Apr '04 Archive

4-30 - IOF Kills Two Citizens, Demolishes 20 Homes

4-30 - Film-maker's widow lobbies Israel

4-30 - Wife of Shot Film-Maker Still Waiting for Answers

4-30 - Israeli troops demolish 19 Palestinian houses in Khan Younis

4-30 - Pro-Israeli stance by Bush prompts dissent Inspired by the attack of their British colleagues on Tony Blair's foreign policy, more than 20 former US diplomats have so far signed a letter to President George W. Bush protesting against his pro-Israeli stance.

4-30 - Likud vote 'will not halt Sharon'

4-30 - Annan asks Arafat to give Gaza withdrawal a chance

4-30 - Palestinian mourned The Greek Orthodox community here is mourning the death of George Khoury, a young Palestinian Christian, gunned down by a militant Palestinian group which had mistaken him for a Jewish settler.

4-30 - Palestinians denounce freeze on Islamist accounts

4-30 - Arafat aide threatens US interests if leader harmed by Israel

4-30 - Palestinians outraged at Likud vote on Gaza's fate Palestinians have expressed fears that Israel would end up trapping Gaza's 1.2 million inhabitants in a "prison".

4-30 - Catholic bishops' plea for peace Their statement went on: "The recent meeting between President George W Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was deeply damaging in its endorsement of the continued existence of Israeli West Bank settlements in defiance of international law.

4-30 - Thousands march in support of Arafat

4-30 - Kitt announces EUR 1 million for Palestinian Refugees

4-30 - California governor's Israel trip disappoints Arab-Americans Arab-Americans said they wished he would take a detour to see the poverty and despair among Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza Strip and listen to their complaints about Israel.

4-30 - Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians by bulldozing their homes

4-30 - Group presses Middle East peace "Enough of statements. We want action. We want governments to sanction Israel," she quoted Bishop Al-Assal as having said.

4-30 - Palestinians evicted from Hebron hills

4-30 - Israeli forces prevent Palestinian trade union leaders from commemorating the dead

4-30 - Video Conference with Maine University Zejel Youth Exchange Program organized a video conference on the Middle East conflict with Maine University in Amerrica on Tuesday, 27th April. The conference was organized to encourage dialogue between Palestinian and American students and to narrow the gap between their perspectives.

4-29 - Palestinians shot dead by Israelis

4-29 - Palestinian woman dies from inhaling tear gas

4-29 - ''Bush Administration May Be Jeopardizing U.S. Interests in the Middle East''

4-29 - Palestinian injured by police horse in Biddu

4-29 - Sharon vows to sustain 'nuclear ambiguity'

4-29 - Israel apologizes West Bank killing

4-29 - Israeli army destroy 13 houses in Hebron, Nablus

4-29 - Sharon warns of 'Hamas victory'

4-29 - London to host Quartet meeting on roadmap peace plan

4-29 - Security summit urges unity against rising anti-semitism "The exploitation of race for political purposes by any government or any politician, be it an offensive weapon or as a shield to fend off criticism, is quite simply unacceptable."

4-29 - Palestine seeks SA support

4-29 - PRIEST MEETS ARAFAT ON ISRAEL TRIP "We met some nuns at a nursing home who told us how much the wall is affecting people. "The people in the home are completely shut off from friends and family."

4-29 - Bush-Sharon side-deal reinforces violations against Palestinians

4-29 - Our Place in the World: U.S. betrays international community

4-29 - Israel/OT: Open letter to President George W. Bush AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

4-29 - Nakba remembers displaced Palestinians

4-29 - She'll give peace a chance Palestinian scholar hopes to make a difference in the Middle East

4-29 - Iraq pledges to honor Arab boycott of Israel

4-28 - Suicide car bombing in Gaza, Palestinian dove arrested in Jerusalem

4-28 - Bush May Offer Jordan's King Assurances on Mideast

4-28 - Criticizing Israel Not Always Anti-Semitic-Powell

4-28 - Israel Sees UN Nuke Watchdog Chief Visit in July

4-28 - Israel Detains Peace Campaigner Nusseibeh

4-28 - Olmert says pullout would end work for Gaza Palestinians in Israel

4-28 - Blast damages Palestinian police chief's house

4-28 - Israeli Troops Go on Rampage in the West Bank

4-28 - US warns against travel to Israel

4-28 - World Bank launches multi-donor trust fund to support reform program

4-28 - Proxy Mideast battle looms in Ga.-4 A proxy battle pitting pro-Israel Democrats against pro-Palestinian Democrats is unfolding in Georgia?s 4th Congressional District.

4-28 - 'Not enough evidence' to prosecute Sharon

4-28 - IOF to Demolish 400 Palestinian Houses in Occupied Jerusalem

4-28 - Egyptian intelligence chief to visit Arafat

4-28 - Israel confirms IAEA visit

4-27 - Two Palestinians killed in West Bank clash

4-27 - Two killed as Israelis raid camp

4-27 - Wounded Journalist Says IOF Intentionally Targeted Him

4-27 - Powell stands firm on concessions to Sharon "I think there is unanimity in the Arab world, and indeed in much of the rest of the world, that the Israeli policy is wrong, that Israeli policy is brutal, repressive, and that they are not interested in peace no matter what you seem to believe in America," Brahimi said.

4-27 - Zionists attempt to keep evangelicals on board

4-27 - Peace roadmap is dead: Israeli PM

4-27 - Sharon: Israel would retaliate more harshly for Palestinian violence after Gaza pullout

4-27 - Palestinians: Still Victims of Politics, Bigotry and Passivity

4-27 - Why they sent the letter "As for the Arab/Israel issue, we had hoped that the roadmap [peace plan] might make progress if the Americans had displayed leadership and drawn the line with Israel. We have instead seen retrogression."

4-27 - Kerry to speak to ADL in Washington Monday

4-27 - Israelis rally for Gaza settlers

4-27 - Sharon Plan May Foil Palestine State, Historians Say (Update3)

4-27 - Palestinian Tourism Lost $950 Million Due to Israeli Practices

4-27 - Judge Blocks Terror Web Site From Jurors Yet another example of the Patriot Act being used to largely benefit Israel, not us.

4-27 - War-torn landscape is reclaimed with olive trees A great article except for the fact that the author referred to Palestinian cities as "settlements" in the "disputed Gaza Strip". WTH?..

4-27 - Christian scholars gather to study dangers of Zionism

4-27 - Yet one more salvo over Jenin

4-27 - Berlin Hosts Anti-Semitism Conference
In recognition of the effect the Middle East conflict is having on European attitudes, leading NGO's at the Berlin conference have put forward a definition of anti-Semitism which states that criticism of Israel is fuelling anti-Jewish sentiment and has become a new form of anti-Semitism.The page was changed, and this paragraph was removed. Google News still sees it though

4-26 - Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli troops in Gaza Strip Ibrahim Mussa al-Muqayad, 14, was hit by a bullet in the back when soldiers opened fire on a group of Palestinian youths throwing stones

4-26 - Blast kills Palestinians: report

4-26 - Reporters Without Borders condemns assault on film-maker Benchetrit and demands investigation Three more security staff then appeared and rained blows on him with their fists and butts of their guns.

