2003 Archives III

6-26 - Teen shot in chest by Israeli troops - for throwing stones.

6-26 - Palestinian public pushes deal The Palestinians are inching toward a cease-fire that could prove more durable than previous attempts if it leads to an easing of measures Israel has used to punish and prevent Palestinian attacks.

6-26 - Hamas: A study in contrasts

6-26 - Jews from Arab countries demand compensation

6-25 - Palestinian student, taxi driver killed in Israeli strike on Hamas militant

6-25 - Arabic TV brings war back home - First paragraph.

6-25 - Live with Israel, says Hamas leader

6-25 - Israelis kill two after Hamas 'agrees to stop suicide attacks' The Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, has been repeatedly accused of timing assassinations to prevent Palestinian militants agreeing to ceasefires

6-25 - A crack in Bethlehem’s closed door

6-25 - For rich, foreign aid is a tool of persuasion

6-25 - Missing presumed guilty: where terror suspects are being held

6-25 - Fresh Israeli strike in Gaza yanks Palestinians back from brink of truce

6-25 - Israeli Air Attack Kills 2 Palestinians-Witnesses

6-25 - Hamas, Islamic Jihad OK Truce With Israel

6-24 - The Bizzare Death of Jurgen Molleman

6-24 - 'SA seen as beacon of hope by Palestinians'

6-24 - Israel checks out website run by Russian racists "About a million Russians and others from former Soviet states have emigrated to Israel over the past 10 years. It is an open secret that many have only distant ties to Judaism and some bought forged birth certificates with Jewish names to escape the collapsing Soviet Union. The Israeli government, desperate for new immigrants to counter the burgeoning Palestinian population, turned a blind eye" Our aid goes for people like this while the Africans starve.

6-24 - Sharon accused of blocking ceasefire by raiding Hamas seized

6-24 - Jenin rises from the dirt

6-24 - Israeli Mass Arrests Draw Palestinian Condemnation And story at Guardian - Israeli army arrests 160 Palestinians .

6-24 - Hamas wins hearts by saving lives where Arafat fails

6-24 - Israel Knew Militant's Wife Near Strike

6-23 - St. Andrews to help Christians in Holy Land

6-23 - Gaza: Nightmare for kids

6-23 - Gretta's Middle East tour in tatters

6-23 - Doctors refused entry into Israel

6-23 - Patten tells Israel to stop killing Palestinian militants

6-23 - Time to get tough A must read. Wish it would be printed in the American press.

6-23 - MP attacked for Nazi comparison

6-23 - Palestinians Say Hamas Discussing Truce

6-23 - Immigration to Israel Falls Sharply

6-23 - US Wants Israel to Extradite Palestinian-US Senator Will we also extradite the soldier responsible for the death of Rachel Corrie? I won't hold my breath...

6-22 - Israel soldier made woman drink cleaning fluid-court That incident was described in this article some months back. Just because a soldier is charged doesn't mean anything, watch how they follow through. Will they see prison time? Doubtful.

6-22 - Powell Says Hamas Killing May Impede Peace Talks The last time they did this, Hamas retaliated with a suicide bombing. I thought Israel wasn't going to assassinate Hamas leaders, only those who pose an immediate threat? Guess not. If Hamas retaliates, the Israeli people have only their local Likudniks to blame, because it would seem that they are only interested in instigating Hamas.

6-22 - Mideast peace quartet criticises Israeli killing of Palestinians

6-22 - American: Israel Should Not Retaliate

6-22 - Powell's frustration as Israel executes another Hamas leader

6-22 - Israel defies US criticism

6-22 - Arabic press slams US 'bias'

6-21 - Rafah The Cursed Sickening.

6-21 - Jewish doves gain inspiration from Bush

6-21 - Fighting Hackers, Paranoia and Misinformation

6-21 - Some in Gaza see no reason to turn on Hamas

6-21 - ‘Never again' on shaky ground

6-21 - Syria lashes out at Powell

6-21 - Israeli Troops Kill Top Hamas Official - I thought they weren't going to do that anymore? ...

6-21 - HEBRON: That Cat By Kristin Anderson - Land confiscation.

6-20 - Higgins lashes Israeli treatment of athlete - That is just hideous.

6-20 - How to stop Hamas: First, end the occupation

6-20 - Family of man in failed bomb attack order second autopsy

6-20 - Israel's unholy alliance with U.S. right

6-20 - US publicly condemns Hamas, but privately rails at Israel

6-20 - Powell Seeks Israeli Pullback in Gaza, Bethlehem

6-19 - Two British lawmakers compare Gaza to Warsaw ghetto - Even though this was an AP story, it was widely ignored and went unpublished by all of the American press.

6-19 - Family shattered by Israeli rocket attack

6-19 - Palestinians, Israelis Could Save Woman's Life Palestinian Woman Needs Marrow Transplant

6-19 - Israel on the verge of claiming reponsibility for Briton's death An Israeli official has given the first indication that a British film-maker working in the Gaza Strip was killed by an Israeli bullet , it has emerged.

6-19 - Palestinian Refugees Don't Seek Mass Return-Expert

6-18 - Reporters Without Borders - Call for Israeli military police enquiry into death of British documentary filmmaker

6-18 - ICRC calls for protection of Palestinian civilians

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