeli agreement was signed on funding.

12-01-05 - Sharon Ally: Border Will Follow Barrier Israel's border with a future Palestinian state will roughly follow the route of the contentious barrier Israel is building along and inside the West Bank, a top ally of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was quoted Thursday as saying. No other nation gets to draw up its own borders at will and at the expense of another people, with the full backing of the United States. Saddam Hussein was beaten back out of Kuwait in the first Gulf War for this very same reason.

12-01-05 - Israeli police arrests two Israeli youth after cutting 120 Palestinian grapevines The youth, both 17, came form Be?er Shiva and Alon Shvut, were arrested in Hebron after bragging to Israeli police officers that they had cut the grapevines of the Palestinian residents.

12-01-05 - West Bank barrier designed to expand settlements Israel has deliberately routed its West Bank separation barrier to expand and create new Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian territory, a human rights report charged.

12-01-05 - Two Palestinians hurt by IDF fire during arrest raid in Nablus 12-year-old boy from Jenin was lightly to moderately injured on Wednesday when an IDF dog bit him

12-01-05 - Sharon hints at Iran strike

12-01-05 - Palestinian committees OK?d at U.N. Israel, its supporters and Jewish leaders have also called for the committees to be abolished. "Israel, its supporters" = John Bolton, ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the U.N.


12-01-05 - Moving into East Jerusalem In a separate report issued Thursday, the prominent Israeli human rights group Btselem presented what the group said was evidence that the wall's route was making way for settlement expansion in the territories, rather than focusing exclusively on security. That conclusion seemed to be supported by a key member of Ariel Sharon's government, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, whose spokesman said Thursday that the borders of a future Palestinian state would be similar to the line drawn by the security barrier.

12-01-05 - Former covert Israeli forces 'training Kurds in Iraq' Involvement in the region also gave Israel better access to intelligence from Syria and Iran, particularly Iran's nuclear programme

12-01-05 - Palestinian bishop seeks mercy for Iraq peace workers "They represent no government; they stand only on their faith and on their refusal to be silent in the face of injustice."

12-01-05 - IDF soldiers arrest Al Jazeera TV reporter based in West Bank An IDF spokeswoman said that Awad was being held "for security reasons."

12-01-05 - Poll: U.S. Jews back Israel The study, conducted by Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research for the Israel Project, found that 82 percent of American Jews support Israel ? 63 percent said they did so strongly

12-01-05 - No more unilateral pullouts: Sharon

12-01-05 - Israel will not accept Iran nuclear weapons: Sharon "We must do everything possible to prepare for such a situation. But Israel is not spearheading any campaign" " But Israel is not spearheading any campaign" " - AHHHAHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious.

12-01-05 - Israel to Pressure Iran on Nuke Issue Israel is pressuring US to pressure Iran via AIPAC. See this from yesterday's news.

12-01-05 - Sharon: Israel to keep Jordan Valley under any deal

12-01-05 - Sharon vows to seek peace but big settlements to stay

12-01-05 - Israelis trained Kurds in Iraq But that?s not all. Leading Israeli companies in the field of security and counter-terrorism have set up a training camp under the codename Z at a secret location in a desertic region in northern Iraq, where Israeli experts provide training in live fire exercises and self-defense to Kurdish security forces.....Motorola Israel said it is a U.S. company that operates in over 70 countries throughout the world, including in Iraq where it helped set up a cellular phone network and provided communications systems and equipment to Iraqi security forces. See yesterday's article - here and we wonder why Iraqis didn't welcome us with the red carpet treatment.

12-01-05 - Greek Orthodox Patriarch names Palestinian to Holy Synod

12-01-05 - Israel has no right to veto operating Rafah crossing: Erekat

12-01-05 - Palestinians offer their help to gain freedom for kidnapped CPTers

12-01-05 - Palestinians demonstrate for release of Western activists kidnapped in Iraq

12-01-05 - Last few Palestinians in Moroccan quarter resist attempts at expulsion Today only a few Palestinian homes remain and their owners say they will not leave in spite of continued Israeli efforts to drive them out

12-01-05 - Ottawa decides to take more pro-Israel stance at United Nations Canada has decided to adopt a more pro-Israel stance in the United Nations regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict and to move closer to the positions of Israel and the United States. The decision followed a tough campaign by prominent members of the Canadian Jewish community

12-01-05 - Sharon says Israel will arrest Hamas election candidates at roadblocks Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Thursday that Israel would immediately arrest militant Hamas candidates for Palestinian parliament if they tried to go through Israeli military roadblocks.

12-01-05 - MK Meir Porush: Sharon reminds me of Italian dictator Mussolini Boim responded that, considering Mussolini was an "ally of Hitler, this is unacceptable. I think you should retract your statement. It is shameful for an MK to compare any Israeli prime minister or leader with Mussolini."

12-01-05 - 'McCarthyism' chills pro-Israel campus voices: Dershowitz Dershowitz is the same man that sought to stop the publication of Finkelstein's book. And this article is Orwellian for the fact that those who are using McCarthyism to quell campus speech are the pro-Israelis themselves - see this article from yesterday

12-01-05 - Viet Nam voices support for just cause of Palestinian people

12-01-05 - Japanese Prime Minister to visit Israel and P.A

12-01-05 - US calls on Iran to return to nuclear talks Israel says 'jump', our government replies 'how high?'.

12-01-05 - Galloway Under Fire After TV Slur He added: "Almost all politicians in Washington blindly support Israel. Senator Norman Coleman, the senator who was accusing me is the closest friend of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."

12-01-05 - French Jewish thinker sued The action is being taken against Finkielkraut for comments he made to the Israeli daily newspaper Ha?aretz on Nov. 18 about the ethnic motivations of the recent suburban riots

12-01-05 - OPT: Rebuilding Khan Younis Camp - United Arab Emirates donates USD $13 million to re-house homeless refugees

12-01-05 - 'November 29 has become Palestine Day' Israel's ambassador to U.N. says he will not participate in celebrations this year, as 'The Palestinians have turned November 29 into a bargaining chip'

12-01-05 - Fatah to form high committee to finalize election lists

12-01-05 - Bolton Says Palestinian Resolutions Demonstrate UN Irrelevance ''If the UN is not in the business of upholding international law, we want to know what kind of business it is involved in,'' Neocon John Bolton is ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the U.N.

12-01-05 - Life under occupation explored at Toronto film fest

12-01-05 - The withdrawal from Iraq is coming Whiners complaining of our forthcoming troop withdrawal from Iraq. Watch out for any thing that may prevent this from happening and note who benefits.

12-01-05 - Democrats Forget Palestine, Again and Again... Recently Dean returned from a week-long jaunt to Israel sponsored by the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). Shortly after his return Dean spoke to an elite crowd of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) friends and lobbyists in Philadelphia about his trip to Israel. And the audience was pleased with what they heard.

12-01-05 - Bn?ai Brith: Jewish community says Government?s movement on UN votes a welcome first step toward fulfillment of pre-election pledge

12-01-05 - Palestinian players slammed for appearing in "Peace Team"

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