4-26 - Israel identifies new Hamas leader

4-26 - Bantustan plan for an apartheid Israel

4-26 - Israel presses Annan on Iraq envoy's criticisms

4-26 - Ex-Diplomats Blast Blair for 'U.S.' Foreign Policy The diplomatic swipe is bound to be seized upon by Blair critics as fresh evidence that British interests come second to America's because of Blair's zealous alliance with President Bush (news - web sites) and his neo-conservative agenda.

4-26 - April 26, Commemorating the tragic fall of the city of Yaffa in 1948

4-26 - Diplomats slam Blair on Mid-East

4-26 - Sharon faces party revolt before Gaza poll

4-26 - Arab countries call for politically, economically boycott to Israel

4-26 - 88% Think U.S. Biased Towards Israel, Says Poll

4-26 - Cardinal condemns Israeli Arafat threat



4-25 - Why Did Bush Take My Job? By Saeb Erekat

4-25 - Updates on the Women demonstration in Biddu "Being Israeli is no longer a protection against the violence of the military."

4-25 - Israel Backs Off Arafat Threat, Mulls Gaza Ouster

4-25 - Zur: Israel has infiltrated Hamas leadership "Israel has people in the leadership of the Hamas." May explain why there's such a coincidence of the timing of some of the bombings.

4-25 - Mubarak seeks greater international involvement in Middle East crises

4-25 - Jerusalem: Israeli Occupation Forces Prevent the Movement of a PMRS Ambulance

4-25 - Manhunt launched after shooting

4-25 - Palestinians: Settlers burnt down house and olive grove

4-25 - U.N. envoy connects dots between Iraq, Israel

4-25 - US moves inflame Arab moderates President Bush's public support of Israel has alienated even some Arabs who favor democratization.

4-25 - Open letter to America Pro-democracy Lebanese doctor and professor laments Bush policies.

4-25 - World Finance Officials Focus on Poverty World Bank President James Wolfensohn told a news conference Sunday that there was a "readiness" by the World Bank to support Palestinian economic development. He said further discussions would occur at a conference in May in Jordan.

4-25 - Reality intrudes on US vision for Mideast "After the most recent developments on the ground, America's credibility is so damaged and there is such hatred that it becomes impossible for the Arab people to accept their leaders considering such an initiative,"

4-25 - China opposes Israel's threats against Arafat

4-25 - Jordan warns Israel on Arafat

4-25 - U.S. asks Lebanon to end Hamas support

4-25 - Israeli and Palestinian paddle against the tide

4-25 - Israel Court Ends Ban on Palestinian Journalists

4-25 - Tunisia's 'miracle' isle shelters Jews, Muslims This is how it was in Palestine before the advent of Zionism.

4-24 - Four Palestinians killed in West Bank raids

4-24 - At least four Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Jenin violence

4-24 - World warns Israel against targeting Arafat

4-24 - Arafat defiant on Sharon threats

4-24 - I'm a 24-year-old Australian Palestinian

4-24 - Spain's Leader Criticizes Israeli Threat to Arafat

4-24 - Risk, Revelation in Middle East It was a form of hospitality I had not only never experienced, but definitely never expected from the same nation of people who, in the press, you only see blowing up buses and cafés.

4-24 - Herut Leader Demands Givati Brigade Commander be Dismissed Evidently, the IDF's definition of 'harm' includes when (Arab) children throw rocks at them while they are sitting in a tank.

4-24 - Sound of Silence When composer Philip Munger paid tribute to an American activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer, his cantata offended so many Alaskans that he canceled it.

4-24 - Israeli Wall Is 'Devastating Blow' to Palestine

4-24 - West bank's great divide

4-24 - UK urges Israel to stand by promise not to harm Arafat

4-24 - Photo of Palestinian boy used as human shield

4-24 - A one-state solution in the Mideast

4-24 - Russia condemns Israel?s threats against Arafat


4-24 - UN Iraqi envoy defends criticism of Israel

4-24 - A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech

4-24 - Sharon Hints at Israel Nuclear Deterrent

4-24 - 2 convicted for roles in moving service scam Like many of those indicted, Zion Rokah is an Israeli national and is believed to have fled to Israel

4-24 - Israeli ex-minister in drugs bust

4-24 - Reuters Video: Israeli Soldiers Charged With Using Palestinian Boy As Human Shield

4-23 - Craving for Cookies Costs Gaza Girl Her Life

4-23 - Three killed in West Bank clash

4-23 - U.S. tells Israel not to harm Arafat

4-23 - Sharon: No Longer Bound by Pledge Not to Harm Arafat

4-23 - Brahimi's Israel Comments Draw Annan, Israeli Ire

4-23 - Youths on Gaza frontline keep hatred alive During the fighting, behind a screen of tanks and soldiers, Israeli bulldozers destroyed, apparently as a punitive action, a sewage works built for the Palestinians by the Swedish international development agency. An hour before leaving yesterday morning

4-23 - American Christian delegate: Israel carrying out virtual holocaust against Palestinians

4-23 - UN Commission on Human Rights concludes 60th session

4-23 - 'Arafat could be target' - Sharon

4-23 - Sharon's plan dooms Mideast to more conflict

4-23 - Another attack on a Palestinian journalist

4-23 - NZ medical volunteers cannot avoid Gaza's political cauldron

4-23 - UN urged to monitor Israel's pullout from Gaza

4-23 - Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield

4-23 - UN envoy condemns Israeli policy Lakhdar Brahimi told French radio there was a link between Israeli actions and the recent upsurge of violence in Iraq.

4-23 - Rally disrupts Caterpillar meeting About 250 people rallied Friday in downtown Peoria to demand that Caterpillar Inc. stop selling bulldozers to the Israeli military, which uses the machines to knock down Palestinian homes.

4-23 - Italy Holds 'Peace Marathon' in Holy Land

4-22 - ALERT! Just received from Mohammed in Rafah In short the situation on the ground seems to be escalating. Evidently Sharon received some type of 'green-light' for a renewed mopping up operation in Washington, and is pressing ahead with plans to impose his vision on the region.

4-22 - Palestinian Teen Dies in Gaza Ritual

4-22 - Activists Say Israel Held Boy, 13, as Human Shield

4-22 - Girls killed in Gaza incursion


4-22 - Arafat Expels 20 Militants From Compound

4-22 - Palestinians Blame Plight on U.S., Israel

4-22 - Annan voices alarm at deadly consequences of Israeli incursion into Gaza

4-22 - Palestinian aid worker released unharmed after captivity in Iraq

4-22 - CNN not biased, says chief You may want to see about CNN in this article

4-22 - Israeli spy 'used Canadian passports

4-22 - Diary Reveals Truman Threatened Israel President Truman threatened to break with Israel unless it allowed the return of some Palestinian refugees displaced in Israel's 1948 War of Independence

4-22 - Gaza plan prompts Islamic emergency meeting

4-22 - Israel inflames rage, violence

4-22 - American Jewish Groups Back Bush, Sharon

4-22 - From April 2003: Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil

4-21 - Israeli raid in northern Gaza leaves 13 Palestinians dead

4-21 - Nuclear-Armed Iran Would Be 'Intolerable' -Bush A nuclear-armed Iran would pose an intolerable threat to peace in the Middle East and a mortal danger to Israel, President Bush said on Wednesday, adding that any such threat would be "dealt with" by the United States and its allies. Whose War?

4-21 - Israel Said Still Making Nuclear Weapons

4-21 - Bush Outsources Mideast Policy Patrick J. Buchanan

4-21 - Bush says world owes Israel's Sharon a 'thank you'

4-21 - BBC Video: Tanks vs. Stonethrowers

4-21 - EU presses Israel over Gaza pullout, digs at US "But I have to say that this time I think we should seek certain guarantees from the Israel Defence Forces that they will not destroy again what we build," he said.

4-21 - IOF Embarks on Demolition Campaign Throughout oPt The school pupils of Taqqou' Town have been under constant harassment and aggression by the Israeli soldiers, who often fire live ammunition and tear gas canisters at them and inside their school yards, not to mention the disruption of their school day and blocking their way to and from school.

4-21 - Qureia asks Bush to reconsider stand on settlements

4-21 - Fenced in, frustrated Arafat speaks out

4-21 - Palestinians Eye Better Lives if Israel Leaves Gaza

4-21 - Press Point: Demonstration Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugee Facing Deportation to West Bank

4-21 - Gaza: Food To 600,000 Palestinians Resumes

4-21 - Vanunu released after 18 years

4-21 - Oxfam calls for clarity on Apaches

4-21 - Palestine calls for int'l intervention in Israeli raids

4-21 - Sharon son wipes videotape evidence

4-21 - Bush biased in Israel's favor

4-20 - Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli army in northern Gaza

4-20 - Five Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip Most were throwing stones.

Palestinian medics say the troops opened fire with live ammunition killing several Palestinians, including a 17-year old boy.

4-20 - Five Palestinians shot dead in Gaza amid tension after Israeli killing

4-20 - Five youths die in Gaza clashes

4-20 - Families evacuated from Gaza will receive estimated $400,000 each

4-20 - Europe needs to stand up to Israel on Hamas killings

4-20 - Their beliefs are bonkers, but they are at the heart of power US Christian fundamentalists are driving Bush's Middle East policy

4-20 - Egyptian president says US subject of "unprecedented" hate

4-20 - Gaza Jewish Settlements Under Rocket Attack

4-20 - Ridding ourselves of slavery Rantissi's last interview.

4-20 - Powell Reassures Europeans on 'Road Map'

4-20 - Die Zeit: 57% of Germans Believe Israel is Similar to the Nazis

4-20 - Three Women Seek Human Face for Mideast Crisis

4-20 - Hamas ready to cooperate, but only in Gaza

4-20 - Vanunu: Israel's nuclear telltale

4-20 - Jordan king signals rift with US

4-20 - Kingdom Wants to Know How Long Israel Will Remain Above the Law

4-20 - Israelis Steal Palestinian Ancient Antiquities in Biddu

4-20 - Moscow urges soonest meeting of Mideast Four intl mediators

4-20 - Israel's international volunteers She says most Jewish volunteers regard Israel as their own country and want to support it in a way that involves more than just giving money.

4-20 - Wanted: an honest broker

4-20 - Mossad's bungling overseas Udi Hargov and Igal Damary were spotted loitering in an area where a secret shipment of Army equipment was being unloaded - a shipment about which only the National Guard hierarchy knew.

In March 1999 a retired agent was convicted of faking reports suggesting Syria was about to attack Israel.

4-20 - Court orders PA to pay millions to family of bomb victims

4-20 - EU offers help in Israel's Gaza withdrawal

4-20 - Protester penalties put off Chained together and doused in mock blood, they were protesting the death of peace activist Rachel Corrie

4-20 - Protest Photos

4-20 - Plan of Attack And just look at the pattern of recent events: Israel gains, America pays: Israel assassinates, Americans die: Israel conquers, and the American government concurs wholeheartedly: Israel says "Jump!" and the government of the United States only wants to know how high.

4-20 - Jordan's King Snubs Bush Over Israel Plan

4-19 - Blair condemns Israel and opens rift with US

4-19 - Israel vows to hit Hamas abroad Hit list After killing of Rantissi, minister says leader in Damascus is also in their sights

4-19 - UN meets over Rantissi killing

4-19 - Israel to Invest Millions in West Bank

4-19 - Sharon's victory will still leave his people living in fear

4-19 - Sharon's banana republics Bush and Blair have allowed Israel to dictate their Middle East policy and carry out a Palestinian politicide

4-19 - Arafat rejects Gaza pullout plan Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has rejected Israel's plan to quit the Gaza Strip as a sham which would turn the territory into a big prison.

4-19 - US, Israel under fire at UN over killing of Palestinian militant

4-19 - Truth still not told in killing of Rachel Corrie

4-19 - Church leaders rap Bush on Israeli settlements

4-19 - White House Wants Hamas 'Out of Business'

4-19 - Lessons for US from a Shiite uprising in Lebanon

4-19 - Rocket Hits Israeli Settlement, Three Wounded

4-19 - UN Assn. in N.J. Criticizes Bush Endorsement of Israeli Annexation of West Bank Territory, Barring Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees

4-19 - Have you seen this man? Police made a public appeal on national television for a suspected Mossad spy two days after Israelis were arrested for allegedly trying to fraudulently obtain a New Zealand passport.

4-19 - Mossad

4-19 - Is The Minnesota Daily anti-Israel?

4-19 - Israel Emboldened by UN Inaction, Palestinian Says

4-19 - Vanunu: Israel Should Destroy Reactors

4-19 - America's knee-jerk defense of Israel must stop

4-19 - Methodist Church alarmed at Bush?s endorsement of Sharon proposals

4-18 - Government Held High Powered Secret Meeting Over Mossad Case "These guys have the ability to put together a Islamic terror cell, carry out a bombing in Australia or NZ and pin it on Al Qaeda or some new Palestinian Jihad group."

4-18 - Government demands Israel return any bogus passports

4-18 - Rabbi Weiss Rips Ariel Sharon & Zionism

4-18 - Palestinian dies in barrier protest

4-18 - Palestinian killed in barrier protest: hospital sources

4-18 - Drug dealers got surveillance helicopters sold by Israel Israeli nationals have been linked to the transfer of weapons and military platforms to criminal activities in South America.

4-18 - ASIO hunts Israeli cell THE nation's spy-catchers are investigating a suspected Israeli spy ring in Australia.

4-18 - White House denies giving green light to Israeli operation

4-18 - Fury as Gaza buries Hamas leader

4-18 - Rantissi killing condemned across globe

4-18 - Palestinians: Anti-barrier protestor seriously injured by sniper fire

4-18 - NZ Asks Israel To Explain After Suspected Spies Arrested

4-18 - Church officials criticise US support for Israeli PM

4-18 - Israeli tanks shell Khan Younis, 9 Palestinians wounded

4-18 - 5-year-old girl injured by Israeli tank fire

4-18 - Border Police used Palestinian kid as human shield The other people arrested and used as human shields include RHR (Rabbis for Human Rights) Executive Director Rabbi Arik Ascherman, another Palestinian, a Swedish ISM activist and a 12 year old Palestinian boy.

4-18 - Likud activists demand Arafat be assassinated: report

4-18 - Israel keeps nuclear smokescreen

4-18 - Six Israeli Soldiers Search CPT Hebron Apartment

4-18 - 'Us or them' hawk tells NZ What Howard did - but Clark refused - was to support the initial US invasion of Iraq with troops. An interesting tidbit in light of the recent arrest of possible MOSSAD spies arrested by NZ

4-18 - Even Coca-Cola Affected by Israeli, Palestinian Divide

4-18 - Israeli Minister Sees Annexation of West Bank Blocs

4-18 - Dollar Falls Against Euro on View Fed to Leave Rates Unchanged The dollar also fell after Israel on Saturday killed the leader of militant Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

4-17 - Hamas chief Rantissi killed in air strike as movement vows revenge

4-17 - UK Condemns Killing of Rantissi as Unlawful

4-17 - Child hit by Israeli gunfire: sources

4-17 - White House Won't Criticize Assassination

4-17 - US denies backing Rantissi assassination

4-17 - US 'gravely concerned' about Mid East stability Lest we forget, neocons want total war in the ME - see No End to War

4-17 - Hamas leader assassinated in Gaza by Israeli missile strike

4-17 - Bush's dangerous arrogance Drafted by the British, [UN resolution]242 is the central pillar of the Palestinian case and to have it dismissed by the Americans and Israelis will add to their rage and sense of injustice.

4-17 - Bush blesses Sharon's apartheid "In effect, Palestinians are being told that Israel must steal more Palestinian land to protect Israelis living on previously stolen Palestinian land."

4-17 - Spurned Blair in plea to Bush Prime minister urges US president to restore 'even-handed' approach over Middle East peace

4-17 - Anger deepens over Gaza plans

4-17 - Rantisi chose open defiance rather than a life in hiding

4-17 - New Zealand vows "strong response" to alleged Israeli bid to get passports

4-17 - Palestinian Bomber Explodes at Erez Checkpoint

4-17 - EU Ministers Criticise US Israel Stance

4-17 - EU declares 'roadmap' only route to Mideast peace

4-17 - Jordan Official Criticizes Bush on Israel

4-16 - Bush Blows It Again When did God give George Bush the power to abolish the human rights of other people?

4-16 - Bush Defends Sharon's Withdrawal Plan

4-16 - Lawmaker now says U.S. should stay in U.N., if only to protect Israel

4-16 - What are Israeli Army Reconnaisance Teams doing in Patagonia ? :..

4-16 - Palestinian teenager shot dead in West Bank barrier protest


4-16 - Sniper kills Palestinian in Rafah

4-16 - EU rejects U.S.-Israel move on Mideast borders

4-16 - Bush Legitimizes Terrorism

4-16 - Christians line up to oppose Israeli barrier

4-16 - EU questions Bush's Israel stance

4-16 - Israelis impose Gaza travel restriction

4-16 - UN meeting criticizes impact of Israel's construction of wall in the West Bank

4-16 - Anti-US feeling widespread in region, says Jordan

4-16 - Jordan's king says Israeli-Palestinian at root of Mideast terror

4-16 - Arafat warns against West Bank land annexation

4-16 - Facts of life inside Gaza strip

4-16 - US reels from Arab and European fury

4-16 - Israel threatens to destroy settler homes

4-16 - Arabs, Muslims are not behind European anti-Semitism Norman Finkelstein, a history professor at DePaul University and author of The Holocaust Industry, examined the earlier EUMC report and pointed out that it defined almost any criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic."

4-16 - Anger at restrictions on Vanunu

4-15 - Sharon's triumph is Blair's defeat

4-15 - Palestinian refugee clings to old key despite Bush

4-15 - U.S. Church Leaders, Citing Risks, Fault President Bush for Concessions to PM Sharon

4-15 - Bush Endorsement of Sharon Proposal Undermines Peace and International Law More fundamentally, Bush's endorsement of an Israeli annexation of land it conquered in the 1967 war is a direct challenge to the United Nations Charter, which forbids any country from expanding its territory through military force. This therefore constitutes nothing less than a renunciation of the post-World War II international system, effectively recognizing the right of conquest.

4-15 - Bush looks to Jewish vote in backing Sharon plan

4-15 - Powell Says U.S. Honest Broker Despite Mideast Shift Entire world scoffs at the notion.

4-15 - For Gaza's Sick, Checkpoint Reform Talk Rings Hollow

4-15 - Chirac calls Israel's unilateral plan to change borders "dangerous"

4-15 - UN rights body demands Israel halt settlements, fence

4-15 - Mideast quartet backs Gaza withdrawal as world rages over US policy U-turn

4-15 - Palestinian PM Tells Powell That U.S. Is Biased

4-15 - No peace until end of Israeli occupation, settlements: Arafat

4-15 - Arafat: Palestinians Want Former Homes

4-15 - Palestinians Urge World to Challenge Bush Policy

4-15 - Twenty Wounded in Israeli Raid on Gaza Refugee Camp

4-15 - Bush Responds Eagerly to Israel Views

4-15 - Settlements Over Peace

4-15 - Palestinians urge Blair to challenge Bush on Middle East shift

4-15 - Arabs united in condemnation of Israel's unilateral withdrawal plan "We should not compromise on our rights, even if it takes us a hundred years, but we should not use violence."

4-15 - UN condemns Israeli settlements

4-15 - Right of return: Palestinian dream

4-15 - Beyond Israel: ripple effect of Bush's stand By signaling a major shift aligning US policy with Israel on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Bush may have turned Arab and Muslim sentiment further against the US as he seeks the region's help in Iraq.

4-15 - Arafat warns against West Bank land annexation Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has vowed to increase resistance against Israel if the Government annexes more Palestinian land in the West Bank.

4-15 - US West Bank stance justifies violence, Hamas says

4-14 - Bush Says Israel Could Keep Some Occupied Land I wonder what the Iraqis think of our occupation and our "democracy" in light of this.

4-14 - Bush Changes Course, Endorses Israel Plan

4-14 - Furious Palestinians Reject Bush Pledges to Israel

4-14 - IDF troops raid Gaza Strip refugee camp Ten Palestinians were hurt, including a 12-year-old Palestinian boy who was seriously injured after being hit in the head by a rubber-coated bullet.

4-14 - Palestinian student shot by fellow protestor

4-14 - Bitter Palestinians lose hope at Bush's words Some Palestinians compared Bush's words to the 1917 declaration of British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, which promised Jews a national home in Palestine and led to Israel's creation.

4-14 - Palestinians condemn settlements plan

4-14 - Gaza expects little from pullout "It will become even more of a prison where Sharon will be able to dump Palestinians,"

4-14 - Palestinian detainee freed after nearly 2 years in jail

4-14 - Caterpillar shareholders reject Israel resolution

4-14 - Bush pre-empts Mideast negotiations

4-14 - FEATURE-Israeli spy ring spawned feared Egypt intelligence

4-14 - Protesters Demand End To Caterpillar Ties To Israel

4-13 - VIDEO FEED: Council for National Interest on Cspan 3 requires Real Media Player - discusses OPENLY our Middle East policy and Israel.

4-13 - Israel Accused of Confiscating Church Land

4-13 - Sharon angers Palestinians with vow to keep control of settlements

4-13 - Death sentence for Gaza rapists

4-13 - A Citizen Dies of IOF Disruptions as Offensives Spread Throughout Palestinian Territories A citizen died early today after the ambulance driving him to the hospital was hindered by the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) in Nablus,

4-13 - UN aid for Gaza halted due to security concerns

4-13 - Sharon optimistic over US visit About 92,500 Israelis live in the six settlements - out of a total of 240,000 in the West Bank, or 400,000 if east Jerusalem is included.

4-13 - Sharon pledge 'threatens peace process' Israeli commentators have suggested it may suit the Prime Minister for television pictures of security forces evicting settlers to be shown during his US visit.

4-13 - Sharon vows to keep control of major West Bank settlements Last night's speech marked the first time Mr Sharon has specified which of the settlement blocs, illegal under international law, he wants Israel to keep.

4-13 - The massacre that dare not speak its name What took place in the Jenin refugee camp two years ago on April 3 didn't happen, if the North American media are to be believed.

4-13 - Bush Should Press Sharon on Rights Violations

4-13 - Israeli Troops Clash With Palestinians

4-13 - UN Committee's recommendations to Lebanon: Need for effective measures to protect the human rights of Palestinian refugees

4-13 - Barrier Prompts Palestinians to Relocate to Jerusalem

4-13 - Hungary foils 'anti-Jewish plot'

4-13 - Groups protest Israeli security checks

4-13 - 14 days detention for youngster refusing to enlist "Today, I feel that the Palestinian people deserve their freedom and a state, and so long as the IDF occupies them, I cannot be a part of that." Good for you!

4-13 - JEWS AGAINST THE OCCUPATION This is the second in a two-part interview.

4-12 - Israelis, Palestinians Trade Fire; 3 Die

4-12 - Bush Tilts on an Israeli Plan This week, President Bush is expected to wink approval of a plan by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that would start to dictate to Palestinians the land they can have and the land they can't.

4-12 - Sharon seeks US backing to go it alone Bush expected to reward pledge to withdraw settlers by allowing Israel to unilaterally set borders of emasculated Palestinian state

4-12 - Sharon Pledges to Keep Largest Settlement Blocs

4-12 - Prof railed for signing boycott letter The letter challenges Israeli academics who criticize a growing international boycott of Israeli research and scholars to look inward at their government's policies, which the letter says impede Palestinians' rights to education through roadblocks, checkpoints, harassment, arrests, shootings and assaults.

4-12 - Sharon's departure to Washington delayed over disagreement with US Americans refuse to recognize large settlement blocks as integral part of Israel. Earlier, senior official blasts PM, says more realistic demands should have been made.

4-12 - Palestinian Christians barred from Easter pilgrimage

4-12 - Israeli Gaza pullout not enough: Bush, Mubarak

4-12 - Gaza pullout would not replace road map: Bush

4-12 - Palestinians Rap 'Idle' Leaders Over W.Bank Barrier Israel bills the barrier as a shield against suicide bombers but, by snaking into occupied territory, it has swallowed up the fields of thousands of Palestinians and dims prospects for a viable Palestinian state under a U.S.-backed peace "road map."

4-12 - The Truth Hurts Any objective assessment would show that, horrendous as the terrorist attacks on Israel have been, the Israeli government has chosen to mount a defense not within the ample leeway provided by international human rights and humanitarian law but in violate the Geneva Conventions - all of these flout fundamental legal norms that Israel itself has subscribed to, along with most of the rest of the world.

4-12 - Dreams - another casualty The promise of joint Palestinian, Israeli prosperity has died with the intifadah.

4-12 - Texas summit welcomes Gaza plan

4-12 - Sticker album of Palestinian uprising takes Nablus by storm

4-12 - Israelis, Palestinians in Beauty Pageant

4-12 - Sharon's pullout plan stirs hopes, suspicion

4-11 - Sharon to Get U.S. Nod to Keep W.Bank Land -Report

4-11 - Israel to Investigate How US Military Helicopters Ended Up in Colombia There have been other complaints in recent years about the possible inappropriate sale of U.S.-made military equipment, given to Israel as part of defense aid.

4-11 - Palestinian killed by IDF during West Bank arrest operation Mohammed Abu Kaber was shot in the head as he looked out the window from the house that troops had surrounded, neighbors said.

4-11 - From Dec: Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq Why Iraq is starting to resemble Palestine. See also US tactics condemned by British officers

4-11 - Defending academic freedom

4-11 - Israel denies shooting Gaza girl

4-11 - Sharon sets tight timetable for vote on Gaza

4-10 - Palestinian Girl Shot Dead in Gaza Strip-Medics

4-10 - 'Stray' Israeli gunfire kills Palestinian girl The Israeli military has confirmed that soldiers opened fire, but says they were aiming at militants who had fired rockets at the settlement.

4-10 - 'Stray bullet' kills girl in Gaza

4-10 - Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory At least 23 Palestinians, including several children, have been killed by the occupying forces since our last letter to you.

4-10 - U.S. to declare Israel won't have to withdraw to 1949 border According to the letter, the determination of borders in a final status accord will take into consideration "demographic realities" on the ground.

4-10 - Palestinian Official: Israel's Apartheid Wall Steals Palestinian Water Reservoirs

4-10 - Hounded out of the Holy Land "The religious personnel feel hurt," he said. "The question is not to arrest them, the question is to put them in a legal situation, granting them the resident visas in Israel."

4-10 - Vote on Gaza pullout brought forward The Defence Minister, Shaul Mofaz, has told the Yediot Ahronot daily that sending Israeli settlers to Gaza in the first place "was a strategic error",

4-10 - Sharon flies to US to seek backing on Gaza Israeli officials said this weekend that they were equally optimistic that the US would deliberately refer to Palestinian refugee families returning to a future Palestinian state.

4-10 - Hamas Launches Campaign in Gaza to Collect Funds

4-10 - Ghosh Hashalom: Sharon's Unilateral Pull out will Turn Gaza into a big Jail Sharon will not allow erection of both air and sea ports in the Strip and he won't let the Palestinians have their own border line with Egypt

4-10 - Settler Terrorists Use LAW Rockets to Bomb Al Aqsa Mosque

4-10 - US political experts: Russia promotes road map

4-10 - Palestinian Christians screen 'Passion of the Christ' amidst Easter celebrations it's a heck of a coincidence that, you know, 2,000 years later, we the Palestinian people are persecuted on a daily basis by Israeli occupation.

4-10 - 'I survived four bomb attacks - now I need a break'

4-10 - Sharon's Plan for Gaza Puts Bush on Spot

4-9 - In Memoriam: Deir Yassin

4-9 - Palestinian Traders Despair Over Israeli Barrier

4-9 - Carter says attacks could not have been anticipated The Democrat, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, said in Friday editions of The Brownsville Herald that the primary source of animosity toward the United States is lack of progress in dealing with the Palestinian issue.

4-9 - Judge orders Palestinian activist released

4-9 - 10 Bratslav Hasidim suspected of attacking Arabs in J'lem

4-9 - Israeli deputy PM's visit to Turkey postponed But Ankara has recently lashed out at Israel's heavy-handed policies against the Palestinians, particularly after the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

4-9 - Israeli Min: World Peace Threatened If US Fails In Iraq

4-9 - Video: In the Name of Security The video's webpage is at www.inthenameofsecurity.org where you may watch video clips of the film

4-9 - Analysis / Iraqi rebels are worrying the U.S. and Israel

4-9 - Arafat seeks release of Palestinians held in Iraq Israel said it could do little to help the two men, residents of Israeli-controlled East Jerusalem.

4-9 - Muslim Charity Asks U.S. for Frozen Funds The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development filed a request Friday to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control to unfreeze $50,000 to be sent to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, which seeks to provide free medical care for Palestinian children in the Middle East.

4-9 - EU millions: Was aid handed to terror gangs?

4-9 - MOUNT-ING TENSION For example, it took the unusual step of holding a fiery settler leader, Noam Federman, for many months under administrative detention, something usually reserved for Palestinian terrorists.

4-9 - Carter's Crusade But at the same time, there has to be a negotiated settlement; you can't just ordain the destruction of the Palestinian people, and their community and their political entity, in favor of the Israelis.

4-9 - Ex-Congresswoman McKinney Seeks to Return McKinney also drew criticism for speaking out in support of Palestinian causes and in opposition of American sanctions on Iraq before the war.

4-9 - IDF keeping bodies of some Palestinians killed in clashes The IDF also wishes apparently to have "bargaining chips" in case Israeli soldiers are killed in the Gaza Strip.

4-9 - A real roadmap for peace: Laila & Adi's friendship

4-9 - Israel charges Al Jazeera correspondent

4-8 - Powell says US will not penalize Israel for barrier by withholding loans
"I've never seen a president - I don't care who he is - stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want....If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on." - The late Admiral Thomas Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

4-8 - Palestinian FM predicts Hamas ceasefire after Gaza pull-out "Our hope is that once there is a withdrawal from Gaza there will be a real ceasefire," Shaath told Israeli public radio on Thursday. Hamas "will be fully committed" to respecting such a ceasefire while the Palestinian security forces "will punish violators without going to total war".

4-8 - Palestinian plan says no to attacks on civilians

4-8 - Two Palestinians Kidnapped in Iraq - TV Report Israeli cabinet minister Gideon Ezra said both men were residents of East Jerusalem. "They are not Israeli citizens," he told Israel's Channel Two television.

4-8 - Arabs From Israel Said Kidnapped in Iraq

4-8 - WSU students connect with Palestinians Israelis come in the middle of the night and turn whole families out on the street, a Palestinian student said, and Palestinians have the right to defend their homes.

4-8 - Powell: U.S. has no plans to penalize Israel for fence route

4-8 - Israel claims Blair phoned to support Sharon withdrawal

4-8 - Pull-out 'could bring Gaza poll'

4-8 - Palestinians recount college days

4-8 - Corrie parents speak on daughter's legacy

4-8 - Bootleg 'Passion' draws faithful Robbed of the chance to view the film legally, the Holy Land's Christians - foreign pilgrims and minority Palestinian Christians - are finding other ways to satisfy their curiosity.

4-8 - London's mayor calls for Sharon to be jailed

4-8 - Gaza Plan Foes Face Evangelical Aid Loss

4-8 - An Easter story in Jerusalem: Israel accused of discriminating against Catholic priests Senior Catholics in Rome and Jerusalem said yesterday the delays breached an agreement between the Vatican and Israel in 1993 guaranteeing the rights and freedoms for the Church in the holy land.

4-8 - Inside the bubble What she discovered was a society in a state of profound denial - and the horrifying possibility that there may be no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

4-8 - A Palestinian Blues Singer in Detroit? Her Father Thinks Not

4-8 - UN meeting to examine Israeli barrier

4-8 - Palestinians Expect U.S. Aid if Israel Quits Gaza

4-8 - 10,000 Jews flood streets of Hebron to mark Passover festival

4-7 - Palestinian farmers remain locked in a small building at their olive grove land as an Israeli bulldozer, background right, uproots olive trees from their land

4-7 - A Palestinian farmer shouts at Israeli forces begging them to stop uprooting olive trees from his land

4-7 - Israelis Uproot Palestinian Olive Grove Israeli workers with chain saws cut down a Palestinian farmer's olive grove Wednesday to make way for a West Bank security barrier, sparking a clash in which at least 15 Palestinian villagers and two Israeli police were wounded.
See also this video of the event from AP at Yahoo News.
And remember, our tax dollars are funding this wall - and funding the theft of land from these Palestinian farmers. That's odd, nobody ever asked me if I wanted to deprive someone of their livelihood. What a disgrace.

4-7 - Palestinians hurt in West Bank barrier protest

4-7 - Israel breaks up barrier protest One farmer said all of his 180 olive trees had been cut down by construction workers with chain saws. "I've worked on this land for 20 years... this is our livelihood,"

4-7 - Settlers Guarded By Israeli Soldiers Continue To Destroy Ba'qaa Valley Crops Abdul Jawad hobbled forlornly into the decimated field to show CPT the extent of the damage.

4-7 - Petition: Make Israel Accountable The Council for the National Interest

4-7 - US Defense of Israeli Assassinations Is Counterproductive It is noteworthy that, during the first and largely nonviolent intifada in the late 1980s, the Israelis closed down the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence (PCSNV) while allowing Hamas to operate openly.

4-7 - A generous American gift for Sharon It is hard to understand why Sharon should be rewarded so generously at a time when his ongoing atrocities against the Palestinians, and the amount of harm his policies have been causing the United States image and interests would require the exact opposi

4-7 - IOF Wounds Palestinian Citizens, Seizes a House

4-7 - Palestinian women demonstrate against US "war crimes" in Iraq

4-7 - Prime Minister's White House Visit Draws Red Flag Warnings: Jerusalem Summit Analysis Rings Alarm Bells in Washington, DC, & Jerusalem Seems that a certain crowd doesn't want to see the creation a Palestinian state.

4-7 - Feeling Palestinian - one year after the shooting of Brian Avery One of the first sentences he wrote was: "I feel more Palestinian than ever before."

4-7 - Arafat brushes off Sharon threat

4-7 - Palestinian Minister to Meet With Powell

4-7 - Church Officials Say Israel Delaying Visas

4-7 - Palestinian Christians face ethnic cleansing

4-7 - From April 2002: Military action affects West Bank Lutherans

4-6 - UNRWA urges humanitarian organizations to help Palestinians These calls go unreported in US press.

4-6 - Americans Want Equal Mideast Accountability, Says Council for the National Interest A poll conducted by Zogby International for the Council for the National Interest and released today shows that 56 percent of Americans agree and 29 percent disagree that Congress should pass an Israel accountability act on weapons of mass destruction and human rights violations.

4-6 - Israel imposes lockdown on Palestinians amid fears of Passover attack

4-6 - Bishop Pietro Sambi ...demands the [Israeli] soldier to leave church property The planned route of the barrier includes several properties of the Catholic Church.

4-6 - U.S. and Israel near deal on Gaza

4-6 - AP: Woman Deported From U.S. in Venezuela "I don't want to eat. I don't even want to live," she said.

4-6 - 15% of Palestinian Patients Reach Hospitals Late Due to IOF Checkpoints

4-6 - UN Commission on Human Rights, 60th Session (15 March - 23 April 2003) ORAL STATEMENT BY AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

4-6 - Egyptian president coming to Houston, then off to meet with Bush Hassan says the relationship between Israel and the Palestinian countries plays a significant role in the price of oil and gas in the United States, making the impact of the Middle East negotiations stretch overseas.

4-6 - Cardinal encourages pilgrimages to the Holy Land Vatican officials have sharply criticised the Israeli government in recent weeks for barring pilgrims from shrines on Palestinian territory - allegedly on grounds of "national security."

4-6 - JENIN: Second Anniversary


4-6 - Moratinos: Israeli-Palestinian conflict delaying Qaida defeat

4-6 - 'Here we found peace' Nabih and his brother Khalil are Palestinian refugees. After living in Quebec for nearly three years, the two brothers and Nabih's wife, Thérèse Boulos Haddad received an order of deportation.

4-6 - God's peace in Bethlehem Most families participating are Palestinians from Bethlehem and the nearby towns of Beit-Jalla and Beit-Sahour. Some were able to secure Israeli government permits to come from the Jerusalem area.

4-6 - "Passion" has Arabs rapt Palestinian priest Iyad Twal said the Jews' rejection of The Passion had made Palestinians want to see it. Palestinians are waging an uprising against Israeli occupation and their battle is a highly-emotive issue for Arabs.

4-6 - Peace activist not discouraged by obstacles Awad is a Palestinian peace activist who has been "shot down" several times.

4-6 - Create a Palestinian-Israeli state

4-6 - Activist says media portray image of Palestinians unfairly The majority of the resistance is non-violent and not through terrorist attacks, she said, but the media ignores this, and as a consequence alters Americans' view of Palestinians.

4-6 - New York University Boycotts Israeli Academic Institutions

4-6 - The Murder Of Hamas Anybody who doesn't understand that the attack on 9/11 was directly related to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict hasn't been paying attention.

4-6 - The ripple effect Diane Taylor on how a schools project in Jerusalem is helping to bring shattered communities together

4-6 - Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law "I have witnessed the violation of every known principle of academic integrity and freedom...in order that basic fundamental truths in relation to this longstanding conflict in the Middle East might be suppressed."

4-6 - Reports Confirm: Israel Robbing Arab Negev Lands for Gaza Settlers

4-5 - Defiant Sharon threatens Arafat again, three Palestinians killed in Gaza Palestinian medical and security sources said that the three, who were unarmed and dressed in civilian clothes, had bled to death overnight after the Israeli authorities had not authorised ambulances to enter the area until mid-morning.

4-5 - Sharon: Withdrawal a Blow to Palestinians "The Palestinians understand that this plan is to a large extent the end of their dreams, a very heavy blow to them," he told Haaretz. He told Yediot, "In the unilateral plan, there is no Palestinian state. This situation could continue for many years."

4-5 - Palestinian Children's Day 2004 Over the course of 2003, a total of 130 children were killed by Israeli troops in the occupied territories, and a further 21 Palestinian children have been killed in the first three months of this year alone.

4-5 - Sharon defers Palestinian state "When you fence areas and communities in the West Bank, you end a lot of their dreams," Mr Sharon said, referring to the controversial security barrier Israel is building. "My plan is tough on the Palestinians. A mortal blow."

4-5 - Top Clergyman Calls for Mideast 'Reason' He said leaders should remember that "all human beings are equal, whether Palestinian or Israeli."

4-5 - Reporters Without Borders urges police investigation after Reuters photographer beaten

4-5 - No Palestinian state for years, says Sharon

4-5 - Face to face with mastermind of Jerusalem suicide bombs

4-5 - Yesterday a procession of pilgrims, each holding a palm branch On this occasion they were able to navigate round it to reach the two chapels. In a few more weeks, however, the section of wall will be complete and the route will be impassible - to pilgrims and Palestinians alike.

4-5 - Grad student recalls firsthand experience of conflict abroad Perez said it was not uncommon for live ammunition to be fired. "We would stand in front of the children to try and act as buffers," he said.

4-5 - Caterpillar Protest Planned

4-4 - Israel's Christian problem
While soldiers from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) overrun church properties, the U.S. taxpayer is paying for much of the $8 billion wall.

The Christian pilgrim, stopped at IDF checkpoints, sees this graffiti at many places on the barrier: "The USA is paying for this wall." That underscores U.S. responsibility for what is happening in the Holy Land.

4-4 - Christians gather to celebrate Palm Sunday in Jerusalem Many Palestinian Christians have also been unable to attend celebrations, with Israeli authorities restricting travel from the occupied territories.

4-4 - Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Internationals, But Shooting of a Jew Shocks the Nation When the APTN film was shown to a serving Israeli soldier, he said, 'That's murder!'

4-4 - 20-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israelis

4-4 - Israel seizes wounded militant from hospital-medics

4-4 - Conflict between Israelis, Palestinians dehumanizes those on both sides The occupation must end, she said, not only for the sake of the Palestinians, but for Israeli society.

4-4 - Israeli troops dynamite house of Palestinian militant in Tulkarem Several nearby houses were severely damaged by the explosion andthe Israeli army force extended the curfew on the city of Tulkarem as well, preventing residents from leaving their homes

4-4 - Israelis ok with assassination while only 23% said that they should stop as they often involve killing innocent Palestinians.

4-4 - Sharon's Wall Creating World's Largest Open-Air Prison, Israeli Refusenik Warns

4-4 - Shouting Disrupts Israeli Cabinet Meeting

4-4 - Probes find EU taxpayer aid was diverted to Palestinian extremists

4-4 - Palestinians debate Gaza's future

4-3 - Human rights center urges world not to stop food aid to Gaza The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights(PCHR) on Saturday called on the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation in order to facilitate access of food supplies and provide financial support to the United Nations Relief and Working Agency

4-3 - Israelis walling off the Holy Land "U.S. tax money is being used to destroy church property in Israel," Rooney said, referring to American aid to the Jewish state.

4-3 - Israel prevents Gaza cancer center from opening

4-3 - Thousands mark Jenin massacre anniversary at site See this report on the unlawful killings in Jenin.

4-3 - Gaza is home, but N.M. is his classroom, lectern He thinks Americans would be surprised by the hospitality of Palestinians, who would, he says, give up their own food to share some with a stranger from America.

4-3 - Israeli envoy lashes out at British Left

4-3 - Arafat dismisses Sharon threat to assassinate him

4-3 - Journalist examines Middle East 'news' "I quickly noticed that I was getting largely Israeli information, but I was getting little information from the Palestinian perspective,"

4-3 - Russia condemns Israel for assassination threat to Arafat

4-3 - Welcome to Their Nightmare The inside "reality" is dominated by the obsessive concept of fortress Israel­that is Israel against the world. This mental paradigm, which ascribes all criticism of Israeli behavior to eternal anti-Semitism, is assimilated from childhood, taught to you by your family and your teachers at school.

4-2 - American Middle East Academics: US Support of Proposed Israeli Annexations Could Increase Terrorism

4-2 - Israel/Occupied Territories: Israel must facilitate, not hinder, relief for the occupied population Amnesty International today expressed deep concern for the health and well-being of some 600,000 refugees in the Gaza Strip, and called on Israel to immediately lift unlawful and disproportionate restrictions on movement which are hampering relief efforts

4-2 - EU: IDF actions that harm civilians akin to 'acts of terror' The European Parliament on Thursday compared injuries to Palestinians by Israeli military action to "acts of terror," and called for a suspension of the Israel-EU Association Agreement, should Israel persist with its policy of assassinations.

4-2 - The Truth Hurts The writer is executive director of Human Rights Watch

4-2 - Palestinian Gunman Attacks West Bank Settlement

4-2 - Israeli police raid Al-Aqsa mosque In fresh clashes near Rachel's Tomb, a site holy to both Jews and Muslims in the southern West Bank town of Bethlehem, Israeli troops shot dead a teenage Palestinian stone thrower, medical sources and witnesses said.

4-2 - Israeli police storm mosque compound "No one threw stones. They (police) started doing this every Friday to scare elderly worshippers as younger ones are already banned. This is flagrant violation of freedom of worship."

4-2 - Britain condemns assassinations after Sharon threat

4-2 - 'We'll expel illegal Arabs from Israel' [:Sharon] Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that once the separation fence is completed, the government will act vigorously to expel Palestinians living illegally within Israeli Arab communities

4-2 - Israeli police fire into Al-Aqsa mosque Forces were barring hundreds of people from getting out of the mosque, by blocking all its doors, and initially prevented first aid paramedics from evacuating people who had been wounded.

4-2 - Sharon says Arafat may be target, Israel police storm mosque compound Stone-throwing by Palestinian youths after Friday prayers at east Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound, prompted a rare raid by Israeli police, who fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets on hundreds of Palestinians holed up inside the mosque, an AFP reporter witnessed.

4-2 - Mental Patients in Mideast Crossfire "Here we have two sides violating the neutrality of a hospital building," said Shabtai Gold, spokesman for Physicians for Human Rights.

4-2 - US says Israel should leave Arafat alone after Sharon threat

4-2 - Sharon Says Israel Could Kill Arafat The United States said it opposed the assassination of the veteran Palestinian leader.

4-2 - US thought control of Middle East studies This proposal represents a dangerous threat to academic freedom.

4-2 - Two of a Kind

4-2 - U.S. helps Israel break laws

4-2 - Mideast Peace Requires Restart of Dialogue, Says Pope

4-2 - Gaza's journalists put their lives on front line

4-2 - 'The Passion of the Christ' resounding success as moviegoers search for traces of anti-Semitism

4-2 - US set to put Israel back on intellectual property watch list PhRMA and IIPA have both been struggling for years against what they call the continuous violation of intellectual property rights of US companies by Israeli companies.

4-2 - Israeli wall draws Palestinians back to Jerusalem More than 170,000 Jewish settlers have moved into East Jerusalem, often with cheap mortgages and tax exemptions subsidised by the Israeli government. Arab residents say they find it impossible to obtain building licences and their neighbourhoods are rundown for lack of municipal services.

4-1 - Sharon meeting three U.S. envoys on his disengagement plan This story mysteriously disappeared from Haaretz, and the page was changed sometime after I had linked to it. If anyone can find the original, please email the link to me. Update: I found a replacement here
"The U.S. will assure Israel that it will not have to withdraw to the Green Line in a future permanent settlement with the Palestinians.

The American draft also says the Palestinian refugees will be able to return to a future Palestinian state, which will be established in keeping with Bush's vision. This wording will partially meet Israel's demand that the U.S. declare its objection to the right of return, which the Palestinians insist on. "

4-1 - U.S. Urges Palestinians' Terror Crackdown 600K of these people can't even get enough food.

4-1 - Israeli raid sows fear at Bethlehem mental hospital When a gunbattle ended after an Israeli army raid on a Bethlehem mental hospital on Thursday, a schizophrenic Palestinian patient stepped out on a ledge and threatened to jump.

4-1 - Iraq killings 'revenge on Israel'

4-1 - Mom Deported To Venezuala Without Children Amina Silmi's 3 Children Stay In United States

4-1 - Palestinians asked to leave Written in Arabic, the leaflets says that "it is written in the Torah that the land of Israel belongs only to the Jewish people and no one else has the right to live here on a permanent basis."

4-1 - Despair choking off Middle East solution "Sharon is determined to defeat their quest for a genuine state by preserving most Jewish settlements and confining the Palestinians into half of the occupied territories behind concrete and steel barriers." Bravo Mr. Wilcox.

4-1 - Speech of the Secretary General at the SVAW regional launch in the Middle East and North Africa in Amman, Jordan Our campaign gives voice to the women in the Occupied Territories of Palestine whose suffering is rarely covered by the media.

4-1 - Soldiers at roadblocks bribed with sweets Meanwhile, two combat soldiers have been indicted for stealing hundreds of shekels and cellular phones from Palestinians going through roadblocks at the Jordan Rift Valley.

4-1 - Sharon Defends Israeli Withdrawal Plan

4-1 - Swiss Organizations Denounce the Apartheid Wall on Land Day

4-1 - Bringing down the wall The event included a series of speakers and musicians who said their goal was to further on-campus dialogue and education regarding the Palestinian cause.

4-1 - Federal Judge Rules Against PLO in Lawsuit A federal judge has ruled the Palestine Liberation Organization and its governmental entity must each pay more than $116 million for their role in the murder of two Jewish settlers near the West Bank eight years ago.

4-1 - How Israel promotes terror in the occupied territories
Palestinian farmers whose land is being robbed sit on the ground in front of the bulldozers, accompanied by the Israeli opponents of the wall - the veterans of the Mas'ha camp. What could be more non-violent than this? But the Israeli army shoots at sitting demonstrators, like in Tiananmen square.

4-1 - BBC accused of bias against Israel Israeli embassies urged newspapers across the globe to run the story as part of a campaign by the government to highlight the use of children as potential suicide bombers.

A week earlier, when a 12-year-old boy, Abdullah Quran, was stopped while unwittingly carrying explosives at an army checkpoint, Israeli embassies called news editors to insist they cover the story and warn that failure to do so would be viewed as bias against Israel.
Air our propaganda, or else!

4-1 - UN Halts Gaza Food Aid Over Israeli Restrictions

4-1 - 12 Palestinians arrested after gun battle at Bethlehem hospital

4-1 - Palestinians say PM Qorei has done nothing to better their lives "He said he would stop the (Israeli separation) wall in the West Bank and improve the internal security situation. The wall is progressing by the day, taking in our land, and crime and robberies are plaguing the territories," he said.

4-1 - Palestinians Implement Key Salary Reform

4-1 - Palestinians Fear for Homes at Gaza Border Hotspot

4-1 - Sharon warns Israel could move against Arafat: report

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